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Found 1 result

  1. So, what is War of the Vikings? WotV is a Steam early access game with vikings versus saxons in bloody, violent combat! Perhaps you are familiar with War of the Roses? WotV is from the same publisher and is in the same spirit, the largest difference is the time period it is set in. And ofcourse some gameplay mechanics. WotR was about the war for the english throne between the Lancasters and York, contesting about who was the rightful heir in the 1400's. War of the Vikings, no surprise, is about the viking conquest of what was later to be England. The two sides involved in this conflict are the vikings and the saxons. Many of you might have watched the television series Vikings. This game is set in the same time period, exactly the same time period. Let's get down to the basics. There are 3 different classes: Hirdman (archer/skirmisher) Huscarl (heavy melee fighter) Thane (light melee fighter) As it is right now, there are preset profiles that you can chose between. In the full game, you will be able to pick 1 of the 3 classes and construct it from scratch, by picking weapons, armor and cosmetic appearance such as armor color, shield paint and unique helmets. You will also be able to choose perks. Some of them are unique to specific classes, some aren't. Perks will give you enhanced abilities or passive bonuses, such as Juggernaut that prevents anyone from knocking you down or Hard Hitter, that does just what it sounds like, to Bloodthirsty, which gives you health regeneration upon a kill. The combat system works around mouse stroke directions, stamina and health. By pressing left mouse, you will do a fast strike. By moving your mouse in any direction as you press, you will chose the direction of your strike. For example, if I press my attack button whilst moving (not much movement is required) to the left with my onehanded sword, my character will ready up a strike that will hit from the left. Parrying works in the same way, where you have to set up your parry correctly by doing the correct mouse movement, but instead of left mouse you use the right mouse button. There is also blocking with a shield, that requires a bit less reaction than parrying does, but still requires you to face the incoming strike with the shield in order to block it. There are regular attacks that require no charge time, and there are attacks that you can charge and hold for greater damage and force. There are also special attacks that you use by pressing F. Depending on the weapon, your character will do a special attack for high damage. Beware, missing with your special attack will leave you wide open, so timing it is important. All special attacks break a block or parry. One-handed sword special is a thrust forward. Unable to 1shot an enemy at full health, unless that enemy is an archer. One-handed axe special is a swirl, where your character turns 360 degrees and strikes at head height for high damage. This often decapitates or instantly kills any enemy. Twohanded axe special attack is an overhead chop. This attack ALWAYS kills your enemy, as it strikes from above and will often hit the enemy's head or shoulders. If the enemy is blocking with a shield, his shield may break into pieces. There are daggers, though I have yet to actually try if they have a special attack. Bows do not have a special attack. Stamina is used to sprint, to block, to parry and to strike. Constantly swinging or constantly blocking will make you run out of stamina, making you unable to keep up your attack or your defense, so wildly swinging isn't always a good option or going completely on the defensive will not keep you alive forever. Weapons available now, and planned: Onehanded swords, onehanded axes, twohanded axes, throwing axes, throwing knives, longbows, shortbows, daggers and spears. Ofcoures, variations on all of these. THere will also be differentiating armors, shields and lots of customization. These things will in the full version of hte game be unlocked by either purchasing the in-game currency with real money, or earning said currency by playing. You will get XP and coins (if this is in the end what they choose to use, it was used in War of the Roses) by killing, reviving, etc. There are two important gameplay mechanics that you will need to understand. 1. Execution 2. Reviving 3. Bandaging When an enemy is struck down, he doesn't die, unless he takes excessive damage before falling to the ground. Instead, he will lay on the ground. In order to prevent his friends from helping him back up, you will need to execute him. It's simple, you need to strike him with your weapon one more time to the head. The enemy, or you, can choose to kill themselves when in this downed state, so as to spawn again if they don't think they have a chance of being rescued. Likewise, if you see an enemy that has struck down someone on your team, you can actually rescue them if you manage to stop him from executing your team mate. By walking up to a downed team mate and pressing E, you will help him get to his feet so that he can fight again. If you find yourself heavily injured and almost dead, you can bandage yourself as well by holding E. This takes 6 seconds though and leaves you very open for attack. That's the jist of it, I think. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or add me on Steam (account name is nominator2k, screen name is [Decoy] Olof Facechewer). Perhaps we could get an Angry Army group for this game? This is a perfect game for anger! Here are some gameplay videos with myself playing. No talking, just gameplay. Good gameplay too, I fancy myself a rather good player! A short gameplay trailer I put together, if you don't want to watch an entire match. Another shorter video with killstreaks and violence to the sound of Sabaton - Swedish Pagans. Hirdman gameplay, me dominating as an archer with shortbow. Huscarl gameplay, brutalizing my enemy with an axe! Mixed gameplay, with a lot of teamwork and some dodging.