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Found 10 results

  1. As the new year begins many finish talking about the highlights of 2016, Giant Bomb and friends of the site continue to post some excellent GOTY lists, Polygon makes entertaining videos of their GOTY lists, developers describe their most memorable game moments of 2016, a list of the craziest news stories, show the best and worst esports moments, best music of the year, etc. hbomberguy talks about Bethesda's anti-critic review policy, using fans as commercials for their products, and the need for critics and discerning customers to create better games and a better industry. Windows 10 might be getting a "Game Mode" option, lawsuits, a look into the voice actors strike, Old Republic players make tributes to Carrie Fisher, the history of Earthbound, and more. Gaming News (Announcements, release dates, previews, interviews, expansions, DLC, updates, company news, new tech, mods) Windows 10 may be getting a new "Game Mode" option [Updated] Windows 10 now accounts for more than half of PCs in the Steam Hardware Survey Steam Top 100 Sellers of 2016 Galaxy in Turmoil video shows off Nak-Thi map Robinson: The Journey No Longer PlayStation VR Exclusive Sledgehammer tweet hints at potential COD 2017 setting Here's a surprise new trailer for horror RPG Omori Starbound developer shows new image of its 'Advance Wars meets Fire Emblem' game Rime No Longer PS4 Exclusive, Re-Revealed for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC Epitasis Looks Like One Of Tycho's Songs Reimagined In Unreal Engine 4 The next game by That Dragon, Cancer's dev is not what you'd expect Overwatch’s new map, Oasis, available now Overwatch Players Are Sick Of Mei's Ice Wall Exploit I've never experienced it but I tend to just be sick of Mei in general. Hitman takes aim at a food critic in the last Elusive Target of 2016 Arkane says Prey will be "flawless" on PC at launch YOU'VE TAKEN US ON A ROYALTIES ROLLER COASTER!!! Clash of Clans banned in Iran after suggestions game causes 'tribal conflict' First comments by Ramin Shokrizade, explain possible reasons behind this. Rhianna Pratchett leaves the Tomb Raider franchise "[TmarTn] fled the country after we filed the lawsuit," explains lawyer suing him and Valve Class Action Lawsuit Blaming Valve for Illegal Skin Gambling Refiled in District Court Diablo's 20th anniversary brings special events to Hearthstone, Overwatch, and more Postal goes open source after almost 20 years Grid, Dirt 3 and F1 2013 removed from Steam Pokémon Prism finds a life after death as ROM leak spreads GTA 4's Liberty City Will Soon Be Playable within GTA 5 Homeworld 2 Complex mod version 10 released Esports News The best CS:GO plays of 2016 The moments that defined League of Legends in 2016 The story of StarCraft II in 2016 The highs and lows of Heroes of the Storm in 2016 Why Hearthstone in 2016 was actually pretty great (despite all the Shaman) The Best Esports Plays Of 2016 Crowdfunding News Didn't find anything this week that I haven't already posted about. Content I found interesting this week (interviews, reviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, criticism, etc) Bethesda VS Critics: How To Save The Games Industry Kevin Cloud on Snapmap & The Art of DOOM - Extended Interview The Ongoing Voice Actor's Strike Is More Than Just a Little Drama Developers describe their most memorable game moments of 2016 HBOMB'S GOTY 2016 LIST Giant Bomb's GOTY Lists Continue The Bakalar Family's Top 10 Games to Watch and Play of 2016 Zoe Quinn's Top 10 Games of 2016 Brad Muir's Top 10 Games of 2016 Giancarlo Varanini's Top 10 Games of 2016 Patrick Miller's Top Games of 2016 Brad Shoemaker's Top 10 Games of 2016 Lorne Lanning's Top 10 Games of 2016 Alx Preston's Top 11 Games of 2016 Bruno Dias' Top 10 Games of 2016 No Goblin's Top 10 Games of 2016 Charles Webb's Top 10 Games of 2016 Austin Walker's Top 10 Games to Watch in 2016 ZODIAC MOTHERFUCKER's Top 10 Games of 2016 Steve Gaynor's Top 10 Games of 2016 Jason Oestreicher's Top 10 Games of 2016 Greg Kasavin's Top 10 Games of 2016 Jason Imms' Top 10 Games of 2016 Nina Freeman's Top 10 Games of 2016 Samantha Kalman's Top 10 Games of 2016 Rowan Kaiser's Top 10 Games of 2016 John "Cowboy" Bellomy's Top 10 Games of 2016 Jeff Gerstmann's Top 10 Games of 2016 Scott Benson's Top 10 Games of 2016 Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega's Respective Top 10 Games of 2016 Danny O'Dwyer's Top 10 Games of 2016 Keir Miron's Top 10 Games of 2016 Nick Capozzoli's Top 10 Games of 2016 Rich Gallup's Top 10 Mobile Games of 2016 BAKOON's Top 10 Games of 2016 Cara Ellison's Top 10 Games of 2017 Alex Navarro's Top 11 Games of 2016 Top 10 BEST Games 2016! The Dean's List: Mike's Top Ten Games of 2016 Dean's List: Patrick Klepek's Favorite Games of 2016 The Dean's List: Austin Walker's Top 10 Games of 2016 Kotaku GOTY Lists Nathan Grayson’s Top 10 Games Of 2016 Kirk Hamilton's Top 10 Games Of 