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Found 9 results

  1. Photo mode is everywhere these days........ Also, LOOK AT THOSE WEAPONS YO! The classics are back, Cerberus & Lady's Kalina Ann are especially surprising, finally Sparda's with Dante and not with Trish, and that fedora hat is so silly, that I fucking love it. The milady meme will be all over this game. I can't fucking wait to see if Agni & Rudra will be here or not. They need to talk again after Dante told them to not talk since 3. I want to hear their funny banters again! And I especially can't wait to see how V will play in the game. The suspense is killing me!!
  2. Whenever i play a match, and we need to push close quarters, i always doubt which SMG to buy. for example: MP7- The MP7 has a higher Damage output then the P90 and Bizon, (29) and has better accuracy then the others, (20m) falling behind to the mp9 by 2m, (22m) and has less mobility then the p90,Bizon,Ump, and mp9. (220) The only weapons that racks up with the MP7 in relation with smg's, is the p90,bizon & mp9. Making the UMP obselete. ( though the UMP has 36 damage points. But lacks in recoil control, firerate, and accuracy ) p90- One of the most used smg's of all cs history, the p90 compared t o the MP7 has a little less damage output,(26) but compensates with Slightly better FireRate. (20points in difference *p90 = 210 mp7= 190*) The p90 however, suffers from a 5m less accuracy compared to the MP7, (15m) but compensates with 10 points to mobility and has 6.5points more Armor penetration (69) compared to the MP7. (62.5) Personally, ignoring all the weapon stats, i prefer the MP7 due to its Accuracy range and a little more damage output, (Thus compensating for the p90's armor penetration) and a bit less fire rate, making it easy to control the spray pattern despite both having the same recoil stats. The MP7 costs 1700$, and the P90 costs 2350$, though, the mp7 has only 30 bullets in a clip, while the p90 has 50. But the MP7 has a 300% kill reward, while the p90 only has 150% Though both of them has its advantages early game, i always gag when i play T or CT, not knowing which of these two guns i should buy even when i have the MP7 preference. But they feel so similar stat wise. Which of these two guns do you prefer? And why? which of these two guns should i rather buy when playing? (Weapon stats pulled from in-game weapon stats)
  3. In order to get a better idea of what the Angry Army has to work with, I wanted to see everyone's RTP limits, character builds, faction choices, etc. Just list yours, with any specific info afterwards. BlackOpsElf Title: Cipher RTP Limit: 92,000 1 Character, 3 Open slots Ultramarine: Space Marine Combat Knife & Pistol, Champion's Shoulder Pad, Relic Armour Mark II, Master Crafted Power Sword Total: 25,000 RTP Will change subfaction as needed.
  4. Currently crafting level 0-VR3 items in blacksmithing. If you want me to craft you anything, mail me the resources and let me know what you want. My character name is Ryuuzimaki. resource material includes - metal ingots, style item, trait item, and quality items (tempers). No charge, just need materials.
  5. So what do you guys think are the best guns in Titanfall for me anti-personal weapon will have to be the R-101C carbine it's the most versatile weapon has a high rate of fire, good range, good damage, and great accuracy. For my anti-titan weapon the mag launcher because you can aim near nn enemy titan and the grenades will do the rest. Side weapon the RE-45 full auto pistol because it's saved my ass in firefights time and time again and let's you get up close and personal to someone who's trying to get up close and personal to you. Last the Titan weapon now this last one I had trouble deciding so much so that I had to pick two the Arc cannon for it's ability to spread and kill near by enemies and the 40MM Cannon for its high damage to both titans and pilots alike. But that's just me put your own opinion below if you disagree or just have your own would love to hear from you guys.
  6. So I want to make a dual wielding rogue character and I just started out yesterday. Currently level 8. For range, I want to get a overall quick getup that can take out things at range AND up-close. For close range, I chose dual daggers but am conflicted for the at-range part. Do I farm for some pistols or just level up to level 14 so I could equip the shortbow I got by grinding yesterday? Bear in mind that the choice will carry on till the end. Currently on TS and doing the daily activities. Help will be extremely welcome.
