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Found 16 results

  1. I recently got Fallout 2 from GOG, does anyone have any tips for someone who's not too familiar with the game?
  2. I've been dabbling a little in making videos and along the way, I ended up making a couple highlight/tips videos. While I cant promise anything near a professional production level, the information should help most new and even some more veteran players. Enjoy. Cruiser and general game play highlights and tips: Battleship and general game play highlights and tips:
  3. Hi guys ! I just started my careers in smite and i was thinking open a topic for those who just begin in smite. Feel free to share your experiences .
  4. For those of you who don't know LTT is a PC hardware "unboxings reviews and other computer videos" based channel on youtube, and they've recently doubled they're video production per day in the interest of transitioning (expanding rather) seamlessly over to Vessel which will allow them to maintain their regular youtube schedule while luanching content early on V, this comes as a result of youtubes cracking down on hard ads on vids (built in) which LTT relies on to keep producing high quality videos! Also there's an epic ass (that was a mistype but I'm leaving it) hell giveaway!
  5. Just now I played this really cool early access game called Darkest Dungeon. It may say it's early access, but man oh man, I've been playing for 3 hours straight and it doesn't feel like it at all. It's a turn based rpg with random dungeons you can go to, with interesting and varied gameplay mechanics such as the stress meter which will affect your character negatively and will give them negative passive traits most of the time. Sometimes it'll actually give your characters boosts. Unfortunately, it's also quite tough if you don't know what you're doing. At the start of the game, you'll be given a choice of random characters to pick from, ranging from crusader, highwayman, ocultist, Vestal/healer and so on. There's a reason why there's so many to choose from. Every death in the game is permanent, and if you get all of your characters killed, which may happen, you won't get further in this game. So I'll give my tips so you'll survive and hopefully get the best experience out of this game! Tip 1: Get used to the inventory & currency system. This game's inventory system is completely different from what you're used to in usual rpgs. Usually when you get loots like armor, weapons, potions or weapons, you can keep them and then use them later. In this game, once you use items in a mission, those items will be gone after you completed the mission. So let's say you have 10 potions to cure disease at the end of a mission. Once you completed a mission, those 10 potions are GONE! The only ones that you can keep are accessories and sellable items like rubies or precious stones which will be automatically converted into coins after you completed a mission. Before you start any mission in this game, you'll have the option to buy stuff from the store. It's important to know that the most important items you have to buy are torches and foods. You use torches so you'll have a better chance of not having random enemy encounters, and you use food to stay full. Eating food is only important when there's a prompt for it. If you don't have enough food during this prompt, your characters will starve and they will lose a LOT of health and gets stressed out. So my tip before entering a dungeon: buy 8 torches and 8 foods. There are items like a shovel that lets you get rid of a blockade and cure potions, but these costs 250 gold and they're not that useful anyway. The worst that can happen is you take 1 point of damage to your character, and you'll eventually get these items anyway from looting. So fuck these items, don't bother buying them. The game's currency consists of 5 different stuff. The first one is the usual: gold. The other 4 are necessary to get upgrades for various buildings in the hub world: shields, paper scrolls, paintings and statues. Yeah it's weird. These 4 things are very2 important because they allow upgrades for various buildings. Blacksmith to upgrade armor & weapons, guild to upgrade your character skills, taverns to drop down your character stress meter at a much more lower price than before, you get the idea. Always have TONS of these 4 things to upgrade these buildings, and ALWAYS have enough money to upgrade your characters. Tip 2: Just pick 4 or 5 people that you really want to have leveled up. The rest are expendable. Don't be afraid to abort missions if you can't handle it. This is what a typical party menu will look like. To get party members, you go to the stage coach. After completing one mission, there will be new people that you can get from it. The number of people in total you can store are 9 at the beginning and you can upgrade the capacity and the amount of people you can have in a mission. Now because death are permanent in this game, you need to only concentrate on leveling up certain number of characters. Preferably only 4. Why is that? Because the cost of maintaining their stress and equipments are quite high. One character takes 1,000 gold, and most of the time you'll only bring in 1,500 - 3,000 gold after a mission because most probably your characters all die during it. This is my strategy when doing most missions: pick new people from the stage coach and use them for a mission. Most of the time the mission will be quite tough, and because it's most likely that all of your members will have their stress meter maxed out, you have to abort missions and salvage golds that you get from the mission. Stress meter in this game is really easy to get full, and when that happens, your character is basically a liability from that point on. You can just cure their stress, but like I said, it costs a lot of coins and you have to keep as many coins as you can for future uses. You can abort missions by clicking a white flag on the top left of the screen. Once you abort the mission, get rid of the people that has their stress meter maxed out, and pick new people from the stage coach to try again. Do this until you have a lot of gold and upgrade characters that you want. Tip 3: Always have a knight, a ranged attacker and a healer in each missions. This game requires correct characters to pick from before you begin a mission. The way combat works in this game is based on character positions. Certain characters have skills that can only be done in specific positions. Knights can only attack if they're in front, and mages can only give healing spells when they're at the back. What's on the screenshot here is the most ideal party member you can have during the game. You can't have a party that consists of knights on every spot because what's the point if the knights at the back can't attack enemies? Unless of course you have a high level knight which have a ranged combat ability. Even then, you require a healer in every situation because enemies in this game hits HARD. If you're lucky, you can beat enemies in a mission and not get hit at all, but a lot of the times you're going to take a lot of hits. The vestal and the occultist have the best healing spells. Go get them and have them heal your characters all the time to increase your chances of survival. That's my tips for the game! Hope it helps you survive through the game. If you have different tips you can share, please do! Enjoy the game and prepare to die, I mean have fun!
