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Found 38 results

  1. May as well just post this because let's face it... I've started my run of the Wii U version of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Why Wii U because it's the last game for the console and I want this to be a fitting end to a console that really got put under a bus. Enjoy nonetheless.
  2. Mighty No. 9 - A Review by Jose Vega Deep Silver didn’t provide me a review copy. Copy received by a special someone as a gift. It was a game almost four years in the making. Four years and almost $4 million were put into this. Keiji Inafune stated that this would be the successor to Mega Man and fans were really excited to play it after the drought that Mega Man fans have gotten since 2011. Cancellations, exclusions, it was a horrible time to be a Mega Man fan. Now it’s 2016 and Mighty No. 9 has finally arrived. Will this be a second coming or will four years and four million dollars end up creating an absolute disaster? Before I explain what the game is about, here’s a little bit of backstory on how Mighty No. 9 came about. In 2010, Keiji Inafune left Capcom to form his own company called Comcept. After he left, Capcom went and cancelled three Mega Man games that were in production, basically burying one of their popular franchises out of spite for the man and causing fans massive outrage. Three years later, Inafune announced Mighty No. 9, made to be as a successor to Mega Man. He opened a Kickstarter with a goal of $900,000 but it would be surpassed to reach $4 million. The success would set off many other Kickstarter campaigns to follow. To reach that amount, they offered a lot of stretch goals such as extra modes, online multiplayer, documentary and various ports. All of them were achieved but it would be a sign that trouble would soon follow. 2014 would be the starting point of that trouble but it isn’t until 2015 was where the trouble began. In January of last year, Inafune made a video saying the game is finished. Three months later, Comcept formed a partnership with Deep Silver and announcing that they would publish the game. The game was delayed till September and it was due to the many ports they promised, including Deep Silver wanting to release a physical version. It then got delayed till February 2016, due to the game’s netcode for some minor modes. It got delayed again for a possible “Spring 2016” release with the blame being on online modes. In reality, it was rumored that the game was made using Unreal Engine 3 and they were unable to make changes. Then they announced that the final release date would be June 21st. Though it was official, things only went from bad to worse. Deep Silver released a trailer promoting the game and it was a massive embarrassment. So much so that Comcept took to twitter and saying that it was unforgivable. Heck even Sonic the Hedgehog’s official Twitter took potshots at it for good measure. The game eventually arrived but even more problems came in. Backers couldn’t get their codes, some ports got delayed and even a version ended up being unplayable. To summarize… it was a disaster. The story is familiar and straightforward. Why I say this? Because it’s basically a cut & paste version of Mega Man’s original story. There are some differences between the two. One difference is that there is no main big bad controlling everything. I won’t spoil it but if you’ve played Mega Man, chances are you’ll find that the story is familiar to you. There’s really not much to say about it and the ending will probably lead to a sequel. Mighty No. 9 is a platforming game, similar to Mega Man in some aspects. You go from point A to point B, shooting enemies and dodging obstacles. At the end is a boss fight and you need to beat the boss to clear the stage. Like Mega Man, in this game you can also obtain new powers after beating the boss. Now this is where I stop cause that’s where the similarities end. Mighty No. 9 has a gimmick that is unique and one of the things that sets it apart from other games. It’s gimmick is absorption. Beck has the ability to absorb enemies when they are weakened. About Beck, his gameplay is similar to Mega Man. He can run, jump, shoot and dash. He can air dash as well, something that Mega doesn't have. But it’s his dash that gives him the option to absorb Xel from enemies. After damaging an enemy, they become different colored data and you need to absorb said enemy to defeat them. You have a set amount of time as the longer you wait, the less of a bonus you get. Doing it immediately will get 100% and start up a combo. Skilled players can pull off combos with ease, provided they don’t get careless. Some enemies also have various color properties. They come in four colors: blue, green, red and yellow. Blue builds up and after absorbing enough, you’ll get an E-tank that can help you recover your health. Green increases speed, red increases attack and yellow increases defense. Combine with the fact you need to obtain combos is efficient. Similar to Mega Man, you take on a boss at the end of the level. You won’t be able to figure out how to beat it at first but it takes