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Found 3 results

  1. Harry Potter and the 3,000-player battle royale, how the original X-COM was cancelled and development continued in secret, the invention of the D-Pad, Nintendo's Genyo Takeda retiring, the future of dialogue in games, a Wii Ulogy, XSEED localizer wants name removed from product after localization team and developer won't allow KKK joke, Darkest Dungeon mods, the making of StarCraft, list of good Youtubers to follow for games and gaming history, Prey is getting DLC and likely not getting early or release day reviews, Superhot design competition winners announced, Amr Al-Aaser on how we frame and describe games in a way that leads us to ignore what the game says and does on its own terms, Darksiders 3 reveal, how Origin went from Wingleader to Wing Commander, Ashes of Creation launches Kickstarter, a look at interactive audio narratives, and more. Gaming News (Announcements, release dates, previews, interviews, expansions, DLC, updates, company news, new tech, mods) Prey is 'absolutely' getting DLC, 'impossible' to see all alien powers in one playthrough Pre-review: Prey Prey devs 'double thoroughness' in testing following Dishonored 2's PC problems Call of Duty: WWII release date set for November, watch the first trailer Call of Duty: WWII will highlight the vulnerability of its heroes 'Call of Duty: WWII' Explained Don't try to sell Call of Duty to us as anti-war Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Zombies Chronicles confirmed by ESRB website Abandon Ship's weather system is as deadly as its seafaring foes Dirt 4 trailer shows muddy cars, weather conditions, and exuberant soundtrack Rising Storm 2: Vietnam system requirements released, deluxe edition detailed Savage: The Shard of Gosen is a sidescrolling RPG inspired by the worst Zelda game Quake Champions trailer showcases the verdant Ruins of Sarnath Quake Champions is looking good, but mods are still in doubt The Edgelands is a quirky narrative adventure that echoes Infocom era gamebooks Combat Commentary & Brian DiDomenico Joins the Team Yomawari: Midnight Shadows first details, screenshots Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy character trailer Bethesda might be teasing a couple E3 reveals Sea of Thieves trailers show ship battles, scouting and skeletons Shenmue III - Story Building Developer Diary Gundam Versus will finally bring the Japanese fighting series to western consoles Lethis: Daring Discoverers looks like a charming sci-fi adventure Source: The Rumored Mario x Rabbids RPG Is Real, Coming To Switch Haunted house-a-thon Perception release date set A Game About Syrian Refugees and WhatsApp Middle-earth: Shadow of War showcases new Nemesis system Shadow of War: Weapons and Gear Detailed - IGN First The Town of Light on researching its sensitive themes and Volterra asylum setting Unexplored: a real-time roguelike with advanced dungeon design Darksiders 3 trailer reveals Fury, the whip-wielding Sister of the Apocalypse God Wars: Future Past sixth trailer Code Vein's debut trailer is post-apocalyptic anime Dark Souls The Occupation is a politically-charged thriller that pits you against the clock Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni coming to PC via Steam this summer Martian survive ’em up Rokh hitting early access in May Halo 6 will be all about Master Chief, no new playable characters The Lack Of Master Chief Was The Least Of Halo 5’s Campaign Problems Battlefield 1 spring update brings Platoons to the fight, makes life better for Medics I have started an Angry Army Platoon on the PC, RuneX has started one for the Xbox One, and WITHASTICK has started one for the PS4, we will all be hosting an event for the game on the 13th. Hearts of Iron IV’s Death or Dishonor DLC will release alongside free overhaul of air gameplay For Honor Season Two, Shadow and Might, adds the Centurion and Shinobi on May 16 Nioh DLC “Dragon of the North” Out May 2 Zelda: Breath Of The Wild's First DLC Adds Some Very Cool Stuff Watch Motörhead 'unleash the Ironfist' in the