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Found 4 results

  1. Well, the leaks were real afterall. CoD is back on track BABY!
  2. If anyone has never heard of this awesome fps before your not my damn friend anymore!!! nah just kidding, a few days ago i bought this game for 5$ on the Steam Winter Sale,that not only that,it also included Rising Storm. After a few hours i felt in love with this piece of technology. The Gameplay reminded me a lot of Insurgency and Arma but on a massive WW2 Scale. I have only a few hours of experience but if anyone is interested in playing this with me,pm the shit out me like seriously. I feel like its better than Heroes and General in most aspects, but that my opinion .
  3. This is a game which was inspired by one called Chain of Command back in the late 90s, which was hosted and ran by 2am Game club. In 1999-2000 they went bankrupt and were thenceforth dependant on volunteers for staff but after only months long shut down for good. Since then there has been a community of fans keeping it alive through various incarnations (mainly 2). The community has been small since then but it seems things are looking to change. A group of individuals are looking to revitalize the community with a new one as more than a hobby. Gif showing old graphics compared to the new: Gameplay video: I considered going on and discussing it but really I'd be stating more what I recall of the older versions so it wouldn't be appropriate. I will be backing this personally as I did play the original Call of Combat, a spin off of Chain of Command which was also made by them. They have a demo link on their kickstarter. As it is a multiplayer game you'll have to catch it during day time hours. It isn't a major release so you'll find few online late and may not get a match started just yet. I really hope they get funding as they will be having a regiment (AKA Clan) system set up for formal matches with stat tracking. It's something you only need a few people on for and is great for the less twitch type players and the more strategic and tactical of minds. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kavagamestudio/call-of-combat/description
  4. Hi guys i heard about this cool new game called heroes & generals Anyway it's a planetside2ish MMO situated in WW2. You get your massive battles, lot's of guns and vehicles, you can even ride a bike into. After playing mysel i really got to say, this game impressed me. It does deliver an authentic WW2 experience and it just feels so right. I just tought it would be really cool to charge in those massive battles with the angry army. Even more since after yo reach level 3 the fight consists of 1 huge battle map (just level 2 atm but multiple video sources confirm this) so we can all play together. so here are my pro's and cons pro: solid WW2 feelinga pretty good range of weapons and vehicles, considering it's open betaIT'S FREE so we can all play it, no reasons not toit is not pay to win, in game currency has a fair earning ratecontra: gameplay does feel a little rough sometimessome hystoric info allong with the game would have been coolqueueing can takes more than 1 min 30 for most of the timeso that's it for heroes & generals, i hope you guys give it a chance an join the allies just like i did