practice and with a game like this, sometimes they can be outright unfair. When you beat a boss, you’ll obtain their ability that can be used to take down the next one. In some levels, the boss that you defeat previously will help you make some parts of the level easier. In addition, the bosses aka Mighty Numbers are no pushovers. You need to be real skilled if you want. I also should mention that in one section of the game, you get to play as Call. She’s different from Beck. She can’t absorb Xel but she can crawl through spaces, has the ability to hover and can project an energy shield. The only catch is that she can’t move while using it. Call isn’t that bad but it makes me wish that she can be similar to Beck in some ways. The game has replay value with the inclusion of a character named Raychel aka Ray. Ray is basically the hard mode of the game as playing as her provides a different style of gameplay. She has access to claws that deal close range strikes and a dash attack that can go through anything. The only difference is that you lose health so you need to regain health constantly if you want to last. Beating the game will take you roughly about 2-4 hours and with multiple difficulties can add more hours onto the game. Ray will also add a few more hours as well along with a lot of skill. I’ve already provided my thoughts on the gameplay and personally, it’s good if you’re in for a challenge. Makes me wish it could be spiffed up so the gameplay can be better. However I don’t have anything nice to say regarding the game’s presentation. I don’t, truthfully. It’s downhill from here. Since the game was running on an outdated engine, it ends up being more harm than good. The graphics are terrible, looking like they come from a previous generation or two. Most of the levels don’t have much in terms of atmosphere. They feel bland, lifeless and dull. Not to mention some of the stuff like explosions look lousy. Hell, the explosions look like pizzas and it became a meme of epic proportions. The character models aren’t great either. You can obviously tell that the people behind the game never even bothered to have their mouths move when they talk. They look like puppets. Mighty No. 9 has some talented voice actors but I feel they can’t bring any emotion to the roles they play. I feel bad for them. Call’s voice actor felt lifeless, reminding me of Samus from Other M. That’s all I’m saying about it. I do have a positive though and it’s the music. Some of the songs are very good while others are meh, at best. It’s mixed but at least in some levels, it can give you a bit of reprieve. Also the game has its issues, many issues depending on what console you play them in. The Wii U version has the worst of it with frame rate issues, long load times and in some cases, the game can outright brick your console. It was fixed with a patch but not for the others. PS4 doesn’t have any of these issues and the load times are shortened to around 15 seconds. It’s acceptable at best. The level design is all over the place and even though they relate to the environment they’re in, it still feels poorly done, which can lead to some unfair instances. Oh and there’s online play. Yeah. Online implementation is the reason why this game had been delayed multiple times and even then, they can’t even fix it. I never tried it and from what I’m hearing, it isn’t good. There are races, co-op and the like but the online is bugged and broken. Sometimes they don’t work and can really be problematic. Personally they should have just released it first and then put time toward fixing the online and making it work. Since it doesn’t, it only hinders the game even more. Inafune said it himself that the game is better than nothing. That is true but there’s no excuse for how the game is now. Four years and four million dollars went into this and what we got is a game that has a lot of promise but fails in everything else. The graphics are medicore, voice acting is a letdown despite having big name talent, unfair and uninspiring level design, broken online, long load times and a plethora of other issues hinder this game. However the game has solid gameplay, good music and a good amount of replay value with the different characters. Was this a full price game at around $50-60, I would judge it harshly. I am not however since the game is available at around $20-30, with cross play if its on a Sony console. Mighty No. 9 did have a lot of good ideas. It had a lot of potential to be a worthy successor to Mega Man and if the game had more time to be polished or maybe have better advertising then it would have been a success. Unfortunately it didn’t and I feel that four years and four million dollars contributed to one of the most disappointing games of 2016. For what it’s worth, I enjoyed this game but I wish it could have been better. I wish it could have but this is what we got. I give Mighty No. 9 a 5 out of 10. Do I recommend this game to anyone? No. Unless they want to see for themselves how much of a train wreck this is. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to play some Azure Striker Gunvolt, in preparation for the sequel.
