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Found 11 results

  1. I have one question before I get Ryse Son of Rome Day One Edition for Xbox One on Amazon; will I still be able to play Xbox Day One Edition Games after they've been released in 2013?
  2. Is it just my opinion or isn't videogames the greatest story adaptor? I mean books are one thing and movies just feel soo displaced, you never feel like you're a part of the story so you can't actually feel completely invested ya know? Videogames To me are just so better at telling a story cause it puts you right in the action, you are cast as the part of the hero of villain depending what game you're playing so you're completely invested in story and most like to actually follow though cause you want to win. So here is my idea to the department of education and the entertainment industry, turn every story, textbook and movie into a videogame with a fully versed and interactive story. It's just such a better idea then killing off trees to make more books and even with a crappy story you can always make that game into a awesome multiplayer game. Guys... Come on, come oooooonnnnn!!😎
  3. So I figured I would post some more of my content here to see what you guys think in general, here is one of the first videos I editted for twitch high lights.
  4. So figured we could have some fun and talk about the videogame characters we dislike hate and loathe. I'll start, Yasha from Asura's Wrath now if you asked me a year or two ago I would have answered Dante from DmC: Devil May Cry as the fanboy anger was strong with me (Not apologizing for the Starwars joke) but I loathe Yasha and when I had to play him I was not happy until a certain point in the game that had me praising the developers and gave me a huge ass evil grin on my face well before I say what it is *SPOILERS!!!* You get a quick time event that'll let you rip his heart out. Now why so much hatred against him you may ask well again *SPOILERS!!!* He betrays everyone in the game and is either stupid or arrogant enough to not understand or say they have no right to be angry with him even tells someone who has every right to seek revenge on him and his order that he doesn't have the right and it doesn't concern him. Fuck you Yasha you traitorous worm. That's mine what's yours comment below and love to hear from you.
  5. Hello all AJSA want to ask you all a question what games do you plan on getting for 2016 can list any game you want for any system you have can be a big release or a niche one post your answers below would love to hear from you. Also will update with my list later as I do not have time to write it yet.
  6. hello, my name is animeoverlord1, but you can call me anime or Jeremy. Either one works i dont care Ive been a fan of angry joe and the angry army for a year or 2 now but i was tied up with other gaming communties that i couldnt join. im a fan of anime, manga, music, movies, etc so you can talk to me about any of them the systems i have include: PS4, PS3, 2 PS2s (original and slim), 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Wii, PSP, 3DS, DS lite, Gamecube, and a gaming laptop. I spend most of my time currently on my PC and PS4 though, but hopefully once more games come out on other systems i'll be playing on my other systems i'm really happy to have joined and hope to play with you all soon!
  7. Is that how you spell it? ...whatever, anyways My name is Mortal (you can call me Mort, for short if you wish), I'm quite boring I'm the most interesting person anyone could ever meet... however I play videogames, and in the eyes of the media I'm apparently a demon who only plays videogames to belittle women and further my own nazi-male agenda (you humans are wiiiiierd) As I mentioned I play videogames, I especially like it when they actually work, allowing me the enjoyment of the art of play. ...SPECIFICALLY I like to play: First person shooters, RPGs, Action / Adventure, anything really Although I'm not fond of RTSs (RTSes? RTS ses?) I can't really get into them, bit too slow in my opinion. I'm a likable guy, I like to crack jokes and have fun where I can. I'm also very competitive, MOBAs (Smite, in this case) are definite my jam n' biscuits.
  8. Hello there, I'm Dawn. I personally love angryjoe's presence in video gaming because he represents the small man or average joe if you will. That is a reason why I chose to join the AJSA (also because I just love video games). I play fighting games such as SF4, shooting games such as BF4, and various RPGs from DS to D3. I hope to play with some of you out there as this army grows and we conquer the battlefield. [i apologize for the acronyms I like to be quick ] Peace :<
  9. I like a lot the sim franchise, especially their sim city, the sim city societies I think its their best game till now, the ability to create a city and to customize to be whatever you want, and that even the buildings dictate what kind of city it, is why I think its the best sim game, which is your favorite sim game and why??
  10. There should be a category for web based games, there are very good ones, and I think it has been a little forgotten here.