  6. Hi I've been enjoying the battlefield games starting from 3 and yeah i get that im not a ''veteran of the franchise'' but and old dog can still new tricks am i right. So i;m gonna share with you some stuff that TO ME is what makes the game more enjoyable and giving you a better experince. TEAM-FREAKING-WORKI can't stress enough about how this is important in game modes like conquest or obliteration. teamwork is what gets you through a hard times. engineer and recons i found make great teamwork for example: being heavily pinned down by a tank what to do? tell the engineer to distract the tank via Rocket launchers while your trusty recon goes round back and c4's it to high hell! Voice chatThis isn't the most important tip i can give me you BUT like i said it goes very well with teamwork because you can give commands,lead your squad through rough times by being exact,tell your team-mates where all the trouble is and how to deal with it exactly etc. Positioning I don't know why people don't mention this often but this is really important in-game. positioning yourself in the right tactical spot for your class can boost your survival status by 100% don't get what i mean? let me show you: Recons with sniper rifles do NOT belong on the front-lines they belong on a high vantage point so they get a good view of the battlefield. Assault and engineer class are your front line men and please for the love of everything JOE always use cover this is not COD where you run and gun both of these class are made to be used with cover and leaning always keep a look out for a good cover spot. Lastly the support class is a bit of a frontline man there machine guns can provide EXCELLENT cover and suppression fire blinding their enemies with bullets and they are best used behind cover with a bipod and ammo case next to them i personaly prefer supports to be in mid height places such as a window in flooded or a bridge. SPOT SPOT AND SPOTWhy is this feature so underutilized is a question that may never be answered. you literally SPOT your target press the squad commands button and then your entire squad will know where they are hell even a giant arrow pointing on top of them will show up.please use this as it helps your team gain advantage over others. Think outside the boxdon't always do the normal try new ways to approach your targets and not always the same path circle around them.picture this situation: battlefield 3 noshar canals map your on the aircraft carrier spawn point and their is a choppa camping their constantly murdering your team-mates what do you? stingers and iglas are not working neither are the vehicles. solution: swim, yes swim see how that is totally out of the box because if you swim the choppa will not notice your tiny body in the water that gives you an advantage to quickly capture a base giving your team hope and a new spawn point which they can use. Equipment This is almost as important as teamwork. using the right gears and gadgets can help you out alot such as the motion scanner which detects enemy movement and radio beacon which a deployable spawn beacon for you team. mines for laying traps for those pesky tanks.ammo cases for resupplying your team all these are what makes your team gain an advantage over your enemy DON'T REVIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF A GOD DAMN GUN FIGHTTHIS PISSES ME OFF TO NO EXTENT.WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU RUSH TO THE MIDDLE OF DAMN WAR TO REVIVE YOUR ALLY ONLY TO BE SHOT AND YOUR ALLY SHOT ASWELL FOR A MEASLY 100 POINTS? OR 20 POINTS? NOOOOO!. *ahem* please use the defibrillator ONLY when the coast is clear so that team-mate revived can actually do something in this second chance if you revive in the middle of warzone you basically just bled 3 tickets one for the downed teamates death one for you and ANOTHER ONE FOR YOUR TEAMMATES DEATH AGAIN Find the class that suits you best!Finding the class that works well for you is like finding your soul mate. do you like to spot out targets and headshot half the army,spy on your enemies,provide spawn places for your team all while standing on top of high vantage point then the recon is your match!. do you like helping out your squad healing their wounds and REVIVING THEM ONLY WHEN SAFE all while using an arsenal of assault rifles then the assault class is for you. Like flying jets,driving tanks,motor crossing on a dirt bike and fix them while damaged,planting traps for pesky tanks and blowing choppas out of the skies then the engineer is your match! Want to own the worlds largest amount of bullets wasted record? want to spray 1500 bullets at a platoon of enemies in less than 30 seconds? want to provide cover and suppression fire for your team mates while they spot them for you and let the bullets fly away? then look no further than the support class Thats it i hope these tips have helped you as much as they helped me and as always stay weird stay happy stay You
  7. Any Helpful Tips out there for a new player like myself for pvp in a game like Elder Scrolls Online? Any strategies or Effects based attacks people should be looking for? Is Blocking effective against pvp? or is it useless? SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE!!!
  8. A lot of people starting out can't figure out even the simplest things like cooking so i figured i would do a small tutorial here.When you start out in Rust all your going to have is a torch, a rock, and 2 bandages. Your going to be naked and cold and spawned randomly some where on the map. The first thing your going to want to do is take your rock and smack a few trees and a couple rocks (the ones in the middle of fields, mountains won't work) and make yourself a stone hatchet. To craft that stone hatchet you need to open up the inventory and look at the top of your screen where craft is one of your options and you will get a list of things you can craft, the stone hatchet will be one of the first things you see. Alright now you got your hatchet, your probably getting hungry from smacking those tree and rocks so you need to hunt something and get some food. I advise avoiding any wolves or bears because your stone hatchet is not that great, you can kill them but your gonna want to go for a pig or a chicken or rabbit and just chase it around and hatchet it to death. Now hatchet it a bunch and get the loot from it and you will see that the chicken is raw (yes its chicken don't question it) you need to cook it or get poisoned when you eat it. To cook that chicken you need to craft a campfire. The process is the same as before get whatever wood you need, make it, then drag it into your 1-6 keys and put the fire on the ground, try to put it somewhere out of sight if you can because its light and that attracts people that want to kill you. look at the campfire and hold e and look at the menu on the right there are 3 cook slots, throw your chicken in there, like the fire and just wait for it to cook. The most efficient way to cook is to split the meat into the 3 seperate tabs so it goes faster. Eat what you need and keep the rest for later. Next your gonna want to put some cloths on and make a bow so you can finally start defending yourself from more aggressive animals, zombies and other players. That is all handled in the crafting menu and i already mentioned how to get the things your gonna need to make the bow and the arrows for it. Now that you have upgraded from a naked barbarian with a rock your going to want to build a house somewhere of your choosing out of wood, up until now i had you just hitting near by trees but this is going to require more wood so your better off finding the piles of wood that will be in the same area of rocks for stones and ores. Build a foundation and then add 3 walls and a door way, for now your gonna have to go with wood until you can get the metal for a metal door. Throw a door on that little shack and then build a sleeping bag and put it inside and you got your first house. The sleeping bag will act as a spawn point when you die from now on, after you die there is a 5 minute period where if you die again you will spawn random again, in that case i would just wait a few minutes then kill yourself somehow or just hit F1 to bring up the console and just type suicide and spawn back home. Now in Rust it is extremely easy to get lost because you have no compass and you have no map so you have to base everything off of where the sun is and landmarks that you have figured out for yourself. You don't want to build a house then entirely lose track of where it is and have to make a new one or wander forever looking for it. Just remember that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West and keeping that in mind you should be able to find your way around. I don't advise traveling at night if you can avoid it because that is when raiders are out and about and its almost impossible to see and of course you don't have the sun. Eventually you will figure things out and find land marks that will help you find your way around but until then rely on the sun. Alright i mentioned before that you don't have a metal door yet, you're gonna want to fix that because a wooden door can be hatcheted down and people can take your stuff and kill you in your sleep because thats just the kind of world Rust is. A metal door can be hatcheted down but it takes hours and no one is gonna do it, and most people won't waste c4 on a small shack so your gonna want the metal door. To make one you need 200 metal fragments but all you have at this point is metal ore from the rocks you have been mining. To fix that you need to craft a furnace in your little shack and throw all your metal and sulfur in there and then light the fire on it. This will act just like cooking and the ore will turn into fragments (the sulfur will turn into sulfur powder that you will eventually use to make gunpowder and then bullets but you don't need that quite yet). Once you have enough fragments you should build the new metal door and hatchet the old one down yourself, it won't seem like your doing much at first but the door will eventually go down. Just wait a few minutes once the door is down and put your new metal door down, it won't let you instantly because they don't want people just stealing each other's bases by putting doors down. Something you should know now is that only you can open or close your door so only you have access to your shack as of now. Now that you have metal fragments you should make a better hatchet if you haven't already and farm a lot more and make some storage crates and make your little shack a good little house of stuff. Once you do that your going to want to learn how to make new things like guns and better cloths then the cloth you are wearing and to do that you need zombies. There are 3 types of zombie, they all drop the same stuff but its best to know them. The normal zombie is red and goes at a normal pace at you and can be brought down in one arrow, the black zombies are very slow but they take 4 arrows to bring down and hit a little harder, the 3rd zombie is a brighter red (im color blind maybe its just red idk) but it sprints and will catch up to you quick and also takes 1 arrow to bring down. These zombies will drop blueprints that you can study and learn a thing immediately or they might drop actual things that you don't have which you can learn how to make through research kits. Research kits are one time uses that drop off zombies, usually with a few pieces of paper, all you gotta do is make a workbench (your probably have one in your house by now because some things require it to craft) click the research kit and mouse it over the thing you want to learn how to make and bam you can make that thing from now on. Just keep on doing this until you learn how to make basically everything, be wary though other players will be out there and they will not hesitate to kill and take your stuff so try and travel light so you don't lose to much from this. Alright now that you know how to make stuff and you know how to gather stuff you can move on to the more advanced stuff like making guns and bullets and better cloths and a better house that could be made of metal entirely but i'm sure at this point you pretty much have the hang of it. Feel free to add any other tips you may have or correct me on things but hopefully this should be helpful to any brand new Rust player. Good Luck!
