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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all I admit, this is a topic allot of you are not gonna find at all interesting, but this is something that through curiosity brought me to a worrying theory. It was first brought to my attention by this vid from ReviewTechUSA; Article cited in video I'm not a graphics whore. I only care about this sort of shit when fiddling with the graphics settings on a PC game to get the performance I want, then I save said settings and never think about them again. The other thing I would want to point out is that whilst I do have a PC that could run this game probably at 1440p at 60fps, I would only by it on console because that's where local multiplayer works best. Even so, I was puzzled that the PS4 (specifically, but It's more than likely the XB1 will be the same) would only run a fighting game, traditionally not that graphically demanding, at sub-Full HD, all be it a 60fps (although that basically a necessity in a fighting game). Intrigued, I dug into this a little deeper, and when I found the PC spec's things started to become clear... Okay, I know this is Unreal Engine 4, but still why is this level of tech necessary to run a fighting game? Especially the recommended spec'. The GTX 1060 is not really a 4K card, so this tells me the "recommended" spec' is the minimum to run the game at 1080p 60fps on higher settings for PC. Have less than that? Then the game will probably at console spec with that hardware. The consoles can't be blamed this time, it's the game itself that's been over developed beyond sensible ambition. This is why I'm concerned. Allot of people have complained that making multi-plats for PC and console was holding PC games back, but I always insisted that even if that's true that it was a good thing because it stopped the cost of gaming on all sides from spiralling out of control. More specially, higher development costs - higher consumer costs on games - higher cost on gaming hardware - less people being able to afford games overall - games have to be made more profitable because of lower install bases - yet higher consumer costs on games and/or more greedy business practices - even lower install bases -games having to be even more profitable... I think you get the drill. The lower install base thing is already an issue. I've had a look at a recent Steam Hardware Survey. The data needs to be studied closely and presented in a more organised way, but a quick look indicates to me that at best only about 30% of active steam users will actually be able to run this game. There is more evidence that this isn't the consoles holding these developers back as well as proof that this developer can get good performance out of lower spec hardware. Check out Tales of Berseria that came out just this year; True, the JRPG, especially ones made in this anime style, aren't famous for being hard on hardware, and true this game does have some low quality textures here and there and stuff, but that doesn't explain why this open world PC exclusive is so much less demanding than a multi-plat fighting game. Tales of Berseria is beautiful never the less, and it's a fine game as well, nothing against it, I'm just using it to make a point. Why would Bandai Namco do this? I suppose it could be Bandai Namco thinking that the combined sales from all platforms will be enough, but that's quite a gamble to spend this kind of money developing a game for a fairly niche franchise like this to then immediately lower the install base on PC. This looks to me like something I've feared for a long time in game development has finally happened, ambition out-stretching common sense. I don't see Tekken 7 selling all that well anyway, so this will probably be the end for this franchise, and it will only be the first if game developers start biting off more than they can chew. This issue is very open to interpretation, I'm really keen to hear what you think. Thanks for reading.
  2. And by just casually looking through the new releases on PSN as well. As the biggest Caramageddon Fanboy I know I'm a little embarrassed. Anyway, This is basically a re-make of the original Caramgeddon from 1996 with updated graphics and some new features, including multiplayer. Anyone up for it on either console? I haven't bought it on either console just yet, so I'll wait to see if anyone is interested on here before I decide.
