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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! I'm 31, and a French adventure game fan! I am developing an adventure game named "Demetrios", which you may have heard about (it was mentioned on pretty much every adventure game site worldwide!) Here's my game trailer : The game is currently on Kickstarter, and has reached its small funding goal with 10 days left! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/983902887/demetrios Here's the game description : The game is called "Demetrios - The BIG cynical adventure". It's meant to be a classic Point & Click, inspired by Broken Sword, but with a specific cynical humor and very interactive / contextual (characters will often react to the stupid things you do!) I'm doing everything myself : programming, graphics, musics, dialogs... and marketing What do you think? Again, the Kickstarter's here : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/983902887/demetrios
  2. Next in my Visual Novel review are 2 games that can be summed in 1 review because they are connected with one another. The first one is Analogue a Hate Story. The long haired creepy Sadako girl is not in the game. The premise of the game is that it's the year 4,800. You are a space detective of sorts, and you have been assigned a new duty to go to a dead space ship colony called the Mugungwha that has been found stranded in space 600 years after it's last contact with earth. So you have to go there and find out what happened to the ship. On the ship, you can choose to interact with 2 girl ais: the first one is Hyun Ae, and the second one is Mute. Hyun-Ae is much more like a typical teenage girl that, while Mute is more like a gossiper. They're like real people but they're ais. With these 2, you have to find out what happened to the ship and later get out of there with all the information you have. The story in the game is pretty cool. Apparently this ship you're in used to be an advanced civilisation with high tech equipments, but then all of a sudden it reverts back to the ancient times that's all traditional and primitive, with ais and computer emails still but not as advanced. Why that happened? It's your job to find out! And in the end it has a cool twist too that'll make you think whether what happened to the ship is well deserved or wrong. The gameplay of this game is simple. All you do is browse through various emails from citizens of the ship with your ais. They'll read the message together with you and will comment on them. It's pretty interesting seeing them interact through various letters, some of which gets really2 "awooooooooo".... If you know what I'm talking about. Apparently the game has quite a bit of same sex romance too, so it really gets fucking awkward reading it, both for you and the ais. They'll even ask you what you think about it. Really2 damn awkward. I'll spoil the game here for those that just wants to know what happens in the game. The next game is called Hate Plus, a direct sequel. This next game takes place right after the first. You find out what happened to the ship, and you have 3 days until you reach earth. But you haven't found out what happened before the ship colony reverts back to it's primitive roots, so this game will explore what happened at that time. With the 2 ais with you that you can choose in the main menu, it's time for you to investigate once again! The story this time around centres on Mute's past. Turns out before she becomes the Mute now, she has been guarding the ship for 1,600 years. Goddamn she's old. She doesn't remember her past because her memory was reset, so this game explores her origin before she becomes the current Mute. Some emails this time around feels like looking at the forum games chats, or Twitch chat. With swear words that I did not quite expect. I guess in year 4,000 old people use language like young people in 2010. The gameplay this time around is still similar, but with new mechanics. You'll be given a limit on how many letters you can read per day. After that limit is reached, you have to let the game rest until tomorrow to continue the game. It's pretty cool that it gives the game a realistic feel that you are a space investigator working a case. You can skip right through by manipulating your computer clock though, or press S on your save file, but if you press S you'll get a fourth wall breaking scold so just manipulate the clock instead. At one point in the game, if your ai companion is Hyun Ae, she will tell you to make her a cake, and you can either agree or not make one. If you do, she'll give you time to prepare and you actually have to make the cake, even with a button that you can press if you are done! If you just rush things, she will scold you by breaking the fourth wall and tell you in your face that you are an asshole for not taking things seriously. Sometimes it's just unnecessarily mean. One time I said I don't have a chocolate chip in my cooking drawer. She then tells me to buy it. 3 minutes later I found out I actually have a chocolate chip that I didn't know was in my drawer, so tell her that I got one, but she scolded me because the time it takes is too short and there's no way I can get it that fast. Wha..... Why is she so mean? ;( You can manipulate the clock though so feel free to do so! Another spoiler here for you that just wants to know what happened. Overall, aside from that making cake thing in Hate Plus, I like these 2 games. Even though the game is just you browsing through emails, the story and the emails are engaging enough that you want to learn more, and the ais you interact with feels like real people. 9 out of 10.
