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Found 4 results

  1. Yo-kai Watch 2 Bony Spirits & Fleshy Souls Review - A Review by Jose Vega Special thanks to Nintendo for providing me these games. Pokémon… it’s a franchise that revolutionized the world since the 1990s. There have been many that tried to capitalize on the franchise success but none would ever come close. In 2013, a game called Yo-kai Watch would be released in Japan, ending up becoming a huge success. From its success, many things would spawn from it such as an ongoing animated series as well as a manga series, two animated films and it would eventually be brought overseas in 2015. The rest is history. Now a year later, we in America now get to enjoy the sequel to Yo-kai Watch. This is Yo-kai Watch 2 and it seems the game is following the Pokémon route, splitting this experience into two games. Does this divide the overall experience or is Level-5 believing that this is the best way to go? Before I continue with this review, I do want to say that I never played any of the Yo-kai Watch games. This is my first time and my review reflects on this. Let’s begin with the plot. It starts with an unknown force wiping away the memories of the main protagonist Nathan “Nate” Adams. What follows are events that have been relived in the previous game but with an unexpected twist. After reuniting with some Yo-kai that Nate encountered before, Nate along with his new friends set off on another adventure. I don’t want to spoil anything relating to the plot but I feel that the story can get a bit crazy. There are twists and turns that will send you all over the place. And for anyone that has never played a Yo-kai Watch game, they may get lost. You don’t have to worry. Everything will feel spot on as you play. Take it from me. I got hooked into the game a few hours in. If a game like that has something that can get you hooked, it’s a win in my book. Now I know what you’re going to say, “This game is a rip off of Pokémon” right? Guess what. Wrong. It’s not. It may have a similar way to Pokémon but this is Yo-kai Watch and it has stuff that sets itself apart. The game is split into two sections: Exploration and battle. You’ll be spending an equal amount of time doing both, trekking all over town, finding and battling Yo-kai, obtaining items and completing quests. Your Yo-kai Watch is a very important item to have. You need it in order to find the many Yo-kai that are located. They come in a variety of ranks, attributes and tribes. No, I’m actually serious. That’s how things work but you’re more concerned about how battling works. I’m getting to that so hang on a bit. The game follows a chapter-based system and in order to move on to the next chapter, you need to complete quests. Quests come in three different categories: Important, Requests and Favors. Important Quests are ones that when completed will allow you to continue the main story of the game. Requests are one-time jobs provided by anyone that has a blue “!”. Favors are like Requests but they have an orange “!” and can be done as many times as you like. Completing any of these nets you rewards ranging from money, experience, items or to even raise your Yo-kai Watch Rank. It’s needed if you want to continue on with the game but it never hurts to complete them. Battles happen in real time the instant the battle begins. Your party can have up to a maximum of 6 Yo-Kai and how you go about it depends on how you play. But you can only have 3 on the field. See it as like a Triple Battle but you don’t give them orders. They do their thing. Your job is a bit more on the micro managing side, courtesy of the Yo-Kai Watch. You can do many things such as healing Yo-kai with food, rotating Yo-kai out for other ones and activate Soultimates. Whenever a Soultimate is activate, you need to do a mini game on the bottom screen to fill up the gauge. When it’s charged, the Yo-Kai can unleash a special attack with various properties. In this sequel, it gets taken up a notch with the addition of Moxie. Once you receive an upgrade to your Yo-Kai Watch, you’ll have the option to get access to these powered-up Soultimates. The only difference is that you need 3 Soul Gauges to pull it off. It’s a high risk/high reward move and it can turn the tide of battle. My advice is to use it only when necessary. Boss battles are aplenty in this game and unlike regular battles; these have some strategy involved so you’ll need a good combination of Yo-kai to help take down these threats. Sometimes they’ll have something that you need to target and other times they can inflict some nasty problems at you. You need to use the Yo-kai Watch to either target said thing or to use Purify to rid the curse away from the Yo-kai. It rewards you for doing it, making this a required thing to do and sometimes you need to poke enemy Yo-kai at specific areas to get rewards. Another difference between this game and Pokémon is that in order to get more Yo-kai, you need to befriend them aka earning their trust. You do that by giving them food. In addition to Yo-kai having various characteristics, they also have varying tastes. Depending on the Yo-kai you’re up against, you’ll need the right food to earn their trust. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. It’s all trial and error. It’s also time consuming too because even if you give them something that they may like you a ton for, they won’t always befriend you. As I said, it’s luck based and if you plan on befriending Yo-kai, you’ll need the right food for the right one. Some instances, you may need to evolve Yo-kai in order for them to be stronger and other times, you need to use Fusion by combining Yo-kai with specific medals or items. There are many combinations and it can take a lot of work. I did mention that this game is split into two right? Yes. There are two versions of the game: Fleshy Souls and Bony Spirits. There isn’t much in terms of differences between the two. The story is the same but depending on which version you play will have you meeting Yo-Kai that are exclusive to it. Combined, there are over 300 Yo-kai you will encounter, befriend and battle with. A game like this that has so many Yo-kai to find will take you hours, even after beating the game. The post game that follows is just as long. It’s something that is worth spending a lot of time on. If that isn’t enough to convince you, there’s more. Like Pokémon, you can battle or trade with your friends locally or online. It adds more to the game’s content along with many other modes. Exclusive to both versions is Yo-kai Watch Busters where four players can choose a Yo-kai to battle against dangerous Oni Yo-kai. There is so much to do here that it’s incredible. The story can take roughly around 15-20 hours if that’s your focus but if you plan on covering everything, finding all the yo-kai, completing quests, mini games, etc. then let’s just say that the overall length explodes into hundreds of hours. I am not kidding. It is nuts. Only the most dedicative of players will be pouring a lot of time and skill into finding every Yo-Kai that’s in both versions. Presentation wise, the game looks amazing on the 3DS. Truly awesome! Character models are well done. The environments are vibrant, full of life and they provide something different depending on location. Music is well done with my favorites being during battle as they provide a sense of intensity to the fight. There are cut scenes in some parts of the game and they capture the feel of the franchise real well. It’s like you’re watching the anime and I’m going to give it credit. The dub for it is good especially since they did bring some good talent like Johnny Yong Bosch of Power Rangers fame. I’m going to be 100% fair. I did find some faults in the game. The difficulty curve is fair but there’ll be times where the game can throw a curve ball at you and put like a real tough threat in your face and wipe your whole party out in minutes. Training is a good thing but it’ll get to a point where it can be a grind, just to take down something that drives you nuts for hours on end. Also the battle system is similar to the first game. That’s not to say its bad but I wish they added something unique to make it stand out. Nothing wrong with it but the least the game can do is to give the player a bit of leverage. Another nitpick I got is like I said, trial and error when it comes to befriending Yo-kai. It can happen especially when you don’t have the required food to use to befriend them and you end up using something you have one of that would work but doesn’t. It can be disappointing but it also convinces you that you need to prepare more. It isn’t pretty. Issues aside, Yo-kai Watch 2 provides an awesome experience with both Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls. It’s weird that they decided to split the game into two versions but with so much to do, it’s hard not to deny that having it all in one game won’t cut it. It won’t at all. New players will get on this game quick while veterans will spend all their time finding every Yo-kai that’s there. I could go on and on about how good the game is but I’ll say it here. This guy is worth the full price and it’s something I recommend. If you feel that Pokémon isn’t giving you enough of an experience, try these games. You’ll find it to be something that has it stands out over others. Now if only Level-5, the same guys that give us the Layton series of games can give us the third version of Yo-Kai Watch 2 or maybe the third game. Who knows? Nothing’s for sure. I give Yo-kai Watch 2 Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls a 9 out of 10. These two games are a MUST BUY and they deserve Angry Joe's BAD-ASS Seal of Approval. If you want to see more info in relation to Yo-kai Watch including detailed walkthroughs, guides on obtaining specific Yo-kai or anything else in general, please be sure to check out the Yo-kai King himself, AbdallahSmash026’s YouTube Channel: http//www.youtube.com/user/AbdallahSmash026
  2. It's Over 9000!

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    Ok. No Comments on this one... It's obvious!
