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Found 47 results

  1. I want to see how many people are still playing and to hopefully play together. I am kyokitsune in game. I am also kyokitsune in Armored Warfare for those that play one or both. I hope to see you on the battlefield!
  2. This is a call to all the AJSA War Thunder Steam users out there... AJSA War Thunder Steam group info (Steam Group) Steam group invites for AJSA War Thunder squadron (guild) members only!. DO NOT APPLY IF YOUR NOT A SQUADRON MEMBER - you will be ignored Members who are prepared to breathe life into this Steam group are more then welcome here, please. 1. Write a reply in this topic with your steam user Id Clan membership required! 2. Wait for a staff reply to your post. 3. Go to Steam and approve your invite. 4. You made it! hurray
  3. How is it right now? How would you change it? What specific aircraft/tanks are good and bad examples of the balancing system? What mode is best and what mode is worst with balance?
  4. So Far, All I have seen is a few buggy trees falling down and nothing done with the weapons or anything fixed besides the FM of both the Wellington and the Yers. Of course I haven't noticed anything else since my weapons still sparkle. It has also been said that they will give back the engine injections for those low tier planes for free over the next 4 days.... What are your guys thoughts on the patch? Did they do anything or did they just screw the game even more? For those who want a video explanation, here is a visual link.
  5. We are looking for constructive structuring feedback, what do you think we can to improve future weekly training events.. Please be thorough with your feedback Please no one sentence feedback. We are looking for a good structure in order to make future events go as smooth as possible, perhaps some idea's for changes, but keep it realistic and don't disrespect each other. Or come to us directly on Teamspeak Mondez - ACTO
  6. Hello guys, I am making this topic/poll, in response to a issue I've experienced while flying realistic with AJSA, it involves lots of talking on Teamspeak, before we are able to decide on which country and tier, to fly with. So I through I'll make this poll mainly for fun, and out of curiosity, to see witch country is the "common/most played in AJSA! and who knows, we might even discover something, so vote! Obviously, my vote goes for the Germans. Let us know what you think! I made the Poll public, with multiple choice, since some of us, might have more then one preferred country Also, please let me know, if you would like to see a poll like this, for each of the different tiers! we might find some common ground. Also I've been wondering why there's no place for us to organize squads, maybe a list or something, so share your opinion on these themes, if you have one, and I'll work on something neat.
  7. Yeah so I just started playing War Thunder over the weekend and I have some questions. How exactly do I get new planes? Like do I research them or what. How and what do I spend the Silver Lions or whatever they're called. Finally how do I get rid of the original paint when painting a plane. Thanks!
  8. So apparently update 1.41 came out today together with Ground Forces OBT. http://warthunder.com/en/game/changelog Thoughts?
  9. Voting Lets start with the introduction for the voting poll. The trick is simple, you vote, we look. Lately we've experienced some minor Intel problems. Fact is, we are not sure, where you are, what you fly and which tier. So here's a other attempt to get some solid voting done. AJSA War Thunder Squadron Info (Steam Group) Yes that's right, we've made a official private War Thunder squadron group on steam, only for our War Thunder pilots. Here we plan to share info,playtime,events, and most of all, activity, because spots in the squadron are limited. Be sure to write a funny reply to this topic, followed by a valid Steam user id, so we can do our best to invite you! The squadron is private, which means, that a officer or above needs to invite you manually on Steam, so be patient with us. Or contact us on Teamspeak 3 for faster resolving.
  10. Hey folks, crimsonwolf911 here, as the title says, Im Canadian, Im an Asshole, and A rager, not much else to it. I spend most of my time bouncing back and forth between two main games, War Thunder, and World of Tanks, and occasionally some Titanfall when the mood strikes me. I dabble in others as well, but them two are my main gaming haunts, you can almost always find me lurking in one or the other. I know the TS doesnt have a World of Tanks section yet but I look forward to seeing if it will have one in the future. I rage like a motherfucker when I game, its no secret, just ask my neighbors...the ones that live a block away, cuz the next door ones cant hear so well anymore >.< I stream on twitch occasionally as well, but my gameplay is nothing to right home about, Im an average player, at best in world of tanks, well below average in war thunder, I mostly fly bombers. Not much else to see here Im afraid, so without further adue, Its good to be here, and Ill see you on the field.
  11. I'm new so If I opened this thread to a section that I shouldn't open, please make it up. Hi, Angyjoe. I wasnt expecting that I would come to here and write these things for such a great game that I loved in starting of my journey with this game... You said that we have to inform you about the games which are acting badly to it's community in “Top 10 Gaming Controversies of 2013” Here I am. I will try to tell everything about this game, in detailed information, for you to understand the situation that we're dealing with. War Thunder is a WW2 "Beta" online game that you can play with planes, tanks, and ships which was created by a Russian Game Company, Gaijin Entertainment which is most famous for its old simulation game, IL-2 Sturmovik. It has three modes, arcade mode, simulation mode, and a mode between two of them. You are now only able to play with planes. If you're one of the lucky guys or one of the guys that paid 50 bucks, you can play the "closed beta test" of the tanks too. Ships... Only god knows when will it come. Main page of the game: http://warthunder.com/en Forum page of the game: http://forum.warthunder.com/ I was a player of a game called, "World of Tanks", I was hating the game but I was playing it since there wasnt any other online games that was in the same concept that I knew. Then, I heard War Thunder in its edition 1.27, I signed to it, probably February or March of the 2013, I played it and although I wasnt into WW2 planes, I loved it! I was playing a game which I really enjoyed. The game was absolutely great, I was finally survived from grind to death situations of World of Tanks. Grind wasn't too easy or too hard in War Thunder, it was just like it has