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Found 8 results

  1. NOT OFFICIAL Hey guys! Anyone interested in creating a PS4 Overwatch team? This is for people who want to play Overwatch in a group and to help each other in competitive To enter, please type in; Your PSN ID The hero you are strongest with Your age My PSN is KyloFett5 so feel free to add me up! I do best with Hanzo, Reinhardt and Reaper Thanks Guys!
  2. *** FOR AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY *** To: AJSA High Command From: UNDISCLOSED Ladies and gentlemen, I write this letter to you in hopes that my petition will get through. It's been a rough week on the front-lines. I've seen my fellow countrymen die for a cause, even my faith is wavering. The enemies of SUPER EARTH have thinned our numbers, but the recent strike we did to one of their major capitals has crippled them in return. I am not one to accept defeat that easily; call me stubborn. Nonetheless, I must insist you allow me this one wish. I require reinforcements at location UNDISCLOSED, at UNDISCLOSED hours. For all intents and purposes, I plead that you permit HELLDIVERS for PC to be granted unofficial-grade access. I overheard another soldier the other day talking about an event taking place for the PS4, but I'm stationed on PC... and you know I'm not heading back to the console war. I have my scars. Without anything else to say, I'll cut it short. Thanks for listening to this old war dog. Signed, The Colonel POST-LETTER DOCUMENT Points in favor: Will boost the morale of our troops. Also, motivation towards finding better, or simply, just enjoyable games to play.More rations of LiberTEA.Dynamic game mechanics can keep the AJSA HELLDIVERS community engaged thanks to its cooperative multiplayer.I volunteer to spearhead the assault. No need to wait until someone raises their hand. I'm here until you find someone better.HELLDIVERS has a discount of 30% on Steam as of date. Even without a discount, it's an arcade-priced game, accessible to anyone. This makes up for the low AJSA player count, so instead of scaring others with a large price tag, it encourages gamers to try it out.​Points against: Small number of players (most seem to be lurking).It seems people know its available for PS4, but not PC (it is available for PC through Steam).Lobbies are restricted to 4 players. Might have to create squad-sized subgroup chats in TeamSpeak. *** FOR AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY ***
  3. Hey y'all. I'd like to get anyone who's willing to get together for weekly(?) Smite games for an hour or two, saaay maybe Wednesdays @ 8pm Central US. Starting Dec 9 If anyone is up to it please either leave a comment here or add me on Xbox Live (PythonManiac) as a friend and shoot me a message that you're AJSA. If you don't send me a message with the friend request I will not know you are AJSA and will not add you, sorry. If you are inexperienced we are willing to teach, if not we'll go straight into whatever the group decides. If I'm forgetting anything do remind me.
  4. HI ! On Tuesday 6 BST(6GMT+1) I'm organizing a tour designed to help players understand Team Fortress 2 competetive scene. It's an unofficial event and will be hosted by me. The only requirement is minimum 100h in TF2. Experienced players are also welcome. Sincerely, Doctor_GLaDOS
  5. Unofficial AJSA Hunter's Caravan Hello fellow AJSA soldiers! I am looking to gather together some people for group Monster Hunts on the newly released Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, so i am putting together and UNOFFICAL group. I would more AJSA members to play together and also have a weekly or bi-monthly game night where we help new players get into the game or try our hands at tough monsters and do upcoming events. SO if you are on the fence about this game or looking for a new game for that 3ds you own pick this up! MH4U is a great game! More info to come later as we get more members and get organized. Sign up 3ds Friend Code: Weapon Type: Time zone: Skype or TS?: (not required but i also play with a group of friends and when we use skype it makes fighting monsters easier and have some fun banter!)
  6. HELLO SOLDIERS JACK HERE, TODAY I BRING NEWS FROM TAMRIEL ( BETHESDA) THAT ESO IS COMEING TO THE PS4. LET IT BE KNOWN THAT I WISH TO LEAD YOU ON THE FRONT LINES OF BATTLE FOR WHATEVER FACTION WE TAKE PART IN. Anyway with Eso being rereleased id like to start a UNOFFICIAL( LET ME SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME) UNOFFICIAL!!!! guild for the ps4 guys to group up in. whether your casual or hardcore ill accept all into the guild. I will be running the guild and don't worry after running 3 successful WOW guild in my life time I think I can handle it. Also the guild will be unofficial ( one more time just to make sure it sinks in) UNOFFICIAL so we wont be restricted to the aldmari dominion. I actually have a lot of cool and fun plans that I want to do with this guild but first I need members and officers. If you want to be a member leave a comment and ill put you on a list to check back with later on. if you want to be a officer my user on PS4 is jen01riley pls message me and be ready to be interviewed. If this post and the guild does not get a lot of attention before game launches I wont be making it cause that would be a waste of time. So in the end I want about 6 people to sign up and at least 2 officers Thanks for your patience and please no need to hate on the game in comments that's not what this post is for.
