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Found 1 result

  1. Alright so being I intend to continue this for many years to come. I feel after this year has pass it would be nice to build on it and make it more fun to participate in. Mentioned somewhere in the pages of the Game Year topic for 2015 there was a little talk about working in some trivia questions. Get it right and you win as opposed to the simple first response that is going on this year. So I think in that area it would be good to talk about as far as the type of trivia to be used. Like for instance perhaps having trivia themes for each year, or just keeping it all around random trivia. Of course someone also mentioned, since currently this is only being done for those who use steam, about those who own only consoles. So a system for that to be included would be good as well. Mind you games are to be selected at random for the winners so it would be good to have a sort of wishlist type deal set up. For instance in the case of a physical disc if you had a selection set up on amazon. Or, being that I'm strictly pc for now, if there is the possibility of being able to gift others through XBOX marketplace or PSN network that could work the same way. A way to work in for those who use handhelds would certainly do as well. Now for those who don't know, I do want to get around to the point where I have 4 winners a month with each being the maximum of $60 ( more so if they happen to have that type of game on their list that banks over $60 though I do try to go for getting multiple games within the price range set). Naturally its easier to do that on steam then the console's since prices tend to stay up higher on titles, but in this this is why it will be good to get some ideas for other individuals to make this something everyone can get into no matter what they use. Now, one other thing I've been thinking of is having a sort of "End of the Year" type draw for Game Year in which a person could win a console system, handheld, or graphics card of "their" choosing from the list presented. I'm thinking perhaps making this a somewhat harder and different measure then just trivia, or perhaps make it the hardest damn question to figure out >:3 And of course, my pessimistic crowd who are ever present. Feel free to put out your points of why you don't think this is a good idea and not just for the sake of being pessimistic. I mean genuine reasons for why you think its not a good idea to host such a thing.