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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone! I'm very new to this site! I just signed up now. I have been trying to reach Joe Vargas for a while now, via twitter, instagram, and exc. I am in the progress of making a 2D Fighting Game. It's a fan project using FM2nd. The idea of the game is to feature several YouTubers duking it out in a fun, fast paced, style. I've been working on it for the latter half of this year, and am slowly progressing. I was hoping to get in contact with the AngryJoeShow to see if I could represent them in the game via a character. The character would be Joe, and have references to different episodes of the show. On twitter I have posted a quick snipit of gameplay, which is still a work in progress. I'm also looking to include the AVGN as well as the Nostalgia Critic. I believe all three of these YouTubers have helped shape the way the platform has grown, and it would be great if I could represent them all in some way. I currently have a few other YouTubers joining the fold as well, that I have already received permission from. If anyone could help send me in his direction, to see if I can get approval, please let me know! Thanks everyone for your time!
  2. youtuber

    Hey everyone! I did have another account but I cant remember my login, ive followed angryjoe for years, but unfortunately due to financial circumstances, and the fact I hate pay pal due to issues ive never donated. But I have always watched his videos, sat through all ads so Joe earns his pennies! haha. But anyway, My Name is Andy, i have recently launched my own Youtube review channel and content channel. Doing lets plays, reviews, vlogs etc. Im looking to find new friends and find follower gamers to play with on loads of games i have now. I recently bought a gaming pc a quite good one and ive always wanted to do my own channel. Its thanks to watching angry joe and his friends that i decided to pursue a dream of mine and one day become an awesome youtuber like angryjoeshow. I am 33, i live in england. I work full time and i have 5 kids, so i try and fit it all in when i can. I am an avid gamer and i love all things gaming. I watch youtube alot, just started watching twich, ill I will stream on twitch once i figure out how too, and also once there are people that might be interested in doing so. Ill also be happy to stream for the AJSA if i ever achieve a high rank here or get heavily involed in the community here. ( I do plan too) Im not looking to fan pinch or anything like that, i want to support the channel and i want to maybe one day do some collabs with experienced youtubers and the AJSA army, so what better way to do that, than to make a start here Feel free to check out my channel if you want here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC25WT5EHkBisGX3rkpRlXg I am not fishing for subs or anything like that, theres not a lot of content at the moment, i am working on some stuff, but im hoping to do some funny mutliplayer videos once i have made some friends here What games do i play? : Quite a lot! haha At the moment im playing, Divison, GTA V, Diablo 3, supreme commander 2, dying light, path of exile shadow warrior and orcs must die unchained. I have over 100 game on my steam account so im sure ill have something i can play with everyone. My favourte games are RPG/MMO type of games too. I also play, Guild wars 2, blade and soul, devilian atm. Used to play WoW/Defience/rift. Games i want to get soon: Dark Souls 3/Overwatch/Quatum Break I also have an xbox one, and wii u. Gaming tags: Steam: Freereapergaming Uplay: Andyuk101 Origin: Freereaper82 Xbox one: Freereaper82 Wii U: Freereaper *Feel free to add me, ill accept and i hope i can play with as many of you awesome guys as i can !* But i look forward to seeing you in his twitches (when i can be online when he is lol) and on youtube here, and on steam and other social sites and gaming UI - i will also go on discord to chat with you all sometimes Peace all. See you in the games!
  3. hey everybody my names Josh I have been a fan of the AJS for a long time but never joined the community till now like everyone here pretty much I am a gamer I go by the Screen name Curseius on most games I play and on Youtube and Twitch (though this is not an advertisement but I am saying I am a youtuber and a streamer as well) I play a ton of different games from single player to multiplayer (I also play a lot of clash of clans and Clash clones as well like empires and allies and DomiNations Fallout 4 Ark Survival evolved Vermintide Five nights at Freddies Series CIV Town of Salem Skyrim Reign Of Kings StrongHold Kingdoms I used to play archeage on OLLO server but archeages community sucks Dong for the most part theres a lot more too lol but that's where im going to stop listing anyways though if anyone is interested add me on steam (LOKD1) or search Curseius and ill see you all around!
  4. Alright, so. On a dare that ended interestingly, I was dared to do at least 3 Let's Plays from my Steam Library - the darer choose Shadows of Mordor and I'm about to hang up my 3rd episode. They are not top quality. Here's the thing, turns out I really enjoy doing these and I'd love to do more so I can improve upon the technique. While I'll continue my Shadows of Mordor run, I'm pretty sure the early episodes will turn people off of it due to the quality and that there are like....30 people doing the same game. Angry Army, is there any games on the PC you'd like to see done by a snarky soldier? I only have my laptop at the moment, but i would really enjoy doing more videos and would love to hear suggestions.
  5. Hey guys, I have a youtube channel but nobody ever seems to want to visit it, give me any support or even look at my videos..I only have 3 right now and I can easily make more but..I just don't have the motivation. 1 hour render, 2 hr + upload..for 10 views? That's just not worth it. So i was hoping if I could get some support from the army, I could do more, maybe get my own fan base, etc, and of course thank Joe for this site and the chance to advertise my channel. Eventually I would do my own reviews. I don't have any type of camera yet, but once I eventually get one I will probably do vlogs, reviews, gameplay with reactions, you know the deal. Anyway..here it is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHteJJM57mAlLQJ2kpP5Hww
  6. hello am Jenssons i'm half british and icelandic my age is 17 year old male that collect all consoles i'm a under rated youtuber who enjoys playing games and making videos really am just a guy who like making people laugh that dosent have great grammar when it comes to typing games i love halo dota battlefield ttt doom starwars battle front 2 warcraft 3 thank you for reading
  7. Hey everyone! The name is Occupine, I also go by the name of Onyx. I am a 17 year old Australian and I have been gaming since I was 4, back on the old Sega Genesis. I have a passion for RTS games like the total war series, as well as other games like Call of Duty (until ghosts...ghosts is disgusting). I have played a lot of league of legends and I am currently bronze 4, ALTHOUGH, I have not played 100 games in ranked and I played at least 40 when I was still a noob. I also refuse to play ranked until the oceanic server gets a tribunal..bronze is bad but its worse with no punishment system.I have a youtube channel but I have only done 3 videos, with a lack of support I got bored and just felt bad, so if I got support for that, I would start doing videos once more. I am a fan of warhammer 40k as well as yu-gi-oh! So I am an all round nerd. Hell, I even like WWE, don't hate me bro. I like a lot of different things. If there are any other Australians in the Angry Army then I would love to chat with you and maybe play some games with ya! I will link my youtube at the bottom of this post. I visit gamefaqs frequently and go under the same name as here. My League of Legends name is the same as here as well. I do play Garry's mod by the way, and I have a deep hate for office, it is just so boring and every round of prop hunt is on it.. Well I think that is enough about me, if you have any questions, just ask! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHteJJM57mAlLQJ2kpP5Hww