none more metal Victor Vran trailer Forza Horizon 3 is getting loop-de-loops and a giant T-rex in new Hot Wheels DLC Street Fighter V Temporarily Pulling New DLC Offline To Remove Unintentional Religious References Overwatch’s Heroes of the Storm skins will come to loot boxes, eventually Overwatch surpasses 30 million players Overwatch audio files suggest a space map could be coming Overwatch’s cutest voice line was a recording booth accident Overwatch ‘Uprising’ event extended after accidental early end Hearthstone celebrates 70 million player milestone with free pack giveaway Localizer Asks To Be Removed From Game's Credits After Developers Erase KKK Reference Localization Isn't Censorship, And The Difference Is Important Nintendo veteran Genyo Takeda retiring Fire Emblem Heroes bests Super Mario Run profits, despite 10 times fewer downloads Nintendo predicts next year’s profits to reach its highest in six years Nintendo not holding E3 press conference in 2017 Nintendo Finally Says Goodbye To 3D Students can now learn how to code directly in Minecraft New Chinese law forces Riot to publish League of Legends loot box drop rates Chet Faliszek leaves Valve Atlus Is Letting People Stream More, But Not All, 'Persona 5' PS4 shipments reach 60 million units worldwide Battlegrounds doubles its playerbase in less than a month, now with 2 million sales AbleGamers opens new facility to help those with disabilities get back in the game Little Girl Finally Gets To Play Mario Kart 8 Thanks To Smart Steering Superhot design competition winners announced Brutal Doom is getting new guns, dual wielding, and the option to remove vertical axis aiming Mod for The Witcher 3 lets Geralt use shields The best Darkest Dungeon mods S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha Developer’s Cut released Star Wars: X-Wing 'XWVM' mod video shows off updated visual effects Zelda Fan Game Changes Course After Nintendo Issues Takedown Esports News The Weekend In Esports: Dota 2, DreamHack Austin, And Splatoon As Esports Explodes, Will Valve's 'Dota 2' Be Left for Dead? 'Dota 2' Owes Its Success to Fans, Not Investors and Owners, and That's Okay What Makes Gamer-Tags and Team Names Such Valuable Trademarks? Tencent Conference Reveals Chinese Franchising Plans, Esports Television Channel Blizzard announces Hearthstone Wild tournament CS:GO player banned for cheating returns to sport, new teammates promptly quit in protest Fans Keep Trying To Revive Smash Bros. Brawl's Competitive Scene HONOR OF KINGS DOMINATES MOBILE ESPORTS IN CHINA Smash 'God' Drops Out Of Tournament Because His Controller Isn't Properly Malfunctioning Hungrybox Wins Melee Finals By Running Out The Clock The Late Team Fight That Spun The Dota 2 Kiev Finals On Their Head Overwatch Pro Sets Up Surprise Attack By Balancing Winston On A Roof Not Even Excellent Outfits Can Save Overwatch Pros From Other Team's Genji Crowdfunding News Ashes of Creation ~ New MMORPG by Intrepid Studios EXO ONE Eagle Island Eagle Island is a falconry-based, procedural platformer Content I found interesting this week (interviews, reviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, criticism, etc) Good Game/Tech/History Youtubers From Wingleader to Wing Commander Picture in a Frame Why the hell do they have mouths: a Final Fantasy 7 PC retrospective Famitsu Special Report – The Mystery of TOSE The future of dialogue in games The Last Guardian contains a beautiful lesson about animals’ ability to forgive We Need More Games Where Animals Don't Just Die or Carry Us Around “The Erotic Death Drive of Nier: Automata,” by Julie Muncy ‘What Remains of Edith Finch’ Perfectly Illustrates Gaming’s Storytelling Power Making StarCraft, 'we just threw a bunch of crap at the wall and saw what stuck' The Next Wave of Games Don't Need Screens Officer Benny and Characterisation in Stealth EVE Online's latest war is being fought over anime The Success of 'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe' Underscores How Badly Wii U Flopped Elite: Dangerous' 3,000-player battle royale Flashback: Returning to 