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Found 7 results

  1. anyone going to be in the pre order beta or playing spacehulk deathwing when it comes out? I have it pre-ordered and would love to play Spacehulk deathwing with people along with voice communication.
  2. EDIT: A poll has been added in, seeing how there is at least some interest in the premise. The title says it all, as this is simply a suggestion for one of the many things that the Angry Army can throw together in terms of tournament-style setups. This can be viewed in two ways: or Think about it.
  3. So im starting to play warhammer 40k (the tabletop) as the imperial guard now since im starting out with a custom regiment i have to make up sort of a backstory, which i have...sort of. The regiment is winter focused and is on a planet of ice/snow. Im using the standard Cadian shock troppers as i dislike the valhallan ice warriors models. Anyone have a good idea for a name for that planet ? Something that relates to ice/snow/frost maybe. I've tried to generate a random planet name, but they all just sound wrong and bad.
  4. This is not a joke, a moba game set in the warhammer 40k universe is in the making a bit of an odd choice for a moba. But it's Warhammer 40k, so im at least somewhat interested in this game. Here is some early gameplay Link to the website:https://www.darknexusarena.com/#HOME
  5. Hi, I just made this poll to know which of these two is more popular. If you don't have any models, just choose in which one you are interested. ;-) In my case I like both of them. (3 armies of WH 40K and 1 army for WH FB :-P )
  6. I think this needs to happen. I know how much Angry Joe likes Warhammer 40k and I think our community shares this love too. Angry Army members, unite under the banner of the Chaos Gods and let the galaxy burn!
  7. Happy Halloween ~!!

    From the album Warhammer 40,000 Drawing

    2013 Happy Halloween ~!! Have Fun !!!

    © Me