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Found 3 results

  1. At last. This game has been in my radar for so long because I love vampire games like Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines and Legacy of Kain games, and now I FINALLY have it. And luckily, this is exactly the kind of game that I want and I'm damn glad I played it. And yes, this screen is pretty much a cheeky reference of Hannibal's season 3 poster. The game takes place in London 1918 and you play as Jonathan Emmet Reid, a poor unfortunate surgeon + doctor who fought in World War 1 and got turned into a vampire one day. When he woke up, he sucked someone's blood out of blind hunger, deeply regretted it, and then through a tutorial section eventually meet with a doctor that employs him so that together they can find a cure to the Spanish Flu epidemic that's infecting London. After this, whatever you do is up to you. Do you want to just be a vampire and suck people's blood left and right, be a good vampire that only sucks blood of people who are complete dicks, or just not kill any npcs at all and just be a good doctor that helps everyone in need with their sickness? It's up to you. I'll start with the game's combat because it's pretty much an action rpg kind of combat. It's similar to the games developed by Spiders, the creators of Mars War Logs, Bound By Flame and Technomancer in that you have a primary and secondary weapon to use, it's full of dodging enemy attacks while utilizing your skills to win every battle. You can't block in this game, only dodge attacks, and there's a stamina meter which you can upgrade through leveling up. MP needed to use skills can be restored by sucking enemy bloods, but before you can suck their blood you have to stun them first. You usually stun enemies by using a secondary weapon, like a pistol and a stake, and each time you suck their blood after stunning them, their stun resistance increases so it'll be harder to suck their blood, unless you level up your skills. Speaking of skills, there's a lot of them to upgrade from the usual increase health stamina mp capacity to ultimate heavy damage skills. You level up by upgrading your skills, and the more you upgrade, the higher your level & easier combat gets since enemies with lower levels than you die easier, so it's highly recommended to upgrade as often as you can to raise your level. How do you gain XPs in this game? Hohohoho, that's the best part about this game. Sucking NPCs blood is the easiest and most tempting part. There are 4 districts in the game and each have their own npcs, like so If you investigate each character's backstory like a naughty nosy gossiper, their blood quality and XP will increase, so if you want to suck their blood, ideally you'll have to talk to them first to get their sweet tasty blood. Characters will get sick over the course of the game from various diseases which will drop their XPs, so you'll want to give them medicine to heal them and get that XP up. Each characters have their own "mind resistance" though, and you can only upgrade your mind control power if you play through the main quest. So if you see a guy who has a level 4 mind resistance that you really want to suck but you're still in level 1, you're gonna have to complete the main quests to reach that point. But when you do reach it, you'll earn your sweet sweet XP. HUAHAHAHAHA!! But that's if you want to do it. You can pretty much just leave them alone and be a good guy for the entire game who never suck any NPCs blood in the game like I did. I found out though that there are definitely a couple of NPCs who are pricks that deserves to die, but I decided not to end their lives since well, they'll get their karmic justice eventually. The other way to gain XPs is of course, by fighting regular enemies and completing quests. Which is what I do. The best part about this game though is that there are a lot of story choices you can make in the game, and all of them are not black and white easy answers where there's obvious good and bad choices. These story choices are extremely crucial to the state of each districts this game has since the choices are related to the district's head figure that keeps everything in place. One wrong choice, and it will possibly lead to a particular district plunging into complete chaos with NPCs dying left and right. And I found out the hard way through making these things. Like in one story choice, I had to stop a person from blackmailing someone, and I'm given 3 choices: end this person's life, just let this person be and hope this person will stop their blackmail, or mind wipe this person to forget about the blackmail. I choose to mindwipe this person, but in doing so this person ended up being completely defenseless from vampire attacks and got turned into a vampire, so I had to kill this person afterwards........ that makes me sad....... I actually made 3 choices that severely damages 3 districts because I thought I was doing the right thing, but turns out doing the right thing in this game = thinking if your action will lead to further disaster and pick the choice that will stop it. I like that this game's choices are this complex and have concequences, unlike Life is Strange and all the Telltale games. Unfortunately because of my choices, 3 side NPCs became hostile/turned into vampires, so I had to kill them. Luckily since they became enemies, killing them is not the same as sucking their blood when they're just regular NPCs, and I still got their plentiful XPs from ending their misery. So despite ending their lives like that, I never suck the blood of any NPCs and the health of the districts are mostly in good condition. In the end of the game I actually got the best ending by keeping the districts stable and not drinking NPCs bloods, and the main character even proclaims "I never sucked the blood of anyone! There is hope for people like me after all in this world to live peacefully!" to which I think "but I just killed buttloads of people and suck their blood to get to this point though......... but ah well they're just regular enemies." I love the vampire lore in this game. It's like Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines where there's different kinds of vampires with the "Ekons" aka the most normal vampires are powerful people that controls politics behind the scenes. And it also shows that even as vampires, there are people that are actually morally kind people and there are a couple that are religious people that accepts their conditions. Sure they still have to suck blood, but they get around it in their own way. I always want to see vampires who keep their faith intact, and this game gives it to me. Well done game! There are issues with this game though that I find quite annoying. Like how there's a lot of save houses in this game's open world, but there's no fast travel. That irks me when games do that since it just pads the game by having you run from point a to point b. Also, WHERE THE HELL IS MANUAL SAVING?? This is the kind of game that NEEDS it since it gives a lot of chances to go back and replay that point to pick a different option. I get that it gives extra weight to wrong choices you make since you have to live with the guilt, but still! And even though this game has a lot of great choices to pick, I wish there's actually choices with side npcs that can change their lives for the better/worse. All the side npcs do in this game is giving you XP when you suck their blood, and give you side quests. They all have in depth backstory that lets you see who they are, and some of them are depressingly sad, but you can't do anything to change their situation unless you yourself suck their blood and kill them. For example: there's a daughter and mother who lives in a terrible cycle of abuse where the mother has a mental illness where she hurts her daughter constantly while blaming her daughter for being hurt. I want to be able to separate them so the daughter can finally be free, but you can't do anything like reporting the case to the police or send the mother to a mental hospital since the game doesn't let you. You can stop it if you decide to suck the mother's blood, but in doing so the daughter will not have a family anymore. That's just messed up! Overall though, I like this game a lot. This is definitely DONTNOD's best game. Remember Me was alright, Life Is Strange was great until the final episode which renders everything pointless. This is their best game since it actually gives you a game where your choices matters, with decent combat, great lore, great story and great characters, minus the annoyances. And it makes being a vampire awesome! I will definitely play this game all over again to do different choices that I screw up last time. I give this game the rating of "so awesome that you will play this game again to see the different outcomes, while becoming a vampire of your choice." With a badass seal of approval. Highly recommend this game, especially if you like vampire games.
