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Found 24 results

  1. The history of Relic Entertainment, webseries Checkpoint raising money to raise awareness about mental health issues and to help people effected through video games, gameplay of the HD re-release of Phantom Dust, the man with over 1200 platinum trophies, exploring mental illness in Night in the Woods and Papo and Yo, Divinity OS2's D&D mode, the Prey 2 we won't get, African game developer stories, how Bethesda's review policy hurts Prey, the only Valve stories you ever read, the portrayal of motherhood in games, the marketing of Final Fantasy 7, the limits of Link and the promise of Aloy, what games can learn from Yooka-Laylee, how the 2008 CGS DoA4 tournament lead to some of the highest paid women in esports, Jim Sterling continues coverage on Brash Games, and more. Gaming News (Announcements, release dates, previews, interviews, expansions, DLC, updates, company news, new tech, mods) Steam Users Are Concerned About Valve's New Gift Policy Valve Discusses The Past And Future Of The Steam Store Sony’s E3 2017 press conference dated Exclusive: 19 Minutes of PHANTOM DUST HD Re-Release Gameplay Prey for the Gods changes name to Praey for the Gods over Bethesda/Zenimax copyright Bethesda executive responds to 'Prey for the Gods' trademark dispute A game about hatred, children and war ELEX Official Gameplay Trailer: Berserker Faction Zero Escape trilogy to be complete on PS4 with Zero Time Dilemma port Oxygen Not Included is coming to Steam Early Access later this month Inside Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: an in-depth interview about accessibility, combos, ditching cross-platform play and sweat equity “If it were up to us, we’d port all of our games to PC,” say Bayonetta developers Platinum Games Watch 12 minutes of Darksiders 3 'pre-alpha' gameplay How Darksiders 3 Survived the Death of THQ - IGN First The goal of Darksiders 3 is potentially “setting up the next one”, say Gunfire Games Agents of Mayhem Official Franchise Force Trailer The First 35 Minutes of Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Destiny 2 On PC Will Have "Meaningful Features," Activision Says Total War: Warhammer 2 Kroq-Gar Confirmed and Campaign Mechanic News Titanfall: Assault turns the shooter into a real-time strategy game Why This Very Queer Strategy Game Downplayed Its Queerness While Crowdfunding Ready Or Not - Official Reveal Trailer Endless Space 2 trailer showcases the perils and prizes of exploration Endless Space 2 reveals its spacetreants Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Zombies Chronicles gets an official story trailer Squad-based RTS Ancestors promises medieval carnage for both keyboard and gamepad users Phil Plays Lovecraftian Horror Game Conarium Degica Games localizing original Castle of Shikigami Akiba’s Beat ‘Maids’ trailer Knack 2 is an atonement Ever Oasis is both town sim and RPG from the man behind The Secret of Mana BioWare’s new game delayed past March 2018 Brian Blessed plays a mad scientist in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Rime Hands-On Preview Here's A Big Sign That Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Is Coming To 3DS Running A Campaign In Divinity: Original Sin 2's D&D Mode Röki, An Adventure Game About The Deep Dark Woods Life, and how to live it, explored in a new game EA Sports UFC 3 coming in early 2018 Old Man's Journey looks fantastic, release date set for next week Sources: leaked Assassin's Creed: Origins image is real Quake’s hero comes to Quake Champions Risk of Rain 2 will abandon side-scrolling in favour of third-person shooting The Occupation and the perils of politics in games New clips of Mark Hamill in Star Citizen Overkill’s The Walking Dead game delayed to second half of 2018 Rogue Trooper: Redux teaser introduces the updated GI King of Fighters 15 Steam Release 505 Games will publish Remedy Entertainment's new game Emily Is Away Too logging on May 26th Dead Island 2 is still alive, Deep Silver insists Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia announces $44.99 season pass Echoes Is Last 3DS Fire Emblem Game As Focus Turns to Switch Shantae: Half-Genie Hero DLC Injustice 2 - Sub-Zero, Red Hood & Starfire DLC Trailer For Honor - The Shinobi Samurai Gameplay Trailer For Honor - The Centurion Knight Gameplay Trailer Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide | Stromdorf DLC Trailer Street Fighter 5’s next character is Ed Battlefield 1 reveals second night map that's due in the coming months Horizon Zero Dawn patch will give you more options in photo mode DOTA 2 Is Getting A Co-op Campaign With A Story Civilization VI Offers Free Stuff Because Of Currency Rip-Offs Stellaris launches Update 1.6, hands out birthday DLC Blizzard is testing nerfs to Reinhardt and Soldier: 76 on the Overwatch PTR Overwatch updates - everything Blizzard have planned for the months ahead Overwatch is already a billion-dollar game D.Va Spotlight – Heroes of the Storm Outlast 2 update dials back the difficulty Battlegrounds Will Add Loot Crates And Skins, But Not Until After Early Access Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Charity Invitational raises over $100,000 China game revenues expected to hit $35 billion in 2021 61 percent of EA's game sales last year were digital YouTubers Say They Can't Make Money Covering Call of Duty: WWII Bad time for channels based around content no one is going to want to pay for. Longtime Persona director hands off series after more than a decade Prey Launch Guy Finds StarCraft Source Code And Returns It To Blizzard, Gets Free Trip To BlizzCon War Child launches GameOn, a fundraising hub for game devs The Modder Who Spends Hundreds of Hours Building Trees for 'Cities: Skylines' Meet the Hackers That Made a 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Game for the NES Esports News The Weekend In Esports: Rocket League Finals, IEM Sydney, And More Professional Smite Player and Caster Dies of Cancer at Age 25 These Trans Women Were Asked To Show Their Passports To Enter A Female Gaming Tournament League Revising Rules After Trans Players Rejected From Women's CSGO Tournament DreamHack Hosts 'Seniors' Competition For Counter-Strike Players Over 30 As Esports Thrive, Corporations Dive In Brazilians Prove Unstoppable At Australian Counter-Strike Tournament Dota 2’s Kiev Major ended with a bizarre video of women, and nobody is happy about it In response to PGL's "Girls of Kiev" video Public apology to the DOTA 2 community Smash Pro Wins Japan Major By Going Back To His Roots Tekken 7 Pros Booted From UK Championship On Suspicion Of Collusion Ten Years Ago, Dead Or Alive Launched The Careers Of The Highest-Paid Women Pro Gamers Mount and Blade’s first esports event, the Battle of Bucharest, rides out on May 20 Warner Bros. Announce Massive Series of Tournaments for Injustice 2, $600k in Prizes Three CS:GO Tournaments Announced for DreamHack Summer 2017 for Junior, Senior, and Female Attendees Dota 2 International Prize Pool Already Over $6 Million, Thanks to Battle Pass Revenue Four Pro Gaming Teams Drop Overwatch In One Week Crowdfunding News The CHECKPOINT Series Content I found interesting this week (interviews, reviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, criticism, etc) How Final Fantasy 7 Revolutionized Videogame Marketing and Helped Sony Tackle Nintendo How ‘Papo & Yo’ Shined a Light on Alcoholism and Mental Health Children of the Earth: The Limits of Link and the Promise of Aloy Why is motherhood so poorly portrayed in video games? Prey Shows That Bethesda's Review Policy Is Even Bad For Bethesda Postmortem: Thomas Brush's Pinstripe Meet the man with 1200 Platinum trophies ‘Skyrim’ is a Great Survival Game, Actually How the Creators of Harvest Moon Are Keeping Up with 'Stardew Valley' Thoughts on first-person-narrative game trailers 'DC Universe Online' Chief Jack Emmert on Why Superheroes Matter Persona 5 Put Me Back