  9. You one of the many people who has gotten Battlefield 4 as their first Battlefield game? You enter an online match and don't know what to do other than to shoot people? You're being the enemy team's punching bag every time? I know that many of you may already know most or all of what I'm going to say, but in case you've forgotten something, didn't know a specific feature or stratergy, or are a total noob at the game (being a noob to the game only applies for people who have bought it for the first time, not for experienced players) I'm going to give you a few tips that can help you advance and create your battle plan for when you go out and fight with your friends or with people you don't know. 1. Get to know your environment: You have grenades, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, guns, gadgets, gizmos, and vehicles to play around with. Unfamiliar with a map? Experiment with it! Blow up walls, tear down trees, jump into the water or make buildings collapse. Learn how the map works, try to find hiding places where you can hide and heal your wounds (or regenerate your health in this case) or use as a sniping place Try to make the map work in your favor or in favor of your team. 2. Memorize the map from the inside out: Play on game modes where the maps are huge. Know where vehicles (other than the ones of your team) spawn. For example: in the map Zavod 311 in the Conquest game mode the M142 mobile artillery spawns in the left building. This is from the Russian team's perspective, from American team's perspective, it would spawn in the right building. And know the location of extra weapons (other than the ones you spawn with) are so you can have an upper edge if you run out of ammo. That way you know the map even if you play in Rush or a game mode that the map is much smaller. 3. Get rid of the unnecessary stuff: Airspace is obstructed because of the radio telescope of Rogue Transmission? The tower in Siege of Shanghai is being used as a sniping point by the enemy team? THEN BRING IT DOWN TO THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE NOT PLAYING CALL OF DUTY WHERE NONE OF THE BUILDINGS CAN BE DESTROYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS BATTLEFIELD 4 PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! A GAME MADE FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE MULTIPLAYER CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try to get rid of unnecessary structures that stand between you, your squad and your team, and victory. Same principle applies to commanders in Commander Mode. ESPECIALLY THEM since they have a bigger view of the battle field and can use cruise missiles. 4. Try to find extra ways to use your gadgets: Your gadgets and gizmos have extra uses than the ones they are meant for. The defibrillator, for example, is the only gadgets with enough electricity to revive and kill a person. How do I know this? Well one day playing Obliteration in Operation Locker (personally I hate that map. it has way too many camping spots) I was helping my team get the bomb through when all of the sudden I get killed by a dude that was using a defibrillator. Pretty neat eh? Well let me tell you more. The repair tool can also be used as a murder weapons. I was sniping on top of a building in Dawnbreaker and an enemy engineer repaired me to death XD. Also, for those who have the SUAV for the recon class you can also use it as a kamikaze RC plane. If you're saying that I'm talking nonsense well let me tell you a little story. One day I was playing in the test range with my SUAV and I asked myself how could I retreive it. I thought why not ram into my character to see if he catches it. Pretty bright idea right? Well it turns out that i ended up slamming the RC into the floor and killing myself while I was at it. 5. Counter knifing: You mad because people are counter knifing you and you don't know how to do it? The majority of you already know it but for those who don't when the enemy attacks you from the front (this only applies to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox one users) press the right stick and when the enemy still hasn't knifed you and your character will perform a counter knife. Doesn't work if the enemy knife's you from any other angle. 6. Use the right tool for the right job: If you're in a close quarters map, don't use a sniper with a medium or long range scope. Use it with a short range sight or with the iron sights. 7. Always keep a lookout on the bomb in 3D view (only for Commander mode in the Obliteration game mode): 3D view gives you a much bigger advantage over the battle field in Commander mode. it allows you to see what is actually going on so you can support your team. 8. Extra uses for the grenade launcher: Ever been in a match where your team is being pounded by an enemy helicopter and you don't have a anti-air launcher with you? Well if you are using the Assault kit or the Support kit USE THE GRENADE LAUNCHERS!!! If we go back to the Baku mission in the campaign Recker (in this case the player) is given a grenade launcher to shoot down an enemy attack helicopter. This principle is true for all the other campaign missions and multiplayer. Whether it's the XM25 Airburst of the Support kit or the M320 HE of the Assault kit they still work perfectly for shooting down helicopters. If tyou manage to shoot down a jet with a grenade launcher please let me know XD Well that's right about it for now. If I find more information I'll be posting another topic with more tips & tricks. Have a nice day Color coding for future posts: As you may have noticed there are sentences and phrases. That highlighted material has importance. Red: This code is to give special emphasis to certain point and to avoid misunderstandings. Navy blue: This code is to point out the different points that will be talked about. Yellow: This code is to point out explanatory material that would be good practice to memorize for further occasions, but only at the discretion of the person reading Green: This code would be for my personal opinion of whatever is it that I'm talking about.
  10. How to War Thunder Table of Contents: InfoNation InfoGame Mode InfoBasics / Beginners TipsTier BreakdownInfo For anyone looking to play War Thunder, or even the players playing War Thunder already, I've got some tips and tricks, and tactics for people to read and enjoy. Comments that add to this are more than welcome as this is a guide to help out our fellow gamers have fun with this amazing game. If you happen to be at this thread because you've heard talk about the game, but are not too sure about it yet, all I have to say is: What are you waiting for? War Thunder is an amazing game, though still in beta it outperforms a lot of the games being sold on the market. War Thunder (WT from now on) is expected to be a full scale battle between Air, Ground, and Naval forces (at once). Currently only Air forces are in open beta, Tanks are in closed beta, and Naval forces aren't projected to be put into the game until Spring of next year. The game by itself is free to play, and like most FTP games, there is a purchasable money system. I'll go into details about this later, but the first thing I want to say is that this system does not make it a pay to win game (even in the slightest). Everything you can pay for, you can earn (including premium planes) without spending a dime. Nation Info USA: The USA starts off pretty strong, they lack in armor, and turn ability, but they make up for it in armament, and speed. USA is generally a great nation as the further you advance, the better their planes get. Playing as USA you have to remember not to get into turn fights, and to stick to boom & zoom tactics (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRWiadS_VYA), utilize high altitude for an advantage in speed, and energy. Your bombers however will be very sluggish until level 7 when you unlock the B-25. Germany: Germany doesn't start out with much outside of a great turn rate, the machine guns are ok, and the armor is poor. Unless you're playing one of the Biplanes, or flying one of the HE112 variants, do not get into turn fights. Germany prevails mostly in armament with some of the best bombs, some of the best guns, and the best ammunition (in my opinion). Most of their planes are rated to do well in higher altitudes, as such use that to your advantage for high energy, high speed boom & zoom tactics. Russia: Russia is widely considered overpowered, and I say that because a lot of their fighters have the best of all worlds, even their BB-1 & Su-2 bombers make short work of fighters unfortunate enough to underestimate them. They get rockets right from the start which will help with taking down enemy PBY-Catalinas, and continue to get rockets throughout the tiers (You'll never run out of rocket capable fighters) Britain: In my opinion Britain has the worst start off, their biplanes have the slowest guns, with the worst fire rate, and the slowest turn speed. Don't fret though, as Britain is widely considered the strongest nation beyond the 4th level. At level 4 you get the Spitfire, and fighting as you know it takes a turn for the better (pun intended). Britain has the best turn fighters with the Japanese close behind, even the Beaufighter has an amazing turn rate (Rumor: I heard they gimped it recently, but cannot confirm). Your armament isn't great, but your speed and turn rate make up for it, once you unlock cannons you'll be almost unstoppable. Japan: Japan is also a great nation, close behind Britain in terms of turn fighters, and close behind Germany in terms of Armament. Unfortunately they lack greatly in armor from what I've seen, but even despite this their