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Found 4 results

  1. After hearing about the mountaintop prison mission in BF 4 and how you run into Dima, I've been wondering why this Russian spec-ops character ended up in a Chinese prison. I have a theory or two of my own, so bear with me while I lay em out for you. Theory One is that Dima was deliberately put there by the Chinese Government as a favour to the Russian Government so as to dispose of an inconvenient piece of evidence of the Paris debacle, which does sound like something the Russians would do, especially after throwing an entire Airborne Battalion at one company of Marines just to try and cover up the fact that a couple of their nukes got snatched. Theory Two is a bit more lenient towards the Russian Government. Perhaps in an uncharacteristic fit of common sense, the Rusky's decided that it might be a good idea to do some recon on the Chinese before climbing into bed with them, so to speak. So they send in Dima, but Dima screws things up somehow and gets caught, and now the Russians don't have any choice but to play for the Chinese team because they haven't heard from Dima and the Chinese are looking at them like they owe them one. Now I haven't played BF 4 at all, so if there was some dialogue in game explaining why Dima was in that prison, please feel free to fill me in.
  2. How are you guys when it comes to listening to music? I think I might be a little more "strange" than most people I see in public when it comes to music. Whenever I listen to music, I normally like to be alone in a room with the lights out. As I listen to it, I let my imagination wonder, and the things I imagine differ depending on the song I'm listening to. A violent song will have me think violent things. A peaceful and happy song will make me think of uplifting scenarios, etc. It gets even better for me whenever I can heavily feel the emotion being conveyed to me, and that can go with other things as well. Like movies. I get this pleasant feeling in my head when I can heavily sense whatever emotion is being sent to me. It happens mostly with music... I really love music. What I do whenever I'm going to really get into the music I like and want to listen to, is listen to a crappy song first. It accentuates how good the song I like is and it makes it 10x better lol. I enjoy doing it. Example: What I think is crap: And what I think is good: I like rap music as you can tell by the examples above. I listen to other genres a little bit as well. If you don't like the same stuff I do, don't blatantly insult my taste and I won't insult yours (I won't insult yours either way.) So what about you guys? What kind of music do you like, and how do you like to listen to it? Do you do anything similar to what I do when enjoying your tunes?
  3. Anybody finished the mission from Madrazzo called "Death from above"? I figured I'd take a crack at it solo, because I like a challenge but holy crap. If you didn't get wanted right away, would be possible, I aggroed the guys without shooting any, so i was unwanted, and called in a merryweather attack chopper, which lasted for like 30 seconds and got shot down. So I'm wondering how to go about this, obviously I need more people, but can a couple more people effectively distract the cops while 1 or 2 go into the mansion? or will the cops just go apeshit and attack all of us?
  4. Does anyone know if there is gonna be a planetside 2 server? if yes, would you please also tell when if you know?