  3. Just to make it easier (if it exists I was blind). My ID TwistedChi
  4. Hey guys, it's me again. Should let you know that since today is the day the game is released, it's safe to say that my playthrough of Star Fox Zero is a go! I did record this weeks in advance when I got my advanced copy. Unfortunately getting the voices from the Wii U tablet into this was something I couldn't do. Regardless of such, I did enjoy the game and I started uploading the game in parts for all of you to see. If anyone's interested, here it is and if you enjoy it, head to the youtube videos for it and leave a Like. It really does mean a lot. This will be updated. Hope you all enjoy.
  5. Star Fox Zero – A Review by Jose Vega Special thanks to Nintendo for providing a review copy of the game. In 1993, Star Fox was released for the SNES, the first game that specialized on polygonal graphics with the use of the Super FX chip. It would be the start of a franchise that would span more than two decades. Four years later, Star Fox 64 was released taking the franchise to the third dimension all while providing a satisfying experience. The series chugged on, from the adventure based Star Fox Adventures, the vehicle and ground based Star Fox Assault to the all-range shoot-em up, choose your path style of Star Fox Command. Not counting the 3D remake of Star Fox 64, there have been a total of 5 games in the franchise and all of them have delivered. It’s 2016 and the newest game, Star Fox Zero is here. But will it hold up well or will it crash and burn? Let’s begin with the plot and for the sake of things, it’s sort of a retelling of Star Fox 64. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing but it’s done in a way that is familiar while not deriding from what it was. People may complain about it if they wish but honestly, I kind of like it. I’m nostalgic, to let you know. One of the main things about the game is the controls. People wonder if it’ll be like Star Fox 64 where you use the analog to move and buttons to shoot. Not in this case. Here, Nintendo decides to bring the feel of being a pilot by means of motion controls. People may complain that the motion controls hinder the game overall but from my experience, that isn’t the case. Sure it took me a while to adjust since this felt different at first but overtime, it grew on me. Now I love it and I feel that helps the game out greatly. Though you’ll have to do double duty as you not only have to contend with what’s on the TV but also ensure that the motion controls help you deliver a sharper shot. The good news is that a simple button press helps calibrate it, making things easier and less of a strain on the player. Also, you can play the game two ways: single player or co-op. Co-op is interesting as one player uses the tablet to aim and shoot, the other uses either a Wii U pro controller or the Wii remote and nunchuk to move and steer the ship. It’s awesome and you know what they say, teamwork is what will win the day no matter what. You have access to three different vehicles: Arwing, Landmaster and Gyrowing. Arwing and the Landmaster are pretty straightforward. Whether in the sky or in the ground, you just aim and shoot at anything that’s in the way. However with this game, they take it one step further. With the Arwing it has the option to transform into something called a Walker, borrowing elements from the cancelled Star Fox 2 game. Design-wise, I like it though the controls for it can take some adjusting. Just a small nitpick. As for the Landmaster, it has the option to hover and become the Gravimaster. In some ways it’s like a smaller arwing but with heavier firepower. About that, it can lock onto three enemies at once. Helpful for getting higher scores in some levels. Last but not least is the Gyrowing, a new vehicle introduced for this game. It’s not like the other two as its slower and has an onboard droid called Direct-i. Direct-I is a small robot that can access data ports and hack them. Not to mention it can enter through small spaces. People may not like the Gyrowing because of its controls but they aren’t as bad. Fortunately it’s only used on two stages so no problem there. Also once the Walker obtains the upgrade that lets you hack like Direct-I, the Gyrowing would be more or less unneeded. It’s not a Nintendo game without Amiibo support and this game has it. Using either the Fox or Falco amiibo will provide you some really nifty stuff. For example the Fox amiibo gives the Star Fox team access to SNES style Arwings called Retro Arwings and the Falco Amiibo gives Fox the Black Arwing. The Black Arwing makes the game a little harder so if you want a