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Found 16 results

  1. hey I was curious about this because i'm a you-tuber (not in the big leagues like angry Joe and many others)and i have done videos as past time when I'm not busy with school or work and trying to find things to have on my videos and one of my upcoming videos would be about talking about upcoming games from e3 and what i think about them. I understand that this is Angry Joe's website and I don't want to create problems with putting up videos and that would end up with me being in big trouble. I'm still very new to this and just very curious about the policies for videos.
  2. Greetings locals of the forum. It has been a long while since last time i was here, and I don't like to do these stuff, but progress must be made. As we all know, we love video games, as far as i know... I just make videos and put them on the internet, and i want to share them with you. Like I mentioned before, i don't usually like to advertise myself or all that stuff, but as I create more and more content, i want to grow as well in the progress. The only problem that comes with it, i'm a military soldier who does not have all the time in the world. I may not be the best content creator, but i do try with the time given, even if it means schedule everything in advance. If you like what you see, i will be thankful if you will stick around and help this channel grow. I guess it will be more comfortable to post just few video of each of the recent playlists (because I am not familiar with how to post playlists). P.S: The Name SerieLis stands for Gray Fox in Russian
  3. Knee-Deep in the Dead is an ongoing series studying the evolution of the First-Person Shooter from the early days of the genre to today. Season 1 primarily focuses on the most important titles released in the FPS "Golden Age", between 1992 and 2001. The first episode showcased the "grandfather" of the FPS-genre, Wolfenstein 3D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldJZevsAl44 Some of my favorite episodes I've done so far include: Doom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5EfGAA01Gk Duke Nukem 3D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVVKqA50Yyc Goldeneye 007: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWQ7CUzUjMA And Half-Life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmXee4QUmvQ The latest episode was dedicated to Quake 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYMgscAAsJs This series was created because I has played recent FPS campaigns and found them very lacking. In part inspired by videos by Zero Punctuation and Total Biscuit, I figured the best way to find out what went "wrong" was to go back to the beginning and trace the genre back to its roots and some of its most influential games. I try to get an episode out every 2 weeks at maximum, but the time can vary since I try to play each game to completion so I can form a full opinion on it. I plan to update this feed with each new episode. About myself, I've been gaming since I got a used NES back in the very early 90s. I generally stick to PC but own a 360 just in case. The first FPS I ever played was Doom on the Sega 32X. It was really a horrible port and I was very surprised when I played the ACTUAL version of Doom how good it was. I appreciated any feedback or comments from the community. Thank you and as always, game on and take care! -N'Eligahn
  4. I know a lot of people on here like to post gaming stuff on YouTube or livestream, so I figured here would be a good place to do some self-advertising. You can post your YouTube channel in the comments (gaming-related only, please!). Of course, mine's in my signature: http://www.youtube.com/blizzard2100gaming but anyone else have some good gaming vids?
  5. Greetings, tankers! I've been wondering if it might be helpful and worth my time to start recording and/or livestreaming World of Tanks games, in which I would talk about tank types, roles on the battlefield, tank and map strategies, and other general information. I'll be the first to admit that I'm average at the game, and I've been striving to get better. Any videos that I post could be considered a stepping stone on the path towards being an Ace Tanker in WoT. There are other people out there who belong to a group of tankers called "Purple Unicums" or just Unicums (No, that's not a typo) who also do gameplay videos, helping people get better at the game. My videos would be both easier to relate to and you would have access to more personalized training, as my goal is to make everyone in the Company an overall better tanker. I need to know the level of interest in such a project, as not only do I have to play the game and attempt to commentate over it, I then have to put at least twice as much effort into turning it into a decent educational video format. If I can get enough interest and support, I might even consider buying whatever video editing software I need to make said videos better. This is all for you guys! You have to let me know how much interest you have and how much effort you'd like me to put forward. ~Combat Officer Levaros
  6. For those of you who don't know, I have been quite into doing videos for the AJSA. For those of you who participate in events like Game Night among other things, I won't say no to more content to work with and more projects to work on. The video below this post explains how you can get your videos off of your PS4 and sent to me. If you have a project for me, let me know! If you want me to work on something, but not put it on my channel, that's fine! Just let me know beforehand. And as long as I get some credit for editing the video all is good brah. So, without any further ado, here is my tutorial for retrieving your PS4 gameplay videos.