  7. You one of the many people who has gotten Battlefield 4 as their first Battlefield game? You enter an online match and don't know what to do other than to shoot people? You're being the enemy team's punching bag every time? I know that many of you may already know most or all of what I'm going to say, but in case you've forgotten something, didn't know a specific feature or stratergy, or are a total noob at the game (being a noob to the game only applies for people who have bought it for the first time, not for experienced players) I'm going to give you a few tips that can help you advance and create your battle plan for when you go out and fight with your friends or with people you don't know. 1. Get to know your environment: You have grenades, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, guns, gadgets, gizmos, and vehicles to play around with. Unfamiliar with a map? Experiment with it! Blow up walls, tear down trees, jump into the water or make buildings collapse. Learn how the map works, try to find hiding places where you can hide and heal your wounds (or regenerate your health in this case) or use as a sniping place Try to make the map work in your favor or in favor of your team. 2. Memorize the map from the inside out: Play on game modes where the maps are huge. Know where vehicles (other than the ones of your team) spawn. For example: in the map Zavod 311 in the Conquest game mode the M142 mobile artillery spawns in the left building. This is from the Russian team's perspective, from American team's perspective, it would spawn in the right building. And know the location of extra weapons (other than the ones you spawn with) are so you can have an upper edge if you run out of ammo. That way you know the map even if you play in Rush or a game mode that the map is much smaller. 3. Get rid of the unnecessary stuff: Airspace is obstructed because of the radio telescope of Rogue Transmission? The tower in Siege of Shanghai is being used as a sniping point by the enemy team? THEN BRING IT DOWN TO THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE NOT PLAYING CALL OF DUTY WHERE NONE OF THE BUILDINGS CAN BE DESTROYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS BATTLEFIELD 4 PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! A GAME MADE FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE MULTIPLAYER CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try to get rid of unnecessary structures that stand between you, your squad and your team, and victory. Same principle applies to commanders in Commander Mode. ESPECIALLY THEM since they have a bigger view of the battle field and can use cruise missiles. 4. Try to find extra ways to use your gadgets: Your gadgets and gizmos have extra uses than the ones they are meant for. The defibrillator, for example, is the only gadgets with enough electricity to revive and kill a person. How do I know this? Well one day playing Obliteration in Operation Locker (personally I hate that map. it has way too many camping spots) I was helping my team get the bomb through when all of the sudden I get killed by a dude that was using a defibrillator. Pretty neat eh? Well let me tell you more. The repair tool can also be used as a murder weapons. I was sniping on top of a building in Dawnbreaker and an enemy engineer repaired me to death XD. Also, for those who have the SUAV for the recon class you can also use it as a kamikaze RC plane. If you're saying that I'm talking nonsense well let me tell you a little story. One day I was playing in the test range with my SUAV and I asked myself how could I retreive it. I thought why not ram into my character to see if he catches it. Pretty bright idea right? Well it turns out that i ended up slamming the RC into the floor and killing myself while I was at it. 5. Counter knifing: You mad because people are counter knifing you and you don't know how to do it? The majority of you already know it but for those who don't when the enemy attacks you from the front (this only applies to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox one users) press the right stick and when the enemy still hasn't knifed you and your character will perform a counter knife. Doesn't work if the enemy knife's you from any other angle. 6. Use the right tool for the right job: If you're in a close quarters map, don't use a sniper with a medium or long range scope. Use it with a short range sight or with the iron sights. 7. Always keep a lookout on the bomb in 3D view (only for Commander mode in the Obliteration game mode): 3D view gives you a much bigger advantage over the battle field in Commander mode. it allows you to see what is actually going on so you can support your team. 8. Extra uses for the grenade launcher: Ever been in a match where your team is being pounded by an enemy helicopter and you don't have a anti-air launcher with you? Well if you are using the Assault kit or the Support kit USE THE GRENADE LAUNCHERS!!! If we go back to the Baku mission in the campaign Recker (in this case the player) is given a grenade launcher to shoot down an enemy attack helicopter. This principle is true for all the other campaign missions and multiplayer. Whether it's the XM25 Airburst of the Support kit or the M320 HE of the Assault kit they still work perfectly for shooting down helicopters. If tyou manage to shoot down a jet with a grenade launcher please let me know XD Well that's right about it for now. If I find more information I'll be posting another topic with more tips & tricks. Have a nice day Color coding for future posts: As you may have noticed there are sentences and phrases. That highlighted material has importance. Red: This code is to give special emphasis to certain point and to avoid misunderstandings. Navy blue: This code is to point out the different points that will be talked about. Yellow: This code is to point out explanatory material that would be good practice to memorize for further occasions, but only at the discretion of the person reading Green: This code would be for my personal opinion of whatever is it that I'm talking about.
  8. After Berserker told me that there's a BF 4 forum I have decided to move this topic to where it belongs for everyone's convinience Click here to go to the topic