challenge, this is it. Level wise, the game is like Star Fox 64 as you go from point A to point B. How you reach it depends and there are many ways. When you play it for the first time, you go through a set path that’s provided for you. Afterwards you have the option of going back to previous levels to discover alternate paths. This adds replayability to a game that many say is short, for those that want to not only find new levels but also to get the highest score. There are rewards for it but I won’t say what they are. You just need to find out for yourself when the game comes out. Knowing Platinum Games, the company behind many games that are difficult and challenging, this is one I feel you will have to spend a lot of time on to do so. Star Fox Zero looks amazing on the Wii U. The presentation is great. Everything feels lively to look at and when the game gets intense with the battles, you know you’re in for a heck of a ride. Want to know what makes it better? The game runs at a rock solid 60 frames per second. It’s awesome and it makes the game look and run so well. The voice work is good, many of the people that did voice work for Star Fox 64 (as well as the 3D remake) reprise their roles here. It makes the game feel familiar. However I have a nitpick with it and its that you don’t hear the voices on the TV. They are heard on the gamepad. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing but I wish that the game had the option to let you have the voices on the TV screen. It would make things feel familiar. I hope Nintendo considers adding this option. Music is a different story because the game has many memorable tunes that add and fit to the overall game’s aesthetic. Some songs in it will remind you of Star Fox 64 but they’re done with much more finesse. It makes me wish the game had a soundtrack cause I’d buy it. I love the music for Star Fox Zero. Truly one of the best I’ve ever listened to! Nintendo and Platinum Games have delivered an experience unlike any other. It feels familiar but also feels fresh as well. Sure some people may not like the game’s controls, the fact that it’s somewhat of a reboot of Star Fox 64, some vehicles may not be up to par like the Gyrowing but would it really hinder your overall experience? No. Of course not! Star Fox Zero is an amazing game and I can’t say it enough. If you’re willing to invest time in learning the controls and how the game works, you’ll be in for a heck of an experience. Team Star Fox is ready to soar once more on the Wii U. It’s one that I feel will leave you satisfied. My final score for this game is an 8 out of 10. It’s an excellent game that is worth your money. You will not be disappointed. This game also earns Angry Joe's badass seal of approval!
  6. Hey guys, been a while. I had no idea the Angry Army Forums have changed... most likely for the better I might say. Anyway, before I begin, special thanks to Nintendo for providing me review copies of this and Star Fox Guard which I will be showing to you guys next week. In the meantime, this is my preview gameplay of Star Fox Zero for the Nintendo Wii U. It's five videos totaling 15 minutes of gameplay and I know you all will like it for sure. Tell me what you think? Hope to hear from you all.
  7. To let everyone know, special thanks to Nintendo and Namco Bandai for providing me a early review copy of the game. However I'm told the limited gameplay I can provide is up to 30 minutes and it can be split into 10 minute increments. I'm alright with that. However it won't stop me from showing off how great the game is and it TRULY IS great. Without a doubt. Up first is some gameplay showing off Pikachu Libre against a Machamp. Enjoy. More will be coming so stay tuned. #freegame #PokkénTournament
  8. Since you can see people's Steam, Xbox, Playstation and EA account names I think Angry Joe should make an option to show your Nintendo ID on your profile. It would boost the nintendo community on here loads because you can see someone's ID on their profile and add them much easier. Who agrees with me?
  9. Nintendo had pretty good year in 2014 in regards to exclusives, arguably the strongest out of the current generation for 2014. Wondering what everyone's most excited for in 2015 from Nintendo, I for one am most excited for the bravery default sequel but the new fire emblem sounds pretty good too. Whats everyone else excited for?
  10. I am currently typing this using a Wii U game pad, so that means I bought the console. I can't wait to get into this and start gaming with the other Nintendo gamers soon. My Nintendo network ID is ShaggerAJSA and have Smash Brothers, Mario Kart 8 and Beyonetta 2.