  3. Hello, I'm X32WaysToDie (AKA John), and I'm looking for new friends here. I've been watching Joe on YouTube for years now. I love his passion, and humor. I feel like he reminds me a lit of myself with how passionate about gaming he is, and he says a lot of things I agree with. As far as myself, I'm 24. I live in Oklahoma City, OK in the US. I have owned many consoles, but currently my elation consists of a PS4 (my personal default) harass gaming rig from about three years ago (still going strong, but starting to lag behind on more of the new AAA games), XB1, PS3, Wii U, 3DS, and a Vita (OK, I rarely play my Vita, but I still stand by some AWESOME games like Persona). I am pretty open to most genres, and can appreciate an awesome game no matter it's category or.platform, as long as I feel it's worthy. I can be picky, and I do tend to be a bit harder on games than a lot of my friends. Some games I play a lot currently are NBA 2K16 (I'm a huge NBA fan, and an even bigger fan of my hometown OKC Thunder), Divinity, The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Rocket League, Uncharted, Elite Dangerous, and Cities: Skylines. My favorite trilogy/franchise is Mass Effect (I understand people's issues with the ending, but I honestly didn't think it was so bad). I grew up playing.mostly PC strategy games (Red Alert, Civ, AoE, Total War, Starcraft, Stronghold, Simcity, The Sims, etc) and PS1 classics like Crash Bandicoot, Ape Escape (unfairly underrated game imo), Brave Fencer Musashi, Metal Gear Solid, etc. (strangely I never really got into FF. I tried and tried, but it just wasn't for me. My favorite color is green (usually lime), though I just love rich, vibrant colors in general. I have a dog who's a bit over a year old at this point named Shepard (yes, like Commander Shepard - it was actually my ex-girlfriend's idea). She's a pitbull, German shepherd, and black lab mix. She's brindle, and beautiful. Maybe if I can post some.pics, I might some time. I own a 2013 Subaru WRX hatch (along with another SUV, but that's not important lol), and am a pretty big car enthusiast. Anyway, that's me. Sorry if I got a little too personal or talked too much. I just want to hang out and make some friends in what I hope is a passionate and friendly community of like minded people who just love to game and talk about their passions. Tell me about yourself if you want to! Just please give me some time to respond: I have ADD, and I tend to get sidetracked and forget things. Lol. I also tend to work a lot, so I'll try to hop on while I'm there, but sometimes I have to devote my time to that (it is work afterall). Anyway, if you've read this far, thanks for reading! I hope to hear back and enjoy meeting many new, awesome people!
  4. Greetings fellow Guardians of the AJSA, As some of you’re aware, the Angry Army group was a complete mess that is absolutely unable to function at the time. This is primarily due to a low clanmate limit (200), and a complete lack of tools in the admin interface to handle the constant flow of thousands of messages. This group is purely for all AJSA Xbox One/PlayStation 4 members who desire to find their comrades and play together. Send a request to join the group. After that is done, click the “Set as (console) Clan.” You should be than apart your respected AJSA console Division. AJSA Xbox One Division - http://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Forum/234936 AJSA PlayStation 4 Division - http://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Forum/245187 Lord Commander Joe will not be advertising this clan's existence, so hopefully we can keep our numbers down to a managable level. Once this group reaches 200 members, no further requests to join will be approved. Instead I will then make a Division 2 group and begin adding people to that one instead. All groups I end up making will be placed in an Alliance together, though since we've never done that, I literally have no idea how useful that will be. Cross your fingers. Now this means that if our numbers do grow large enough for multiple groups, that will divide our playerbase on these group forums. To counter this, I ask that all members use the Destiny sub-forum here on the AJSA website to find like-minded players. I want nothing more than to make sure that every member gets an AJSA tag, and will continue to work toward this goal. I thank you all for your understanding and patience as we struggle through this mess. Regards, Doshka17 and Withastick Community Officer's of Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  5. Hey guys. I managed to do this before but the process was painful and yesterday I could not get it to work. My question is how do you save a clip of a entire match in theater and export it to the xbox dvr and get the pop up notification that your game clip has been saved? The match was team snipers and it was 11.04 minutes long
  6. First Views Of Destiny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HfnlYGasbM&feature=youtu.be
  7. So there is a new CEO in Xbox's hood and i got to say im really liking this guy, he has came out with what i expect someone who represents a company like Xbox to be like, he understands that gaming comes first (not T.V.) he ADMITS they were wrong last year and that's something some fanboys can't do, and hopefully he can help lean Xbox into a better direction from which they were heading. This guy isn't Xbox alone but hopefully because of there train wreak last E3 and the way PS4 has been beating them all year, he may be able to show some of those other people who fucked up Xbox that the fans and games matter first. Right now i might end up being on good terms with Xbox once again if shown at E3 they are capable of being everything they were not last year and bring Xbox One a good name instead of a name that's nothing but a joke now. not Xbox alone but this guy may be are last hope.
  8. I just had the most lucrative trip to Walmart EVER. I went for a network cable, and they didn't have the one that the website said they did so they gave me a 50 foot one for the price of the 25 foot one. Then I grabbed a few PS3 games and they only charged me half price on all of them. I dunno if they fucked up or they were on sale, but I didn't see any ads for them being on sale. So I suggest if you want to score some games get your ass to mars.....I mean walmart TODAY and stock up on those PS3 and xbox 360 games Edit: http://www.examiner.com/article/full-list-of-all-video-game-items-on-sale-for-walmart-s-2013-black-friday LOTS and LOTS of good games on sale right now, so if you have the means get the fuck to walmart NOW.