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Found 3 results

  1. I Have An Art Section On My Website Go There If You're Looking For Inspiration My Style Is Classical And Angry Army www.GoVersusStop.ca
  2. Angry Joe Show team, at this point it's getting pretty ridiculous that many of your reaction videos and reviews are getting copyrighted more often. In one video you made recently, you stated that you got a refund for a costume (I think the Mass Effect one) that cost A LOT of money. So with that money, can you please invest money into your own website and make one like Rooster Teeth (plus you can still have ad's on both the videos and website)? It's a win win. For both the community and you. You make more money from ad's and also the community will thrive even more. We would like to see reviews and full reaction videos without any edits. Times have changed and companies will do anything to claim videos nowadays to make a quick buck. Just my thought of course,  ----- tl;dr The whole idea about redoing the website for the video aspect. Having a website more clean, sleeker and modern. Better for video viewing. The idea of him invest money into servers and having all his future content (and maybe past, who knows) in full. Not any chopped up videos to avoid claims. See a normal review without having the video flipped or images covering sections to avoid auto bot claims. Or even a full reaction video without it showing the full video and only 40 seconds of reaction. This is where Rooster Teeth has the advantage when I said "like Rooster Teeth" and not "copy" them.
  3. FO4, Battlefront, MGSV, and Halo 5 are the "newest" things on the front page. The front page (and blog) needs a serious update. Does Joe handle the website, or is someone sleeping on the job? ... Wow. A lot on the website hasn't been updated in ages. The last "Mission" is all the way back in 2012. In fact, it looks like most of the website hasn't been updated since 2012.