  11. I've been playing a lot out of Hyrule Warriors and I've been loving it. But I was curious on who else would be in the game and what others want in the game, so I made this poll. Whether it's because the character's a badass with bubblegum or the idea of the character fighting hordes of enemies would make anyone laugh, I narrowed down some who aren't in the game but could be the game. Note: Most of these are villains (not many villains are in the game). Also, I know that I met have missed someone so fill free to add your choice in with "other".
  12. Hello everyone! AngryJoe has a Wii U and he is streaming right now. But I came on here and created this to see if anyone thinks if there will be changes to the Nintendo forum section? It is just to 'guess' if there will be any changes though. Like a feature where you can hold a tournament date for Mario Kart 8, for example. I doubt it, but it would be nice to read other people's views on this. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.
  13. The Master Quest DLC Pack, due out 10/16 WW, set to bring Epona, a new adventure map, new scenarios, new costumes, and new weapons. It's gonna run about $14.99 USD. Oh, almost forgot, this is the Master Quest adventure map, so it's harder than the original by restricting healing, item use, and is meant to just be flat out harder. For Dynasty Warriors aficionados I imagine this is gonna be about the same as Chaos difficulty, but who knows. A whole new adventure map for $15 is a real sweet deal. EDIT: Seems you get a new adventure mode map and an optional Master Quest rules it seems.
  14. I. AM. PISSED. Usually when it comes to Nintendo, I love them. I love the Wii U, and I love it's games. I'm usually the first to roll my eyes whenever people start rambling on about how Nintendo sucks or that old bullshit claim that if you like Mario/Zelda games you're an idiot because all Mario/Zelda games are shit because shut up reasons. But today, I'm pissed off at how Nintendo is handling their online store front. Now, I don't have the internet at my house, so for a little over a year my Wii U has gone without updates or downloads of any kind. So when I bought myself a cheap shitty little LAN to USB adaptor so I could steal a friend's internet, two things were on my mind; Update all games, buy Shovel Knight. Sounds easy enough right? Well, that was until I tried to use the eShop. I got my Wii U three or four months after it came out, and back then the eShop seemed fine because there was fuck all games out for the system and very few of it's digital applications were actually out and ready to be downloaded. But now, today, as it is, it's fucking unusable. Now I know that since I'm in Australia, companies love to not bother giving us the shit the rest of the world has (And I'll come back to this) but the fucking console has been out for three years now. Why the fuck can't I find a single digital download indie game? You open up the eShop, and the first thing you see are a bunch of buttons that link to new releases and titles to be released, and then under that some buttons to a couple of indie games, the Virtual Console and then some shit about 'games we can play together' and not one of these buttons is as simple as 'digital games' or 'all games' or 'A-Z'. Y'know, those buttons that XLBA and PSN and Steam and GOG have so we can easily find the games we want instead of trying to dig around the front page desperately trying something that would link to a list with more than 16 games on it. Oh, there's a search bar, but it didn't do much good. Because I found out WHY I couldn't find Shovel Knight no matter what I did. Can you guess why? IT DOESN'T COME OUT IN AUSTRALIA UNTIL NOVEMBER 2014. Yep, told we'd get back to this. Yes, it appears Shovel Knight isn't out in Australia or Europe until some time in November. Now, forgive me for assuming that a game that was released in June in the US was out in Australia at the same time. I mean, it's not like data files have region locks or even that we speak a different language or anything. HOW DARE I ASSUME SUCH MADNESS. Let's just ignore the fact Yacht Club Games have stated that the only reason the only console and handheld they released Shovel Knight on was the Wii U and 3DS was to help those two systems out, I mean why would Nintendo by thankful for that, right? Oh yeah, and another thing? Nintendo's customer service is crap. Nintendo Australia has no email contact option. So unless I want to write a letter like an old man or get ridiculous phone bills out the ass there's no way to actually tell Nintendo how to improve their eShop. Oh, I've emailed the American Nintendo customer service before, but literally every response I've ever gotten starts with "this is the Nintendo of America, we can't help you". I'm not asking for you to redesign your entire online infrastructure, Nintendo. I just want an 'all games' button. And 'all games button! That's all! And for you to stop pretending that Australia is some far off arcane land. Rant over, now sleep.
