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Found 60 results

  1. Hey ladies and gents, just posting our latest edited videos with our recently released Cuphead video. Take a look and let us know how we are doing.
  2. For the past few days I have been on youtube and have seen destiny's release trailers, (pre-order, etc.) and have taken to notice I have a few gripes about it. the game destiny is an icon across many demographics, but I see a new "advanced warfare" or another "Titanfall" were everything is just a mindless, generic shooter...as for the pre-order I'm disgusted, the fact that in order to count your kills (which should either already be done, or not included) you buy the pre-order for a robot...in game content that just counts your kill/death ratio, in my opinion that's (excuse my "french") crap. not only that, but destiny is an easy game to add loot crates and micro-transactions, yes I know it's destiny and everyone will say; "but skorge, the game itself is a good game" and to me, my response; "what was the first destiny at release again? an incomplete shell of what it is today, for $60 every story section." WTF!! when you publish a game it needs to be complete...right? anyway, I'm not trying to spit on a perfectly good game, "so with all do respect" just go off of the review that AJ (angry joe, to any new recruits.) puts out and be vigilant, hell, have one of your friends buy the game and let him tell you the specifics...if it's bad, don't buy it...if it's good though, BUY IT! but I'm not hopping the hype train yet, I'll see you later, on the next post...
  3. Got a new episode of my youtube channel show. Tried to have a more thorough review than normal, also got some skits in there. I put a lot of effort into it, so feedback would definitely be appreciated.
  4. Hey army ere is a video of me playing and talking about rainbow six and more if you check it out cheeerss
  5. Okay, I was really fighting with myself, should I put a link to my YouTube channel or not, but tonight I went through with it. So go and check a casual gamers mediocre playstyle at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClwNtVFoQNq396qi-OI5YyA. PS: Here's a small taste of what you're in for. PPS: Counting on some constructive criticism.
  6. Hey army ere is just a lil video of me playing some multiplayer if you check it out cheers! =D
  7. Hey army here is my review of doom if you check it out thank you RIP AND TEAR! XD
  8. Hey army just bought rocket league and it's such a blast go grab it ! and you'll see im flying the greatest flag ever XD if you check it out cheeeerrrss
  9. Hey army another video for you this time my impressions on gears of war 4, if you check it out thank you ! =]
  10. hey army haven't done this in a while here is a long overdue MK matchup video if you check it out thank you =D
  11. Hey guys here is my short review on dark souls 3 if you check it out thank you =]
  12. Hey guys here is another video of me playing some multiplayer on halo multi team matches again next one got some fun griffball matches if you check it out thanks! =]
  13. Hey guys here is a video where i play 3 matches of halo, im much better at halo then my last video on COD XD, if you check it out thank you =]
  14. Hey guys here is a lil video of me just playing some call of duty black ops 3, never played this one till now last COD game i played was black ops 2! So im a bit rusty ahah but if you check it out thank you =]
  15. Hey lovely people done another rainbow six video if you check it out thank you, i've got a lot of content coming soon =D Other Videos Shikariferrarii Plays Rainbow Six Siege #1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZF927zLRiw Mortal Kombat X: MK Matchups: Kitana #3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5qXEVaLLc0 ==Soical Stuff== Twitter: https://twitter.com/HTCDIShow Facebook:www.facebook.com/howtheycoulddo­­itshow
  16. Hey lovely people got another video of MK matchup, if you check it out thank you =] ==Social Stuff== Twitter: https://twitter.com/HTCDIShow Facebook:www.facebook.com/howtheycoulddo­­­itshow https://www.twitch.tv/howtheycoulddoi... Instagram: Howtheycoulddoit
  17. Hey guys here is my ideas for future content for Mortal Kombat X. I talk about my ideas for more story, characters & variations, arenas ,stage fatalities and some skins. If you check it out thank you very much =] ==Soical Stuff== Twitter: https://twitter.com/HTCDIShow Facebook:www.facebook.com/howtheycoulddo­­­itshow https://www.twitch.tv/howtheycoulddoi... Instagram: Howtheycoulddoit
  18. Hey Guys Here My 2nd Mortal Kombat Matchup Video If You Check It Out Thank You =] ==Soical Stuff== Twitter: https://twitter.com/HTCDIShow Facebook:www.facebook.com/howtheycoulddo­­­itshow https://www.twitch.tv/howtheycoulddoitshow Instagram: Howtheycoulddoit
  19. Hey guys, I was wondering on what you guys thought about the adaptations to Movies and Video Games, do you think it's a curse that most of them suck? Put in your opinion here!