'Morrowind' Kojima Tries To Explain Naked Norman Reedus At Tribeca When Fans Take Their Love For Twitch Streamers Too Far This revelation about 50 Cent's 7-year old making executive decisions for 2009's Blood on the Sand is too good Guest Column: Let's Hear It for the Game Givers Outlast 2 And The Realism Of Survival Horror Motivation Why horror games need to quit killing us How the CS:GO community's compassion changed the life of a disabled CS:GO streamer Night in the Woods is Important // HeavyEyed The original X-COM was cancelled, but development continued in secret - Here's A Thing Long-lost X-COM reboot would have played a lot like Valkyria Chronicles Localize Everything - Finding Hardcore Fans Worldwide - Extra Credits Kingdom and Player Attention Who Invented the D-Pad? | Gaming Historian Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and the Curse of Bad Video Game Movies - Renegade Cut The Design of Dead Space - Part 2 | Game Maker's Toolkit Bravely Default's Empowering Music | Game Score Fanfare Conversations: Patrice Désilets (Creator of Assassin's Creed) Conversation with Patrice Désilets (Creator of Assassin's Creed) How Does Mass Effect: Andromeda Compare to Previous Mass Effects? [Spoilers] Matt Chat 374: Tim Lang Part One A Wii Ulogy Dark Souls 3 Critique: Bosses and Glorified Hallways (Part 2) Scanner Sombre Farlands - Relationship Between the Player and the Game through Controls Bayonetta's Enemy Design - Dancing with Danger Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games, game communities, or game companies Someone Bought The Most Depressing Top Gun Game Collection Pretending To Be Yoko Taro Is Hard Work When you (and 50,000 other people) try to own Polygon but you don't understand what words or sales are First article was correct in that it sold significantly worse than all but the Gamecube version which it only slightly beat, Deluxe is also a new updated version for a system not announced at the time making the articles not even connected. You are supposed to do article side by side comparisons like this when they are written by the same person not two different people, and "life comes at you fast" is for things that happen around three days later not three years later (also, again, it's supposed to happen to the same person, life isn't coming at you fast if it is happening to someone else). Pewdiepie also shared a stolen version of the tweet giving this a total of about 50,000 people whose brains have been so rotted by memes that they don't even know how the memes work anymore. Fyrefestival Zombies Are Real <br /> Nerf Email Things I Missed From Previous Weeks Interview with Jessica Curry — Video Game Composer On Endings: What Games Are, and What They Could Be How Trans Consultants Saved Dragon Age: Inquisition
  2. PS4 Pro revealed, more PAX interviews and gameplay, Fallout 4 and Skyrim will not get mods on the Playstation, Overwatch's high-bandwidth update releases for PC, historical accuracy and highlighting lesser known troops and campaigns in Battlefield 1, how a frame is rendered in the new Doom, Bloodstained delayed until 2018, a look at Endless Space 2 and Civilization VI, Danny O'Dwyer visits New York to explore his favorite areas from video games in the final episode of The Point and starts a Patreon for crowdfunded video game documentaries, Bioware hires Sunless Sea writer to work on unannounced game, popular Youtuber is arrested, Swery talks about becoming a Buddhist Monk, graphic novel covering the story of Tetris, why you should not skip the side missions in Mankind Divided, an interview with Myst creator Rand Miller, XSEED and Marvelous Europe plan to bring more niche Japanese games to Steam, and more. AJSA Commander Jayson's Rage has started a video news series on the AJSA Youtube where he will be covering some of the news mentioned here, his videos will be featured with these updates from now on. Here is his first episode Gaming News PS4 Pro: The Ultimate FAQ Why PS4 Pro Doesn't Have a 4K Blu-Ray Player All the PS4 Pro Games Getting Upgrades PlayStation boss on PS4 Pro: our approach