in the Closet 'Persona 5' Creators Talk Series' Legacy, Character Design and J-Pop African video game makers are breaking into the global industry with their own stories 'Civilization' Creator Sid Meier: "I Didn't Really Expect to be a Game Designer" The Secret Ending That Helped Redeem Tactics Ogre: The Knights of Lodis Why I'm glad Dark Souls is dead Overwatch YouTuber Gets Harassed After Redditor Makes False Accusations The end of Steam: imagining the future of how we buy games Nintendo's Line Of Wario Platformers Ended Far Too Long Ago Tom Hall: 5 key design lessons I learned directing Wolfenstein 3D Lifestyle Games - The Play's the Thing - Extra Credits What Modern Games Can Learn From Yooka-Laylee The History of Relic Entertainment Legendary Mario 64 Record For Collecting All The Stars Finally Broken Sam Lake INTERVIEW: The Intersection of Narrative in Games, Films, and Literature What Happened to Fighting Force 3? | Unseen64 Ft. That Video Games Show The Design of Dead Space - Part 3 | Game Maker's Toolkit Matt Chat 375: Tim Lang on Might and Magic IX Hacker Makes the 'Nintendo PlayStation' Fully Operational Paul Ryan: Not That One (The Jimquisition) Exploring Mental Illness in Night in the Woods (SPOILERS) The Prey We'll Never Play - Investigating Prey 2 Japan's Valkyria Chronicles 3 by SEGA - Region Locked Feat. Dazz (Gameplay & Analysis) Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games, game communities, or game companies Prey Review The Only Five Valve News Stories That You Ever Read Bethesda Pressuring Employee Named ‘Beth’ To Change Her Name Korean Politician Using Overwatch Video On The Campaign Trail Multiple Choice STRAFE® | Official Movie Trailer #1 Things I Missed From Previous Weeks The Doubled Meanings of Gaming's Great Towers
  2. So it's finally here........ and probably copyright claimed by the archaic assholes of Nintendo Japan by now (I've already downloaded the video just in case). The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild angry review. Is it worth buying a Switch or dusting of your WiiU for? Angry Joe rides for Hyrule as Other Joe "Swtich's" gender........ again to find out!
  3. May as well just post this because let's face it... I've started my run of the Wii U version of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Why Wii U because it's the last game for the console and I want this to be a fitting end to a console that really got put under a bus. Enjoy nonetheless.
  4. Rami Ismail asks devs and players to share stories of how games effected or helped people, Youtuber gives reasons why they keep imploding, Centipede programmer Dona Bailey holds AMA, Steven Messner looks into an Ark roleplaying server, how the Yakuza helped sell Nintendo's first game, Colin Campbell writes about what Gabe Newell is like during a press event and how he answers questions, Payday 3 in production, visual essay jam, variety of Japanese titles get western release dates, how "games as a service" delayed Owlboy, what developers think of Steam Spy, Folding Ideas and Linkara discuss Youtuber Life Tycoon game and state of Youtube, Bethesda working on three new games, interview with the devs of Nier Automata, Zelda community talks about giving Link a voice, and more. Gaming News (Announcements, release dates, previews, interviews, expansions, DLC, updates, company news, new tech, mods) Watch the trailer for the 2017 Independent Games Festival Awards! Raw Fury offer to pay indies' Steam Direct fees for any game they deem good enough Valve won't automatically detect cheaters for fear of "an arms race" with cheat makers Are You Making Nintendo Switch Games? Japanese Developers Answer That And More Hands-On Nintendo Switch Impressions From A Dream I Had Last Night Nintendo eShop purchases will finally be tied to Nintendo Accounts Leaked Switch Was Stolen, Nintendo Says Nintendo Switch launch lineup includes Zelda, 1-2-Switch Nintendo Switch download sizes revealed, making extra memory a must Claim Your Nintendo Switch Account ID Banana Peels, Nasty Aliens, and Brain Hacking in 'Prey' An hour with Prey ‘Prey’ Is More Freaky Sci-fi, Less Horror Dropzone is a competitive RTS for the modern era My Memory of Us teaser tells a tale of children trapped in a war-time ghetto The Black Death Spreads to Videogames With A Plague Tale: Innocence A special message from YOKO TARO MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA – Gameplay Series #1: Combat Hardcore Girls and Bullet Hell: A Conversation with the Makers of 'Nier: Automata' Kona, the snowy supernatural mystery set in Canada's north, is coming in March Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha 0.1.1. gameplay video released – Taming New Seas NIS America is localizing Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, and it's coming to Steam Talking Dreams and Nausea-Free VR with Tim Schafer Bard's Tale remastered trilogy will be finished, Olde Skuul boss says Watch 15 minutes of sci-fi zombie beatdowns in a new trailer for The Surge Bethesda's Todd Howard Hints at 3 New Games Oops! Game developers forget to hit the submit button and miss scheduled release date Dawn of War 3 trailer battles over mythical pointy stick Choice, Consequence and Vampires Power the Next Game From 'Life Is Strange' Studio Square Enix Announces New RPG Called Project Prelude Rune Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s best trailer yet has fans crying ‘spoilers’ Danganronpa V3 And A Bunch Of Other Japanese Games Get Western Release Dates Payday 3 is in production, but could be a long way off Songbringer is a Zelda-like with galactic war and hallucinogenic cacti Redeemer is an action slasher that's like God of War meets Hotline Miami A Game About Houses Of Cards, Without Any Politics Stranger of Sword City Revisited first English trailer, eight-hour free trial announced New Persona 5 Trailer Features This Returning Character Rogue Legacy devs announce Full Metal Furies, a four-player co-op brawler Touhou Kobuto V coming west this summer Tokyo Tattoo Girls for PS Vita, PC coming west this summer RPG Maker Fes coming west this summer Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy for PC launches March 27 Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Backer Update 14 - Neketaka Pillars of Eternity 2's overhauled weather system will affect player status and NPC routines Redeemer is an action slasher that's like God of War meets Hotline Miami Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta starts Feb 23, tontos Final Fantasy VII Remake's Director Shows Screenshots Of The Game's First Boss Fight The Gardens Between Looks Just Lovely Isabella von Carstein heads to Total War: Warhammer as another Legendary Lord Total War: Warhammer's free Bretonnia faction lands on February 28 - here's a trailer Warhammer News: Bretonnia Update 19th Feb Total War: Warhammer - Full Bretonnia Army Roster (Battle Gameplay) Nioh to add high-difficulty missions in late March, PvP in late April; first DLC details Homefront: The Revolution’s final expansion coming in March Valve Fixes Accuracy Bug That's Been In Team Fortress 2 For Ten Years Blizzard Retires Classic Cards In Anticipation Of New Hearthstone Season Is this really the worst Hearthstone meta we’ve ever had? Blood Bowl 2 introduces Chaos Dwarfs and Khemri teams to its bloody roster Watch Dogs 2 “Human Conditions” DLC due to release on PC on March 23 Kolin is Street Fighter 5’s next character. Here’s why you should play her. War Thunder gets new Japanese tanks in impending update Final Fantasy 15’s PS4 Pro patch does more harm than good Conan Exiles' new region lock has prevented some regions from playing on official servers Final Fantasy XIV’s New Expansion “Stormblood” Gets Plenty Info on New Areas, Features and Much More Civilization 6 Free Update And New Australia Civ DLC Announced First For Honor patch will buff Valkyrie, nerf Conquerer and Berserker, fix guard breaks Watch the world end in Defcon VR’s virtual war room Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan trolls fans who are begging for Valentine’s content The Overwatch Playboy parody 'Playwatch Magazine' has been shut down by a copyright claim Crafty Overwatch Players Are Staying Up Late To Get Better Ranks Overwatch's next hero may not be Doomfist, suggests Jeff Kaplan Is this Overwatch’s next hero? See Overwatch devs answer your questions in last weekend's PC Gamer Weekender Q&A What do developers and publishers really think of Steam Spy? Portal writer Erik Wolpaw leaves Valve Humble Bundle raises more than $6.5M for charity EA's Origin Access subscription service is running a limited time free trial PewDiePie versus the media: Why he’s so mad to be losing the fight I remember last time he was complaining about Polygon and another site talking about him that he lied about their articles and said they used him as clickbait, when he wasn't mentioned in the header, as the picture, and was the focus for maybe part of a sentence in the middle of the articles. PewDiePie Is Only Part of the ProblemPew The three reasons YouTubers keep imploding, from a YouTuber Twitch Streamer Dies During 24-Hour Marathon Stream Court Throws Out Digital Homicide's Case Against Critic Jim Sterling The ‘Stardew Valley’ Modder Who Added Jerk Off Schedules For Every Guy Esports News Riot's New Replay Tool Could Seriously Affect League Matches Counter-Strike Pro Promises To "Crush" Opponent, Backs It Up In Dominating Fashion FIFA Pro Puts Away Two Goals In Under A Minute At Miami Regionals League of Legends Pro Dances Before Pushing For The Win In Guilty Gear It's Never Over Until The Vampire Sings North Seizes Double Overtime Win At DreamHack Masters Las Vegas Pro Overwatch Player Wrecks Entire Team's Defense With Sneaky Lucio Boop This Is Why You Don't Challenge The Street Fighter V Champ Nazara will invest $20 million in eSports for India Danish CS:GO Players Barred from Competing at Copenhagen Games LAN The Rise in College Esports Scholarships Crowdfunding News Fig kicks off $500k funding initiative aimed at late-stage game dev woes Shardbound Content I found interesting this week (interviews, reviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, criticism, etc) Rami Ismail asks devs and players to share stories of how games effected or helped people Some of the responses Gabe Newell isn't really here Gabe Newell discusses the downsides of working at Valve Video Game Tries To Tackle Gang Violence In Chicago, Fails Grandia – 1998 Developer Interviews, originally featured in Sega Saturn Magazine (jp) Centipede Programmer, Dona Bailey, holds AMA VISUAL ESSAY JAM ROUNDUP How Sega Brought Yakuza 0 To The West I was drugged, forced to sing, and accused of murder in one night on an Ark roleplaying server Raising Questions of Power in Reigns Portal 2’s Co-Op Was Perfect How 'Memoranda' Successfully Brings Haruki Murakami's Surrealism into a Video Game For Honor Gets Female Armor Right Meet the superfans who spent a decade bringing Daikatana back to life The dark art of creating gorgeous death animations 'Freelancer' Was the Original Open-World Space Opera Devs discuss the history and the future of so-called 'walking sims' Road to the IGF: The Molasses Flood's The Flame in the Flood Road to the IGF: Ocelot Society's Event[0] Games As Service - How it delayed Owlboy for nearly a year ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn' is ‘The Witcher 3’ for the ‘Avatar’ Generation 'Horizon Zero Dawn' made me fall in love with open-world RPGs Gender, Race, and Robot Dinos in Horizon Zero Dawn Let's Talk About How 'Resident Evil 7' Falls Apart at the End How The Zelda Community Finally Gave Link a Voice How to Make the Best of Working on Licensed Video Games Youtubers Life and the State of YouTube (w/ Linkara) How the Yakuza helped sell Nintendo's first game - Here's A Thing Guide to Games: Valkyria Chronicles The Magic of the First Legend of Zelda | Game Maker's Toolkit Sierra's Lost Gem - The Dagger of Amon Ra #GLG29: Diversity in Watch Dogs 2 Noclip Project 4 Teaser Advanced Game Literacy - Finding Meaning in Games - Extra Credits Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games Game Industry Valentines FFXV Ignis Dishes DeMarcus Cousins' Trade Was So Shitty NBA 2K17 Won't Let You Do It Things I Missed From Previous Weeks 'Metacritic' Still Matters, But For How Long? HOW CHICAGO'S OVERLOOKED VIDEO GAME CREATORS SCORED AN EXTRA LIFE Not Forgotten - Hellgate: London (Innovative Diablo Successor / Looter Shooter) Other Places: Hitman
  5. This Week In Gaming 2-14-17 E3 selling tickets this year, Overwatch director desire to remove input conversation devices raises concerns from fans with disabilities, Greenlight to be replaced by Steam Direct and bringing back paid mods, Noah Caldwell-Gervais compares Deserts of Kharak to previous Homeworld titles and talks about his current life as a video game critic traveling in a Volkswagen Bus, Breath of the Wild gets season pass, the difficulty of making games in China, the price of indie games, Ron Gilbert talks about his new game and crowdfunding, finding a mom to identify with in video games, Humble Bundle launches publishing and funding program, Overwatch's D.Va is seen as a symbol of hope for some Korean gamers, Super Bunnyhop and Tim Poon explain Oculus Trial, inXile releases trailers and information on three current projects, and more. Gaming News (Announcements, release dates, previews, interviews, expansions, DLC, updates, company news, new tech, mods) E3 Opens To The Public For The First Time Ever Valve to Axe Steam Greenlight, Move Closer to Direct Distribution with ‘Steam Direct’ this Spring Steam’s upcoming pay structure won’t help devs or players Indie devs aren’t happy with Steam Greenlight replacement Steam Greenlight had to go, but its replacement might just work Steam Direct is better than Greenlight, but the size of its fee will make or break it itch.io direct itch,io responds to Steams $100-$5000 submission fee. Valve: Modders 'absolutely' need to be paid Nintendo drops big hint toward GameCube games on Virtual Console Mass Effect: Andromeda director Mac Walters explains the dialogue system replacing Paragon / Renegade Mass Effect: Andromeda has over a dozen hub areas, will learn from The Witcher 3 Fans really want to have sex with Mass Effect's new alien Old Man's Journey Gameplay Teaser Syberia 3 release date set, new trailer teases puzzles and snow ostriches Now Even Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is Getting DLC And A Season Pass South Park: The Fractured But Whole has been delayed again The Bard's Tale IV - Combat First Look Work on remastered Bard's Tale trilogy has reportedly stopped Techland and InXile release new cinematic story trailer for Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 3 studio lays out its "vision for the apocalypse" Star Trek: Bridge Crew gets a May launch date and adds the original Enterprise Ni No Kuni 2 flaunts its flashy combat in latest trailer Zero Escape: The Nonary Games ‘New Features in 999’ gameplay Hollow Knight, a beautifully animated 2D platformer, releases this month Senran Kagura: Estival Versus coming to PC in March, ‘Battle Vixens’ DLC launches simultaneously Is Prey the BioShock successor we've been waiting for? FTL devs return with Into the Breach, turn-based kaiju defence with giant robots Injustice 2: Swamp Thing Gameplay Reveal Trailer (1080 60fps) – IGN First Injustice 2 - Here Come The Girls Greedfall teaser reveals a Baroque-inspired RPG about the perils of colonization Procedural cop RPG No Truce with the Furies sounds so very odd and exciting Halo Wars 2 physical releases canceled in North America Two hours with Thimbleweed Park, the new adventure game from the creator of Monkey Island Shiness is Nice: On the French Anime-Influenced Fighting RPG Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands: The Cartel [US] Ghost Recon Wildlands scores top Hollywood script-writing