to be. Paying to game wasnt getting you immortal advantages in the game. Community was great too, there were generally mature people on forums of the game since it is about WW2. If we have to example, in the game, I know a couple of guys who're in their 50's. Im 22 btw. So, eveything about the game was awesome! Of course, in this game world, nothing can go on great... As I stated before, when I meet with this game, it was in patch 1.27. Patch 1.29 came. Some of the community wasnt happy about the patch so people tried to warn developers by using the forum. Then 1.31, then 1.33 then 1.35 and finally, 1.37 came in the last month of 2013. Game was literally fucked up. Tiering system, matchmaking system, flight models, you name it. Our lovely game, was turning into the game that most of us escaped before. They just fucked up the game because of their "greed" or because of they dont care about the game. Of course, they can fuck up their game, it's their game. Not ours. They're the ones that will decide if their game will rise to top or sink above. But something worse happened... After every patch, the community, warned Gaijin that they weren't happy about the situation of the game, and patches. People were opening threads, writing to their status updates of War thunder forum. Moderators were saying "do constructive posts". You know what, people suprisingly started to do constructive posts, probably moderators didnt see that was coming. People calculated every exp gain from planes from stats in old patches and in new patches, money gains etc. People really did constructive posts. People tried. But nooooo, Gaijin wasnt listening. They were saying 1.37 patch is better like a parrot. They deleted or locked the critising threads which wasnt in abusing language. They generally did same action for the constructive threads. They didn't want any critising. They were just wanting people to say "Game is awesooommmeeee!!!!111!!!" Tension, as you can guess, rised up. Then, they started to limit the people. They chewed out the rights of the people. In the forums, as you all know, there is your profile section and signatures that you can put. Also, in our forums, there is a section of "status updates, which you can post your moods, funny things etc. They stopped us to edit or write anything to these three functions in "reason" of this: http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/107268-status-updatesprofile-editing-im-not-happy-with-the-way-they-are-used/ Scarper is the guy who is head of moderators. Dont fool out in the choices that he has given to us. If he was really considering our thoughts, he would open a poll about it. He is faking. I will post a picture of status updates as and example. Status posts are the place that people can nearly tell anything. It is locked now, only can be used by moderators or people like that. If you noticed the last post of status updates, Its from Scarper. "Profile editing is back, do not abuse the privilage, thanks o7" He sees editing the profile as a privilage(!)... If you check the link that I give, you will see similar things. I know that not only I am thinking this. I will, post this great post at the end to understand what we're dealing with at last... I dont know who you are, but know this, you're loved. There are a lot of messages to moderators in that thread but this guy was the first one on the page who took it seriously in the page. http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/107268-status-updatesprofile-editing-im-not-happy-with-the-way-they-are-used/page-4#entry2030044 And just a reddit post. There are tons of these posts now on reddit. http://www.reddit.com/r/Warthunder/comments/1xz8la/war_thunder_forums/ We're being "abused" in the game and now, in the forum too... They don't care about us anymore. I am starting to think they're thinking us as not as a human being. Please, Angryjoe, do something. Anything will help. Zlatan.
  12. Should The Angry Army Play War Thunder? Leave your vote and your opinion in the Thread Below! *No Flamewars *No Council Bashing *Respect Current Decisions, but know it can be reversed with enough demand from members in The AJSA! Pros: free to play hundreds of aircraft to choose from and soon tanks and ship battles constant additions like flight models, maps, aircraft, and much more! Cons: - the Game in an open BETA, so there will be some problems, but nothing game breaking - some grinds through certain countries at certain tiers can be brutal, depending on how you play - leveling past rank seven in any country takes considerable time and skill Current Council Decision: Approved! *Based on Community Votes Command will decide to play the game in question if enough demand is there within The AJSA! Regardless of their decision or personal preferences - good game-specific Officers will be recruited and an additional commander maybe added to the roster to help oversee this game primarily. ***Please Remember that even if The Angry Army doesn't Officially Support The Game or Create a Game Division within it, that you can by all means still play the game with your AJSA Tag if you would like to do so!
  13. Livestream Ram

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

  14. Livestream Ram

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

  15. Livestream Ram

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

    These last few pics were taken during the Tank Marathon Russian Livestream. Where I rush my KV-1 across the battlefield and ram the developer filming for the livestream. I successfully showed people that ramming is a viable tank tactic, however is still a work in progress.
  16. T-34

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

  17. KV-1

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

    This was probably the most intense moment I could capture for today. The only thing I regret is the fact that almost all of these had to be reduced in size to upload here. Also, all the tanks you see in those garage pics are all of the tanks that are currently available to us. It's a very limited selection from only two nations because we're mainly testing the basic mechanics for now. All of the in-battle pictures you see are from Acrade. I wanted to try the Realistic battles, however they were taken down for the time being.
  18. KV-1

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

    I run into an enemy Panzer IV, and we have an unexpected guest coming to interrupt our duel.
  19. KV-1

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

  20. T-70

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

    Same with that other Panzer, I don't like this tank so no decals for it.
  21. KV-1

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

  22. PnzKpfw IV Ausf C

    From the album Ground Forces CBT

    No decals because I don't play/like this tank. :/