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Found 7 results

  1. Steve Blum talks about why voice actors are going on strike, Nintendo Switch, The Last Guardian goes gold, why it's hard to make a video game, how Doom 2 helped Patrick Klepek understand technology, getting internet famous by leaking Toys "R" Us gaming information, lost SNES Rayman game discovered, Watchdogs 2 should be more humorous than the original, Bungie helps developer propose to boyfriend with custom Destiny content, a look at Overwatch and asymmetric level design, and more. AJSA Youtube's Angry Army Weekly Gaming News Game Actors For All The Biggest Video Games Don't Tell Voice Actors What Game They're Working On Voice actors' union strike brings 250+ picketers to EA's front door Game companies, industry members respond to voice actors strike Chat service Discord gets enhanced security after vulnerabilities discovered First Look at Nintendo Switch How will the Nintendo Switch measure up to the PS4 and Xbox One? The Internet Reacts To The Nintendo Switch Nintendo Mum On Switch's Battery Life, Whether It Has A Touchscreen Nintendo Switch doesn’t support Wii U discs or 3DS cartridges A Breakdown Of The Nintendo Switch’s New Controllers Switched off: out-of-touch Nintendo’s going at it arse-backwards again THE NINTENDO SWITCH WANTS TO BE YOUR NEW, FAVORITE STALKER Devs React: Nintendo unveils its hybrid-handheld console Switch Nintendo shares tumble following Switch reveal Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer The Last Guardian Has Finally Gone Gold Wolfenstein: The New Order sequel teased again, this time by B.J. voice actor Beyond Good & Evil 2 boss explains the delays: it needs "planet exploration, space travel, cities" Watch Dogs 2 Trailer - Welcome to San Francisco Gameplay [US] Killing in Watch Dogs 2 "wouldn't be Marcus" - so what's it like to play non-lethally? Watch Dogs 2 parodies Trump, Martin Shkreli, Kinect Watch Dogs 2, revenge of the nerds The Creators of Pokémon Explain Why Sun and Moon Has Ridiculous Monster Designs From Darkness is a single-player interactive documentary about African refugees Watch 40 beautiful minutes of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild running on a Wii U Dishonored 2 Live Action Trailer - Take Back What's Yours Titanfall 2 goes live-action for a launch trailer Titanfall 2 on PS4 Pro runs at higher resolution, more stable frame rate Titanfall 2 has something special for Battlefield 1 players Stand by: Titanfall 2 day one patch requires 88... megabytes EL HIJO COULD BE THE SPAGHETTI-WESTERN OF YOUR DREAMS JRPG Xanadu Next and cooking rhythm game Senran Kagura Bon Appétit! coming in November Nintendo Shows Off New Splatoon Footage, Unclear If It's A New Game Battlefield 1 server rental prices revealed Top 10 UK Sales Chart: Battlefield 1 Outperforms Battlefield 4 and Hardline's First Week Sales Battlefield 1 patch 1.02 fixes crashes, freezing, and controller bugs Shadow Warrior 2 getting free updates that add new missions, modes, and weapons Gal*Gun DLC Lets You See Through Clothes For Just $90 Dead Rising 4 DLC brings back timer-based missions, adds mini golf The Division 1.4 update is scheduled for release next week Total War: Warhammer teases brilliantly bearded Grombrindal Dark Souls 3 DLC Released Early on Xbox One by Accident Hearthstone patch adds more player-friendly quests, tweaks murlocs NYU Game Center Announces New Scholarship for Women Game Designers Blizzard won't talk WoW legacy servers at Blizzcon, despite Nostalrius campaigns Overwatch director says "troll pick" heroes are sometimes inevitable Overwatch Skill Ratings are changing again and Competitive Play should feel nicer DFC INTELLIGENCE ISSUES LATEST FORECASTS ON GLOBAL VIDEO GAME MARKET, ESTIMATES SOFTWARE TO REACH $98B BY 2020 Watch what happens when Michael gains Superman's powers in this GTA 5 mod Esports News The Weekend In Esports: Fakest Of Them All Civilization 6 makes big push into esports as major organization starts new team Activision Blizzard will support a professional Overwatch league Overwatch's Upcoming Esports League May Struggle Against Disruptive Patches Major League Gaming announces major esports