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Found 6 results

  1. Here you'll see any relevant notices, challenges, patch notes, etc linked from mwomercs.com.
  2. <Introduction> Hello Diehard here bringing you a small Smite update post. In short not much has changed. But there have been some quite major announcements on Hirez's end. One example being in particular being that Smite is coming to Playstation4. So expect that very soon. Then to sum up the introduction. I just want to thank you guys for coming online during the events. Thanks to you we have had a number of players coming on on Sundays. I have not seen numbers like this for months. So thank you for that. Makes me feel like I'm doing something right. Now I'll leave you with the other news that is as follows. <Current Events> The current smite version is called the Victory Lap click to be linked to the patch notes Little late but the SWC (Smite World Championships) is now over. Epsilon esports the EU 20 wins to 1 loss in the Fall Split. Defeated the infamous team, Cloud 9 G2A, in the semi-finals. This then lead to them ripping apart Enemy in the finals. Winning the game 3:0. <Upcoming Events> With season three's release we finally Xbox getting the patch. Very soon Xbox will also be able to experience the fun that is the death of supports. Just kidding. But they've nerfed support items again, because solo is too strong. Also coming soon. PS4 Smite is in early Alpha. With the success of Xbox Smite. I expect the game to do well there. I'm also sure that the AJSA will be getting involved on that platform as well. If you are interested in PS4 Alpha keys click here. <Final Words> Right thanks for reading this to finish I'm just going to give you some last dates and updates. Smite AJSA Events will still be held on Sundays at 7pm GMT, 2pm EST. some join me on the AJSA Teamspeak for the events. I want to see you guys there thanks and I'll see you soon.
  3. <Introduction> Okay so as the topic title shows this is an update for the months of January and February 2016. Starting with the introduction of yours truly... Hi I'm Diehard. The new Smite leader for the PC division of smite in the AJSA. Now it may feel as though it was only yesterday when VonRyan stepped up to become leader. Well in all honesty it wasn't that long ago so you would have the correct feeling. I am taking over now because Von decided that he did not want to run the game as he felt it was a bit too much work for little reward as the PC community has been falling of the past 11 months. So that's where I have come in. I have been apart of the AJSA Smite group for about a year and a half. I started when LordMagus was in charge coming in from the Smite Beta I was a mere level 20. After some time Agosparti took control and Magus dropped out. Sparti did a great job revitalising the Smite section as it had started to die there aswell. During the last 11 months of him being in charge I was promoted to a Smite Sargent and then quickly to one of the Officers. When Agosparti left I became 2nd in command beside VonRyan who had been playing the game with the community for a little longer than me. So after he left I decided that I would take up the reigns instead of letting this community fall. This is where you guys come in. I need your help in making this section of the AJSA large again. After Planetside2 left we have had limited people playing on events for many games. So if you have ever played Smite and were taking a break. Like I have done. Come give it a go again a lot has changed. Also if you have never played the game then please feel free to come along it's a game for everybody casual or hardcore. It has a wide range of Playable Gods from different Pantheons in history. It might be a game you have been looking to play you never know so come and check it out. <Current Events> The current smite version is called the Reborn Prince click to be linked to the patch notes Little late but day 3 of the SWC (Smite World Championships) is on now. Final is tomorrow check it out if you want to see some of the best players in Smite compete for the title of World Champions and gain the winnings of $1,000,000. This year there is also a Championship for Xbox so The best Xbox players are also competing in there own event if you want to check that out as well. click the link to find where to view it on twitch.tv Last Current event is the new Cinematic Trailer has been released. Check it out. New Cinematic <Upcoming Events> Here we go in 1 month Season 3 will be with us get ready. With Season 3 comes the new Joust map get ready for the best looking joust map ever. New Joust <Final Words> Right thanks for reading this to finish I'm just going to give you some last dates and updates. Smite AJSA Events will be held on Sundays at 7pm GMT, 2pm EST. some join me on the AJSA Teamspeak for the events. I want to see you guys there thanks and I'll see you soon.
  4. Hi all, ShaggerAJSA and I have something I think you guys can help with. As many of you are aware, I send out regular messages on X Box Live giving event updates and other relevant information passed down to me from event organizers and our Community Officer Doshka17. Anyone who added their gammertag to the gammertag list should be receiving these messages, if you're not and would like to, either send me a message or add me to your X Box Friends list. Likewise, if you wish to stop receiving these messages just let me know. Anyway, I'm putting this in search of feedback. Is there anything you want to see in these updates that I don't talk about, should they more or less frequent, or you in fact happy with them the way they are. Bear in mind the forums are the primary source of information and I'm limited by a 250 character text limit for these messages, but I would love to better tailor these messages for people who, for one reason another, would not get the information posted on the forums. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
  5. On February 11, you'll be asked to update your Xbox One as soon as it connects to the Internet. The update comes with many behind the scenes improvements ranging from general stability to improved Kinect voice commands. On the front end of the update comes a feature that's been heavily requested by the Xbox community, the ability to manage your console's storage space. Once the update is installed, you'll be able to control the order that content installs, watch updates as they progress and view and organize your games and apps in separate lists. You'll also be able to see how much battery power remains in your controller right from the home screen. Additionally, you'll be able to use USB keyboards with Xbox One. Microsoft says that these are just a few of the improvements that will be packaged into the update The second update will arrive on March 4. This update is primarily to prepare Xbox One for the release of TitanFall. Details on this update are a little scarce, but Microsoft says that it will finally update the party and multiplayer systems significantly.
  6. Now as much as a Battlefield fan that I am, I feel that Battlefield 4 has had many bugs and issues since launch. Some have gotten fixed but I want to know if anybody thinks that Battlefield 4 cannot recover from the buggy state. I personally like the game and have a great time playing because I like the way the game feels and the massive scale battles are fun. But some people are not satisfied with the the state of the game. And does anybody know when Second Assault comes out.