talent Sniper Elite 4 - "Timing is Everything" Launch Trailer 'Sniper Elite 4' Aims for Triple-A, But Has An Indie Heart For Honor Features: Progression and Customization [US] For Honor Gameplay: Celebrity Match with Jason Momoa, Lauren Cohan, Alfie Allen & Demetrious Johnson For Honor: Launch Trailer (Gameplay) [US] BattleTech beta slated for March 15, and there’s room for you Phantom Halls is a stylish squad-based shooter that combines Worms with Spelunky Toukiden 2 trailers reveal the Chain Whip and the Sword & Shield Destiny 2 is coming this year How '29' Paints A Personal, Yet Surreal Picture Of London Frigid survival game Impact Winter is coming in April How a mysterious drawing helped create Pillars of Eternity 2 Pillars of Eternity 2's Josh Sawyer on crowdfunding, isometric RPGs, and storytelling Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Twitch Live Q&A Chat 2 - Featuring Josh Sawyer and Adam Brennecke Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Backer Update 13 - Companion Relationships 'The story we're telling is only the tip of the iceberg,' says Stoic Studio of The Banner Saga trilogy Dark Souls 3's final DLC is a descent through time and space VA-11 HALL-A now includes "redux" prologue chapters Elite Dangerous standalone Arena removed from sale, still available to existing players The historical strategy-RPG Expeditions: Viking will be out in April Newell: Valve in development on 3 new VR games Valve explains why we'll never see the full history of Half-Life's development Battlefield 1 New DLC Details Battlefield 1 Winter Update Launches Next Week After years of rejections, U-turns, and player requests, League of Legends is about to get a sandbox mode A New Patch Tweaked Watch Dogs 2's Ending, And Fans Are Wondering Why Starbound to go proper interplanetary in spacey update Obsidian is no longer working on Armored Warfare "We might not tackle a game like this again" Humble Bundle launches multi-platform publishing and funding program Twitch launches Communities to push interest-specific content Activision Blizzard posts big sales, but Call of Duty fails to connect with fans Activision Has Big Layoffs Despite Surpassing Financial Targets Ubisoft's 3rd quarter saw a rise in engagement, but a decrease in sales CD Projekt's market cap breaks $1.6 billion, making it one of Poland's biggest companies Konami's Profits Increase By Almost 230 Percent Mafia 3 has now sold in "approximately 5 million units" Forza Horizon 3 hits 2.5M copies sold, pushing Forza series above $1B Judge Dredd and other 2000 AD characters can now be licensed by new developers ResistJam brings game devs together against authoritarianism Rumour NES Mini Production Now Ending Disney Drops Pewdiepie Over Anti-Semitic Jokes YouTube cans PewDiePie reality show, drops him from premium ads after anti-Semitic stunt Overwatch mouse-keyboard support is vital for players with disabilities The Fight Over How To Play Overwatch On Consoles Blizzard swing the Banghammer: Overwatch hackers blocked from Korean internet cafes Overwatch – more Doomfist hints have popped up on the PTR Despite Outcry, Blizzard Says Overwatch Loot Box Drop Rates Haven't Changed Unity takes stand against Trumpian immigration ban Gabe Newell on US travel ban: 'We have people at Valve who can't go home' SNES preservation project "dead" after $10k of games lost in the post Esports News Riot will be taking the League of Legends World Championships to China NBA 2K maker teaming up with NBA for esports league Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Pulls Through For 9th EVO 2017 Slot America’s greatest rhythm gamer is now Dance Dance Revolution’s world champion Meet Hungrybox, the Most Resilient 'Smash Bros.' Champion It turns out Kripp really is the best Hearthstone Arena player in America EA fines Madden Bowl winner $3K for ‘inappropriate’ tweets Nevada Esports Alliance Forms, Includes Betting Companies and Industry Groups Esports Revenue Set to Skyrocket in 2017 Crowdfunding News Kimochi Red Light is like a Kickstarter purely for sex games Thaumistry: In Charm's Way. A New Comedy Text Adventure Game Bob Bates' Thaumistry is an experiment in reviving text-based games Content I found interesting this week (interviews, reviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, criticism, etc) Company Of Heroes Was The Perfect RTS Side Quest Syndrome: Designing The Road Less Traveled Why It's So Hard To Make Games In China The fallen price of indie games How I Finally Found A Mom I Can Identify With—In A Videogame The Story Behind YouTube's Strangely Compelling 'Hot Pepper Gaming' Channel How a guild of deaf players conquered World of Warcraft's toughest raids THE AFRICAN ROOTS IN ‘AURION: LEGACY OF THE KORI ODAN’ SPATIAL EXPERIENTIALITY IN JOURNEY Ron Gilbert Talks ‘Thimbleweed Park’, Crowd Funding and Funny Bones The voice behind Symmetra on working with Blizzard, Overwatch dream couples, and D&D The People Keeping 'Battleborn' Alive A Narrative Designer's Approach to NPCs When Game Jam Design Goes Wrong: The DLC of Fallout 4 Game Design Deep Dive: Creating an adaptive narrative in Reigns When A Company Makes Consoles For Girls And Also Cute Toys On the Simple Pleasure of Just Entertaining Yourself in ‘Yakuza 0’ D.va From Overwatch Has Become A Symbol of Hope In Real Life One Of Nioh’s Best Fights Is The Most Realistic 'Nioh' Suggests That 'Dark Souls' Actually Invented a New Genre Revisiting Alpha Protocol, Obsidian's flawed but fascinating spy RPG The Difficulty Of Making A Game Where Players Are Other Players' Parents A Q&A With the Creator of an 'Oblivion' Mod That Ditched Boob Armor The Sad Truth of the 'Overwatch' Plateau Road to the IGF: Tobias Zarges' Close Road to the IGF: Broken Rules' Old Man's Journey Road to the IGF: Carl Burton's Islands: Non-Places How Rockstar's Vision of America in 'Grand Theft Auto IV' is More Relevant Than Ever A Tribute to Donnel, a Sweet Boy Capable of Terrible Violence in 'Fire Emblem' Playtesting Adventure How Does Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Compare to Previous Homeworlds? Why Yakuza 0 is a Masterclass in Managing Tone - Writing on Games The Art of Video Game Title Screens Explaining the Oculus Trial Documentary: The Life of a Street Fighter Pro Inside (Addendum) (All The Spoilers) Basic Game Literacy - Why It's Hard to Learn How to Play - Extra Credits 'The Yawhg' Is a Party Game That Is Actually Good Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games Didn't find anything to include here this week. Things I Missed From Previous Weeks Shinya Takahashi Is the 'Conductor' Taking Nintendo into the Future The unique shame of the video game critic
  6. Katharine Neil writes about the way games are designed now and why, how they were designed in the past, and how things might change in the future. An Atari emulator created with Minecraft, PBS Idea Channel talks about the purpose and effects of criticism and the difference between reviews and criticism, FFXV patch aims to improve the story, Sean Bean finds out he died in the Civilization VI opening, Nintendo shows Breath of the Wild on Switch and Waypoint interviews Reggie about mobile game strategy, Mass Effect developer interview, when to use actor's faces in games, Mark Brown looks at the best game design invocations of 2016, Extra Credit shares shares stories about why games matter, Robert Yang shares ideas to make VRs future better, Hideo and Geoff max their social link, and more. AJSA Youtube's Angry Army Weekly Will be added on Wednesday, check back then or check our Youtube channel. Gaming News (Announcements, release dates, previews, interviews, expansions, DLC, updates, company news, new tech, mods) Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch shown live for first time Sources: Nintendo Switch will have GameCube Virtual Console support We Played Nintendo's First Real Mobile Game, 'Super Mario Run' Super Mario Run only playable with an internet connection We Asked