  15. If you thought Super Smash Bros for both Wii U and 3DS was the only Nintendo fighting game on Nintendo (such as Wii U and 3DS) made by Namco Bandai, think again. Tekken producer, Katsuhiro Harada the employee of Namco Bandai announced that Namco Bandai will developing Pokemon with 3D fighting game on Wii U. This game will be not more than 700 Pokemon species which is possibly around 20 - 100 Pokemons. There will be available to use the any elements from Pokemon rather Fighting-type only. I hope that Namco Bandai will make Digimon with 3D fighting game which is my imagination. http://nintendoeverything.com/pokemon-president-and-katsuhiro-harada-talk-a-bit-about-pokken-tournaments-origins/ http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2014/aug/26/pokken-tournament-announced-developed-tekken-team-heads-japanese-arcades-2015/ http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2014/aug/27/pokken-tournament-will-not-feature-only-fighting-type-pokemon-katsuhiro-harada-confirms/
  16. Curious why a game is not on the list? It's because it currently has a vague release date of Q3 or Q4 which means absolutely nothing. Confirmed means that, at the very least, a known month of the games release is known. With that out of the way. Here is the list. EU Release NA Release Simultaneous Release It's Out Now Wii U: Hyrule Warriors 9/26 9/19 Skylanders Trap Team 10/5 10/10 Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 10/14 10/3 The Voice: I Want You 10/21 Just Dance 2015 10/21 Pier Solar 10/23 Bayonetta 1&2 10/24 Stealth Inc. 10/30 E-Shop| Shantae: Half-Genie Hero 10/?? LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham 11/11 11/14 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric 11/11 11/21 WatchUNDERSCOREDogs 11/18 11/21 Super Smash Bros. 11/21 E-Shop| Kenji: Rise of a Hero 11/25 E-Shop| Shovel Knight 11/?? Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 12/5 E-Shop| The Girl and the Robot 12/?? 3DS: E-Shop| BLAZBLUE -CLONEPHANTASMA- 8/21 Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright 8/29 Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call 9/16 9/19 Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit 9/16 Super Smash Bros. 10/3 Poptropica: Forgotten Islands 10/14 E-Shop| Shantae And The Pirate's Curse 10/23 E-Shop| Castle Conqueror EX 10/23 Fantasy Life 10/24 9/26 Pokémon Art Academy 10/24 Shin Megami Tensei IV 10/30 Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley 11/04 Ultimate NES Remix 11/05 11/07 Tetris Ultimate 11/11 11/14 LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham 11/11 11/14 Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire 11/21 11/28 Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth 11/25 11/28 E-Shop| Shovel Knight 11/?? Ace Attorney Trilogy 12/9 Games that are primed to come out 2014, but have no set month of release:
  17. The Distribution of Costumes is as thus: Amazon gets Twilight Princess Gamestop gets Ocarina Best Buy gets Skyward Sword Club Nintendo Registration gets Ganondorf costume like that bad ass Demise inspired one. Or you could not preorder and bank on them being made available to all at some point. Either way, If you're pre-ordering for a specific costume set then that's the list.
  18. http://playeressence.com/rumor-linking-wii-u-to-3ds-version-of-smash-bros-unlocks-mewtwo-dixie-kong-and-more/ This would be cool if it turns out to be true.
  19. What were or are your favorite Super Smash Bros. characters and which characters are you looking forward to playing as in the next installment of the franchise. For me it is: Link for SSB Young Link and Marth for SSBM Ike and Marth for SSBB In the next Smash Bros. I'm looking forward to playing as Rosalina and, of course, the Blue Bomber. That Final Smash.
