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Found 16 results

  1. Minor Spoiler in a paragraph I warn about below. I saw the movie in 3D yesterday. Before I share my thoughts on it perhaps I should clarify how much of a fan of the Warcraft universe I am and how much I know about it. I've played WC3 and have followed the game's lore ever since, which was more than 8 years ago. I still remember the day I saw The Burning Crusade expansion for WoW for the first time, like it was yesterday, eventho it was back when I was 2nd or 3rd grade, I remember that my friend who showed it to me was leveling a Blood Elf Paladin in Thousand Needles . Ever since that day I was always keeping an eye out for the game and it's lore eventho I was playing private servers or not playing at all, I've read 2 of the novels Tides of Darkness ( which is actually the 2nd part of the War we see in the movie ) and War Crimes ( out of hype for WoD ) and I've kept myself updated on the lore through wikipedias and YouTubers. So about the movie, I was so hyped when I watched BlizzCon and saw the Alliance knights enter the stage and march, also I was hyped that the Actor who played Orgrim Doomhammer was actually a WoW player and genuinely enjoyed the game and was excited to play the character and smash things with the mighty Doomhammer! All that hype died the moment I watched the first official trailer of the movie, and saw how they butchered the original material... The first 30 minutes of the movie served little purpose and were atrocious, horrible cringeworthy dialogue that actually shocked me and tempted me to walk out of the cinema and leave with my childhood intact, but the amazing CGI and Motion Capture performances kept me seated. Of course I knew before I bought tickets to the movie that it would be full with changes, and I don't mind that, change is not inherently bad, but honestly every change they made was for the worse, the characters, ESPECIALLY ANDIUN LOTHAR ( Which is actually how my Paladin is named - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/aszune/Anduinlothar/advanced -) he had nothing to do with the one from the books or the lore, altho I really liked the actor for the most part, without spoiling it I'll just say that there was a really emotional scene towards the end and the face the actor made upon the discovery, just WOW, it was incredibly good, but most of the other time he's been... how to put it.... MARVEL-ised, like everything is gone to shit it's the climax of the movie and he's just cracking jokes and making snappy comments and tilting his head for the 10 000th time, I'm surprised he didn't break his own neck. Some casting choices are questionably terrible, like the King Ilane Wrynn, holy shit no disrespect for the actor, for all I know he is pretty good, but that role wasn't for him, he's a terrible king. Garona, oh my god... she looks terrible, the actress is terrible and her dialogue is even more terrible, I was actually disturbed by it! ( Minor spoilers ahead, skip the next paragraph ) -- Minor Soiler in this paragraph-- ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the lore Garona is a half-breed between Draenei and Orcs, she is just a child when Gul'Dan uses fel magic to age young orcs and recruit them as warriors for the oncoming battles, basically she is 12, but her body is aged, and knowing that I'm sitting and watching the movie, and the actress is acting very much like a child, wondering curiously around looking at stuff and ignoring the Humans, and her terrible dialogue sounded exactly like a 12 year old constantly repeating stuff '' Nuh uuuh! Uh Uuuh!'' and stuff like that, so I thought they followed it from the lore and she is a kid, then she had a romance with Anduin Lothar.... fucking disturbing.... altho we never see Gul'dan age orcs in the movie, so she's not 12, I hope... -- Spoiler Free ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've already created quite the wall of text so I'll keep it brief, Characters - Ruined, by performances, miss-casting and the writers. Original lore - Butchererd. Fight Scenes - Good CGI, bad, boring and generic forgettable choreography every hyped up battle in the movie between badasses ends in 3 seconds with some generic slashes. And the biggest problem of the movie is, that it accomplishes absolutely nothing, when I walked out of the cinema I asked my friends who didn't know much about the lore '' So guys what can you tell me about the different orc clans with different traditions and different ''philosophies'' if you will ? Or about the humans? '' Nada, nothing, 0 established, they're big green warmongerers, with some brown guys who aren't so bad, and humans are generic, they didn't explore the deeper lore of the humans to distinguish them from other fantasy movies. And it didn't even complete the FIRST ACT of the FIRST GREAT WAR, a two hour movie established nothing about the races, and went nowhere with the material it decided to adapt..... Also barely any class representation, the game has 12 classes, 8 of which were present during the events of the First War, 2 of which were somewhat represented.... I think this movie should be the final nail in the coffin, please no more Video Game movies! If they failed to make a good movie with such a high budget about a game with this much potential, I mean for god sake's the game has like 12 Novels! We'll never see a good video game movie... I don't recommend watching this movie. Anyway I'm very sorry for the big wall of text, and if this is the wrong place to post this topic, it's just something I'm passionate about and wanted to give my 2 cents about it.
  2. These two are popular MMORPGS, and it's probably not right to compare them, I don't know, but what would you say is the better MMORPG, mine would be Guild Wars
  3. Some people like me doesn't like the idea to play an alliance toon, most of us played Horde for far too long so I would like to propose to make a Horde AJSA. Lok'tar.
  4. Weekly Farming