  2. This week in the news; Microsoft ends 360 production, PSN getting two factor authentication, too much "game" being taught at game schools, Total War Warhammer adds Bretonnia to skirmish and multiplayer, Double Fine and Lucasarts audio legend Jory Prum dies at 41, Pewdiepie talks about how horrible he used to be, Dontnod's dark turn from Life Is Strange to Vampyr, Danny O'Dwyer talks to Blizzard about the fall of Titan and creation of Overwatch in a three part series, Outlast 2 gameplay, Don Daglow calling bullshit on core and casual labels, Matt Lees looks at how Bloodborne is built to support its narrative, John Romero and Adrian Carmack's new FPS, what a video game producer does, and more. Why Free Money Suddenly Showed Up In Some People's Steam Accounts PlayStation Network getting two-factor authentication, Sony confirms Microsoft Ends Xbox 360 Production Double Fine, LucasArts audio legend Jory Prum dies, aged just 41 John Romero and Adrian Carmack team up for another teaser John Romero and Adrian Carmack's new FPS Blackroom is set in a violent world of holographs A thread about this was created here. Final Fantasy 15 Game Informer Coverage An Inside Look At Modernizing The Art Of Final Fantasy Our Final Fantasy 15 thread can be found here. God Eater: Resurrection launches June 28, God Eater 2: Rage Burst launches August 30 in the west Total War: Warhammer adds Bretonnia as a multiplayer faction Everspace trailer teases "imminent" alpha Sometimes Always Monsters is the sequel to Always Sometimes Monsters The King of Fighters 14 comes to PS4 in August Homefront: The Revolution opening cinematic reveals a fallen America I really hope this game is satirical, playing a plot like this straight would be really embarrassing. What is it with movies and games where America fails in every way or causes the apocalypse and everyone bands together to bring it back? This is probably why I love Bastion so much. Fragments of Him bringing the waterworks to PC in May Go West! JRPG I Am Setsuna Gets July Release Date THE LION’S SONG AIMS TO DEPICT THE LONELINESS OF HISTORY’S GREATEST MINDS Uncharted 4 is bringing back Plunder Mode Nioh Demo Out Now, Complete It to Unlock Special Item for Full Game PS4 Exclusive Nioh Lets You Choose to Improve Frame Rate or Resolution Outlast 2 is creepy, disjointed, provocative and Catholic A thread about this was created here. PC-Exclusive Divinity: Original Sin 2's Multiplayer Is Not What I Expected ALL WALLS MUST FALL TO EXPLORE THE CULTURAL DIVISION OF COLD WAR-ERA BERLIN Opening 18 Minutes of Mirror's Edge Catalyst Mirror's Edge Catalyst delayed again, now launching in June See Hitman Episode 2's Gorgeous But Deadly Setting in Launch Trailer Children of Zodiarcs Gameplay - A Tactical RPG With Dice Rolls - PAX East 2016 Shadow Warrior 2 Gameplay Friday the 13th: The Game gets new map based on iconic Jason hunting ground The Banner Saga 3 Discussed, Dev Says Universe Is "Very Fertile Ground" for Storytelling Star Ocean Dev's Exist Archive Coming to PS4 and Vita in North America This Year Persona 5 website teases a May 5 reveal for ... something Breached gameplay trailer teases some sort of strange sci-fi mystery Next Five Nights at Freddy's Game Teased FROM LIFE IS STRANGE TO VAMPYR: DONTNOD'S DARK TURN The Walking Dead Game's Season 3 Details Teased, Returning Character Confirmed Cliff Bleszinski Talks Moving on from Gears of War and Starting Fresh with Lawbreakers Lawbreakers Is Everything Gears of War Isn't A thread about this was made here. Mafia 3 Will Have "Ton" of Great Songs, Dev Says THERE’S AN UPCOMING GAME ABOUT EXPLORING A DYSTOPIAN CITY AS A CAT Supergiant's Pyre Focuses on Companionship and a Little Bit of Sports Opening 25 Minutes of Pyre Gameplay A thread about this was made here. Stealthy Seven Sneaks Out First Trailer A thread about this was created here. Tales of Berseria Western Release Ruiner is a neon-bright swords and guns game that will brook no blunders CLIQUE IS A GAME ABOUT FACING PREJUDICE They have a Kickstarter here but they plan to move ahead whether it reaches the goal or not. Shadow Complex Remastered Launches May 3 on PS4 Looks Like The New Call Of Duty Is Called 'Infinite Warfare' Destiny players reckon they've discovered the release date for the game's next big expansion Disastrous New Division Exploit Lets Players Do Unlimited Damage A patch has now fixed this and other glitches. Doom on PC Will Unlock Framerate and Support Advanced Settings, See Them Here Borderlands 3 Teased, Might Not Be Called That Rocket League's Hoops Mode opens the Dunk House for business next week Next Rainbow Six Siege Operation Adds These Two Classes Witcher 3 Adding New Gwent Cards and More Blizzard Is Nerfing A Bunch Of Hearthstone Cards How to get 13 free Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods packs starting tomorrow Kerbal Space Program 1.1 update brings new interface and performance upgrades Dota 2 gameplay update changes Ranked All Pick, adds new Scan function Why It Took Two Years To Finish Making DLC For A Rambo Game Nobody Liked Sega will add modding support to Mega Drive games on Steam Rust's Controversial Random Gender Update Has Led To More Players Smite