  7. Considering there is a plethora of entertaining, insightful, and hilarious DotA 2 videos/Images out there, I thought I would make a thread dedicated to posting them. I know often I found videos and shared it with those on TeamSpeak but with this thread, I can share them with a greater audience. With that said, I shall start off with a number of videos. Korean player Min-Woo Lee (known as Dr. Lee) showing off some impressive Toggle Micro while showing little to no emotion. In DotA 2 everything works. So here is a video of some... entertaining builds and the most deadly of them all, the five-man blademail build. Documentary by ImbaTV on the TI4 champions, Newbee. One of my personal favorites--the audio is from an episode of Game Grumps when they are playing through Sonic '06 put to DotA 2 animation.
  8. Just wondering what your favorite Youtubers are! Let's discuss, maybe some of us come across something we haven't seen before? Channels of any type are allowed, they do ont have to be gaming related! And please don't cop-out and just say Angry Joe, we all like his videos, that's sort of why we're here! Allright, let's get started! I've compiled myself a little top 3 here, feel free to list as many as you want if you decide to post on this thread! ​3. WatchMojo Consists of easily digestible and short videos! If you like top tens, this is the channel for you! They also do things such as superhero origins, supervillain origins, top 10 notes which consists of random facts about a certain movie and/or TV-series, and the occasional interview. Perfect if you just want something short but sweet to sink 5 minutes in to. 2. The Amazing Atheist. An opinionated guy with thought provoking videos about topics such as religion, gender-equalism, politics, and various other serious topics. Yes, this guy can get a little bit extreme at times, and sometimes it sounds like he's just whining and bitching, but you can always count on his videos to start a discussion. If you're looking for something to get your thoughts going, or you just want to go to war in a comment section, this is a good channel to go to. 1. TotalBiscuit (also known as The Cynical Brit) I imagine most of you have heard of this guy, especially after the whole Day One: Garry's incident... incident (?). Totalbiscuit creates videos covering a variety of PC games, ranging from triple A full priced titles, to lesser known indies. He is probably most known for his WTF Is series, where he gives his thoughts and opinions on whatever game he is playing. Occassionally he also tires to get some discussions going, dedicating entire videos to discuss things such as preorders, kickstarters, and violence in video games. In my opinion this is one of the smartest gaming channels around, and i absolutely love the content because of that! There! My favorites (aside from Joe) that currently recide on Youtube! Now i want to know, what's your favorites? (Oh yeah, please keep it civil guys, don't bash people if they happen to like somthing you don't enjoy! Not that i think that'd be a problem in this community though!)
  9. Hello angry army i just wanted to share my youtube channel to everyone here But first lets talk a little about me: I'm your average gamer, i like 3thrd person games and some FPS ( not that much) but i do tend to get bored easily when playing FPS games i also like horror games like: Outlast,Amnesia,Indie horror games Alright lets dig right it to my Channel! ( im fairly new to making gaming videos btw) http://www.youtube.com/user/ZealousPrism588 I made some funny saints row 4 videos back then, i also make GTA: San andreas videos one of those videos got 22k views! Alright i wish everyone a good day and goodbye!
  10. Hey guys. I just started a new playthrough and I figure I'd share it with you guys. Though unfortunately, it's not getting enough viewership. Think you guys in the Angry Army can help out? Here's the first episode. Let me know what you think. Enjoy.