    From the album My WoW days

    Another one bites the dust
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    Just another day with my alts
  6. Camel not for riding

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    What is the point of Having a camel if its not for riding?
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    They all just wanted to help.
  9. Balloon Girl

    From the album My WoW days

    I am not to sure if it was wise to give a little girl all those balloons. Never saw her again
  10. From the album My WoW days

    Best Friends Slaying Huntsman from World of Warcraft.
  11. After reading through some of the threads here, most people seem to count card games as strategy games. So, in that case, does anyone else have a Beta invite to Hearthstone? I'm pretty new to the Beta, so i'm not amazing at the game, but none of my friends have been able to get a Beta key. My battle.net ID is Phoxly#1933. I think it would be really fun to play with some of you guys here on the AJSA forums. If you don't know what Hearthstone is, It's one of Blizzard's new games. I'll post a video below:
  12. Hey guys, i recently got into the open beta for hearthstone and wanted to open up the topic for discussion about it. In my opinion the game is well made, i really enjoy the RTS and competitive feel of the game. It is the first card game i play, and got used to it pretty fast, i don't know if the game might be made a bit too simple, but regardless of how simple the mechanics are, i still feel the need for complex strategic thinking in order to win games. I also don't feel the need to spend money (pay to win) since im currently 1 star gold in rank, and feeling like im doing decently well without having to spend money for packs and getting a big supply of rare cards and legendaries. But who knows, maybe in a higher rank i will feel the need to actually get legendaries, but for now i enjoy the challenge of playing agaisnt players with rare cards agaisnt my regular decks. If anyone is playing hearthstone right now, i would like to know your opinion about it and if anyone hasn't played it yet and would like to know more about, tell me and il add more information about it.
  13. I saw that the Americans are startin up a guild, but what about us EU people? Wanna start one too?
  14. So Blizzard just officially announced the new World of Warcraft expansion; Warlords of Draenor. Here's the announcement trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYueIdI_2L0 I haven't played WoW for about two years now but I think this is the expansion that is going to get me to start playing again. It looks like they're really trying to make things a bit less cute. What I've heard about MoP is that it's still a serious expansion, but just a bit more fluffy. The MoP cinematic really turned me down with the humor in it, but WoD looks like it's going try to back to TBC which of course is great. Plus finally updated character models! So do any of you plan to start playing again or is WoW really a thing of the past for you?
  15. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night/Ungodly early morning AJSA, I suppose I kinda consider myself a bit of a Vagabond at the time being, straying between a few communities that see to just wilt or go in a direction is dislike, but that won't stop me trying to see if the AJSA could be that place! Gaming wise, I'm typically a pc gaming with a vast Warcraft Addiction (Doesn't help when an expansion announcement is on the horizon, oh my) but when I'm not raiding, I typically find myself playing a handful of old and slightly old-schooly games - most notably stuff like good old doom, anything command and conquer/dawn of war related, but also a bit of PSO blue burst on the side (Incidentally, if anyone plays on the schtserv server for this, you'd get along immensely well with me). But for the most part, 'Ello 'Ello...Now its time for me to start looking around and seeing what's happening!