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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everyone! We all know there was some fantastic games in 2017, so much I'd be willing to call it the best year for quality games that we have had for a long time. This however does not alter the fact that it had more than it's fair share of bad games, disappointments, controversies and some seriously shady business practices that ruined what cold have been some solid releases. Rather than doing separate topics for these I've decided to amalgamate these into one, so post your list of games for whatever reason had you saying to yourself or out load.. Fuck This Game! Allow me to make a start (in no particular order): FUCK The legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild! Possibly not going to be a popular choice here but someone has got to say it. This game is overrated, annoying and tedious with the vast majority of it's many shortcomings passing through the filter of the gaming media and even independent YouTuber's underplayed or even totally ignored. Don't get me wrong, it has aspects of genuine brilliance in the combat, the intelligent AI, shrine puzzles, it's numerous in game mechanics, the ingenious level design and in amount of freedom it offers. However at other points it also one of the most frustrating and least fun gaming experiences of my entire life with it's overly fragile weapons, seemingly randomly spotted difficulty spikes, the needless necessity of having to travel back to specific points in order to level up, the stamina gauge, the fact the huge map seems to have been specifically designed to make the simple task of travelling from A to B as tedious and difficult as it can possibly be. For me at least in looking exclusively at the game itself this is 2017's greatest disappointment. FUCK Middle-Earth: Shadow of War! Riding off the subject games that I am unable to understand why so many like them so much we have the sequel to critically acclaimed but in this ones humble opinion FUCKING GOD AWFUL Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Yet I can comfortably say without even touching it that this follow up..... is even worse! Not only does it not seem that any of issues concerning the story, laughable stealth detection and lack of challenge have been addressed, (I heard some say they are even worse) but Warner Brothers Interactive decided to play the ultimate card in corporate smut and re-package the Nemesis system into a glorified gambling simulator. Thanks to the introduction of lootboxs you can pay your way into making Tallion and his army even more so the bunch overpowered jackasses than they already were without even playing the fucking game! Even honest attempts by the developer to pay tribute to a late colleague were left dripping with the disdain of corporate greed. I know now that this Middle-Earth will never be what I was hoping for. FUCK Life is Strange: Before the Storm! Now I already wrote a full review of this so I'll keep this brief. If you thought that going forward with such a well received new IP without the support of the original developer would be a mistake or that a prequel to a game that had such focus on player choice would be DOA when we already know what is ultimately going to happen.... then you'd be absolutely right. With less interactive gameplay, downgraded production with story and writing that plays out more like an amateur fan fiction than a legitimate prequel and what you get another huge let down in 2017. Full Review here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/39559-life-is-strange-before-the-storm-episodes-1-3-crabby-review/ FUCK Destiny 2! Here's the skinny on this one at least from my perspective. Despite it's issues I enjoyed the original and had every intention of paying this. However, during the open BETA for both PS4 and PC I was plagued with technical issues that as far I know almost nobody else seemed to suffer. In hindsight it almost seems to me now that this was a sign of an ill omen and I stayed away.... and thank fuck I did when you consider everything that has happened since. From players being banned for using totally innocent software like Discord or MSI Afterburner, locking players out of base game content unless they bought the first expansion, Bungie secretly capping XP gains to encourage players to spend more real money in the Eververse, designing a seasonal event to make it impossible to get every limited time item in the Eververse unless you gamble for it among so many other controversies that would even make EA blush! There's to much for me to even go through here but I'll leave a link to YongYea's YouTube channel if you want to learn more. It seems that Bungie have lost their drive here and don't really seem to care anymore. YongYea, YouTube FUCK The Life of Black Tiger! One the worst games if not THE worst game of 2017, not to mention one of the most confusing. I guess it's not that surprising