  3. Game: Watch_Dogs Age Rating: 18+ Genre: Open World Action-Adventure, Third Person Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Publisher: Ubisoft Game Director: Jonathan Morin Lead story writer: Kevin Shortt Played on: Playstation 3 Overview Watch Dogs is another open world game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, set in the near future of Chicago. The player dons the role of Aiden Pearce, a very talented hacker, who lives dangerously in a city where everything technology related is controlled by a single AI system called the ctOS. A simple job goes wrong which leads to a series of events that ends in the death of his niece, Lena Pearce. Aiden sets out to find the man responsible and with the help from a few ‘friends’ Aiden gains access into the ctOS. With the whole of Chicago now under his control, how far will Aiden go in the name of revenge? How far will you go? STORYLINE AND CHARACTERIZATION The story follows Aiden’s path of revenge as he tries to track the man responsible for the death of his niece, Lena Pearce. It takes the player on a journey through the shady world of Chicago where no one is what they seem. With the city being filled with philanthropists involved in human trafficking, gangs controlling illegal trades, corrupt cops and fixers who are willing to trade their morals for mullah, there’s bound to be bullets flying and batons clashing. With Aiden having full control over the city, the story is fast paced but yet it somehow fails to keep the player engaged with the ever so distracting Chicago brimming with tons of interesting and surprisingly detailed side content. THE GOOD The idea of hacking in an open world game was an innovative one and Ubisoft did a wonderful job of implementing it in the game. Ubisoft took a whole new approach to the open world genre, by trying to make Chicago more lively and realistic than any other in-game city. With the unique NPC profiling system, where every NPC has a unique persona, the city feels very much alive and humane. Not only that, but Ubisoft were clever enough to use hacking not only as a game play element but also as a central background theme to the narrative. Its almost a requirement for video games nowadays to perfectly balance storytelling with game play and Ubisoft made sure they did just that; the concept of hacking is beautifully integrated into both the game play and the narrative. And hence the story feels a bit more interesting than your average revenge story. The characters in the game are carefully constructed with their very own detailed personalities and the voice acting is pretty good although it could have been a lot better. Aiden, who knows humans as well as he knows computers, is a man with many flaws which makes him seem more human and less clichéd. Its a relief that Ubisoft didnt stereotype the whole ‘hacker’ dimension and modelled characters in a unique way. To sum it up, the storyline is ambitious and the characterization is pretty solid with every side character being able to hold his/her own ground. THE BAD When there is a huge amount of side content in a game, there is a risk that it might over shadow the main story missions and that is exactly what has happened in Watch Dogs. The main story isn’t strong enough to compete with the interesting and defined side content that is in the game. It fails to hold the attention of the gamer for more than a mission or two. Also, the story is not enjoyable if it isn’t played on a continuous run; take too long a break from the main story missions and you’ll have no idea what is happening in the game. Although, Ubisoft did a good job of integrating hacking into the storyline, sometimes it feels rather forced and unnecessary. There are whole chunks of the story which the game could have done without. The storyline tends to stray away from the main purpose way too often; most of the time you forget that your niece has been killed and you are doing these missions to find the man responsible. In an attempt to cover a wide ground Ubisoft ended up stretching the story to such a point where the story feels ‘too much work’ for the gamer. GAMEPLAY An open world game, by definition, has a lot of game play aspects and endless possibilities. Add to that the ability to hack any electronic device in the game; the thought itself is orgasmic. But does it live up to the expectations? THE GOOD The first thing you will notice when you start playing this game is the high number of points of interest that are on the map of Chicago. The amount of content in this game is mind boggling. The side missions are very detailed and unique. With digital trips that cause weird yet graphically amazing hallucinations to AR games to fixer contracts, the world of Watch Dogs is filled with a variety of game play content. Add to these mini games like chess and drinking; side content in a game has never felt better. Also the ctOS’s crime detection system, which systemically predicts crimes that are going to happen, gives the gamers a chance to be the vigilante they have always wanted to be. The gamer gets a chance to stop a crime before its even happened ( yea, you finally get to live your dream of being Tom Cruise ) and the fact that its systemic ( completely random ) makes it even more fun. And it never gets too repetitive as the victim and the perpetrator are always different people with different personas and the chase with the perp always adapts itself to its surroundings. Also, the shady world of Chicago is filled with criminal gangs that need a lesson to be taught and criminal convoys that need to be stopped and although these might sound repetitive, they are fun as there is a lot of game play freedom and each situation can be handled differently; you can go in by hacking the cameras, jumping off one camera to another, locating the target and taking him out by overloading a fuse box, or you could go in stealthily taking out each and everyone out till the target is the only one left with no idea that his whole gang is down. And if everything else fails, there is the always the option to go in guns blazing. Chicago is filled with gun shops and pawn brokers and there is no shortage of money as you can always hack into the bank accounts of the unsuspecting citizens of Chicago who always seem like they have something to hide. The profiler app in your in-game mobile helps the gamer get info on any citizen which makes the game feel more realistic and human. But to gain access to this info, the gamer first needs to unlock the ctOS towers which are similar to the outposts in Far Cry 3. Taking over these towers are fun as they can be approached in multiple ways but it’s a