aircraft is very sturdy and will still fly even if 90% of their systems are at critical (happened to me a couple of times). Game Mode Info: Ok, now that we're done with nations, thirst thing I want to add is: Go through the Tutorial! I cannot stress this enough, because not only do you gain valuable knowledge about how to play the game, but you also gain Silver Lions and even Golden Eagles (Premium Currency) for doing the tutorial. That being said, lets go over the game modes, which are:Tutorial; Custom Battles; Arcade Battles; Historical Battles; Full Real Battles; Missions Tutorial: I already said it, but I cannot stress it enough to complete the Tutorials. Even if you've done flight sims before, it'll do you well to learn the specific play style of the planes you will be using. Custom Battles: I cannot currently comment on Custom Battles as I have yet to partake in them. If I do I will update this section Arcade Battles: This is for people who haven't played flight sims and want to get straight into the fight. This utilizes a keyboard and mouse setup (although you can use a joystick, but I don't recommend it as there's no advantage). A lot of the planes systems are regulated by an AI called the "Instructor." Your pilot can't get knocked out by G-force, you won't run out of fuel (unless systems critical), you can reload mid air, your plane can't stall (instructor prevents it), and your plane won't disintegrate if you dive too fast. But wait there's more! Multiple views including 3rd person, cockpit, virtual cockpit, gunner, and bomber, as well as a small target lead indicator. The way the indicator works is "If the enemy plane is flying on a continuous straight trajectory, and your plane is doing so as well, aiming the crosshairs direct center of the indicator will result in hitting the enemy plane at center mass. Obviously you may have to compensate for weaving, diving, or other maneuvering aircraft. Historical Battles: Largely the same as Arcade battles but with these differences: No target lead indicator, Knockout on g-force black out, stalling, limited to battling with planes of your nation, you have limited fuel, and you have to return to an airfield to re-arm. I can't confirm, but I heard the damage is a little more realistic. I almost forgot, you're limited to 1 plane, that's it. Full Real Battles: Flight Sim players, now is your time to shine. This mode limits you to Keyboard & Joystick fighting, as well as limits your view to cockpit, gunner, and bomber views. Everything that's changed in Historical is carried into Full Real. When starting off (mainly as a fighter) you actually have to take off from an airfield. Missions: Last I checked, Missions don't give you a lot of experience, I mean they might as well give you no experience. My friend and I went against planes 5 tiers over us, and even though we managed to complete the mission we only ended up with 250-300xp each (really small for any level). As such, I'm only assuming that missions are there for gamers to get used to the play style of War Thunder, almost like an extended tutorial. The plus to this is that your plane's don't cost a lot to repair here (not like in Arcade anyway), and makes for a great way to get used to Full Real Battles. Suggestion: Unless you're well experienced in flight sim games, do not, I say again DO NOT jump straight into Full Real Battles. The players in this game mode actually have flight sim experience, tend to take the game more seriously, and will grind you into cream, and then churn you into butter before you even know what's going on. Sure there's a larger EXP boost, but what's the point if you're going to be the first death of the game. In all seriousness, if you plan to play FRB, play the tutorials with FRB, set up your joystick, and practice with the missions. Last I checked they're low wage games that are easy enough for players to use to get used to FRB gameplay. Airfield Domination: In this map mode both teams will fight to capture airfields, much like in COD or BF, the team with the least amount of airfields will start to lose tickets until either the game time runs out, or one of the teams runs dry on tickets. In this mode there are often ground and/or naval units which also cost the hostile team a small portion of tickets just by blowing them up. To capture an airfield, you must successfully land on the airfield, note that I don't mean that you have to come to a full and complete stop, I mean that your wheels must touch the ground. If for some reason the match goes on long enough, you can also win by destroying all of the enemy planes. (Tips): Watch out for bombers making a swoop on the airfield you're trying to capture, even a 50kg (100lb) bomb will be a 1 shot kill if it hits in the right place. Heavy fighters/bombers like to swoop in for an easy capture when they get the chance thanks to their heavy armor. Never try to capture an airfield unless either: The skies are empty, or you have fighter back up. Most combat tends to take place in the lower altitude (Below 10,000ft/5km) (Fighters) This mode is for you, fighters are more than often the planes that dominate this mode. Your priority should be to capture the airfields, and then swarm them to deter enemy capture. Never leave an airfield undefended, and keep an eye on the enemy when you're unoccupied. Though it's not suggested to give a fighter a bomb, fighters with bombs are capable of getting quick kills of enemies trying to capture the airfields. (Medium/Heavy Bomber) Go after the ground targets and AA guns, this will take down the enemy tickets and make capturing bases easier for friendlies. (Light Bomber/Heavy Fighter) You have the benefit of doing whatever you want, your priority should be to climb, which will give you the height advantage to then dive onto fighters in the air, or dive bomb planes attempting to capture the base (It gets easier when you get used to leading your bombs, and more satisfying the higher you are). As tactic alternative: Light bombers should help out your fellow bombers by going after ground targets, and Heavy Fighters should go after enemy bombers. Ground Attack This game mode comprises of mostly ground targets. There are anywhere from 30-75 ground targets on a map, and there are 4 objectives: Destroy the enemy Airfield; Destroy the Enemy Bases; Destroy the Enemy Ground Units; Destroy the Enemy Planes. From the description you can probably tell that any type of bomber will do well in this game mode, however if you're a fighter only player don't worry there's plenty of planes to kill. The teams priority should be to communicate, if you plan on taking out the ground forces, don't go after the airfield, and if you plan on going after bases, cover your bombers, etc. (Fighter) Your priority is to protect your bombers while also going after enemy bombers. This is a tough task, and is often best to designate who will do what. Unfortunately, this kind of communication is never present unless you're in a squad. So decide for yourself: Do you want to protect friendly bombers, or attack enemy bombers? Either way, the first thing you should do is climb, there's no such thing as too high. If you chose to protect your bombers, your priority is to attack enemy fighters at high altitude. If you chose to attack enemy bombers, your priority is to attack the bombers (Who knew?). (Medium/Heavy Bombers) Try to communicate to your team what you plan on doing, also do us a favor and use the Team Chat (I've seen too many guys discuss team tactics not realizing they were using chat: All). Unless you have 2 or 3 other bombers who plan on going for the airfield, or you happen to have 1000kg/2000lb bombs (with relatively quick reload times), don't go after the airfield. If you decide to go after ground targets, don't suddenly decide to switch to a base unless it happens to be close by, and near death. If you decide to go after the Bases, try to focus on one base at a time, as the enemy team won't lose points until you actually destroy one. (Light Bombers) Just like in Airfield Domination, you have the ability of doing as you please. Your priority should be to climb high, and dive bomb, either bases or ground targets, but just like the other bombers, you have to choose. (Heavy Attacker) In this game mode, you're like the bridge between the light bomber (if you have bombs) and the fighter. Since most HF's don't get a lot of, or heavy enough bombs, I'd highly recommend sticking with just ground targets, and then either supporting your bombers, or attacking enemy bombers. Ground Attack (Alt) Ok, so I forgot what this game mode is really called, but it takes place on maps like: Pacific Hidden Base, and Wake Island. These maps have an objective in the middle of the map, which often look like the same objective marker in Airfield Domination. Yes, they are cap-able, however you cannot cap them in a plane. In these maps are naval units, cargo ships, and landing craft. Your objective is to protect the landing craft until it gets to the shore, where ground units will then spawn and push for the objective. Only the ground units can actually capture the objective. As such, if you see enemy ground units, you should try to take them out ASAP. (Fighters) Patrol the sky near your naval units, they need as much protection as they can get. Alternatively, you should also protect your bombers and heavy fighters, since they will be prioritizing enemy naval/ground units. (All Bombers) You should prioritize in the following order: Ground units, Landing Craft, Naval, Planes. Use height to your advantage, but naval units are very difficult to hit with bombs, use torpedoes for the larger units, and MG/Cannons for the Landing Craft. (Heavy Fighter) You should