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Found 11 results

  1. Okay so I'm finally getting a current gen console on Tuesday. But I'm unsure of which one, should I go for what (in my opinion) will give me the best experience in general, the PS4. Or should I risk getting an Xbox One to play Halo? I wouldn't ask if It was an easy choice, I do plan on owning both consoles but it's just a matter of when. Any advice would be awesome.
  2. http://assets.ign.com/videos/zencoder/416/1e5c19a47a4beeea60cfd96dbafc19ea-110000-1425396954.mp4 After watching this... yeah, this is one we're waiting for a long time. Ground Zeroes was just the warm up. The Phantom Pain is the main course. EDIT: An article in regards to MGSV confirms that the release date for the game is September 1st and it'll also be THE LAST Metal Gear game he'll work on. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2015/03/03/hideo-kojima-confirms-metal-gear-solid-v-the-phantom-pain-release-for-september.aspx
  3. Consider me adding Bethesda to my developer/publisher shitlist for their traitorous move if this happens. The PC Fallout modding community will be dead because of this if it occurs and a lot of lost customers.
  4. I just watched this match play for this game. I have to say this definitely interests me. Beast vs hunters. Curious to know what everyone else thinks of this. I can say I'm hoping for the best from it.
  5. Do you think AJSA will have a presence within Destiny primarily on PS4 or Xbone? Both? if so will AJSA be more active on which console and why?
  6. Hi, So if you're one of those 21 countries where the xbox one has not launched yet thanks to Microsoft and their "delaying", you probably know what I'm talking about (Either that or I just explained it to you...) About 6 months ago Microsoft announced right before Gamescom that the xbox one would be delayed untill 2014. They would give us a game in return but we had to wait till the Microsoft press conference that was being held at Gamescom later that week. So, after a 6 days long wait the moment was finally there...the press conference... I waited...and I waited.... Nothing. Nothing about the delay or the free game that they were going to give us on the launch. They did say that Fifa 14 will be free with all the pre-orders of the xbox one but EVERYONE got that offer, and I'm not sure if we will even get that offer when it finally releases over here. Heck, I'm not sure of anyhting anymore. Since that announcement they made 6 months ago, they haven't posted something new about it. And we're just waiting...Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, etc.... We're all just waiting, waiting for Microsoft to finally announce the release date in our countries, waiting to finally get our hands on the xbox one. I just don't know what is taking them so long. They said that they were delaying it so they could improve the voice recognition for our language. While they probably should know that WE DON'T CARE about that stuff, about 90% of all Europeans that don't have their xbone yet will probably change the language to english when they will get it anyway! We just want our new system!!!! They almost lost EVERY xbox player in Belgium, Every xbox 360 friend I had is now having so much fun on their ps4... I'm one of the few that's still excited for the system... But their ignorance is working on me too know, if they do not do something quickly about this then the xbox one will be a complete flop! (Oh, and I know I can import the system but I'm just not capable of doing that...) Just remember from now on, For every bad guy you kill in Ryze: Son Of Rome with an execute, there will be an European dude crying in the corner of his room because he can't buy all the shiny toys that Microsoft is showing off to him... (Sorry for the spelling mistakes if there are any, I'm obviously from Belgium.)
  7. Hello to All, I just finished watching Joe testing out the game Fighter Within for the Xbox 1 with the ever so promising Kinect 2, and man is it me or is the new kinect going to be a total fail like the previous version. Now I know Joe has only tested this one game, however just by looking at the footage I can already see to my eyes anyway that there has not been a lick of improvement. I mean when you look at the movement that Joe was doing compared to the on-screen it's night and day. I'm not going to hate on Xbox, I have a PS4 but I'm glad that I went for the PS4. Now this doesn't mean that I'm all for Sony, no. I have an xbox 360, PS3, and late consoles and also a PC user... I'm really thinking about getting an Xbone later on but after seeing this I wonder if you can get the Xbone without the Kinect. So really I would just like to have some feedback.. Those of you that have the Xbone, is the Kinect really worth having at all.?? I would get an xbox only if you can buy it without the kinect, because there are some games I would like to try and have that are exclusive to Xbox. Anyhow would to hear from some of you guys Chris
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rffbYCfK6ZI What do you think of the console wars? Is it worth fighting about?
  9. Apparently you can get temporarily banned for profanity in a private Skype call (?) or with streaming apps. I call LOL and bullshit on this. Not so private if MS is in the background during your little Skype(?) conversation..
  10. I find it very amusing how the console war for this generation has become a battle of resolution. It seems that the console gaming community has become obsessed with next gen resolutions. 1080p or 900p doesn't really matter, they seem to have forgotten about what really matters. PC gamer's have been gaming at 1080p and above for a very long time. Last gen of consoles was always advertised as HD and even had 1080p on the box. The sad truth was that it was never HD and was only up scaled. The fact that the Xbox one and PS4 are still struggling to achieve 1080p during the rise of 4K gaming is pathetic. Console games have never been resolution or graphics hungry. Console games as few as there were to actually look good were few and far between. So why do they feel they have the right or audacity to boast how one console is better than the other when the Xbox one and PS4 fail in reality. I just don't understand how they can argue about an old feature on a lousy toy. Anyways the Titan has spoken u.u.
  11. So in the wake of the announcement of Xbox One and during E3 the internet was flooded with creative names for the Xbox One. One of the them was the Xbone. Microsoft has taken offense to the nickname but I kind of like it. It has a nice ring to it. What do you guys think? Is it insulting or clever?