pity that there are only 6 towers and the fun ends before it even begins. No review of Watch Dogs is ever going to be complete without the mention of its awesome hacking mechanism. Hacking is the most important game play element in this game and Ubisoft have nailed that part. With the ability to hack any kind of electronic device from things like a pace maker of a heart patient to traffic lights, draw bridges and the ever famous L train, at any moment in the game, a whole new dimension is added to the game play freedom. There are missions which can be completed by standing in a single place by hacking and jumping off from one camera to another; the number of possibilities is amazing and the credit goes to the meticulous level designing. It was good thinking on Ubi’s side to not include the ability to shoot while driving as it would have made the point of hacking traffic lights and draw bridges or blockers etc while driving moot. The online one on one hacking is a whole new experience; its like nothing you have ever seen before. The aspect of someone seamlessly ( without any loading screen ) hacking into your game is a bit un settling and fun. Inspired from the multiplayer of the AC series, the online experience is a must for every gamer as it gives each and every gamer their own unique experience to share. THE BAD Although the side content is fun, the main story missions fall short on variety. Many of the missions feel repetitive. The driving mechanism is below par and is sometimes a bother given that a significant portion of the game play is based on bringing down target vehicles. Also the lack of realistic car damage spoils the pleasure of cinematically taking down a target vehicle. Its disappointing that weapon customization is totally absent from the game. Granted that the game depends on hacking and stealth but still, the lack of customization is a real let down for the trigger happy gamer. Its surprising that there is no option to replay the story missions. Ubisoft should have included it and the lack of this option further reduces the already minute replay value. Watch Dogs has a morale system that judges you based on your actions in free roam rather than the story based choices and hence it fails to make its presence known. Given that there are a lot of hacking options in the game, a bit more of variety in hacking was expected given the hype that the game was given and the reputation that the developer holds. To wrap it up, a bit more of variety in game play could have made this game a lot more fun. GRAPHICS AND ENVIRONMENT Almost every gamer who paid even the slightest attention to Watch Dogs pre release publicity must be familiar with the whole ‘graphics downgrade’ fiasco. But keeping all the false promises and misleads aside, the game looks decent; decent but not good. There are moments where it feels like the graphics could have been better. The interiors are better than the outdoors although there aren’t too many interiors and the textures vary from place to place. All in all, the graphics were good for what they were but could have been a whole lot better given all the time the devs took and all the promises they made. The environments are well detailed and the ever so humane NPC’s make Chicago even livelier. Gamers couldn’t have asked for a better Chicago and the absence of loading screens makes it even more enjoyable. MUSIC The music is different and matches the tone of the game. There is a touch of techno in the background scores which fits in perfectly with the theme of the game. Apart from the soundtrack, there are a wide range of songs available on your phone and in the in-game radio, which are easy on the ears but none of the songs seem to fit the game mood. The selection of songs is un-satisfactory to say the least and one would rather keep the radio permanently off in this game. FINAL VERDICT Watch Dogs is an ambitious game and almost manages to pull it off. Its got its flaws, but the game has to be appreciated for its ambition, its innovative idea and implementation. For a new IP, this game has done tremendously well and is recommended to all open world enthusiasts and hackers alike. At first notice Watch Dogs looks like an average 7, but with the amount of content thats in this game, it easily deserves a 8. People might argue that it has a low replay value but when the game boasts a game play length of about a 100 hrs ( including the side missions ) who needs a replay value? My Score: 8.4/10
  4. Finally, the Raid 2 has been released on DVD. I have been waiting for the DVD since April and I am so happy to buy it. Unfortunately, some of you guys, especially from Malaysia and Singapore, are unable to watch this movie in your country because it was banned in theatres. Instead you guys have to watch Donnie Yen's movie Iceman, which is just a joke of a movie. I mean just look at it! What a shitty trade off. So this thread will be for you guys that haven't watch this amazing movie so you can finally enjoy it. Here's how this will work. Since this is an Indonesian movie and most of you will find the plot kind of hard to follow, I will post a summary of the movie's plot. I will put in subtitled videos for plot points that is necessary for you to understand the movie and also post the various badass fight scenes that this movie has, so you guys will enjoy the movie's various action packed scenes and understand the plot easily. Without further ado, please enjoy the movie, and prepare yourself. The movie starts up right after the last movie ended. Spoiler alert for those that have not yet seen the first movie. Rama, the main hero, arrested a corrupt officer that sets his whole squad up in the first movie to be massacred. At the end of the movie, after kicking loads of asses, he's given incriminating evidence from his long lost brother Andi, one of the big bad guy's henchmen in the first movie, and was told to meet up with a good police higher up named Bunawar that's not corrupt like the other guys in the police department. So he does, and the guy congratulates him on his survival and thank him for the evidence he provided. Then he offers Rama a promotion: to go undercover and clean out both the streets of Jakarta from local criminals, and also uncover the corruption that's in their police force. Rama refuses because he had enough of the violence....... Until this happens. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7PJK42P-eI Poor Andi. The guy in the glasses is named Bejo. He's a crook that's currently still a low level thug in the criminal underworld, but he's going to make a major change in the balance of power later. It gets better after this. Trust me.