2016 Fahey's Top Ten Games Of 2016 Riley's Top 10 Games Of 2016 Polygon GOTY Lists Justin McElroy's Top 5 Games of 2016 — Polygon From Minecraft porn to the CSGOLotto scandal: the craziest news stories of 2016 STALKER: Call of Chernobyl wins ModDB's Mod of the Year, Rimworld grabs IndieDB's top prize equivalent I Introduced My Mom To VR For Christmas And She Took It Like A Champ How ‘Hotel Dusk: Room 215’ Inspired a New Investigation Space Marine: the 40K brawler a sequel or two away from brilliance What Made 2016's Doom Great AAA Games Weren't Afraid of Getting Political in 2016 Game Design Deep Dive: Using vision as cursor in Tethered Developing A Cat's Manor in Saudi Arabia for a Western Audience The making of Sapienza, Hitman's best level After My Dad Died, He Left Behind Thousands of Hours of Civilization Save Files Mafia III's Story Works Because Of The Open World Thousands of Star Wars: The Old Republic players gather to honor Carrie Fisher Carrie Fisher was 'gracious, funny and creatively open' in her small Dishonored role, says Arkane's Harvey Smith Surviving 2016's Deplorable Boss Rush 2016 burst the VR hype bubble — Epic’s Tim Sweeney thinks that’s not a problem Epic’s Tim Sweeney: Realistic Virtual Avatars Could End VR Harassment Obviously people more experienced in that area don't share his level of optimism. How a jungle map made Arma 3 grittier in 2016 Why Alan Wake's creators want to make you the storyteller Games Made Violence Meaningful in 2016 Games From My Inbox: Volume 5 Well, the sale will have ended by a day at time of this article/thread's posting. Listen to the best game music of the year The Best Video Game Music Of 2016 The Year In Video Game Sex, 2016 The prettiest screenshots of 2016 The Best Video Game Concept Art Of 2016 History of Earthbound: From MOTHER to UNDERTALE? - A Brief History Grand Theft Auto Advance: Two Prototype Demos Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games What were the sexiest video game moments of 2016? Best of Giant Bomb - 2016
  2. Gigantic was just released as an open beta in the game preview section. It is a cross-play supported Moba-esk game I've made large posts about before and it's very exciting to see it go live and leave the closed beta. I absolutely recommend downloading it and giving it a try - I'll probably be playing it regularly as well. Hope to see everyone here on the battlefields! If you're interested in some technical bits or want to read my first impressions I'll leave links to them here.
  3. https://youtu.be/FH-tXlvseU0 Hello and welcome back to Outlast 2 the demo lets see if this is as scary as it looks gup
  4. Alright guys so I just got my hands on Gigantic, a game coming out for Windows 10 and Xbox One, and I'm getting my first impressions. I'm going to share them with you all. I'm sure many of you remember me saying I would constantly mix up Overwatch and Gigantic because they have a similar art style. I wasn't joking. This game looks like SMITE and Overwatch had a love child and what popped out was this game. I like that, it doesn't borrow from either as much as make its own flare and resemble them slightly. I haven't tested combat much but every attack is an ability and has one of two upgrades (X and A). These upgrades seem to be X: Combat/solo oriented and A: Team support. Speaking of support this game does an AMAZING job seperating support from damage dealers. I've played as a support and a semi-support damage summoner and they both had very obvious strengths and weaknesses. So let's touch base on balance then. There is no item system. What you see is what you get and your character only gets stronger with level and personal skill. Unlike SMITE there is no requirement to learn simple item building, you jump in and play with no strings attached. Max level cap is 10. Those are all wonderful things, Gigantic gets a recommendation in my book which goes without saying. The open beta should release soon, so anyone here who wants something new should definitely try it out. It's free. I still have some gripes about it even with all my praise. The camera angle is weird and hard to get used to, even if you can swap it to left or right for better orientation to your personal play style. Another issue is an obvious learning curve, which will make it hard for new players to learn which is similar to some other f2p games. You can't change characters in-game either; you pick it you play it end of story. My final verdict will probably come out in a little while, but as of right now based on my first impressions I'm excited to see where it goes from here. It's definitely an interesting concept with many characters fitting nearly any playstyle with all kinds of zany looks and abilities. I recommend checking out their site [ https://www.gogigantic.com/en/ ] and keeping an eye on it. Another AJSA member and I both have Closed Beta codes so we're currently testing it out together and forming a general consensus on our final opinions.