isn't reactive this time around Why developers love HDR more than anything else in the PS4 Pro Your original PS4 now supports HDR, but no games currently make use of it PlayStation Vita isn't dead, in Japan anyway Final Fantasy 15 is getting its own PlayStation 4 slim hardware PlayStation 4 Pro: Hands-On First Impressions Microsoft announces military green 1TB Xbox One S Battlefield 1 console Report: Xbox Live faster, more reliable than PlayStation Network Devs react: Valve's Steam key crackdown Surprising effect of Steam's latest review system change Watch 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' running on the PS4 Pro Mass Effect: Andromeda's Male and Female Characters Both Exist In-Game, Are Family Mass Effect: Andromeda Is 30 FPS on PS4 and PS4 Pro Horizon Zero Dawn - PS4 Pro Gameplay Reveal PS4 Pro Gameplay Trailer - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare HOW RESIDENT EVIL 7’S GROSSEST MONSTERS ARE MADE CIVILIZATION VI - Devs Show Off Religion Civilization 6 welcomes Norway’s Harald Hardrada in latest trailer AJ's Endless Space 2 Developer Preview Endless Space 2 gameplay - the first 40 turns as the Sophons Seraph release date set, dual pistols at the ready New Prey trailer explains the retro-future style of the Talos 1 station Earth Defense Force 5 for PS4 announcement leaked ARCHITECTURE FANS WILL WANT TO WATCH OUT FOR PAVILION NEXT WEEK The Last Guardian gets (the last) delay Torment: Tides of Numenera - Legacy & Meaning Trailer Into the Black is a VR survival game with echoes of Firewatch 7 Things To Know About Mafia MAFIA 3 LIVE - 2 Hours of New Gameplay! Full Map! Walkthrough of Free Roam, Customization & More! Mafia 3: Take Down "Handsome" Harry - Full Mission WWE 2K17 - Who's Next Gameplay Trailer The Stanley Parable’s designer lied to Rick and Morty’s creator — and now they’re making a game together Squanchtendo interview - Talent from Rick & Morty and Epic Games on their wacky VR dreams 16 Disgustingly Awesome Kills in Sniper Elite 4 Nier: Automata gets a new trailer, release date for Tokyo Game Show Osiris: New Dawn gameplay - marooned on an arid alien planet LET IT DIE: Dev Diary #1 Resident Evil 2 Fan Remake Dev Working on New Survival Horror Game Now there's a Titanfall card battler Miyamoto Proves His Point, Eats a Hamburger While Playing Super Mario Run Space Hulk: Deathwing teases co-op details, new screens THE CHALLENGING DESIGN OF EVENT[0]’S INSECURE AI Kojima's Death Stranding is an action game in an open world Dead Rising 4 Cinematic – “Black Friday” Assassin's Creed Ezio Trilogy Pack Confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One, Watch First Trailer Cloud Imperium Games denies Squadron 42 delay report Hyper Light Drifter won’t be coming to Vita and Wii U DRIVE THROUGH THE ROARING ITALIAN 70S WHEN WHEELS OF AURELIA ARRIVES THIS MONTH For Honor Alpha Test's Game Modes and Characters Detailed AKIBA'S BEAT - Yamato Character Trailer Bandai Namco celebrates 15th anniversary of Gundam Vs. with new PlayStation 4 game One day I hope for a less cheap and generic game based on a Gundam series. Dishonored 2 interview - Harvey Smith on man-sized vents and giving their silent protagonist a voice Dishonored 2 trailer features story, stabbing, The Outsider This Kingdom Hearts trailer is baffling, but it has nice music and a release date Koei Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden, Toukiden and Atelier cross over in Musou Stars Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Gamescom gameplay with Tobi and Ondra BattleTech Interview - the mech strategy game we’ve all been waiting for BattleTech gameplay - 30 minutes of the super pre-alpha demo This is the same demo I posted a few weeks ago, although it does play out differently. Secret Legend gameplay and interview - a gorgeous game inspired by Zelda Thimbleweed Park interview - steaming stamps and bailing on the pillow factory Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour interview - a look at the improved visuals Duelyst interview - Keith Lee and Eric Lang talk Denizens of Shimzar and