  11. hey AJSA community, i have found that a lot of youtube content creators haven't been all to happy of date, because of one reason; youtube strong-arming it's content creators, restricting their videos for no decent reason, and blocking reviews. this is the letter i attempted to send to Joe himself: this is the message i attempted to send to Joe, and i would like you to read it, and pass it on to him if you believe it is worth hearing: "hey Joe, big fan of yours here. i would be very surprised if you read this, but i thought i would take a shot at it, because it isn't just your channel that i am worried about but all of the other content creators as well, and i think that this message might be a good idea for you to really think over. create a free union for content creators just like yourself and establish by other youtubers, because if your not happy then your army isn't happy. if it was set up fairly amongst lots of youtubers then you could essentially push back the control that youtube has over you if you aren't creating content then youtube isn't getting as many hits, their advertisers aren't getting as much money, and therefore the company is worth less than it started. i saw how emotional you were about this, and i share that emotion with you as well as other youtubers. you are not alone, there are many who feel the same way as you, like me, who hasn't quite gotten into creating content myself, but i want to do it when there is a better youtube to do it on. please think it over if you get this, just in case i'll slip a copy to the council as well. i hope that i helped with my A-level knowledge of politics." so what do you think should happen? what are your opinions on the recent turn of events? do you think that my idea is a good one? let me know exactly what you think, and please promote this forum because it needs attention, and i hope that Joe will see this. thanks, have a good day
  12. I'm going to start off with a very brief explanation of what has happened on YouTube, what this incident is and link you to AJ's videos on this, as well as the videos of a couple of other channels if you are interested (TotalBiscuit and Ohmwrecker, who both show different perspectives). There's lots more out there too but I feel these videos show three good opinions on the topic. AJ's videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQfHdasuWtI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAi81_uvztM TotalBiscuit's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JqjDhuPFaQ OhmWrecker's videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB9pCFzZfLg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2gswdiH3VE Now, I don't expect you to watch the hours of content in these videos, and I'll summarise what happened, who the major players are and who the blame may fall with on this. I'm not some insider, just a viewer who has tried to amalgamate the core things which have occurred and thus may be wrong and this whole thing will be a little subjective to what I see as happening. Before the incident, and the roles of Networks First we start off with what the situation was 'before' all this happened. Basically, MCN (Multiple Channel Networks), which I will refer to as Networks, cover a lot of the channels people watch, especially the bigger channels. These Networks offer a deal whereby the people under these networks - the individual channels such as AngryJoeShow - were protected and immune to the Copyright ID system, immunity from the upload checks were randomly YouTube will demand you submit evidence you have the rights to what you are uploading and they 'verify' it, and received some (albeit limited) protection from takedown strikes and channel closure. The Networks offer legal cover, and basically work by 'promising' YouTube (i.e. Google) that the channels under their network will not be uploading copyrighted content. The deal there is that the channel says they will police the channels under them rather than youtube having to do it, which is good for everyone. In return, the channel pays a cut of its ad revenue to the network, ranging from (it seems) 30-50%. The network also offers bonuses such as (not a comprehensive list): Easy monetisation (hassle-free on the channel's end) Promotion of the channel to a wider audience Events (often paid/sponsored) such as tournaments, battle royales, and real-life stuff like the Pacific Rim thing. The 'problem' The problem with this system is that it seems the networks were not doing much, or anything, to manage the channels under them like they promised Google they would. If this is the case or not is debatable but it seems like companies complained to YouTube that these partners were infringing copyright and google decided to act on this. Again if this is correct, or the right thing to do, is debatable and I won't get into it here. So what Google did was changed the way the whole system worked. The new policy was that networks had to make their channels either 'Managed' or 'Affiliates'. Managed channels continued the deal as it was before - i.e. free from hassle with copyright ID, upload checks etc. Meanwhile Affiliate channels lost those protections - which are the main point of being with a network. However, the reason not to have all channels managed is that if there is a strike against a managed channel, the network is also penalised, up to and including being shut down totally. The impact on individual channels The channels impacted are those that were made 'affiliate' channels - which appears to be more than 90% of channels. What happened is that they lost the protections from Content ID and upload