prioritize Enemy bombers, and then Landing Craft (Ground units if you have bombs) Basics / Beginners Tips Armament: When you finally unlock your armament upgrade, you'll have some new options: Omni-purpose, Armor, Anti-Aircraft, Stealth, etc. According to the forums, the Stealth rounds deal the most damage to aircraft, as it's mostly AP and API rounds, however if you have the chance to use Anti-Aircraft rounds, do so as this has a much higher DPS than stealth does. Crew: Each plane slot has it's own crew, this crew levels up the more you use them in a fight, and the more experience you gain in that fight. This crew is capable of using any plane you train them for, and no others. As such I highly recommend designating crews(slots) specifically for fighters, and others specifically for bombers (as having a fighter crew with ranks in gunner is counter-productive). The crew skill determines things such as: Reload time, repair time, how much G-force you can handle, to how far away you can spot an enemy (or how far before you're spotted). Each rank adds a very small percentage, and it takes many ranks to finally start seeing a difference (which is good for players who want to work for their crew, and not buy it off). Bomber: Pilot Vitality (a common quick kill for any bomber is the pilot kill, will improve survivability). Gunner Precision / Accuracy / Vitality (you want your gunner AI as good of a shot as possible). Generally, your gunner will not be as good of a gunner as you can be, but they can help hold off enemies while you're too busy watching the bomb view. Fighters: Reload Speed, Weapon Maintenance, G-Force, Vitality, and in that order. The reason I say that is because Reload gets really expensive right around rank 10, but you need to be able to reload as fast as possible in the middle of the fight. Maintenance will help your weapon accuracy and help you maintain fire without jamming for a longer period of time. If you get the chance, it's also helpful to put ranks into Keen Sight and Visibility to make enemies more noticeable, and you less noticeable (respectively). Heavy Fighters: Generally you can utilize a Heavy Fighter in a fighter slot, but you might also want to invest a couple of ranks into your gunner. In my opinion, have a slot all by itself, and exchange your heavy fighter for light bombers as you need them as they generally encompass the same thing. Light/Dive bombers (For this I'm talking mostly planes like the JU-87's, the SBD-3, or the SU-2): These bombers are excellent when it comes to bombing, and some of them even go so far as to excel against air as well. Due to their lack of a heavy bomb load, your priorities will be: Reload Speed, Vitality, Gunner. Just like the Medium/Heavy Bombers, your light bombers pilot will be very vulnerable, and you'll probably be too bothered with the fight to switch to your gunner, so it's best to have a gunner who knows what he's doing. Tips: Know your nation, and know your planes. Knowing how a plane turns, climbs, and shoots is key to victory in WT. Never try to play Rambo and charge into a swarm of planes, stick with your team, support them where it matters (watch your fire), and keep an eye on them when it doesn't. That being said, if you see 2+ teammates going after a plane, don't join the fight, you're either going to kill steal, shooting up your friendly planes, or you're going to end up ramming someone, besides there's another team mate out there who needs your help. Fly with a squad, having teammates to back you up, and communicate with will greatly strengthen you and your team. climb, Climb, CLIMB, CLIMB! No matter what you play, altitude advantage is always a priority, and will often make the difference between killing, and being killed. Always remember that in WT your bullet velocity also counts for gravity, and airspeed velocity, and as such your rounds will follow a straighter trajectory in a dive, and a more curved trajectory in a climb. If you do join up with an ally in taking down a plane, watch your fire as you might hit your friend and damage him badly. If you're high altitude bombing and a fighter is getting close to nabbing you and there are other bombers around, do everyone a solid and dive. The reason I say this is: Either you dive and he pursues you, removing the threat from the other bombers for a time, or you dive and he decides he'd rather pursue the other bombers and you're safe. Learn your bullet drop, it's not hard to do in arcade (especially with tracer rounds). Doing this will make head on battles much easier. Knowing your bullet drop to distance ratio will make the difference between you sniping a beaufighter, and the beaufighter ripping your plane to shreds. KNOW YOUR ENEMY! What I mean by this is, if you're having trouble with a certain nation (eg USA) when fighting other nations planes (eg Britain's Spitfire), utilize the old phrase "If you can't beat them, join them" if only for a little while. I can't tell you how much playing as planes that really annoy me helps me fight them, you learn how they play, and you learn their strength and weaknesses. To limit yourself to one nation out of pride is really limiting yourself as a player, why do you think there were so many plane captures during the war? Everyone wanted to know how the other's machines worked, mostly for technology salvage, but also to learn the tactics one would use in such a beast. As a newbie there are two things that will happen constantly, they are inevitable, cannot be avoided at times, and will constantly piss you off: Rammers & Pilot Knockout Rammers: Every now and then someone won't be looking where they're going, or is incapable of moving out of the way because either they're a bomber with no maneuverability, or their a plane with no ailerons/elevators and also have no maneuverability. That being said, their's always going to be a couple of tards who's plane is about to crash and they're looking for a plane to take out, so they purposefully ram their plane into yours, essentially taking you both out. This is most common (and inexcusable) when flying bombers and theres a fighter who can't seem to shoot you down, and so he intentionally crashes into you from behind. Pilot Knockout: This happens when a round strikes your pilot, and your pilot "dies," but to be politically correct is called "knockout." This will happen a lot, in fact theirs an entire clan called [sNIPE] who dedicate their lives to knocking out your pilot. Tiers Tier 1: Russia I-15 Chaika or German HE-51 - Both are very quick turn fighters, and the Chaika will always out gun you with its 4 7.92 machine guns (Never go head on), Unless you're playing Germans in these low tiers, try to boom and zoom. Later on (4ish) you'll start to fight British spitfires, and unless you're in a spitfire, don't bother getting in a turn fight. Tier 2: P39 Aircobra, Spitfires, Beaufighters, and surprisingly enough the JU87: The Aircobra doesn't have a quick turn rate, but he has a massive 37mm cannon which will 1 shot your low level plane with a well placed shot, Spitfires are still the same, Beaufighters have 4 forward facing 20mm cannons which will rip your plane to shreds (NEVER go head on unless you know what you're doing), and they have an almost OP turn rate, so watch your back. Lastly the JU87, of which I'm mostly talking about the 20mm and Dual 37mm variants. I can't tell you how many people underestimate me when I'm in this plane only to end up in a pile of rubble at the end of the fight. It has a semi-decent horizontal turn rate, but it's vertical turn rate is amazing, equipped with anti-aircraft rounds and you can melt through air armor like butter. To add to the JU-87, try to approach from behind from below (that's the gunners blind spot), but try not to remain below the JU87 as competent players will use their energy and armament to their advantage. Tier 3: BF109, Yak-9, P63 Kingcobra, Spitfires: Lets face it, spitfires will always be on this list. Yak-9 is widely known as overpowered with its 37mm/47mm cannon with RPM almost to the level of the 20mm cannons, it also has great turn rate, great climb, decent armor, and as I said OP. BF109's have great armament, with amazing accuracy, and probably the best climb rate of the German luftwaffe, Never go head on with this thing as it has up to 3 20mm cannons loaded with the infamous Minengescho├č rounds. Tier 4 - For the most part I'm having the most trouble with the lower level planes: A5M3's, Kingcobra's, Spitfires, BF109's, and Yak-9's. Tier 5 - I'm not this high up the tier, when I get here, I'll let you know. Tactics: Britain & Japan: You have the best turn fighters in the game, use this to your advantage. If someone tries to head you straight on, bank off to the side almost immediately to attempt to trick them into a turn fight. Not only will you avoid countless deadly shells pelting your pilot, but you'll more than likely have a guaranteed kill. Everyone else: Avoid turn fighting whenever possible. Use high altitude for more energy, and if possible always have the altitude advantage. Germany: You have the best rounds available, use them. Stealth rounds may have the best average DPS, but your anti-aircraft rounds will always outperform them. Quotes: That's all I have for now, don't be afraid to ask questions, or comment additional tips. For now I highly recommend checking out this youtuber (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxV0ToR_Y88) who helped me become a better player in War Thunder. Edit #1: Added more spacing for less clutter. Edit #2: Added "Know your enemy" & "Game Modes" Edit #3 (12/24): Post 1.37 patch update, edited for the changes made in patch 1.37. Cleaned up, easier to read. Added Table of Contents.
