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Found 3 results

  1. Hello guys, lately I discovered that Angry Joe used my soundtrack in the intro of his "Game of Thrones" review and I'm so happy about that, I'm composing music for almost 15 years now and this is huge privilege and awesome recommendation for my work. If someone of you guys need some music for your Twitch / Youtube channels or other stuff I can create unique soundtracks for you, if your project is interesting enough I will be able to create even for free, I'm so happy that I can collaborate with this awesome community. Here are some of my works and my portfolio. Feel free to contact me if interested. Regards, Marcin Klosowski Here is my portfolio on audiojungle: https://audiojungle.net/user/marcinklosowski/portfolio
  2. Now I know at some point everyones had that job.... or are currently suffering one. In which you work with the dumbest of the lot or just plain lazy. Where the motto for your job is "throw everyone under the bus and leave them to rot on the highway". Now for the longest time, I could not at all possibly wrap my head around this...well actually I still can't. Especially when matters could be fixed just by properly training your staff, or properly understanding the situation. Make it easy on everyone. Thats your job when your in charge. Now for example I'm talking about that working environment where your management makes the most idiotic decisions known to man and it makes you wonder how they got their place as manager and how the boss doesn't see them for the fuck ups they are. Well I can say thats easy, its because they set everyone else up to take the blame naturally. Their snakes like that, you never hear what they tell the company boss behind closed doors. This occurs on every level to. Doesn't matter if your working a low wage job, or for a big time company. Snakes are everywhere. Now I'll give two examples from two individuals that I know of from two different sects of the labor force: Low wage: Now my friend here worked at walmart, Wally World to some, and he worked on stocking the shelves. Now on many occassion, he would have a manager come to him and tell him to help other people in their sections which basically causes him not to finish his own work, but then he gets blamed if he doesn't finish it. Now I could never get why they never take the time to properly ensure new comers are trained as their supposed to. Because they sure have a habit of putting all the work on the individuals that function the best, work the hardest. Its like the one's that do less, get all the slack and get by with murder. Of course alot of times its because of their connection with the manager on shift, or that manager really just rather put all the work on someone who already knows it and gets upset when... oh surprise. That one person can't do all the positions in a "team" oriented workspace alone. Gotta love it. Big time: Now this was from a neighbor that I knew for a time. He worked at a tax collection agency and they put him as head of a division that was failing. Well, he ended up bringing it around and bringing the profit margin up to 5 million. Now, I would be happy as hell if I had someone working for me making those type of turn arounds... but not in this case. They fired him because they were making money from that failing division, hiding cash by writing off their loses at the end of the year. Best part is how they fired him. Know those fundraisers you used to do when you were younger, or have a family member, or perhaps even child of your own thats done it? Well at a company meeting he was doing just that for his daughter helping him out and they used that as a grounds to fire him. Just wow. Someone makes you that amount of money the proper honest way, and you fire them? Imagine what he could have been doing given the chance in a higher position in your company. Now I know there are other occasions, many different types of in work neglect. I'm just curious to hear some personal experiences or some they may have heard a friend or relative go through. Because you know, our work system is just so grand and wonderful. Let the venting begin.
  3. Hey guys! Breaking the topic of gaming here for a sec. I was wondering what kind of careers are members of the Angry Army in or are looking to pursue. I'm taking some emergency medical courses to one day join the Fire Department of New York. It's been my dream to one day become a firefighter. What about you guys?