checks. Thus, hundreds of channels with thousands upon thousands of videos suddenly became un-immune from Content ID, and the automated ID system went through all those thousands of videos and flagged any they thought breached copyright. As we can see, more often than not this 'scattershot' approach to copyright ID means that legitimate use of the content still gets flagged, and the video either gets taken down, or else gets ads put on it with the revenue going to the claiming company. Either way the original uploader loses the revenue of that video. One MAJOR issue is that channels made to affiliates still are bound by the contract they signed with their network. So they are still giving that split of their revenue to the network, yet they don't get the benefits the network gave them - so why even be with a network? Furthermore, these ID checks are turning up strange claims. For example, many companies that have openly stated, and have it in writing, that they give permission for people to upload footage of their gameplay to youtube, still have automated systems taking that gameplay footage down, often based on trailers of music. It is strange because the companies are not requesting the video go down, yet still the system is taking them down anyway. Finally, it is difficult to contest these ID claims, as often there will be no reply or conversation from Google. Where else in law is the prosecution given priority and rights over the defendant? The ones claiming they have had copyright infringed upon are automatically assumed to be correct, and a channel has to try to prove they did not infringe copyright to get the video back - guilty until proven innocent. Who is to blame? Honestly, this is a tricky question and it is not entirely clear. There are 2 major places where blame could lie - YouTube/Google, or the Networks. On YouTube/Google's part, there are several problems. The copyright ID system is broken. Currently a channel is presumed guilty until proven innocent. Furthermore, getting a claim taken down is very difficult. Finally, there is little protection from bogus claims by non-existent companies claiming they own the rights to work and making money when they don't own those rights at all. HOWEVER, the ID system is necessary. Without it, people can upload and make money from songs, music, TV and movies that they have no right to make money from. You could upload entire films, TV episodes, or songs to the system without penalty and make money from others watching it for free. Thus the people who made that content originally - the band, the company that made the film etc, get nothing for their work while everyone gets it for free. Ultimately they deserve money for their work so this system has to be here. However it is currently too much of a 'scattershot' weapon that targets everyone in pursuit of the few actual rulebrakers - its sort of a shoot first, ask questions later approach. On the network's part, while they may have been forced to make affiliates and managed channels by Google, it may be that they were not enforcing the rules enough and this forced google to act. More importantly, though, is that it appears they are holding people to pay a share of their revenue, while not giving them the promised service. Its like if you paid your internet bill, but they changed you to dial-up internet. However they still demanded you pay the same rate you were already paying for fibreoptic. Its could be argued to constitute a breach of contract and if they offer no protections, they should let those channels keep more or all of their ad revenue and terminate the contract. At the end of they day it seems the major problems lie with the Copyright ID system. However, the networks also need to make allowances for their channels. Sorry for this massive wall of text and I hope this has shed a little light on the situation for those that are unaware or do not fully understand.
  13. Hello, I have taken to call myself InquisitorFIN. I run a small but homely YouTube channel (and livestreams), mostly focused on Trials Evolution: Gold Edition. I also do some first impressions on Free to Play games and the occasional playthrough. My channel is by no means big nor professional but I would appreciate for fellow members of AJSA to take the time to browse through my videos and drop me some feedback. I'm fairly active in releasing content so expect something every week! My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PastaBoiler My Twitch livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/inquisitor_fin
  14. I'd have to say VintageBeef is probably my favorite youtuber, enjoy PauseUnpause, I also like Rob's pokemon runs. Outside of video games, ImprovAnywhere is a lot of fun, and AVByte is fantastic, they write musical-esque songs about random topics.
  15. I was thinking I like Angry Joe, and his reviews (toned down.) But I was thinking what would happen if he occasionally did mashups with other online reviewers? For example TB, Angry joe etc. I know Joe has his own franchise, however. A pro-con of games or debate games etc. This is something which I believe would reduce redundancy when they are reviewing games. I notice sometimes they repeat themselves several times. This is ok however it keeps reviews to be hours long. I just thought this would be interesting and if it did happen an occasional thing.
  16. So hi all to the AJA! i come here as part of the Angry fleet! asking if any of you enjoy Hearthstone? if you care to tell me how bad i am? boost your own egos? well my YouTube channel is the place to be come on down and violate my anus Youtube.com/dixie15pne