that asset flipping trash made it as a freebie on mobile. This piece of shit truly stepped up to the plate by not only managing to get on the PlayStation store, not only charging $10 for a "game" that was originally free, not only getting activity promoted by PlayStation on their official YouTube channel with a trailer that (as you can see) is still there to this day but that very Trailer uses music directly stolen form JackonTC's piano cover of "Next to You" from the Anime Parasyte/Kiseijuu.... HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! How the hell did Sony allow this to happen! It truly beggars Belief! FUCK Star Wars Battlefront 2 EA! Well..... Well.... Well..... What more is there really about EA and their magnum PR disasterpiece that hasn't already been said by every gamer, journalist, members of the pubic and even government officials that hasn't been said already. To quote Hawaii House of Representatives member Chris Lee "It's a trap!". I could go on and ranting and raging as much as anyone about EA's ludicrous and greedy decision to include a Loot box glorified gambling system a AAA Star aimed at children. I could go even further in that they made it infinity worse by tying Crafting Parts required for progression as well as Star Cards that give players significant in game advantages to the Loot Box's making it a Pay-To-Win system. The truth is though.... I actually want to thank them! The swift and decisive retribution of the gaming community got the attention of the media at large and now legislators all over the world are looking in to regulation for these in game Casino's all because EA took a step to far. It's more possible now more than ever that we may get a day when every copy of Overwatch, Fifa, Need For Speed Payback, COD WWII, Forza Motorsport 7, Destiny 2 and all the other gambling simulators of the world could be re-classified for sale to adults only and removed from most stores. If that happens be rest assured that I will be there at the closing time penultimate to that day watching them being removed from shelves with a cold beer in my hand and big fucking smile on my face! If 2017 was "The Year of the Loot Box" then thanks to EA 2018 might very well be "The Year the Loot Box Dies!" There's more games I could cover here but I don't want to be a whole hog so I'll stop there. Thanks for reading!
  2. I would love to see Joe actually making a rant about this new Game, well is not new it came out in 2011 and until now was released to North America and Europe in January 19th, 2016. This a Martial Art, eastern style MMORPG and it was advertised as Free To Play. However since release NA/EU as expected every new plataform to be released is going to have some difficulties, errors, etc But what is occurring to the game is beyond wrong. And it looks like Corporate Make his return with this franchise and here is why. You have the "option" to play the game for free or be a Premium. In this game for some reason servers are limited to a certain amount of Player at one giving time. Which mean in order to enter to Play the game you are placed on a Queue. That is assuming you were able to install the game in the first place since i myself was able to install it in my low-end computer and not in my newer one for that ungodly launcher that can install its own dll. So even if you are Premium you have to be Placed on a Queue and Non Premium player were placed on a secondary queue that is corrupt. It will tell you there are 1000 people on queue an you are 150 and you have an estimated wait time of 15 min and you will have that message for another 2 hours since Premium are getting Priority and they kept signing in and since its a new game everyone is having disconnects. You read that right DISCONNECTS which if you were in queue good luck getting back in to it. Now that does not mean Premiums are getting all the good stuff. Here is an example of what i mean: Obviously not every server has the same wait time but the problem is that you already have your character in one server and even if you change what is the guarantee you are not getting in the same problem. Oh and wait there is more oh no! Corporate want your fucking money!!!!! hahah There are 4 option for premium. 