  3. Been a while since I did a visual novel review. Here's a review of the visual novel named Rewrite, made by the same creator behind Clannad and Little Busters. One of the longest VN I have ever played. You play as Kotarou Tennouji, a high school student. He led a normal everyday life as a prankster, pranking this one kid at school that hates being pranked. One day Kotarou comes across some weird ghostly stuff in his house, like his blanket suddenly rising up, to seeing a ghost of a woman. He got spooked so he comes to the school's occult club for help and he becomes a member. Afterwards his adventure to recruit new members, make new friends and a journey towards a happy everyday life filled with hilarity ensues........ But that's what the game wants you to believe. I can't spoil too much, but let's just say that there will be lots of destructions and environmental messages of "take care of your environment" involved. Unlike most visual novels where the gameplay is limited to choosing actions, this game also has exploration minigames involved. In some parts of the game, you'll be presented with a google esque map for certain areas where there will be actions you can partake in. For example: swimming in a pond for some reason, or talk to people and make friends with them. There's quests you can do and you complete them by doing the various actions that this google map mode have. Most of the quests are hidden, so you have to make them show up by waving your mouse across every part of the screen, like pressing every screen on your smart phone. If you completed all of the sidequests, you will get a special ending. However you can just skip this section and the game will run like normal. There are 6 girls you can date in this game. From left to right: Kotori Kanbe (girl on the left edge). Korarou's childhood friend that surprisingly can take a lot of Kotaro's mean jokes. Great gardener and sleeps a lot in class. Chihaya Ohtori (the only one with a different uniform). A nice girl that's also clumsy, and eats a lot without getting fat. She got a lot of jokes coming to her because of this. Poor girl. Lucia Konohana (black long hair). The easily angered overly serious class representative that likes to beat the crap out of Kotarou for being a pervert. Pretty much the Tsundere of this game. Shizuru Nakatsu (yellow haired with an eyepatch). The youngest of the occult club and a hall monitor, sort of, that likes saury and Kotarou a lot. Very kind and sweet person. She's perhaps my favourite of all the girls. Akane Senri (the right edge, um, chocolate milk hair?). The president of the occult club. Surprisingly a skeptic that uses down to earth "magic", which is mostly blackmailing and pulling out student school records, and plays a lot of pc games, especially fps from her laptop, like what I'm doing right now. Completely out of shape and can't even run for 5 seconds before gasping out of air, but not fat. The final girl (the lone silver haired girl) is a recurring character in all of the girl's plot, and I will not spoil who she is because it will spoil the story for you guys. The game has 8 routes in total. 5 main girls route, 2 true ending routes and 1 special joke route that you get from completing all sidequests. The order of the girls I showed are the order of the routes. You Date the first 3 at first, then you date the other 3 later. There is no multiple good or bad ending for the girls, just one route. For some reason, every girls in their route has a moment where they cry and scream their lungs out that you'll feel that they're really crying and trying their hardest to make you feel bad for their situation, and they did it convincingly well. Sometimes a bit too much though, like Kotori in her route. Holy freaking crap can she cry. Each of the routes are completely different from the rest and has different genres with completely different outcomes. You'll know what I'm talking about once you play them. And every route except the joke ending is looooooooooooong. I'm talking 8 hours long, because each of the routes have a lot of character developments and events that's equivalent to 2 Call of Duty campaigns, or an entire Walking Dead season. You can't skip it like usual games when you reach a part that's the same because every route in this game is completely different, so if you want to skip, you have to risk not knowing story elements. Goddamn, have some restraint man! And they all follow the same theme: environmental awareness, kind of like Captain Planet. The first time I finished the route, I get the message, but after that the game just keeps on reminding you to take care of the environment that it becomes preachy. But thankfully each of the routes are varied with different endings, and the journey presented in the game is quite filled with epic twist and turns, plus it's very sweet when the route ends. I only wish that there's less character development and preachy environmentalist messages in the game so it won't be too long. Or I wish that the game has a turn based combat system because this game has a lot of cool fights that I wish I can take part in. Overall, a good visual novel with an interesting story, cool moments and theme, but it's too long, the environmentalist message is shoved down to you too much, I wish the length is shorter, and I wish this game has a combat system because there's lots of cool battles. 7.5 out of 10.
