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Found 9 results

  1. Ahoy captains and welcome to the spooky waters of World of Warships this month. We shall have a blast trying to save and ship, blow some up and maybe have a laugh or two along the way. Join me to 5 star ops or just have some randoms fun. Event will be Saturday Oct 27 2018 at 2:00pm EDT/ 7pm BST on the NA server for World of Warship. Comms will be on the AJSA Discord.
  2. I hope to create a in post which any new comers interested in joining World of Warships(WoWs) can have some questions answered. If this is your first time in a game like this, approaching WoWs can be daunting at first, as the mechanics and the classes of the game are generally not known until a fairly good amount of time is dedicated to be able to decipher the nuances between each nations different flavors. For the first part of this, since a considerable time investment is required to achieve high tier, I would like to go over the different classes available in game, going over such subjects as: The in general Pros and cons each nation shares for the classes What makes each nations version of the class stand out from its competition Mechanics that each class uses for its advantage or disadvantage Teamplay options based on class and Nation choice How to play the objective(PTO) using this knowledge How to avoid quick trips back to port (ie. getting sunk early) Since the games experience is the mechanic of advancement through the games many tiers, and the largest time commitment, I would like this post to be a place to where we can all give insight as to help new players avoid lines they may regret in the long run. Hope this idea interests people who are looking for a jumping off point, and would love to see feedback regarding this.
  3. Hello and welcome to World of Warships lets see how i do Let battle commence WAIT A MINUTE HOW DO I SHOOT. https://youtu.be/Frizzm82u7w
  4. Im a master of warhammer games, Warmaster By Name And By Nature, happy to help people play either the table top or the computer games. My Games are as follows Civ 5 Civ BE DOW DOW2 BFGA SWTOR Fishing Planet World Of Warships War Thunder World Of Tanks SC2 Diablo 3 and ARK
  5. I've played World of tanks for quite some time now, i started back when it still was in beta. Back then it was fun to play trough the low tier tanks and experiment with the different gear for the different tanks. However when i reached to tier V and got my M4 Sherman i hit a brick wall. It took forever to reach to the next tier and the amount of silver i earned was so low that it would take decades for me to reach the required amount. It really feels like the only way to progress is to buy gold in order to advance. obviously i lost interest in actually progressing the tiers. Now i simply just mess around with the M4 sherman and other tier V tanks. Is it just me that thinks that it requires too much in order to advance in the later tiers ? This is also present in Warships and Warplanes, yet i have played World of tanks the most
  6. Ok everyone, MattGYouKnowMe here, big Angerbeard and AngryJoeShow fan, Just played quite possibly the best game I've ever played or even been apart of for that matter. I played in my Tier 5 USA Omaha Class Cruiser, screenshots say it all but I will summarize. 140, 014 damage, 4 Enemy Ship Kills, 2 Enemy Torpedo Planes Shot Down. I had in total (Only fired HE): HE Shells Hits/Shell Fired: 129/301 HE shell hits for a total damage count of: 61089 2 Citadel Hits, 5 Incapcitations, 1 Base Capture. Fire damage totaling: 15452 (10 fires caused) Flooding damage totaling 20342 (6 cases of flooding caused) Torpedos: Hit/Launched: 7/16 for a total damage of: 43041 TOTAL DAMAGE COUNT OF: 140, 014. TOTAL CREDITS: 340,922 BASE EXP: 2141 TOTAL EXP: 3212 MEDALS: 4; Double Strike (2): Destroy 2 enemy ships. The 2nd target must be destroyed within 10 seconds after the first one. High Caliber (1): Damage at least 4 enemy ships. Damage caused must exceed 30% of the total HP of all the ships in the enemy team. Liquidator (1): Cause flooding of an enemy ship and destroy her. Damage caused by flooding must exceed 40% of the destroyed ship's normal HP. In addition, also shot down 2 enemy Torpedo Bomber Planes via my Fighter Planes.
  7. So I recently noticed C:MANO was on steam this week: http://store.steampowered.com/app/321410/ I'm pretty sure this is the only Matrix game to go on steam. Like ever. It's a little pricey right now, but I think it's worth it. I've been playing C:MANO on and off for about a few years, and it never fails to impress me with its staggering detail and database entries. Even though I have a matrix box copy, I'm tempted to pick this up on steam again. Thoughts? Impressions? Crazy war scenarios and stories?
  8. Anyone played World of Tanks? I have played World of Tanks. Unfortunately, there is no AJSA clan in World of Tanks. So I just joined BFPA clan instead. If you open AJSA clan in WarGaming. I will join you, but I would forgive my comrade to leave the BFPA clan for me. So here it is the official website. http://worldoftanks.com/ It's free-to-play. I just played World of Tanks for first time since I watched Girls und Panzer anime.
  9. Hey folks, crimsonwolf911 here, as the title says, Im Canadian, Im an Asshole, and A rager, not much else to it. I spend most of my time bouncing back and forth between two main games, War Thunder, and World of Tanks, and occasionally some Titanfall when the mood strikes me. I dabble in others as well, but them two are my main gaming haunts, you can almost always find me lurking in one or the other. I know the TS doesnt have a World of Tanks section yet but I look forward to seeing if it will have one in the future. I rage like a motherfucker when I game, its no secret, just ask my neighbors...the ones that live a block away, cuz the next door ones cant hear so well anymore >.< I stream on twitch occasionally as well, but my gameplay is nothing to right home about, Im an average player, at best in world of tanks, well below average in war thunder, I mostly fly bombers. Not much else to see here Im afraid, so without further adue, Its good to be here, and Ill see you on the field.