7 days, 30 days, 90 days and 365. Now you know what is funny the 90 days is like $35.00 which at this point is must to have Premium just to even think about getting in the game. Now Congratulations!!! you thought you made it to this Booner creator and god damn nice looking ladies, booby dancing! junk shaker female characters well no. Due to the amount of player getting into the game and the restriction of # players the servers keep crashing almost every day since release. Its expected? yes it is, Are they doing something about it? They are adding more servers that should be there in the first place. Is that improving queue times? no because everyone is Premium and this is getting worse by the day. Quite long isn't it? well i have more. Since the only people in this game that are truly enjoying this game are the gold sellers and spam bot! The spam in every single Chat, Normal, Faction, Party Finder chat, Region and you know what is the worst you can only block a maximum of 50 character. I'm already at maximum because this game is spam heaven! Here is why people are so exited about this game: They do have an amazing art style and graphics, The gameplay is wonderful! Heavy clases like the Destroyer block attacks passibly and they are the only class in game that can actually grab a boss and do as you wish with it, Blade Master is the best blocking/defense class in the game. Kun Fu Master can dodge attacks passibly and by skills Q and E for example, Force Master is like your Wizar/Elemental Class, etc. every single class seems to be balance and this game has one of the best PvPs however if you look at the forums you will see a lot of people complaining that is to easy or too difficult since people can one shot you. Well duh! some of us have playing this game for years and we know what soul shield to equip and we know the class perfectly compared to some one who just got in to game, please!!!! I love Joe's reviews to the point that if he doesn't approve a game I wont be buying because i agree with his point of view. I would love to see he reviews this game because there is a ton load of people upset about the current situation. Anyway my suggestion to you all of you are interested in the game. Just wait and do not purchase Premium account as we are all facing the same problems at the moment as non premium player are. Thank you all! Have a nice day/night! PD: I'm sorry for my grammar! ESL
  3. What do you guys think are the Best, Worst and Most Disappointing Games of 2015? I've always wanted to ask and knowing that Joe will have his Top 10s coming, he'll probably have a lot so why don't we discuss. For me... and there are games I know are GOTY that I haven't played yet. Best Games of 2015: Witcher 3, MGSV TPP, Fallout 4, Majora's Mask 3D, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Bloodborne, Worst Games of 2015: Godzilla (no surprise), Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Most Disappointing Games of 2015: Batman Arkham Knight, Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield Hardline I want to hear what you guys think.
  4. What is the worst game that you have evered played in your life For me its Fable III
  5. I just wanna see your prediction for the game he played personally yet, i know this is early and November is coming in hot but let keep this post POPULAR at the top of the list if you agree with me. I dont really like to class game for the : bads to the worst or greats to the best sooo... you can drop a list here if you want your personal favorite and your worse and those of AJ! In few Words : Post Your Prediction for the Top 10 List Worst and Best (EDIT Just to Elaborate you can also post yours own personnal one too)
  6. Well another year has come by and there have been some bad games this year, I'm looking at you Rambo, now in all honesty I haven't played any bad games this year as I don't get many games thats been released in the same year, but still I'm curious on what you think was the absolute worst game that has come out this year. And if you want to say was the best game of the year was click here http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/25492-best-game-of-2014/
  7. So just yesterday Joe posted a video where he reviews Allegiant Airlines. What I found interesting was the "10/10, It's OK -Angry Joe". Jab at IGN(?). Here's the video though. But the point of the discussion is for you to post your worst commercial airplane stories. I'll go first. I got pneumonia on a trip to Turkey, Alanya, and my insurance company made sure for me to get all of my money back from the trip, then some extra from the traveling company. A gift card which basically gave me access to all their listed hotels for a week, for free. Really got lucky there, and then I thought as a traveling man, I was yet to go somewhere in the US. I invited a couple of friends instead of sitting in a vacation resort for a week, we wanted it to be a little of an adventure. <- insert obvious The Hobbit reference here. So we packed our bags, and flew Finnair, which is the basic airline service from Finland, direct flight to JFK International in New York, no fuss, no nuttin'. There was a baby, however the parents offered us drinks for free, because the baby cried but only a little. We arrive at JFK, we rent a car from a from a friends relative that lived in NYC, then set out for the grand roadtrip from NYC, all the way to Los Angeles, with stops like Philadelphia, Washington, Richmond, Charlotte, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, El Paso (and Juarez, Mexico! Had trouble with border control who thought we were Mexican, even though we were all Finnish. Does it matter that we had a Mexican family in the trunk? Well it