  11. This is to help those people that get either get stuck being a squad leader, enjoy being a squad leader or just want of a more supervisory role. The opinions expressed forth are my own and are by no means me saying I know better than you but is just my take on the subject. IF I offend someone, I don't care, grow up. I apologize for typos in advance Introduction Hello everyone, At first I was going to do rant, but I decided to make a helpful tips instead. I myself have leader several squads on many different occasions and its not as easy as dropping a squad beacon and calling it good. Being a good squad leader means looking at the bigger picture, having the right tools for the job, and communication effectively with your squad. And that last one is probably the most important one. I have seen great squads do terrible because the guy at the top does know what he is doing. Hopefully you will get a tip or two from this that might make you better at leading. And if not ohh well. The Basics OK, so your Squad Leader just left and the game defaulted you over to SL. First of all dont panic and keep a cool head. Most players are afraid of leading because they think if the lead badly everyone will hate them and yell and scream at them. This is partially true, but you dont become a good SL by wins, you get it by losses. Sounds weird right, well allow me to explain. We as humans learn from our mistakes rather than our victories. If you always tend to ask yourself why did that work/not work and how can i do that better you will learn way more than if you happen to be part of the factions zerg force that is going to crush everything in its path. Ok so your going to give this squad leader thing a go, but what do you absolutely have to have? Well you don't have to have anything besides how you place squad waypoints. Seriously, communication aside, if you can keep updating your waypoints that's all you need to do to communicate to your squad. Ive seen it done and it works. Squad beacons, smoke, good voice comms, all of these come secondary to the most basic method of waypoints. And the last most basic thing: Realize that you will be getting less certs and actual play time than the rest of the squad. Its sad I know but in the end you'll be issuing orders, checking the map and thinking where to go more than anyone else should be doing. But in doing so, and having that mindset, you'll focus more of dropping updated waypoints and adapting to the battlefield faster than someone that waits till every time they die. Seeing the bigger picture The first point, and least important thing (especially if your in a platoon) is seeing the bigger picture. When your planning where to go think about where can you move after. Are your going to have to redeploy, how long is it going to take to capture that point, is my squad infantry or armor, where is the zerg force moving? I'm not saying focus on all this be keep it in mind. If you have just taken a point from the enemy and are about to move onto their Bio Lab, but currently that bio lab has a mess of enemy at it, it might be wiser to sit a defend till the zerg can send troops your way. Or sure that a really good fight at the Amp station, but after you cap it your going to have to cross a lot of open area to get to the next place. maybe dont Gal Drop onto the point but drop to the side to keep the gal alive. Its small things, but small things add up. One of the things to seeming the bigger picture is moving effectively. So you all are standing around the point waiting for it to turn. No enemies are around to cause you harm or needing to be mopped up so now's a good time to get ready to mobilize, maybe a minute or thirty seconds before it switched drop a green smoke near by and tell your squad," Alright assemble on green smoke prepare to move to next waypoint." switch your waypoint over to your next base. IT so simple a caveman could do it. it saves maybe thirty seconds, but every second that you can be proactive and keeping pressure on the enemy is less time that they have to set up defenses or meet you with tanks and air. Finally, Think of where you are going to respawn after you move your squad. When taking and enemy location, news flash, you cant respawn there unless you bring something with you. This may be your spawn beacon, a sundy or even an infiltrator to hack the terminals so you can pull a sundy. Hears the thing, in a perfect operation, no one dies you kill all the enemy and then you move on. Well that's not going to happen, your squadies WILL die and unless they can get back into the fight quickly you are going to have very few allies nearby and many running to trying and get back to the front lines. The less time your guys have to spend running is more pressure on the enemy, and that wins battles. Tools of the trade Ok so you seem to know whats going on around you and you are doing well leading a decent bunch of ingrates. The certs are starting to add up what should I do with them you ask. Well under the leadership group in certifications you find all manner of cool items. First and foremost I recommend the spawn beacon. Getting this helpful little guy allows you to drop a beacon that allows your squaddies to drop from orbit nearby to where you placed it. Pretty cool right? And only 100 certs makes this thing a no brainer. There a few things you should know though. It takes far longer to respawn on the spawn beacon than say a base or perhaps a sundy. Even if you have all 5 ranks of it, it still isn't as fast as the traditional means to respawn. Also the beacon can be destroyed just like a sundy and has a beam of light coming from the top of it as if to say, here I am. So place it somewhere not so easily seen. So why take it? Well it can be placed in spot that sundies cant go, like on top of the base. Also it allows your squad to drop in behind the enemies lines which catches them off guard and will turn the tide in the conflict. Place it, tell your squad to redeploy onto the beacon and now you have 12 of the angry army on the flanks tearing them up. Another thing which is handy is rally point smoke. It comes in 4 colors and only is 50 certs a pop. What smoke does is places a marked location on both the map and visually seen for your troops to move to or assemble on. Now unlike a waypoint it isn't as noticeable but it does have it uses. Where should the galaxy land to pick-up your troops? Where is the mobilizing point for armor? Where is the enemy sundy? Which rock are the enemy attacking from? Drop a smoke marker on it and now you have used nonverbal communication to help your boys out. Attack and defend objectives are nice to have as well because, well some people are dumb. Hey, its hard to hear but true, some people just dont know where to defend or attack, or aren't good at listening to directions. So these two things allow you to drop more info point on the map. Sometimes they are handy for simply saying the enemy is coming from this way, hold them at this building. Finally there's only one really good thing about command chat, to ask for help. We aren't gods, tides of war will turn and you'll quickly switch from the attacker to the defender. Its time to swallow your pride and ask for help. Command chat allows you to talk to every other SL or PL on the server. But remember to keep your message short and sweet, where you are and what you need. And think before you say it so you aren't sitting there going....ummm....uhh.......Hey this bring me to my next point. Communicating effectively Communication can be the make or break of a squad. Let me first start by saying your average squad member that uses voice comms, is an idiot that has no filter on his brain. He has to respond to everything you say, has to voice his opinions, and has to tell you how awesome his gun is because he just killed two people back to back. Its the nature of the beast. So how do we deal with the chaos that ensues with these people? Well there's no easy way to say it: rule with an iron fist. Someone not listening, tell them to get to where the squad is or you'll kick them, they dont move kick them, someone over-talking you all the time, tell them to shut the fuck up. In today's society people dont like to offend each other, but everyone is thinking the same thing, "Man, would this guy shut up." if your thinking it say it. Alright so all the problem children are gone and your squads listening to your every word. Well good job, now its your turn to speak and issue orders. Remember to THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. You might have a good idea in your head but when it comes to telling that idea you stammer over your words and take forever to get to the point. Don't do this.....just don't please. There is nothing that pisses me off more than a SL that hogs the mic and takes 20 seconds to say attack A. You sound like a 12 year old boy on a date. "I need ummmm uhhhh 5 guys to ummmmmmuhhhh well theres ummmm.....armor.........yeah.....ummm....3 tanks....... SHUT THE FUCK UP! KEEP ORDERS SHORT AND CLEAR! Examples of this are: I need everyone to respawn at the warp gate we are switching targets. Everyone stay at point C, let Bravo and Alpha worry about the other two. Move up to green smoke we are pushing north. Simple short and