what’s next Sonic Mania interview - Sega lets independent developers take the reigns The Elder Scrolls: Legends interview with Pete Hines of Bethesda Diluvion interview - open ocean sub exploration and FTL crew management 20XX Interview - why Mighty No. 9 made people flock to 20XX The Church in the Darkness interview - infiltrating a 1970s religious cult The Church in the Darkness gameplay - exploring a 1970s religious cult campsite Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Delayed 12 Minutes of Cyber Wang - Official Shadow Warrior 2 Gameplay Fallout 4 and Skyrim aren’t getting mods on PS4 Rocket League officially goes off the rails, adds random power-ups Overwatch 'high-bandwidth' update is live for PC, here's what it does Blizzard's solution to Arena balance in Hearthstone: remove the cards that suck Battlefleet Gothic: Armada brings the Tau Empire to open beta tomorrow Shovel Knight's Specter Knight campaign out Spring 2017 Big Rainbow Six Siege Patch Adjusts Operators, Provides New Gadgets Facepunch don't know how to fix Rust's broken XP system so they're getting rid of it The Sims 4 gets metropolitan with City Living expansion GOG offer refunds on year-old game, Armello, because DLC is only for the Steam version Around 100 people are now working on Overwatch Sunless Sea writer signs up for BioWare project Deadly Premonition director Swery becomes a Buddhist Monk. What does this mean for his games? Interplay Sells Off Descent, Kingpin, Earthworm Jim Etc No fan left behind Obsidian devs recreate Star Wars Mos Eisley spaceport in Unreal Engine 4 Blizzard's Chris Metzen Retires WoW’s lead designer and some of Blizzard’s biggest names start new studio with Riot Games funding Riot Games Korea begins testing a new system to fight toxicity in League of Legends AIAS chief Martin Rae is stepping down to work in VR YouTuber Arrested For Allegedly Intending To Have Sexual Relations With Minor Taming SOMA’s monsters with the Wuss Mode mod Esports News Focus Wins Over Flair In This Morning’s StarCraft II Tournament MSI to hold international Overwatch tournament this year DreamHack Austin to return in 2017, two other U.S. dates to be revealed Racial slurs mar Call of Duty World Championships Na'Vi dumps its successful Hearthstone team Smash Player Wins Tournament, Is Awarded Bag Of Rice Small Fries: How one player banned from a lifetime of CS:GO is trying to make things right Rumor: FIFA Interactive World Cup to add “Club World Cup” featuring top football clubs with esports teams The ‘Sensible Soccer’ World Cup Is an eSport Event Like No Other Crowdfunding News Dual Universe :: Civilization Building Sci-Fi MMORPG Dawn of the Devs Sums up my thoughts Rad Rodgers - The return of the 90's era Apogee platformer! AWW, A GAME ABOUT LONELY ROBOTS EVOKES THE BEST CHILDREN’S ANIMATION Other content I found interesting this week Shigeki Toyama and Namco Arcade Machines 6 historical details you might have missed in the Battlefield 1 beta DOOM (2016) - Graphics Study The extraordinary Tetris story is a parable about genius and deception The Tomorrow Children: A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma Farewell Danny O'Dwyer - The Lobby Noclip Patreon Trailer - Crowdfunded Video Game Documentaries Here is a link to his new Patreon. Very happy to see it doing so well. Meet Kotaku's New Staff Writer, Heather Alexandra The Sega Dreamcast Changed My Life The Rise And Fall Of The Dreamcast Baldur's Gate: Durlag's Tower - #3: Dungeon Master's Guide - Design Club SQUASH & STRETCH: The Animation of Jak & Daxter - Extra Frames Notes from an indie cross-platform launch How Blind Players Made a Text-Only RPG More Accessible The Story Behind Hue's Brilliant Soundtrack Phoenix Enduring: How the ‘Law and Order’ of Gaming Has Lasted for 15 Years One Man's Maddening Quest To Walk Across An Entire No Man's Sky Planet Exploring The Real Liberty City - The Point How Trans Players Find Support from the Gaming Community PAX West Panel - Heroes, Villains, and You: Player Choice in Game Design Myst creator Rand Miller on his favorite puzzle that everybody