shouldn't! <- joke) and then El Paso again, Tucson, Phoenix, Nipton, Goodsprings, New.. I mean, Las Vegas and eventually Los Angeles. Man it would take tens of pages to explain all of what happened on the the trip and then in Vegas! But you know what they say about that place, save for herpes. Which I don't have, shut the hell up. And it has now become a tradition of sorts, because every three years we do the same trip again, with perhaps alternating routes. The US is such a huge place and changes a lot in terrain from coast to coast, so keeps things interesting. Now, goddamn I got sidetracked. Whatever. We returned the car into a delivery service in Los Angeles and flew back to New York. Now prepare your eyes for something terrible. Okay, IF YOU DIDN'T BOTHER READ THE WALL OF TEXT, THE ACTUAL FLIGHT IS DOWN BELOW We had a little change in flights, so we were now booked to Delta. Oh God the horror I heard about Delta after the flight.. If only I had known.. The flight was the worst flight I've ever experienced, and I have flown China Airlines. Included 4 hour delay, a mid-flight landing because of a mechanical problem, worst seats in the history of the world, asshole attendants, one of whom spilled my drink on the floor, and proceeded to give me the now half-empty can of Fanta, then charged me 3.50 for it! Unbelievable. I know this might be a little nitpicking, but that wasn't it. The flight was supposed to be direct to NYC, but there was a mid-flight, unplanned landing, like I mentioned. Guess what, there was ANOTHER mechanical problem and we had to fly back to that one town that's name I don't remember. There we were grounded for two hours! There were three babies who cried 24/7, couldn't even dream of sleep, and since our seats were mixed up, I was next to a smelly middle-aged obese man who more than once burped on me (probably intentionally, since I was leaning away from his direction.) a bathroom line half the length of the plane, no service for half of the flight, at all. After painful 8 hours and 50 minutes, we landed in JFK Oh, but this flight directly from the seventh layer of Hell doesn't end there. They lost my other luggage bag, which was full of souvenirs, graphics card and a new Intel processor. Yes, I was eventually covered by insurance, but still, I lost my Iron Man T-Shirt with a glow-in-the-dark Arc reactor! I was really pissed about that! Also, some other crap I had with me. I gave them zero stars, almost straight up choked the man who INSISTED he searched me because I look suspicious, and if it wasn't for the the other officer, I would have been strip searched for god knows what! We go to our hotel, which actually had no problems at all, and I took a long-ass shower and then went to sleep, and then afterwards we flew Finnair back to Finland, once more pretty much without problems. The seats sucked though, but I HAVE FLOWN WORSE. Wow that was a long ass post. Well, I look forward to seeing your stories of airline horror.
  8. Both games have outdated graphics and extremely shit gameplay that waste potential budget on developing these kind of "game" that made me sick. Despite Joe didn't review Risen 3, (although he was mentioned in the stream that the pirate ship portion reminded him of RtH) I want you to know which one is worse in your humble opinion. I know I already made post about Ride to Hell earlier in this forum.
  9. Hey AJSA This is an angry army, so isnt it time to rage a little? Which game sequel got you to think Wat Da Fuk how could you !=#! this up? I cant stand to say so I think i cough it.. Cough COUGH Diablo 3 Cough cougH
  10. So since there are already a best Free2 play shooter, i decided to take on the worst of them. My personal nomination for the worst of the bunch is....War inc battlezone. Why ? The game is buggy, no sound most of the time, its pay2win with most of the items in the game, and it has some of the worst balance in games i have ever played. But what are yours worst game(s) and why ?
  11. what is the best/worst game you have ever played and why?
  12. I haven't played a god awful RPG yet, but my least favorite is Fable 3
  13. Music in games is something many forum buddies have great things to say about (2 threads currently discussing it here plus the mega thread from the old forum). Being the "glass half empty", cynical, pessimistic, sarcastic schmuck that I am, I'm proposing the exact opposite. So please share with the rest of us which music and songs in games tortured your soul and made your gaming experience and/or life a living hell! I shall kick this one off: Anyone remember Automobili Lamborghini 64? I *eff-ing* hope not.. Got this one for Xmas somewhere back in the 90's, and I honestly wish I had gotten socks or underwear instead. Even comb overs were cooler than this game back in the day. Attention Parents: Don't buy your kids games unless they ask for a specific one or unless you yourself game. I dare you guys to listen to all 3 minutes of this s**t.