  20. Hey, savage here. So, Nintendo is finally making a new StarFox for Wii U, and nine-years after the disaster that was StarFox Command. Now a question has been going through my mind on how the actual gameplay is going to be in the final product, will it be another Assault with on-foot segments, will be like Adventures with the focus completely on the ground missions and less in the air, or will it be like Star Fox 64 and go back to its roots? I don't know. From what I've read, the gamepad will be used as a first-person view from the Arwing for the first tme, on-rails' missions are coming back, several characters are returning, an ability to change your Arwing into a tank with a push of a button (similar to StarFox 2), and a new helicopter vehicle mode will be added into the game. All in all, I'm liking what I'm hearing about this new title. What do you guys think?
  21. So anyone looking forward to this whenever Nintendo tells us when they're releasing it.
  22. Today, Mario Kart 8 came out and yeah, I got my hands on the game. Simply put, it's freaking awesome and I figure why not do an LP of the game. I'm doing the game in 150cc and it's the hardest of the difficulties. The AI will take no expense in making sure you don't get first place and watch as I try to reach that. Hope you like and if you have anything to say, feel free to. I'm all ears.
  23. Project CARS (Community Assisted Racing Simulator) is developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by The World Of Mass Development (WMD) which is a crowd funded investment system. Forget Forza and Gran Turismo this is how it’s done. With over 70 race cars to craft your career starting with Karts and branching into just about every possible from of motorsport from Australian V8’s, Oval, Multiclass GT, Touring Cars, classics, Indy Car and even Formula 1 and many more. This is not NFS Shift 3! New SIM tyre and suspension models which are the most advanced ever seen in a game are tested by the community (including myself ) , professional racing drivers and even the ex Stig Ben Colins to perfection. Fuel consumption and tyre ware are always factors when driving, play conservatively and tactically or go out on an aggressive charge through the field. Race too hard and your car will deteriorate visually from minor dents and scratches to massive impacts in which you will be treated to a display of your car twisting and disassembling itself piece by piece to physical mechanical damage as you cook your brakes, ware your tyres down and ruin your engine. There can be up to and over 32 cars on track for PC and consoles, track conditions change during the race as more rubber is laid down on the track and chunks of discarded tyre and debris begin to litter the track in addition to full day and night time transition and full dynamic weather that can be linked to real time weather reports on all tracks which there are currently over 60 of them announced not including there different course layouts, from Monaco to Suzuka, if it's a know track it's here. Aside from the game’s cornerstone career mode and extensive online play, Project CARS will give players various opportunities to hit the track whenever and how they please. Single player options range from the traditional practice mode that allows players to pick any track and car for a test drive to the extensive Quick Race Weekends. Quick Race Weekends can be created in every racing format Project CARS offers, from karting to sprint racing and fully fledged endurance events. The race weekends are fully customizable as players can choose the exact weather conditions they please (or use real-time weather from the chosen racing location), choose the sessions they want to run and even time accelerate everything to fit a full 24h race with day & night transitions into a single hour. The whole Quick Race Weekends feature works in online mode as will, allowing the setup of comprehensive multiplayer events with specified rules. Once at the track, players can use Project CARS extensive car setup & pit strategy options to add even more realism to the race weekend as all aspects of the car’s setup and the pit strategy within the race are fully tweak-able in addition to racing rules/flags and planned pace car support post launch. P CARS has a huge online aspect with up to on some tracks 32+ players on PC, along with a fair and sophisticated driver rating system similar to that of iRacing that rewards fast, clean driving over recklessly ramming and cheating. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlXHiIjFknU Release date is March 2015 and the game already looks amazing, with the amount of testing is has courtesy of the WMD it looks to be a well polished and content filled game for everyone on any console to enjoy! "Made by racers, for racers" Wii U- ?Xbox One- 1080p/60fpsPS4 – 1080p/60fpsPC- Up to 12K by using 3 screensCommodore 64 - 1440p/100fps
  24. So far, we know that the Wii U version of Watch Dogs is confirmed to be delayed from May 27th to some later date, possibly in November. Any other related news? Release dates? Announcements?
  25. I wanted to conduct a gaming poll for fun as well as research for a paper I am writing. The question is what is your gaming platform of choice this next gen( the 8th gen i think). answer here in the comments and of course the poll. Hope we all have fun with this.