  7. In a savage world of man vs nature, are you the hunter or the hunted? Yes, that's the question indeed.... So that's why I've created this Steam group, in order to bring together the AJSA Evolve community, across all platforms!. Form groups, play, and have fun, "join here if your looking for your fellow AJSA Evolve gamer. Check it out & join http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AJSAEvolve Join the public group and make sure to use the channel -Seph provided for us in the -Community Games- section on the AJSA Teamspeak for proper voice communication.. -If you have a mic, we encourage you to use the TS3 server when playing Evolve- Mondez -.-
  8. Hello, I am Commander Seph and the new Unoffical Games Commander. I am responsible for assisting games that have the potential to be official games. We are moving away from our current poll system used to select official games and on to a new system. All new potential official games will be classified as unofficial first unless approved by council. This will allow for us to assess the game's leaders and if it has enough of a following. Listed below are the details for the different classifications of games within our community. Official Games Below are a few perks of being an official game. Full access to "The Hype Machine" (Information about "The Hype Machine" located at the bottom) Dedicated Teamspeak channel in official games section with sub channels Dedicated sub forum area with addtional sub forums as needed Dedicated server if game supports servers and the need is present (admin on server if they have the knowledge) Assigned a point of contact to assist you with event announcements and advise to help you succeed Leader will receive a forum award to show that they lead a game Leader will be allowed officers and sergeants based on their need in game Official game leader expectations are as follows Active leadership and community in game Run events regularly Report to a point of contact on activity within a game and on events held Administer server if they have the know how Requirements in order to become official (Must meet at least 2 out of 5) Guild/Clan System Community meta-game addtitions (Such as tournaments) Joe/Streamer/High Command support Server support that benefits the AJSA Community Popularity Unofficial Games Below are the perks of being an unofficial game. Sub channel in teamspeak located under unofficial games Use of "The Hype Machine" but must be approved by Commander or above. Possible sub-forum (Official games that are sunset or Popular unofficial games) Use of the Unofficial Games Commander as a Point of Contact Possible temporary server for large events if supported (Commander or higher will admin the temp server) What kind of games are unofficial games? Games that we intend to support but are still in Alpha/Beta testing Contenders to become official games Games that have fallen out of favor and are no longer official games (They do have the ability to come back in to official status though) How to make an unofficial game official. Have an established and vetted leader canidate Active population of regular members Run events regularly Meet 2 out of the 5 requirements listed above in the official games section How to make a game an unofficial game. (You will need to submit a post with the following) Explain how your game meets 2 out of the 5 requirements A list of individuals who will play with you (at least 5) Understand that you are volunteering to lead the group you are making a post for Ideas for an event to be held if and when the game becomes unofficial Create a follow up post after the event detailing how it went complete with screenshots and/or videos An example and more information can be found here ->http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/26066-example-request-final-fantasy-xiv-a-realm-reborn/ Community Games There is another type of classification that I would like to note. We will be adding a new section within teamspeak for games that do not fall in to the above categories but are still played regularly by our members. They will receive a channel under a new category: Community Games so that members can meet up and play together. Unsupported Games All other games will be labeled as unsupported games. They will not have any of the perks listed above. "The Hype Machine" Below is brief overview of something we like to call "The Hype Machine" which will help you raise awareness of your game and it's events. Official games get to utilize all options available. Unofficial games only get limited and sometimes temporary access to some of the details listed. Advertising post on in the Dev/Publisher Forum of your game Events posted in dedicated sub forum AJSA Calendar entry Semi permanent TS channel for event advertisement Front page article Steam group calendar entry Chat advertise events during AJS streams on twitch Twitter annoncements of events (auto announces calendar entries) Council to stream special events (uncommon but possible if the event is interesting enough) Mention in the Monthly Community Update Video (very special event and well planned)