  20. Hey Guys Here's My Rainbow Six Video I Put Together Some Best Bits From 2 Ranked Matches They Went On For Ages XD, I'll Get Some Casual Matches As They Are Shorter Next Video Hope You Enjoy =] Follow Me Here For Updates ==Soical Stuff== Twitter: https://twitter.com/HTCDIShow Facebook:www.facebook.com/howtheycoulddo­­­itshow
  21. Hey Guys Here's My Video On What New Content They Could Add For Rainbow Six Siege If You Check It Out Thanks Very Much Your Awesome =]
  22. Greetings locals of the forum. It has been a long while since last time i was here, and I don't like to do these stuff, but progress must be made. As we all know, we love video games, as far as i know... I just make videos and put them on the internet, and i want to share them with you. Like I mentioned before, i don't usually like to advertise myself or all that stuff, but as I create more and more content, i want to grow as well in the progress. The only problem that comes with it, i'm a military soldier who does not have all the time in the world. I may not be the best content creator, but i do try with the time given, even if it means schedule everything in advance. If you like what you see, i will be thankful if you will stick around and help this channel grow. I guess it will be more comfortable to post just few video of each of the recent playlists (because I am not familiar with how to post playlists). P.S: The Name SerieLis stands for Gray Fox in Russian
  23. Hello, I am new to the site. My name is Arkeeny Shadowdusk, you can call me Ark or Arkeeny. (Not my real name but I am not telling the entire internet my real name.) I recently started Streaming games and uploading gaming videos to my new gaming channel on youtube. I been an advent gamer since I was in my mother's womb. In fact she had to get a nintendo controller glued to her stomach because I was gaming even before I was born! Oh, Nintendo... I miss the old final fantasy, ultima, dragon warrior (dragon quest), skate or die, faxanadu, and many more games. And don't get me started on super nintendo and sega! *CoughphantasystarCough* I play games like MechWarrior Online, World of Tanks, Armored Warfare, Games on Battle.net, Steam, and offline games as well. But who doesn't? On a serious note, I am really a new streamer and youtube gamer. I been doing this for over two weeks now and no luck finding viewers let alone followers. My twitch account is fairly new however, so I didn't expect to get noticed right away. And I am trying to be as entertaining as possible despite the living conditions I have (I have to keep my voice down most of the time.) Also my room mate is one of those wannabe gangstas who play gangsta rap all day so loud even God has to wear earplugs. So sometimes I can't Stream when I want to, and if I do it has to be with my microphone turned off or on Push to Talk. I hope to make some friends and get some help and advice from other streamers and players like you guys. Catch me on my twitter account @@TrueBlueArkeeny and Twitch.tv/Arkeeny. I don't have much activity yet but I am hopeful. =D Help me Get Started!
  24. Knee-Deep in the Dead is an ongoing series studying the evolution of the First-Person Shooter from the early days of the genre to today. Season 1 primarily focuses on the most important titles released in the FPS "Golden Age", between 1992 and 2001. The first episode showcased the "grandfather" of the FPS-genre, Wolfenstein 3D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldJZevsAl44 Some of my favorite episodes I've done so far include: Doom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5EfGAA01Gk Duke Nukem 3D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVVKqA50Yyc Goldeneye 007: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWQ7CUzUjMA And Half-Life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmXee4QUmvQ The latest episode was dedicated to Quake 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYMgscAAsJs This series was created because I has played recent FPS campaigns and found them very lacking. In part inspired by videos by Zero Punctuation and Total Biscuit, I figured the best way to find out what went "wrong" was to go back to the beginning and trace the genre back to its roots and some of its most influential games. I try to get an episode out every 2 weeks at maximum, but the time can vary since I try to play each game to completion so I can form a full opinion on it. I plan to update this feed with each new episode. About myself, I've been gaming since I got a used NES back in the very early 90s. I generally stick to PC but own a 360 just in case. The first FPS I ever played was Doom on the Sega 32X. It was really a horrible port and I was very surprised when I played the ACTUAL version of Doom how good it was. I appreciated any feedback or comments from the community. Thank you and as always, game on and take care! -N'Eligahn