Miyamoto Which Nintendo Character He'd Like to Drink With A CHAT WITH SHIGERU MIYAMOTO ON THE EVE OF SUPER MARIO RUN, NINTENDO’S FIRST SMARTPHONE GAME The Silver Case remake gets a PS4 release date Mass Effect Andromeda: BioWare Reveals New Details in the Gameplay Trailer - IGN First BioWare talks Mass Effect Andromeda squadmates, cut content and that missing release date Mass Effect: Andromeda's creative director says you should probably keep your saves Dawn of War III — Eldar GAMEPLAY & Developer Commentary! Dawn of War III — 45 Minutes of Eldar GAMEPLAY in Mission 6! (No Commentary) Death Stranding and the Future of PlayStation (Hideo Kojima, Mark Cerny & Hermen Hulst) Kojima Calls Guerrilla's Decima Engine A 'Rocket' That Can Take Death Stranding To Jupiter Tales of Berseria ‘The Calamity and the Blade’ trailer Watch "sticky meat bits" hit the floor in Strafe's new Uber-Gore v2 trailer Wild Guns Reloaded launches December 20 in North America and Europe SEA OF SOLITUDE’S SUBLIME EXPLORATION OF LONELINESS NOW BACKED BY EA The Walking Dead Season 3 launch trailer introduces a familiar face Conan Exiles dev diary talks survival tactics, teases new footage Gust’s Atelier Sophie and Nights of Azure coming to PC Evolve, Left 4 Dead dev announces new dark fantasy co-op FPS IP DRAGON QUEST HEROES II Announcement Trailer Friday the 13th trailer introduces Jason-slayer Tommy Jarvis Kingdom Come: Deliverance is fast approaching completion, here's an update video Metro 2035 author hints series will continue after end of book timeline This arcade hockey game is going back to the violent 1970s The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Steam release date set just after New Year's Seasons of Heaven is a Nintendo Switch-exclusive indie game, runs on Unreal Engine 4 Yooka-Laylee release date set, celebrates with new world trailer For Honor will be an "always online experience" Memoranda is a gorgeous point-and-click adventure about memory loss, due January Sea of Thieves alpha update trailer offers first proper look treasure hunting in practice Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr trailer shows off its open world The Surge gameplay trailer shows off Dark Souls-inspired sci-fi combat SUNLESS SKIES DOESN’T TAKE PLACE IN OUTER SPACE AS WE KNOW IT Elite Dangerous headed to PlayStation 4 in Q2 2017 Final Fantasy 15's story is being patched Free Battlefield 1 map "Giant's Shadow" will introduce the Grenade Crossbow Huge Battlefield 1 Update Out Now, Adds Free Map and Makes a Ton of Changes Battlefield 1's New Spectator Mode Highlights Player Stories If you want to play The Last Guardian at a reasonably stable framerate, you'll need a PS4 Pro The Division to get DirectX 12 support next week Watch Dogs 2: T-Bone Content Bundle will take a little longer to arrive We Happy Few takes a big step forward with the new Clockwork Update Overwatch Christmas skins revealed DOTA 2 Update Forces Players To Re-Learn A Game That Took Hundreds Of Hours To Understand Free Uncharted 4 Expansion Arrives Tomorrow, Adds Co-Op Mode, New Maps, and More American Truck Simulator celebrates bigger roads and wider spaces with a new trailer Hitman's holiday mission: Kill the bumbling burglars from Home Alone Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered update to add free maps and modes Heroes of the Storm has a new game director with big plans Worlds Adrift's persistent world-building tech being made free to qualified game developers Oculus boss Brendan Iribe steps down to lead new PC focused VR division Doom-inspired roguelike goes open-source in a bid to outrun Zenimax lawyers Speedrun's Unique Idling Requirement Leads To Temporary Twitch Ban Ex-Witcher and Gwent designer joins Techland to work on new open-world fantasy RPG Chinese law will force game makers to reveal loot box drop rates Crytek Employees Say They're Not Getting Paid -- Again Ubisoft sanctioned €1.27 million for insider trading, publisher issues statement and plans to appeal In the face of a takeover threat, Ubisoft exec discusses company morale Esports News White House plans eSports event to raise health insurance awareness The Anatomy of an Overwatch Tournament Disaster The strategies MechWarrior Online's best team used to become world champions Twitch Gives Ownership of Evil Geniuses and Alliance Away to Its Players Riot Games World Championship Numbers Show Slowing in Viewership Valve's Dota 2 Boston Major Ends Like The Battle Of Thermopylae A Quick Look At Why Everyone Just Lost It At This Weekend's Dota 2 Tournament NFL Media Partners With EA to Broadcast a Weekly Show on its Network The British Esports Association Reveals Its Advisory Board and Launches Website WESA Reveals Arbitration Court Details, Including Fees and Tribunal Selection Crowdfunding News New WW2 shooter promises 100-player battles that are not "sports-like" Yet Another Reminder That Crowdfunding Isn't A Guarantee Content I found interesting this week (interviews, reviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, criticism, etc) How We Design Games Now and Why DOOM Resurrected - To Hell & Back The Strange, Engrossing Weirdness of 'Final Fantasy XV' Has gaming become too much of a shtick for late night television? GIRLS MAKE GAMES RAN A WORKSHOP AT THE WHITE HOUSE LAST WEEK Ghost Recon Wildlands: Building Bolivia By Brick and Biome A progressive future for VR: why VR is already getting worse, and how to make it better VR enthusiasts are furious people are funding great VR games, and I don’t get it Fumito Ueda: Colossus in the Shadow Atari 2600 Emulator in Minecraft Can Horror Games Tackle Mental Illness Without Reverting to Stereotype? 5 Game Design Innovations from 2016 | Game Maker's Toolkit Everything In Civilization VI, Crammed Into One Real Map How ‘The Last of Us’ Unearthed the Ugly Side of Playing Protector Enclosure or Escape: What the Ocean Can Mean in Video Games The Death and Rebirth of 'The Matrix Online' How Blizzard got its name The inside story of Warcraft Adventures: Blizzard's lost point-and-click adventure How Blizzard coped with World of Warcraft's blood plague and other early disasters WATCH DOGS 2 IS A LOVE LETTER TO A SAN FRANCISCO I NO LONGER RECOGNIZE What Happens When You Ask Google to Translate 'Final Fantasy' CONTROLLING FATHERS AND DEVOTED DAUGHTERS - PATERNAL AUTHORITY IN BIOSHOCK 2 AND THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT How an Environment Layout Affects Difficulty POCKET KINGDOM MIGHT BE THE START TO SOME EPIC PIXEL-ART GAMES Obsidian's Feargus Urquhart on the future of RPGs How the Game Genie Helped Me Understand My Brian Injury The Story Behind Reviving Obscure Neo Geo Classic 'Windjammers' Because Games Matter - A Better Vision - Extra Credits Gender Ex Machina | FURTHERMORE When To Use Actor Faces in Video Games #GLG28: #Mafia3 pt4 Lead Writer Bill Harms #GamingLooksGood The creators of Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon talk to us about farm games How Do You Make a Single-Player Battlefield, Anyway? Watch as over 5,000 EVE Online pilots destroy a fully operational Death Star Far Cry 3: Deconstructing the Power Fantasy - Cagey Videos Spec-Ops The Line and Western Heroism Steep, Watch Dogs 2 and the GTA with no guns Ninja Gaiden (Master System): Europe's Exclusive Japanese Game - Region Locked feat. Greg I always liked the Master System game more than the NES ones. Pokemon Creator's Hybrid RPG: Bushi Seiryuuden - Region Locked feat. Dazz Designing Gunvolt (Part 1 of 2) Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games Final Fantasy XV Encourages Dangerous Driving (Nitpick Theater) Watch Sean Bean find out that he dies in the Civilization 6 launch trailer Hideo Kun and Geoff Chan Max Out Their Social Link A Memorial for All The People I’ve Accidentally Killed in ‘Dishonored 2’
  7. Hey ladies and gents here is a top 10 list of my personal favorite 3DS titles. Anyone else care to join in the discussion of favorite titles on the console?