hates No Man's Sky In Close Critique [Deep Spoilers] Folding Ideas Goes to PAX West 2016 and Comes Home With an Existential Hangover The Adorable Robots of ‘ReCore’ are the Stars of an Otherwise Average Video Game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Narrative Review - DON'T SKIP THE SIDE MISSIONS, DAMNIT (Writing on Games) Futurism, Realism, Racism: Deus Ex & the Quest For Credible Science Fiction Ross's Game Dungeon: Deus Ex - Human Revolution Steam's Latest Hit Is A Great Mix Of FTL And XCOM Guest Column: On the Overwatch Matchmaker as a Trolley Problem Meet the first person to reach level 1000 in Overwatch Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games For those who remember the Ace Attorney localization (here is an article on the games localization process) Guy Tries To Play Battlefield 1 With Voice Commands, Gets Absolutely Wrecked PLAY DATE! - Mega64 【MAD】Titanfall - Anime Style 「Opening」 Career change after realizing how little effort it takes to make money by pandering to the lowest common denominator Amusing before as a self-own but also a good example of why I don't source or share anything anything from Gameranx after seeing he's lying about people and taking Twitter quotes from them after they have blocked him. Overwatch Player Never Touches The Ground In The Game's New Level A Ridiculous Recap Of Deus Ex Human Revolution The recap that Mankind Divided should have used.
  3. "Ys Origin is a Japanese action role-playing game developed and published by Nihon Falcom for Microsoft Windows in 2006." (Wikipedia, November 2013) I've played this RPG for 45 hours on the hardest of the 5 difficulties (nightmare, hard, normal, easy, very easy) with "Hugo" (1 of 3 characters) and completed it by level 52. I found the story to be a run-of-the-mill "good guy wants power, turns evil temporarily, and repents through the power of friendship/love". I'm generally not the type of guy to delve into, and enjoy, the story of a game very much anyways, so I didn't mind it. In fact, considering that I look for "great gameplay" in games, and what type of gameplay I'll tend to go for, I would practically expect a story to be "the usual" in a game (not to say I haven't enjoyed original stories). I don't know how the story goes with the other 2 characters, since I haven't played them yet. This game, played with a top-down camera angle, plays kinda like a shooter when Hugo is the chosen character, as his attacks revolve around shooting magic missiles straight ahead of him. After a quick test run, the other 2 characters appear to revolve around close-range melee combat. On the hardest difficulty level, the bosses offer such a challenge that you'll find yourself grinding a lot, just to gain that extra level or two and be able to defeat the boss at all (and even then, your battle strategy better be near perfect). This game has some simple puzzle-solving, if you can even call it that. You'll find yourself having to press buttons, defeat certain enemies, obtain and use items/skills, and so on. I did enjoy the challenging gameplay, but it would get frustrating at times with bosses, and also 1 time with a certain enemy that can practically insta-kill you (but that you'll still have to deal with). The only thing to do there is keep looking around for equipment and the like, and grind in special spots to gain levels. If you want to know how nice the graphics look, just "You-Google-Tube" some gameplay footage on the game. And while you're at it, check out the soundtrack for it as well. It's pretty awesome. As of this post, the game is $19.99 USD on Steam and I'd say it's worth the price if you love to spend many hours on a challenging "battle-grind" RPG. If it turns-out that you love the game, then you may also love "Ys: The Oath in Felghana", which follows a similar gaming style. You may want to avoid Ys I & II though, which has your main attack revolve around ramming into enemies (like in Hydlide), which ruins any sense of "gameplay" (at least in my opinion). Feel free to give your own thoughts on the game or the game series.