  4. Next in the review is Long Live the Queen for Steam. This will accidentally be the first Visual Novel review I have done since a while ago with Sharin no Kuni the Sunflower Country. Don't let the cover fool you. There's little magical girl aspect involved, although it is one of the possible path you can choose. The plot in this game is you're a 13 year old girl named Elodie who is in the next line in the throne of the kingdom Nova after her mother died under "mysterious" circumstances. The game is basically preparing you to become the next in line to the throne which will take about 40 weeks, and it's explained in a very complicated and so un-straightforward manner. The game is actually kind of a turn-based strategy game + Visual Novel hybrid without voice acting whatsoever. At the start of the game, you are given a choice of learning which of these dozens of attributes you want to increase in proficiency. Everything is set to 0. This means the character you're playing as is basically the lamest person ever. Quite odd considering that she's actually a boarding school student. At least she has to be smart at something. From here on, it's up to you what you want to learn. Make sure that if you want to learn a skill, preferably have the one that's one the + side. EG: one the skills slot, there's a skill about Expression which branches out to decoration, instrument and voice, and it has a + 1 on it. If you learn a skill on this category, your skill will increase further than normal. The + and - of the skill depends on your mood. Certain moods will make certain skills progress further if you want to learn it. If you're angry, you'll learn about military a lot better. If you're lonely, you'll learn about expression skills a lot better. Stuff like that. The game is very versatile for a visual novel. You can choose to be a magical girl, an athletic girl or a military commander. It's up to you. As this trailer right here demonstrated. And as this trailer demonstrated as well, this game is fucking hardcore. Doesn't actually matter what you. If you fucked up on an event that happen in a particular week, like having a lack of poison, production or economic skills, you are dead. If you don't have a particular skill that's needed for an upcoming week, you'll be on your way to dying inevitably. This game's death flags are like the ones from Fate Stay Night where a wrong choice will instantly kill you. Difference is it's a lot more complicated and hard to figure out here. The game has deaths such as: poisoned while eating chocolate Arrow through the back and death by drowning If you're a completionist, feel free to collect as many deaths as possible to get the various achievements. My strategy on beating this game is to save a lot to figure out what skills you lack so next time you know what skills to learn. And if you manage to go through the game till day 40, you are a badass. Quite a lot of variations on the ending too, so there's incentives to play again after you beat the game once. Just make sure to save a lot. Overall, a very hard Visual Novel game with a lot of cheap deaths, but rewarding once you know what to do in the game and get to the end. I give the game the rating of "so good that you can't wait for the sequel (if there is any)".