  8. This week is E3, check out the new E3 section of the forums to talk about the trailers, reveals, tech, etc that was shown there. Here I'll be posting about what was shown at E3, additional articles and videos on those games, and things that happened outside of or before the start of E3. This week in the news; E3 reveals, developers discuss hype in game development, the tragedy of Bloodborne's "happy" ending and how it ties into the themes of cosmic horror, why the writing in E3 demos and games can sound so bad and unnatural, Riot turns to fight toxicity in the workplace starting with Riot, how box art is made, Super Robot Wars V coming to PS4 and Vita with English text, how the Lion King helped to change PC gaming, postmortem on Banner Saga 2 and Stellaris, 22 things learned about Persona 5, Fallout 4 allows modders to report stolen content, a library dedicated to video game books, Ubisoft starts to permanently ban cheaters for first time offenses, Inafune wants to make Mighty No. 9 sequel, and more. E3 press conferences and thread links EA Bethesda Microsoft PC Ubisoft Sony Nintendo Strange oddly scheduled thing from what I can tell, mostly just talking about the new Zelda and Pokemon, videos can be found further below. Take A Virtual Guided Tour Of E3's Showroom Floor With Kotaku It's My E3 And I'll Whine If I Want To (The Jimquisition) Jim Sterling talks about what I love about E3. ALIENWARE'S LATEST TECH SHOWS VR IS NOW AS IMPORTANT TO IT AS GAMING IS Xbox One Slim Leaks, Will Be 40% Smaller Than Xbox One Games can perform better on Xbox One S Xbox One S console has no Kinect port, requires USB adapter Microsoft Announces Project Scorpio, 'The Most Powerful Console Ever' Three New Xbox Live Multiplayer Features Detailed Xbox Live Gold Not Required for New PC-Xbox One Cross-Buy Program Ding Dongle! Xbox Controller Finally Adding Bluetooth Microsoft Will Let You Design Your Own Custom Xbox One Controllers Finally I can get a purple controller. Here's what the PlayStation VR's gun controller looks like Valve rolls out free VR creation tool for new destinations workshop DEUS EX: MANKIND DIVIDED TAKES A NEW DIRECTION Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - City-hub Gameplay Demo Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - NEW GAMEPLAY Reveals Weapons, Puzzles, Cinematics, & More! Deus Ex Go confirmed for later this year Co-op, More Hacking, and a Bigger Open World - Watch Dogs 2 Watch Dogs 2 has a new hacker hero, a new city and a whole lot more Watch an 11-minute mission walkthrough from Watch Dogs 2 Watch Dogs 2 Game Director Confirms Non-Lethal Playthroughs That's a nice change as in a game like this it could lead to much better designed missions with a lot of options in how to go about completing. Watch the new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Kingdom Hearts 3 Won't Feature Final Fantasy Worlds Heihachi and Akuma Fight it out in Tekken 7 - E3 2016 Microsoft Press Conference Omega Force’s next game is a Berserk musou Watch Levar Burton, Karl Urban, and Jeri Ryan play Star Trek: Bridge Crew in VR Super Robot Wars V announced for PS4, PS Vita Somehow I missed this list week, which is surprising because it's the only release news that I personally would be interested in. See the first teaser for cyberpunk horror game Observer South Park: The Fractured But Whole gets a new trailer and release date Giant Cop VR game hits fall 2016, check out this E3 trailer Halo Wars 2 Official E3 Trailer Friday The 13th The Game Gameplay Teaser and Trailers E3 2016 See the charming magic of the new Mages of Mystralia trailer Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens gets cute E3 trailer Underwater Journey-like Abzû out August 2 Heads (and dice) roll in Tyranny's first gameplay trailer Skyrim comes to PS4 and Xbox One this fall Existing Skyrim mods will be (almost) fully compatible with the Special Edition Check out fresh Mirage: Arcane Warfare gameplay in a pair of bloody new trailers Watch the first trailer for Injustice 2 Watch New Injustice 2 Gameplay Trailer, See Red Lantern, Supergirl, and More in Action MAFIA 3: TACKLING A HUGELY TURBULENT TIME 20 Minutes of New Mafia 3 Footage MAFIA 3 AND THE RISE OF A BLACK ANTI-HERO Ghost Recon Wildlands is coming in March 2017 Looks a bit less stable in that last one. GHOST RECON WILDLANDS IS MEANT TO BE PLAYED TOGETHER We Happy Few coming to Xbox One Preview next month Been looking forward to this since its Kickstarter last year. Torment: Tides of Numenera delayed again, now coming in early 2017 Supergiant's Pyre still looks gorgeous in E3 trailer Attack on Titan Trailer - E3 2016 Nioh second demo due out in August, E3 2016 trailer 10 Minutes Of Brutal Viking Battle In Ubisoft’s For Honor Robinson: The Journey E3 2016 trailer Dungeon delving roguelike Necropolis will release on July 12 New Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer is really promising E3 2016: CALL OF DUTY: INFINITE WARFARE IS MORE WORLD WAR II THAN SCIENCE FICTION Well, that article was a good way to lose any of the interest and good will they built up from that trailer. Watch 12 minutes of Persona 5 gameplay from E3 22 Things We Learned About Persona 5 The ReCore E3 trailer introduces the team Eagle Flight VR Stage Demo - E3 2016 Ubisoft Press Conference Cyanide's Call of Cthulhu gets gloomy E3 trailer POKÉMON MOON AND SUN: EVERYTHING WE KNOW Arkane reveals Dishonored 2 gameplay, Collector's Edition Dishonored 2 extended gameplay footage shows two missions Check the link and go to the time specified for the video. You can play Dishonored 2 without using any powers at all New Psychonauts 2 Video Promises Surprises, Better Platforming Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin Gameplay - E3 2016 FORZA HORIZON 3 REVEALED, RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED NO SAINTS DAY: ALL HAIL THE AGENTS OF MAYHEM First Agents of Mayhem Gameplay Footage Plays It Surprisingly Safe Madden NFL 17's new announcers want to call it like you see it Oxygen Not Included coming to PC from Don't Starve developer See the first footage of Dual Universe, the single-shard sci-fi MMO E3 2016: NEW GOD OF WAR ANNOUNCED GOD OF WAR IS THE NEW DADDY IN TOWN Gran Turismo Sport | E3 2016 gameplay trailer | PS4 Survival strategy Overland trailer shows off procedural generation, clever dogs Ex-Obsidian chief creative officer Chris Avellone is working on the new Prey Watch Dawn of War 3's first gameplay The Turing Test is a first-person puzzler about life and morality, in space Killing Floor is coming to Oculus Rift TITANFALL 2: EVERYTHING WE KNOW Titanfall 2 Official Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer ^ I like it. All of Titanfall 2's DLC maps and modes will be free How Street Fighter Inspired the Combat of Titanfall 2 Titanfall 2 Campaign Discussion - E3 2016 Stage Show Open world extreme sports game Steep announced Grow Up is the sequel to physics platformer Grow Home Platinum Games' PS4-Exclusive