  5. Alright so I recently posted my "first impressions" of the game. As I play and as it works into a full release I'll keep you guys updated on what's really going on with Gigantic as I know from being a beta tester. I've played a few matches and I've gotten a general idea of how the game works, even if just a general idea. The whole point of this is to educate people who have NO IDEA what Gigantic is and need an intro to how to play it and an idea of what to expect in-game. For all intensive purposes I'm going to use general terms. Without further ado, I'll begin with the very basics. In Gigantic there are two teams. One friendly and one enemy. You have a pretty nice selection of 16 characters with varying abilities, strengths and weaknesses. If you like support, there are a few of those, same for hunter, warrior, etc. Make sure you pick a character you want to play before you start the game because you can not change later. There is a level system with a cap of ten, allowing you to upgrade most of your abilities fully (two levels per ability, and they have trees. Many ways to play the same character.) There is also only one game mode as of right now (with multiple maps) but I'm sure this will change and we'll have more variety as the game develops. The main objective in our current mode is to kill the enemy boss. Pretty simple, all you need to do is get past the enemies, kill their defenses and tank it a little right? Very wrong. Gigantic has a unique way of balancing and padding the gameplay to make it less like your generic, typical MMO and more like their own brand of it. You see, when you start the game your boss creatures are separated by most of the map and there's just a big empty space. "But Kiwi, where are the towers? What about the defenses? Are we just to defend it on our own?" Nope, we get something even more badass than pre-determined structures. We get pre-determined points where we can BUILD OUR OWN STRUCTURES. They're not even structures, they're creatures. So to elaborate on those creatures, there are currently three. There's a healing tree, a guarding Cerberus, a cyclops, and an offensive drake. All of these start out as a weak, almost insignificant mini-boss creature and must be upgraded. Every character earns and starts with an amount of "Focus" to be used soley for these little guys whether you be placing them or making them big titans of destruction. Usually you'll see your team rush around to these pre-determined areas and start summoning your defense creatures. Be a sport and hang around in one, it helps summon them faster [apparently]. So you've got your defenses, right? But we don't know how to hurt that boss creature yet. Here's how it works: You have to get kills, collect energy orbs from the defenses your team placed, kill their defense creatures.. all of those give you points which make your boss creature SUPER STRONG. The first boss creature to 100 points weakens the enemy boss creature and allows the team a chance to hurt it. Any remaining points for the enemy creature become a shield and you have to eat through that before hurting it. Each boss creature has three health bars, and if your boss creature gets mega pissed it attacks the enemy creature attempting to kill it by its lonesome which gives your team an opportunity to really beat on the enemy boss. The defenses do not have to be down to be able to win. You can have an enemy will full defenses but still kill their boss. "Wow Kiwi, that sounds really long and boring. Does it ever spice up?" It does! After a time limit the boss creatures think they've both gotten strong and really start trying to kill one-another, it's advertised that they're supposed to meet in the middle but I never get to see that happen. All that usually happens to me personally is the boss creatures going out of their corner to beat on one-another occasionally while coming closer to the center over time.
  6. I've pretty much made up my mind that I want to make the upgrade to Windows 10 (from Windows 7) on my PC before the free period ends. I just want to make sure that's the right choice, and I'm not missing anything critical. If it ends up not being to my liking, I could just revert back to Windows 7 within 31 days after the upgrade. So, how does Windows 10 overall affect my PC? What problems might I have, what downsides will I have, and what improvements will I have?