  5. I have reviewed 4 great visual novels I have ever played that are my personal favorites from number 5 to number 2. Now is the time to reveal my number 1 favorite, named Sharin no Kuni: the Girl Among the Sunflowers. Or as I like to call: the Sunflower Country. Because there's a lot of sunflowers in this place! Wow, this title screen still gives me the chills. Awesome! Ok, so the main setting of the game is it takes place in a country where the laws are different than normal. In here, offenders are issued what you call "obligations" depending on their crime. For example: if someone is caught stealing a car, that person will have the obligation of being forbidden to drive a car. If a person is a known truant, that person is given the obligation to get grounded in their home. If they break those obligations, they have to be sent into a concentration camp, and this is a shitty place to be in because almost everyone in this camp dies before finishing their sentences. The person in charge of issuing this obligation is called the Special High Class Individual, the equivalent of the Lord Commander title that Joe has. Basically if you have this position, you are the MAN. The main character in this game is named Kenichi Morita. He's on the final stage of his test to become this Special High Class Individual and has to complete a simple objective: rehabilitate three girls in his school that has been issued with their own obligations. This guy is badass. Not only is he a capable fighter, he's also very smart. And he also likes to break the fourth wall a lot which leads to funny moments where he thinks "wait, this situation is so similar like that manga I saw before." Now usually I will list the main girls that the main character can date, but I am going to just list out all the characters in this game because they all have to be mentioned. They are all awesome and varied. Other than Kenichi, here are the cast members: Natsumi Hinata. She has the obligation to never fall in love with another person, which is probably the most horrible punishment you can ever give someone. She's a very fragile girl who is EXTREMELY horrible in communicating with others. She's like Hinata from Naruto, but replace the shyness with being afraid all the time because of her obligation. She can't see people's eyes, she can't touch guys, basically any lovey dovey anime cliches are forbidden. Poor girl needs a hug badly. Sachi Mitshuiro (red hair). Her obligation is the reduction of time allowed to be awake, so she can only spend 12 hours a day. Once that 12 hours have passed, she has to take a sleeping pill. She's a very2 lazy but smart girl who has a talent in painting, and she's also a gold digger. Anything that smells big money, she will go and get it. Here you see her shocked to find out that an MP3 player (yeah where's this nowadays?) she threw away was actually valued at $10,000. Whoops. Mana (grey (?) hair). Sachi's adopted little sister that's quite filled with adult wisdom and is very cheerful. She's the one who takes care of the room they both live in, and Sachi loves her very much like her own sister. When she's sad, it's really heartbreaking to see. Touka Oone (left). Her obligation is to always obey her parent's orders at all times. Has an issue with her mom, but it's pretty justifiable once you know what it's all about. Pretty dumb but a great cook. The tsundere of this game. Hell, even Kenichi himself is aware of this. Kyouko Oone (right). Touka's mom and the teacher to the class everyone is in. She's a pretty strict mother and very2 dissapointed with her daughter, and is also a mood swinger. Sometimes she's mean, other times she's kind. Pretty much like my sis before and after her menstruation kicks in. Cute teacher though. Isono Izuki (leftmost guy). A total weirdo and a fun guy to hang out with. He is the comic relief of this game and is great for lightning up the mood when things grow weary. This is the scene from the first chapter of the game where they are just hanging out near the riverside, eating soup....... ........Until this guy shows up and beat the shit out of Kenichi because they are actually breaking curfew. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kenichi's master: The menacing Masaomi Houzuki. This guy means business. He's a mean looking son of a bitch that's basically one of the most scariest individuals you will ever see in any media PERIOD. He's both a strong fighter even though one of his leg is limp, and very intelligent. He's the one who gives Kenichi the duty to break the girl's obligations, and he will make the test hell to make sure Kenichi fight with all his might to pass his test. Voiced by the great Norio Wakamoto, the most badass voice actor in Japanese anime ever, he makes this character work perfectly. Let me tell ya, when you hear this guy laughing in this game, be prepared because YOU WILL HAVE YOUR ENTIRE HAIR STANDING. There are other characters that's displayed in flashbacks, and they are all important to the plot but cannot be spoiled because it's not fun. Now that I have talked about the characters, it's time to talk about the game itself. The game actually follows a sequential order. There are 5 chapters in total: 1) Prologue 2) Sachi's test 3) Touka's test 4) Natsumi's test 5) Finale Kenichi can date any of the three in their route. Once you pick one, you can't date the other. You can only skip dating one of them to date the one in the next chapter, and the ending after the finale will depend on which girls you date. Or you can skip all the girls altogether and get the common ending. What makes this game stand out and special among ALL the other visual novels is the amazing story. I mean holy shit, during the first few minutes of the game, there is already a twist that will leave you stunned. Be prepared for the opening twist guys, because this game is filled with holy shit moments. The first half of each chapters are usually ok, except the prologue and the finale which has an awesome first half. The second half is when shit gets real, and