Nier: Automata Gets Delayed PS4 Is Getting A New Spider-Man Game Marvel Games' new mandate is 'Make epic games,' and Spider-Man is just the beginning See Dark Souls reimagined as sci-fi in the latest trailer for The Surge Cryosphere - Mighty No. 9 Boss Fight Gameplay Gameplay looks like an inferior Mega Man X, there is an obvious error in the text, and from the sound of the voice acting and the dialogue the developers must have really loved the writing and acting of Mega Man X4. Mighty No. 9 : Vermilion Destroyer Keiji Inafune Expresses Regret Over Mighty No. 9’s Delay, Looking Forward To A Sequel Dontnod's vampire action game Vampyr gets its first, grisly trailer Gears of War 4 Will Have Cross-Play And Cross-Buy On Xbox And PC MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA Official EA Play 2016 Video MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA WILL STAR A YOUNGER, UNTESTED BAND OF HEROES Quake Champions: E3 2016 Reveal Trailer Gravity Rush 2 E3 2016 trailer | PS4 Dead Rising 4 Coming This Holiday Nice to see Frank back. Batman: The Telltale Series names cast, shows off 'living comic book' screens Batman: Arkham VR Is a Murder Mystery Starring You as the Dark Knight Detroit E3 2016 trailer | PS4 Hoping David Cage doesn't mess this up with odd unneeded inclusions of plot holes, aliens, apocalypse, Matrix style fight scenes, forced romance, etc like his last three games. Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season 3 Reveal Trailer - E3 2016 They really can't let her go and need to keep damaging the story of the previous title by continuing the story. Sniper Elite 4 delayed to February 2017 Rare's Pirate Co-Op Game Sea of Thieves Looks Dope Farpoint - E3 2016 Announce Trailer | PS VR Hands On With The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Wii U and NX Will Be the Same Zelda: Breath of the Wild Doesn't Require the Wii U's GamePad Zelda Producer Explains Why, Despite Speculation, The New Link Is A Guy Always weird when people think it's a better idea to make themselves look incompetent or insult theirs fan's intelligence instead of just saying, "We didn't want to do thing," or saying nothing. Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding Trailer Breakdown Yakuza 0: Toshiro Nogoshi Interview - E3 2016 The Technomancer - E3 2016 Trailer First 30 Minutes of Headlander - E3 2016 Gang Beasts Soccer Gameplay - E3 2016 Resident Evil 7 is terrifying and a little nauseating in VR The Mystery of What The Resident Evil 7 Teaser Hides The Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood – Official Trailer Horizon Zero Dawn E3 2016 trailer | PS4 The Witcher Getting Standalone Card Game Spin-Off The Witcher's Gwent Spinoff Has A Beefy Single-Player Mode Here They Lie™ | E3 2016 Teaser Trailer | PS4 The Limbo Crew's New Game INSIDE Is Utterly Fantastic Fe Gameplay Trailer E3 2016 / EA Play 2016 A Look At Final Fantasy XV's Massive Titan Boss Fight A combination of the poor playing and apathy of the main character did not make that look very good. Final Fantasy XV E3 2016 trailer | PS4 Maybe they realized that the game is too hyped up and they are using E3 to lower expectations. The Final Fantasy 15 VR Experience doesn't make a great first impression Final Fantasy XV: Hajime Tabata on Design Approach Final Fantasy XV Will Have A Pause Mode Scalebound Looks Crazy, Features Giant Enemy Crab Another fight against giant enemies with a character who seems annoying in the opposite way of the FF15 hero. Your first look at Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord The Last Guardian will finally launch this October Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission coming to PlayStation A new Tacoma trailer spins space stations and story THE LAYERED, AR-EMBODIED STORY OF TACOMA New Cuphead video shows off indie platformer's gameplay CUPHEAD PROGRAMMER’S SIDE PROJECT IS INSPIRED BY CANADA’S LONG WINTERS Sony Announces New Open-World Survival Game, Days Gone FIFA 17 - The Journey - Official Trailer I second this thought Here's your first look at the action in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Battlefield 1 Official Gameplay Trailer A thread about this was made here. Battlefield 1 maps and modes revealed How Battlefield 1 Got Its Old WW1 Gun Sounds Verdun arrives on consoles nearly two months before Battlefield 1 Dragon Ball XENOVERSE 2” E3 2016 Initial Information State of Decay 2 announced for Xbox One, PC Beat Cop Is A Cop Game About Difficult Decisions Civilization VI E3 2016 Closed Door Presentation Description Crash Bandicoot returns to PlayStation with three remasters and in Skylanders Imaginators Bulletstorm 'remaster' coming, according to Xbox assets Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is Still Being Worked On by Original Creator Stardew Valley Confirmed for PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U Crackdown 3 delayed to 2017 The Bullshit Roundup: Battlefield 1 and Deus Ex Get Microtransactions, Watch Dogs 2 Spams Us With Special Editions Jim Sterling talks about the microtransactions that were announced for Battlefield 1 and Deus Ex. $250 FOR A GAME: A DOZEN OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE COLLECTOR'S EDITIONS SHOWN AT E3 Arma 3's Apex expansion is coming July 11 Warframe adds arena sports with Lunaro update Ark: Survival Evolved getting playable animals, more official mods later this year Battlefleet Gothic Armada Space Marines Announcement and Screenshots What To Expect From Street Fighter V's Upcoming Story Mode Doom Getting Unto The Evil DLC, SnapMap Free Updates Coming New multiplayer content seems like the wrong way to go. Overwatch Update Nerfs McCree And Widowmaker Alright, they did it exactly how I thought they should. Overwatch Reaches 10 Million Players id takes back control of Doom's broken multiplayer on PC Ubi 30 gifts a free Ubisoft game each month starting today EA announces indie partnership program Ubisoft now banning Rainbow Six Siege cheaters permanently on first offense Ubisoft Now Handing Out Permanent Bans For First-Time Division Cheaters Good thing to learn from Blizzard. Overwatch's Widowmaker Is Frustrating, Blizzard Agrees Destiny's Rise of Iron officially unveiled, new location detailed Star Citizen Alpha 2.4, the "Biggest and Most Important Update" This Year, Is Out Now Watch the trailer for Survival, The Division's second expansion Rocket League goes cyberpunk with Neo Tokyo in 'largest update in the game's history' Fallout 4 modders report stolen content as support broadens to consoles 10 Years and Counting! Kalypso Media Celebrates Milestone Anniversary Until Dawn dev expands virtual reality team with triple hire After 18 Years, Ubisoft Shutting Down Its Studio in Morocco Riot turns to fight toxicity in the workplace -- starting with Riot Vivendi completes takeover of Gameloft as Guillemots sell stake In esports news Heroes of the Storm’s 2015 World Champion team disbands, gives up on game