  7. So, this isn't good in the slightest: Found out about this from PC Gamer, full article will be linked below along with the thread about it on Reddit. If this is true, Windows is now officially malware IMO. Really hope this gets them in trouble with the government if it installs itself on government computers and deletes or misplaces classified info, although I seriously doubt it will for reasons that should be obvious to anyone following US politics. I'm going over to Linux, hopefully CrossOver 15 works as advertised. And even if it doesn't, then I can do without computer gaming for a while. http://www.pcgamer.com/heads-up-windows-10-may-be-sneaking-onto-pcs-without-permission/ https://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/4a0asv/warning_windows_7_computers_are_being_reported_as/
  8. So, Windows 10 just launched and I Was curious about everyone's impressions thus far. Personally, coming from 8.1, my pc seems to be running a LOT faster. The new task bar looks nice and sleek while also being highly customizable. And Games run better. (For the most part. Runescape doesn't run worth a flying F***) Skyrim on Very High when originally I could only run it on Medium and even then it didn't run optimally. Newer games like Heroes of The Storm also run much, much better than they did before. With higher graphics! ____________________________________ Now onto negative things I still can't easily change what fonts my PC shows, same as windows 8 and maybe 7(dunno never messed with it on win7) Xbox tab seems to be a waste of hard-drive space. I was hoping that I could play my arcade games. (The fact that the console version of minecraft doesn't work for the 'free' Windows 10 edition of Minecraft pisses me off too, but that's not on Microsoft.) I can't stand being told 'HI' by my laptop and every other App that has me log into something. (Minor peeve.) RESOLVED* Now for the problem that Lights me up the most. My Wacom Bamboo Tablet and Gimp doesn't recognize that the other exists. Maybe there's something to be done about this, but It is a BIG problem. A solution would likely be to update the driver for my tablet but It's a decently old model and I don't know if they WILL update it. I may just have to buy a new one... *Just run in compatibility mode for Windows 7 and it'll work. Anywho, What are your first impressions of it? Edit: I asked her the weather tomorrow and it was pretty straight forward. I don't know, I'll have to mess around with it and see how complicated I can make the questions. Doesn't seem like the end of the world, anyhow. I can confirm this still happens. Fun! P.S: apparently DS4 doesn't work with Win10's current build. Fantastic, that. I totally wasn't replaying through dks1 at the moment. FUCK! After spending all night trying to find solutions for dual-shock 4 and games that only use Xinput(Dark Souls 1, games with a few years on them) I cannot find a good, permanent solution. So if you primarily use a DS4 for your PC gaming, I would recommend you NOT upgrade to Windows 10. Edit: __________ ALSO, you can disable the keylogger by doing this. (Found by Elioden Ward) I did it just now as a quick test and It does work. You MUST run Command Prompt as Administrator. Otherwise access will be denied. I would recommend everyone do this since it can affect your Internet connection since you're constantly sending data to Microsoft.
  9. Today, i received a little icon on the lower right corner of my screen (Very similar to win8.1 logo) Asking me if i wanted to upgrade to Windows 10. The little window says, that all my programs apart from daemon tools, will work correctly. It also says my system can take it. (According to the little feature in the prompt window) Okay fine, that's good. But, the real question is, will i be able to play my games? Concerns: Surely the performance boost and stuff is excellent! (They told me there's a performance boost) But, personally, my main focus is playing games, that's what i do for fun when i have no money, my favorite pass time. My system is AMD based, i went over to there site, to find anything related to Windows10. Only thing i Found was this: http://www.amd.com/en-us/solutions/software-partners/microsoft/windows Personally my GPU will not receive the Direct X 12 bonus, because its a 6 year old card ( Which seems to support dx11 lol). But what matters is that my CPU works correctly. This page says it will work. But i am still not sure if i should do it, i mean. windows 8.1 wasn't that too my liking, people said it was not all that better from win7. As i see it, they promise waaay too much with windows10. Is it actually better than windows 8.1 or even win7?? One of my other main concerns is "System lock", Will i be able too install another OS if i wish too? I read an article about it: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2901262/microsoft-tightens-windows-10s-secure-boot-screws-where-does-that-leave-linux.html Currently all i know is Intel machines are able to "toggle" off or on the "Secure boot" option. Kinda scared about that. Windows 10 appears to be in its early stage, with surely a lot of bugs floating around, But it looks like it will increase performance (Or so they told me) Its free for win7(64Bit???)/8.1 users. And the UI kinda looks cool? With the search bar back and stuff. And my semi old system will be able to run it perfectly according to them. But i rather not have a "preview" version. Microsoft said they'd be pushing windows 10 early 2015 to win7/8 users, but, is it already that far? or are they still pushing the preview version? So, i am in doubt. Because of all these things mentioned above. Should i upgrade to win10? Will you upgrade from your old system once you get prompted to do so? And why/why not would you (not) upgrade? do you think it will "promote" gaming? (Old & new games).
  10. Lots of cross platform stuff with PC! Games will reflect the games you play across all devices. It will include your friends list, messages and activity feed, so you can keep in touch with your friends and feed whilst you're out and about, which includes the use of text and voice chat. You can also bring up the Xbox UI from your PC and power your console should you wish. And that's not all. Windows 10 will allow streaming of Xbox games to PC, and a DVR feature will enable you to grab the last 30 seconds of gameplay from any Windows games - including Steam titles. You can jump into the Xbox app, edit your video, and then share across your social networks.