streamer leaves Hi-Rez after controversial comments about suicide Report: Platinum Games president Tatsuya Minami has stepped down The Contentious Debate Over Whether To Make Hyper Light Drifter Easier This seems like a debate that could be solved by adding an easy mode, or an option to toggle easier features on and off to create the experience that you want to have with the game. These don't sound like the kind of changes you would have to make to Dark Souls to make that game easier that I posted about in the news update two weeks ago, it sounds like we have a very simple solution for this game. Eve: Valkyrie Offers Cross-Play Between Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive Why PlayStation VR may be the best platform for Eve: Valkyrie Stop spraying me with water, I like Fated: The Silent Oath just fine Watch medieval multiplayer VR combat in Valiant's early access trailer VR hardware sales predicted to soar past $2 billion by end of year Tekken x Street Fighter No Longer in Active Development NIS America and Atlus sever longtime publishing ties SNK Playmore is now just 'SNK' Assassin's Creed creator settles his lawsuit against Ubisoft In esports news Match-Fixing Report Shows How Gambling Has Ruined Korean StarCraft The rising tide of esports regulation and lawsuits PaiN’s lawsuit against Riot is just the beginning A Hero's Spell-Stealing Ability Just Wrecked Team Secret's Night in DOTA 2 YouPorn-sponsored esports team barred from ESL Bud Light’s new esports plans are just as boring as its beer In a League of its own: My trip to the EU LCS Finals In crowdfunding news Dark Souls™ - The Board Game I posted the announcement for this two weeks ago, it has since gone up on Kickstarter where it was funded in about five minutes and has now far exceeded its goal. The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game Other content I found interesting this week Australia's Indie Evolution On An Island Far Away What A Video Game Producer Actually Does The next three articles are responses to Alex St. John's article and past presentations that were mentioned in last weeks news post. I am Alex St. John’s Daughter, and He is Wrong About Women in Tech Guest Column: Defending Crunch Isn't Leadership A Productive Look at Burnout in the Games Industry (And Everywhere Else) The Story of Overwatch: The Fall of Titan How the team was able to move on from a failure that they hadn't experienced before. The Story of Overwatch: Return of the 90s Shooter The Story of Overwatch: 21 Hero Salute Pewdiepie Talks About How Horrible He Used To Be Interactive Music for the Video Game Composer Reading People Through Video Games THE FALSE LEGACY OF GRAND THEFT AUTO 3 Educating Game Designers - Too Much "Game" at Game Schools - Extra Credits Are LGBT Characters "Forced" Into Games? Rantasmo talks about the need for round and flat character types to tell a story and to give life to a setting. A LANDSCAPE OF MEMORY; RETURNING TO SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS Bloodborne: Beating Dark Souls' Narrative Design Matt Lees looks at how Bloodborne is built to support its narrative. GXTalks: GX3 • Day 3 - Building Believable Fantasy Worlds I’m Not Calling You a Liar: Complicated Canon & Unreliable Narrators in ‘Dragon Age II’ THE IMMORTAL WEIRDNESS OF SHADOW HEARTS SHADOW OF DESTINY, THE PS2 GAME AHEAD OF (AND BEHIND) ITS TIME Bastion's The Sci-Fi Western I've Been Waiting For The Fascinating Story of DRM, Part One: Wario’s Woes The Fascinating Story of DRM, Part Two: The Origin of Launch Week Battle The Fascinating Story of DRM, Part Three: Big Corporate Lost Productivity WHERE ARE THEY NOW? FMV Game Actors and Actresses! One I missed from earlier this month, could be of interest for old FMV Adventure game players. Why All the Hate?: A History of Internet Trolls Super Mario RPG - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. WeeklyTubeShow The history and development of Super Mario RPG. Don Daglow: "I'm calling bullshit on core, mid-core and casual" Don Daglow is credited with the development of the first D&D video game (Dungeon), the first God game (Utopia), the first Baseball game (Baseball), and the first graphical MMORPG (Neverwinter Nights). The Joker's Best Cut Scenes And Battles Against Batman, Throughout Video Game History NADIA: RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER DLC’S SURPRISE MVP Bridging Worlds: Workified Games Part one in a four parts series, the others are written and can be read from the homepage. FINAL FANTASY XII AND THE GLORY OF THE GRIND BINARY DOMAIN AND THE IMPORTANCE OF SHOOTING ROBOTS Three Solutions to Three Problems in Interactive Fiction
  3. Article Sounds like a good concept and setting, hopefully it turns out well.