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Found 2 results

  1. I think those present in the last event, the 17th of December, remember that one very heavy game we ended with, assaults and heavies galore. I was wondering if someone saved a screenshot? The math nerd in me want to do some math. The idea behind it would be to post it as an example on the Mechwarrior Forums and with a suggestion I came up with that could alleviate the weight balance issues. The math would be calculating the enemy team's total tonnage and see what ratio it was against ours, I'd wager at least 300 more than us. As no constructive criticism goes without a suggestion of improvement of some sort, the suggestion I'd propose for PG: Quick Match overhaul akin to that of DotA 2's new pre-game lobby, with a weight re-balance system. *Pre-Game: As per usual you select your mech and possibly a party to play with, and with the party, possible limiting weight restrictions. When you find a match, both teams' weights are checked, one is lower and one is higher, most of the times. When outside a certain range limit of each other the game puts a weight restriction that can't be exceeded. This could be done by taking the average value of both weights. So one team can increase their tonnage while the other has to shed some. Example: 12-man team enters and has the 600 tonnage limit, the other team is composed of two 4-man teams and four randoms, the whole team's tonnage sits comfortably at about 1000 tons (Don't know if it's possible but let's just go with it). 1600 / 2 = 800, the new tonnage restriction is set to 800, this means the 12-man team can increase their weight by 200 while the other team has to shed 200 tons. Both team's are given, say two minutes, to change mechs to meet the new restrictions. At this point, modules would be an issue. For simplicity, I think Modules should only work as they do now, need to be bought, for Faction warfare. However for quick matches, you'd select what module you want on your mech and it'd be free. This way you wouldn't have to jump back and forth in the Mechlab to reconfigure your mech during the re-balance phase of a quick match. A possible issue with this could be 12-man teams running all light mechs in order to disrupt other teams and get their tonnage down. In which case a minimum tonnage would have to be implemented, if the tonnage difference is large enough. Also, a tonnage matching system should also be in place in order to minimize matches with large tonnage differences. So, if there are several teams of 12 running all light mechs, then there would be no need for a re-balance even though their tonnage would fall far below the minimum tonnage restriction, in which case it'd be a match with 24 light mechs running around. Additional change they could make to the pre-match lobby would be that Company leaders and lance leaders could issue map commands there before the match has started. What do you think?
  2. INCOMING ANGRY RANT So I decided to come back to Destiny after a while, and made a new character. Everything was fine and dandy until I decided to patrol earth at level four. In the basement of Dock 13 there was a new mob called the Queenbreaker Captain. I noted the ??? on his level square, and decided to bugger off and come back with my level 25 hunter. I discovered then that he was immune to any damage and could instant kill in one hit. So I did some research. He's a bounty for the House of Wolves players. Alright, that's cool, I could go into a rant about how fucking stupid it is that Bungie is splitting off their story into paid DLC, but I'm sure we all already know that, so I'll get to the point. What the actual fuck, Bungie. You're going to purposely make it impossible for people who don't buy your stupid ass DLC to do patrol missions in that room? You're going to make this guy invincible for everyone who doesn't shell out an extra fucking twenty dollars for your shitty-ass money-bait DLC? Why not, I don't know, have him not fucking spawn for people who don't own it? There's an idea! But no, let's have him fucking spawn and be invincible to actively punish people who don't spend even more money on what was, when I bought it, a SIXTY DOLLAR GAME. As time goes on, I regret buying Destiny more and more. The game gets shittier and shittier every DLC pack. Oh, you want a fixed loot system? Twenty dollars for The Dark Below, please. You want to be able to do patrol missions on earth without getting killed in a single hit by an invincible miniboss? Twenty more dollars for The House of Wolves, please. Let's see, that's one hundred dollars total. Would you like some condoms? We want to be safe while we're fucking you in the ass, of course! At this point, I've lost all trust for Bungie. Their handling of Destiny has been atrocious. I will likely never buy another product from them again. /end rant