oh boy, this is where this game shines. Every one of the game's second half has twists to them that will shock the hell out of you. It's not because they're all pulled out of nowhere, it's because every one of the twists in this game are cleverly foreshadowed, and for those whose minds are unprepared, the game will shock you again and again and again until your head explodes at how amazing and down to earth realistic these twists are. Unless you are a genius detective, you will never see any of these twists coming the first time. And once the twists are done, you expect the game to end the way you expect, only to find out that NO! This game won't let it end so predictably. It will end in such a way that will make you cry buckets and buckets and buckets of tears, either by tears of happiness or tears of absolute sadness. Let me tell you, I have never felt so emotional in any other game besides this since I played this game. You will think that Katawa Shoujo's girl problems are NOTHING compared to the journey that these three main girls in the game has to go through. That's another thing that makes this game special. Each one of the girls have a great personality and character development and each of their routes are special in their own different way. You will care for each of them and you will want them to be freed from their obligations. It's not like any other visual novel games where there's a weak route, each one of these 3 routes are perfect and will leave you happy once you have finished their journey, and man what a journey it is. When you hear this song in the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTWpAYIuSSU You will feel the urge to pump your fist up and root for whatever is represented in this song. Overall, a fantastic visual novel that's all rounded. Great characters, great story with great masterfully crafted twists and character development, and with a badass song near the end of the game that sums everything in the game epically. This game is my top second favorite game of all time, and it's a 10 out of 10 from me. Or more appropriately, awesometacular. With a badass seal of approval. There you go, 5 of my favorite vns I have ever played. I hope you guys will now know these awesome games and will try them out yourselves. If you guys have any top 5 visual novels, please let me know!
  6. Now it's time to review my second favorite visual novel I've ever played, and let me tell ya, this one is amazing. You may think Bioshock Infinite has a mindblowing twist, but that game only uses 1/4 of the twist in this game. It's released waaaaayy back in 2002 when it was released for PS2 and Dreamcast. Only in Japan though, until 3 years later when it's officially released for PC and in english too. The twist this game have is used by another game Virtue's Last Rewards, with a slight variant. This one is named Ever 17. The game takes place in this futuristic underwater theme park named LeMU. Unfortunately, there's a leak in the theme park that causes people to evacuate. That's why don't built anything underwater. The game have 2 main characters. The first one is Kuranari Takeshi, a typical college student that got stuck in an elevator amongst all the madness. The second one is this yellow haired kid that Takeshi stumbled upon. He forgot his name at the start, and it will be revealed later. These two and 3 other girls, one girl different depending on who the main character is, got stuck underwater because of the leak, and they have to find a way to get out in a few days, or else they will drown. There's 4 dateable girls, 2 of them can be dated by either protagonists. Takeshi can date: Komachi Tsugumi (long black hair). A complete bitch that whines all the time like an emo, but there's a reason for that. Akenagasaki Sora (yellow hair behind Tsugumi). One of the theme park's employee that's very knowledgeable about the park. While the kid can date: Tanaka You (brown haired girl with white dress). Another employee of the theme park. Very energetic and tries to keep their spirits up. She shortened her name because her real name is too long, Yuubisei something. Matsunaga Sara (girl with black twintails that's sleeping). A 16 year old girl that's You's friend. To tell you the truth, the romance aspect of this game is just secondary in comparison to the major story. The route of each girls are just ok. However, the story is the main meat of the game. The game is a mystery game where every one of the routes reveals a part of the plot of the entire game. Once you completed all 4 of them, you will unlock the true route. The main routes has great twists that must not be spoiled, but the true ending route takes the 4 twists to a whooole different level. You will be shocked and be surprised completely at how many fucking twists there are in the final route, and the best part about the whole thing is that they are all smartly foreshadowed and not just pulled out of nowhere, but it's not apparent at all when you first play it. Once you end the game, the whole foreshadowed events will make you go "OOOHH MY GOOOD, SO THAT'S WHY THAT HAPPENED?? THAT IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!" If I have to describe it, I would say the four previous routes are just appetizers, while the true route is like a main dish that will blow you away once you eat it. Overall, this game is what I can call genius. Even though the romance aspects of the routes are just ok, the main story is so incredible, that I think Bioshock Infinite's story pale in comparison. For fans of good mystery or great story, this is a must play. But once you play this game, you'll think other twists in other games are just ok. Be warned. Without the mindblowingly awesome story: 6 out of 10 With the mindblowingly awesome story: 9.5 out of 10 One more to go. Ever 17 is mindblowingly awesome, and the other ones are heartwarming games that makes you want to care about the characters you date. But this number 1 is both mindblowingly awesome and heartwarming. Stay tuned to find out what that game is!