event MLG Vegas Big Risks Don't Pay Off In Last Night's League Semifinals When An Unstoppable Force Meets An Immovable Object, SK Telecom T1 Wins Crowdfunding News Gamers for Good Presents: Undertale Charity Fanart Book Other content I found interesting this week Why It’s So Hard to Make a Video Game "It's not the game, it's the gun" Virtual Reality Gaming Isn’t so Great if You’re Disabled How 'Doom 2' Helped Me Understand Technology I Got Internet Famous Leaking Gaming Info From Toys "R" Us EVE Online player fakes suicide attempt as part of an elaborate scheme for revenge and money ‘Eternal Champions’ Is the Game That Quenched a Teenage Thirst for Gore A BDSM Game That Let Me Explore A New Type Of Sexual Experience VIDEOGAMES COULD DO A LOT MORE WITH THE VENETIAN MASK Errant Signal - Anatomy (Spoilers) Overwatch and Asymmetric Level Design - What Makes the Maps Fun? - Extra Credits Long Lost SNES Rayman Game Discovered After 24 Years Mafia III is just a game, but it shines a spotlight on the reality of racism Bungie Helps Two Game Devs Get Engaged With Custom Destiny Content How Civilization 6 changes war for the better Something in the Direction of Exhibition Masks, Identity, and the Horror of Our Own Reflection The making of The Witcher 3's greatest villain Probability Problems in Game Design Music Game Plan: Tactics for the Video Game Composer (Part Two) Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games Guy Plays Overwatch Using Bow As Controller Overwatch Player Shoutcasts During His Own Matches The Real Reinhardt Meets A Giant Reinhardt Battlefield 1 Players Are Encountering A Spectacular Airship Glitch Cities Skylines Player Spends Hundreds Of Hours Building A Near-Perfect San Francisco
  2. The first Watchdogs was a huge disappointment for what many thought it was going to look, and play like, but one of the worst things about it was how poorly it performed on PC, and how little attention the PC version got. Now that refunds are a thing on Steam, and PC gamers are more skeptical about the sequel of this game, do you think Ubisoft will actually try to do a good port for the PC version of this game?
  3. Am quite tight on money at the moment am wondering if i should buy it or not because am saving up on Watchdogs (Release date 27 may) and also on Elder Scrolls Online Since i have alot of friends on PS4 friends list that most of them are AJSA members and half of them play InFamous Second Son i want to know your guys opinion on InFamous Second Son... i just don't want anouther game that i would get bored whit it after i finish it and leaving it up in the attic collecting dust. One more question will InFamous Second Son have DLC's on the way? Am quite intrested in them.
  4. So i just bought Watch_Dogs today on my PC whit a 4-3 year old GPU that i run games at Medium-high-max settings on most games and i find my self slapping my face for hours on when i bought Watch_Dogs on PC and this is what i have to say about this game. This game is soo poorly optimized even people whit GTX Titans can barely do 60 fps on max settings its even worse on my GPU it can barely hold 30 FPS on medium settings and the highest settings on Watch_Dogs is Ultra its a fking joke. I ended up getting a refund back and put my money on buying plants vs zombies on PC. Not to mention this i had to download the fking visual folder to unlock the proper visuals that they kept it as a secret so nobody can notice the visual downgrade what Ubisoft did and well they done fked it up! Shame on you Ubisoft! I want to warn people to not buy or pre order games from Ubisoft until reviews come out from good critic youtubers like Totalbiscuit,Jimquisition and AngryJoe .
  5. With Watchdogs right around the corner I figured it might be productive to share our PSN and Uplay Id's for online, It might not be a day one purchase for me but will almost certainly be picking it up. Let get the ball rolling: PSN Crab666, Uplay Crazycrab_AJSA.
  6. What dose people feel about the watchdogs delay?
  7. So I want to build a gaming pc that can run next gen games at 1080p 30-45 fps at a reasonable price range of 500-600 $ Excuse me for my bad English I was in a hurry when I wrote the topic.