too the point. When you are unclear in your orders, your squadies have to interpret what you said. This takes there focus away from what they are doing, that should be killing the enemy. When you are direct there is no interpretation and people move, fight, fly, or drive where you need them too without having to think to much about that drivel you just said and what you meant. That being said...... Its OK to have joking and BS in voice chat. Seriously I'm not gung-ho or a chat nazi. Its a game, lets have fun, that's whats important. But remember to know when to be issuing order and when to be joking around. If we are storming a base its time for orders, when we are waiting for it to turn, BS away. but just like orders keep BSing short and sweet. *REPEAT WHAT YOU SAY. Sure you sound like Howard Hughes wanting to see those blueprints for the fourth time. But do you know how many times I've heard the SL repeat himself after people start asking what? Where is everyone? Are we moving? Those big Orders, like redeployment to the warp gate, Needing a sundy taken out NOW, Falling back to re secure an area, pretty much anything that you need everyone to do. Say it 3 or 4 times. Sure once could be good enough, and damn well should if everyone was on their game, but lets say I'm in a doorway holding it off from a zerg wave. My MAX is pissing ammo and bodies are falling. I dont care about waypoints, strategy, if anyones in my way. I am Leonidis, this is where we hold them! SL comes over and says "Shit we have to head back to the Comm station, everyone redeploy to the comm station now." What did I hear? "Shit. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG Redeploy BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG Now." Now I look stupid as I que my mic and say, what? So in short: big orders, Repeat, repeat, repeat. *Make sure to listen you your squad! Being a good leader is also being a good listener. I have face-palmed many of times because I report something to the squad, like say that Enemy Sundy that moved in to flank A point. And the SL either didn't hear me or didn't care, now we have to move backward because12 or so of the enemy are swarming behind us 2 minutes later. Always remember that your squaddies have eyes where you don't. And good ones will report important things like maxes, troop movement, enemy armor, or sundys. Not all of what they say is mindless crap that should be ignored. If someone says something about a Max at B, and 2 other friendly maxes are headed there, no need to mention it, or reiterate (see above) it to the squad. But your being flanked by Enemy armor, yeah time to adapt to that battlefield and change your tactics. Remeber that big picture we talked about? *Opening up the squad* Sooner or later real life calls, people are going to start leaving your squad. More often than that though people are going to want into your squad. This is besides not communicating a major issue with new squad leaders is allowing people to join their squad. Ill be honest when I first had to as they call it, "open up" my squad for others to join I had no idea what to do. I started with 4 guys but thats soon dwindled to three and then two. and then Bravo got absorbed back into Alpha. There are several different ways you can have your squad, and Ill explain them from the arguably the worst option to best option. But first, just how do you let people join your squad? Well there are two ways, either you can control it, or they can. Go ahead and open the squad menu, default P, and Ill continue. Are you with me now? OK lets press on. The majority of this screen is your squad mates names, outfit tags, which continent they are on and their distance from you. But don't worry about that for now. look just below that screen and you'll see a place where you can enter next. No no not the spot with all the check boxes and the enable recruitment button. Don't get ahead of the class now. You see it good. All you need to do is type someones name in here and presto chango they have an invite. Similarly you can type into the chat window /squadinvite and then their name. This leads me into the worst way to add people to your squad. Sure you control who gets in and who does, and only outfit members or those on TS and ask for an invite join. But what are you doing while you go through this tedious process? You are asking how to spell JohnTRlovescats, typing it in to chat, asking if john is with an H or not, did they get ect. MEANWHILE Back in the the actual game. your standing there as infiltrator bait and your squad is standing around like a bunch of retards because the point capped and they don't know where to go next. Also you have taken up valuable time on TS and those guys that found an enemy Sunderer have to wait to tell you were it is, no the enemy has deployed and mobilized and has more pressure on you, and remember pressure win battles. Sure you have maybe a higher caliber of squaddies, but wait till peak hours hit, and you spend more time typing in chat than even looking at the map. Ok so to hell with that sounds too tedious. I agree, now go look at the recruitment options. (the spot you first started typing in before I said no to, with all the check boxes and stuff) First thins first put a name on your squad, 9 times out of 10 something as simple as AJA Alpha squad is all you need. But if you get some kind of jollies from calling yourself AJA Deathdealers, or something equally as pointless go right ahead. Really all you should do is say who you are and what squad it is. If your a public squad put that in there as well, but we will cover public squads later.=, or rather next. Now its decision time. Do you want random people to join your squad? (called pubs, pubbies, pugs, ect) Do you want only AJA to join you? Well both hold good and bad points. I'm going to go with a public squad first because it is a bit worse of a squad. So after your name that's all you really need, no need to check the private box or the outfit box because your wanting every Tom, Dick and Harry to join up. You can click the show outfit tag box, its really up to you, all its going to do is show you outfit tag after the squad name. Press the Enable Recruitment button and there you go, your squad is listed. Easy, easy, easy. On the flip side to this coin maybe you want only AJA squad members to join. In this case you would click on the Outfit check box as well as the private squad check box. This way only those outfit members can see the squad and join it. Either way your squad is open to the more or less general public and now you dont have to invite someone. If they come on TS and say can I get and invite just say its listed for open joining. You don't have time to invite everyone in the outfit. We have a war to win! (that being said if they say that its not open and your not full, maybe you should make sure that you did in fact click enable recruitment.........OOPS!) Now maybe your asking why would I want a public squad? Well there are times that call for it. Say when its really late at night. My usual play time only has about 4-6 people online at a time. That's not a very effective squad. Or perhaps on TS there are people that want to join AJA but those Sergeant and Officers are too busy getting their winky wacked to be on the game and invite them. (hey at least your getting some.) IT might be better to open up the squad to everyone and not just the outfit so you dont have to be bothered by inviting them. Also public squads fill up ALOT faster. Seriously, soon you'll be looking for someone to take over as Bravo leader because the squads full and TS is bugging you because the squads not open. No it IS open, we are just full. SO you have more peeps great!...... no so fast Sparky. Because now the majority or at least a few of your squad and pubs lets go back to communicating. Scroll up Ill wait....... OK read it again. They cant hear you if they aren't on our teamspeak. So now you have to say things twice, once in TS and once in Squad voice... maybe rebinding the key would be a good idea. Also Pubs aren't know for their ability to follow orders or do what they're told. Most just think that joining a well known or big squad means more kills and more certs. Not always true. Public or outfit only? I leave that choice to you, its your squad. In closing First if you made it this far, thank you. Secondly if you think this has been a waste of your time, if you find that being issued orders is against how you want to play or well this isn't a real army, I have a few words for you. STOP PLAYING A MULTIPLAYER GAME. At the very least gt out of my squad. You chose to play a game with other people. And to be effective in this game you have to work as a team, every team has a leader. A good leader can make or break a good game session. SO there you have it some basic tips to make you a better leader. Remember to keep thinking of whats to come next and the bigger picture, dont forget to drop some certs into the SL tree to get the sweet spawn beacon and smokes. And finally learn to use voice chat effective and dont be afraid to kick a person out because they aren't a team player. I hope you might have learned something from this and Ill see you all on the battlefield. *First Edit. All paragraphs start in this pretty color