  7. I noticed that there's no reviews yet for visual novels. Probably because it's an obscure game in the mainstream media. So I figure why not do a review on these games? There's a lot of them and they have great stories, and it'll be unfortunate if it's not recognized at all. So I'll give a little info on what a visual novel is. Basically, it's a heavy narrative kind of game that's mostly about a protagonist getting through his life and getting girls. Choices will pop out in some parts of the story which determines which girl you choose. Each girls have their own story, so basically the game is you picking a girl you want to date and let the story progress afterwards. Sometimes a visual novel can have gameplay elements like the Phoenix Wright series, or even 999 with the puzzles that you have to solve. Other times a visual novel is just that, a novel with various characters that you read from beginning to end without any kind of gameplay whatsoever, like Umineko that can be accompanied with awesome soundtracks or voice acting if the game has it. The meat of the game though is the story of each girls. Let me tell you, some of the visual novels I played has stories that's better than Bioshock Infinite or even the Walking Dead, but I'll get to those games in their own review. I'll give a mini age clarification to let you know if the game I'm reviewing is for adults or for all ages. Without further ado, I'll start this review series with the first visual novel I have ever played: Crescendo. In this game, you play as a High Shooler named Ryo Sasaki who is in his last week of his school. He is a member of the quite empty literary club, and he is good friends with 2 girls named Kaho (Red Hair) and Kyoko (the one sleeping soundly). Kaho is his close friend and president of the literary club, while Kyoko is a member that Ryo picked up. These two aren't the only ones he know in the game. There's also Yuka, the teenage prostitute who is looked down upon by the entire school and he himself isn't too fond of but still helps anyway, Kaori the hot school nurse, and Ayame, his stepsister who dropped out of college to support herself and Ryo after their parents died. The main story of the game is about the love triangle between Kaho and Kyoko. Kaho already has a boyriend but she actually likes Ryo, while Kyoko just confessed her love to Ryo in front of Kaho. It's pretty damn hilarious because at one point in the game, Ryo has to walk with Kaho at night right after a celebration party for their book club, and there's 3 dialogue options: 1) Stay Silent 2) Lovely weather isn't it? 3) I love you Imagine my reaction once I pick number 3. Why is this dialogue there??? If you want to you can just ignore it and concentrate more on the other 3 girls in the game. Pretty much their story is much better than the actual love triangle cliches of the main story and are sweet in their own way. The best story for me out of all of them is for Ayame. Both Ryo and her has been together since they were little, and in the present time they have been messed up since their parents died. To make matters worse, Ryo's real mother tracked him down and wants him to live with her, and it's Ryo's decision on whether he wants to live with his real mom and leave his sister behind or stay with his sister. I won't spoil the ending, but it's really sweet. Overall, it's a good High School romance game and a pretty good start for the other much better visual novels that I play after this. 7 out of 10.
  8. Here is a game that's known in japan as a Visual novel, basically like reading a book only with music and character potraits that follows the narration. The game is very narrative heavy, for some reason, so Its more appropriate to read it through this web page. http://lparchive.org/Tsukihime/ This game is about a young man, that can cut anything as long as he can see a line of it. Along the story he meets cute looking girls and basically date them all, but also killing vampires and monsters at the same time. Its brutal and some of the images are borderline scary, perfect for Halloween to get rid of that dumb sparkling vampire movie series years ago. Enjoy!