  12. Just got ff XVI so wondering if any one has any tips for the game for me and any one else just starting
  13. New to the game? Here are some tips and commandments for engagement. Tips: The Ten Commandments of Infantry. ( You have the rifles and the guns, use 'em.) I - Point the muzzle at the enemy. II - Start firing. III - Aim in for a closer shot if they aren't flipping around like a ninja. IV - Reload only when you have an opening or are on a low clip, unless otherwise forced. V - Always, always be moving. Do not stand still. Do not stop. You will die. Applies to near all facets of the game savour a Tank Line, in which case you're the meat-shield and should move only when taking heavy fire or about to have a C4 charge dropped on your arse. VI -You -WILL- die. Often. Very often. The goal is to take down at least on bastard before they get you. VII - Prioritize targets by threat to team and available assets you have; if you're heavy, get to a coverable position and take out that Tank/Sundy/MAX Unit. Otherwise, if there's a sniper taking you out - flank and kill. Healers come next, then Engi's unless you're covering a Tank line. Heavies must die when defending a tank line. When you've the option for a full burster MAX when enemy aircraft are abuzz and your team doesn't have coverage, take that chance to rack some kills while saving your asses. Get to coverable position with a clear sky view and get an engi to follow. VIII - Don't try for skill-shots like Headshots or Knife kills. The head's a small target and you're playing an MMO. Only an Infiltrator's rifle has the ability to fire at a fast enough speed for an accurate shot without lag taking a toll. Knife Shots do only partial damage, it's better to unload a clip instead of risking a close-quarters attempt when the enemy may have a shotgun to shatter your soul. IX - Be jumpy, see a figure and don't have an immediate identification in close quarters? Shoot it. (THIS APPLIES ONLY TO THE GAME, if you ever join the army and get stupid-jumpy without identifying target R. Lee Erney will Skullfuck you.) X - Q everything. EVERYTHING. If it ain't marked, fire once. If it shoots back, kill it. The Infantryman's Code: "I am my brother's Keeper. I am my legion's hand. I am first to enter and the last to leave. Reckoning has seen no wrath likened to my own. For my country I die, - for my creed I rise again. They who are not us are nothing but worms to be stamped beneath our booth, so let us trudge on and conquer the insects." The Ten Commandments of the Armor Line ( Heavy Ground Units! Boom Boom!) Tanks: (Prowler, Vanguard, Magrider) I - Your Tank is cover, when full reverse avoid running over your Team. Other folk are fair game. So is Joe. II - Your tank is your sanctum and the first vanguard of your offense into near any large conflict. A well equipt tank-line should lead the charge to the war and second the assault to the base. (You want to let your infantry clear out any base, but in a frontal war between Steel you should be fronting the assault and be sure you have a clear path to the rear for repair should you need it.) III - You are not infallible, you will likely want to pair your pull of Armor with an Engi class for self-repairs should it be required. Sunderers: IV - You are the last to battle but the most important for an assault. Always find defensible positions behind rocky outcroppings and terrain to deploy. V - Mountains are not your friend. VI - You are the greatest target on the field, invest some certs in a G30 Walker and 60MM Bulldog. Harassers, Lightnings, and Flashes: Welcome to Guerrilla Warfare VII - The Flash is the Bitch's ride, take her over the hills and through the woods to the sweet smell of napalm. VIII - The Harasser is a defensibly fast tri-soldier transport. The Engi or MAX should man the rear and you should have a seasoned marksman for your gunner. You are easy to kill, but your speed makes up for it. You're built for flanking, get behind the enemy infantry and let loose - or, if you're equipt, take out the tank line without being hit. Drive close, but be faster than their barrel can swivel. IX - The Lightning is golden for three types of combat - Anti-Air with the Skyguard, Bombardment with the AP default turret, and Tank-Buster with the HEAT turret. Go kill 'em, tiger. - Oh, and you can flank like a beauty and have great climb on hills for a tank. Just be sensible with what you try and mount, 'eh boy? The Final Commandment of Armor Warfare: X - You are the Shield and Sword to an offense, be mobile, be steadfast, and be aware. "You shall be the Keeper of the Field, the caller of justice and the bringer of destruction. Let no structure stand against you, let none escape. May they quake before you and flee." The Ten Commandments of the Sky ( Fly-boys! Unite! ) Fighter Craft: (Mosquito, Reaver, Scythe) (Keep in mind; Each fighter craft is different, Mossie's are faster, Reavers have the most armor and verticle thrust, and Scythe's are the most maneuverable.) I - Always be moving. Always. Do not stop under any circumstance unless at an extreme distance unable to be seen at first glance. II - Terrain is your friend and enemy. Trees are your Arch-Enemy. Get used to bobbing along the countryside with the terrain, using every crevice, wall, tree, and valley as your shield. Lock-On rockets are hard to shake, if impossible in sheer air. III - When you get locked on, DO NOT PANIC. Take the nearest dive toward cover at that lock confirmation and stick behind it or flank around it depending on where you think that ordinance came from. If not 40% sure, or entirely unsure, stick there and pray. IV - A2G and A2A pods don't guarentee a win, your cannon can do just the same. Rotary is best for aircraft and default best for Universal use. A2G when you're going against armor/infantry. A2A when you need air-superiority. The Liberator: V - You are slow, you are destructive, and you are a massive target. Your best chance at securing a kill is when the enemy is fully occupied on the ground or you have enough air-superiority to be able to go unnoticed for a time. VI - Altitude is your companion, along with a sighted weapon with zoom for your gunner. Super Zoom. Highest air. Have a couple friendlies escort you with A2A coverage. VII - Your rear gunner should have an A30 Walker at his disposal. Your belly gunner needs a Dalton or Zephyr. VIII - You -can- kill fighter craft with your belly gun; when fighting tilt your belly in the enemy's direction and have constant radar notification or comm contact with your gunner. The Galaxy of the Universe of Joe: IX - The Galaxy is the ultimate Infantry transport to the center of a raging battle and perfect for quickly getting troops too and fro the battlefield. It's a great engager for starting a fight and perfect for getting to the next. Need I say more? Oh, your weapons. G30 Walker top and rear, 60MM Bulldogs on the sides. - Tilt your top toward the enemy air and circle ground-targets if you're awaiting a pick-up signal or clearing units for a clear drop. The Creed of Skyward Souls: X - You can see nearly everything on the field, make sure your people know what's coming and what's around. "From this earth I do ascend toward heaven and sky, to reap the souls of the wicked so far below. Through my eyes my Commander sees, and through my window I glean knowledge of the battle to come. I lay flame and iron beneath me in a cleaning swathe of purification, a covering shadow across the landscape, the darkening peace of my brothers down below."
  14. Heya, thought I'd start up a thread to post your tips & tricks for BF4. I'll start off with the defibrillator, it's possible to charge them up before reviving someone, therefore bringing them back into action with more health, rather than the base 20hp. This is simply done by holding in the left mouse button.
  15. Hello! Champion select is usually perfect or terrible. Here's some tips on how to avoid your game being ruined in champ select. 1. Learn to play all 5 roles This is probably the most important one. If you don't know how to play all 5 roles decently, then you're going to get stuck with a role you don't know how to play eventually, which isn't fun for anybody, except for the enemy team. 2. Re-word your call If you want to get your role, (with call order) which of these do you think will let you get your role easier? TOP Pref top (hint: it's this one) I like to go even further than that by calling out all the roles in my order of preference. Gets me a role I want 80% of the time. I have others that I might edit in later. What are you guys' tips for champion select?
  16. So pretty much what the title says, i'm here to help anyone who has 32-bit windows 7. PC's with 32-bit can't change the video settings for BF4, but I recently found out by myself how to unlock them without upgrading. This is very simple and virus free. Steps : 1. Install the newest version of NVIDIA GeForce Experience 2. When the install is done, load up your library ( it says Games on it ) 3. Pick Battlefield 4 4. Press '' Optimize '' 5. Done When it's done, it should be like this picture. This is too easy, but if it happens that you accidently blow up your PC, just leave a message about it down on the comment section Cheers