Report: Manchester United Want To Sign An Overwatch Esports Team The 5 problems with trying to make FIFA and Madden esports In crowdfunding news TRANSMISSION A thread about this was created here. Moonlighter - ARPG with rogue-lite and shopkeeping elements A thread about this was created here. Other content I found interesting this week YU SUZUKI, TIM SCHAFER AND OTHERS DISCUSS HYPE IN GAME DEVELOPMENT OPINION: E3 demos prove we need better writers In this article he mentions Rhianna Pratchett who then talked about why we get the kind of lines we do in video games. I might have shared an article about this months ago where a writer talked about trying to give Batman believable lines to signify when he did certain actions in the Arkham games. (Read each one from bottom to top) The rumors about the death of story mode are greatly exaggerated Guest Column: My Mother's Games Minisode - The Endings of Bloodborne The tragedy of Bloodborne's "happy" ending and how it ties into the themes of cosmic horror. QUITE SIMPLY THE GREATEST LIBRARY DEDICATED TO VIDEO GAME BOOKS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN LISTEN, BATTLEFIELD 1 OWES NOTHING TO HISTORY Errant Signal - DOOM 2016 PayPal Refuses to Refund $50,000 to Twitch Donation Troll Watch_Dogs 2 is more Interesting because of a Black Protagonist While the setting and character might be interesting, on the other hand we have Hopefully that can make a game with a good mixture of serious and just stupid and fun moments like Saints Row 2. They did later remove the unneeded the in the description. Watch Dogs 2 And The Steam Users Who Hate Black People Speaking of the above, Jim Sterling takes a look at how not having a white protagonist has effected the games forums (developers really need to hire moderators and community managers). Though he knows some of the people in the forums are likely troll accounts (though anyone doing it to troll is indistinguishable ffrom someone posting in forums, social media, or comment sections on real accounts), he did immediately get some responses from what are, unfortunately, real accounts. THE PAC-MAN Disney Games - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. JonTron Interesting that one of the most annoying parts of the Lion King game had to be added due to Disney requiring more time added to the game because of video game rentals. Meeting Fina: Formative Femininity in Skies of Arcadia Overwatch Devs Show Up At A Korean Gaming Cafe The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past's dungeon design | Boss Keys Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight Is a Perfect Melding of Cuteness and Gore Richard Says Goodbye From Japan The Warhammer 40k License - A Total Change of Strategy - Extra Credits Watch Shantae designer James Montagna build a Super Mario Maker level Atlus’ perfect response to censorship cries about Persona 5’s box For this weeks nontroversy. Stellaris: the cricket people kept wrecking buildings forever. They knew no other way to live. Some of the problems, and potential problems, with Stellaris. Postmortem: Paradox Development Studio's Stellaris Postmortem: Stoic Studio's Banner Saga 2 Things I found funny or entertaining throughout the week relating to video games Norman Reedus Takes A Shot At Konami Smart Players Turn Overwatch Into A Sports Game Watch Dogs 2 Full House Mash-Up Esports Pose Zac Efron, Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg seem to be very, very high at E3
  9. This week in the news; Nintendo announces NX release with tweet and financial report, lots of Warhammer, researcher wins grant to create a theory of games, No Man's Sky was almost cancelled, Call of Duty 4 Remaster announced with poop tweet, how Jim Sterling gets around Nintendo monetizing his videos, the history of ragdoll physics, Australian parliament report calls for renewed game industry funding, how games are helping veterans recover from injury, Maddy Myers gives her thoughts on the Street Fighter modding community, the rise of Dark Souls, Long War team to create five more mods for XCOM 2, Chinese developer talks about difficulty of development in China while discussing his game about a possibly never ending train ride, how a Mario Maker rivalry lead to getting punched in the balls, and more. Nintendo Announces NX Launch Date With a Tweet and a Financial Report NX won't be sold at a loss Nintendo's president gets grilled on its mobile business, NX plans Call Of Duty 4 Remastered Apparently Confirmed With Poop Emoji I kind of like this new companies not giving a fuck style marketing, also a little strange that they found a tweet that was over two years old to reply to, so they must have came up with the idea to do this and then actively searched for the best tweet to respond to. Researcher Espen Aarseth wins $2.3M grant to create a theory of games Australian Parliament report calls for renewed game industry funding Calling the SWAT team on your neighbor could soon carry a 20-year prison sentence Would be good to see harsher penalties for that. Not sure why people writing about this keep referring to it as a prank when people clearly do it to cause fear or to endanger the lives of people to get them to stop doing something, terrorism or reckless endangerment (in addition to the whole false police report thing) depending on who it is aimed at would probably be a more accurate description. Game Critic Uses Brilliant Workaround For YouTube's Copyright Bullshit The Legend of Zelda will release in 2017 for NX, Wii U New DOOM Includes Awesome Secret For Old School Fans That's cool, kind of like what the two new Wolfenstein games do. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided teases Adam Jensen's cyberpunk adventure in new trailer Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay Details Revealed New Call of Duty Aiming to Offer Biggest Change Since Modern Warfare, Dev Says Call of Duty 4 Remaster Confirmed, Detailed Zombies are coming to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Infinity Ward explains why Call of Duty is going into space The Mandate: Ships and Bridges: the Fleets stand ready! Maybe some people will remember The Mandate from the video that Joe did around the time of the community relaunch, obviously the game still isn't out but they do release updates, usually about once a month to show how things are progressing, to show different systems, and they showed off some boarding combat about nine months ago. In this update they talk about ships, ship bridges, head models, animations, and the adventure mode. The Bard's Tale IV Combat Details In other popular Kickstarter update news, some details on combat have been given for The Bard's Tale IV. Raiden 5 is coming to Xbox One in May, please enjoy this trailer Battleborn launch trailer features shooting, stabbing, and dancing Battleborn Gets Tie-In Mobile Game, "Battleborn Tap" Battleborn | Cinematic Intro Someone watched Aeon Flux. The Creators of Burnout Are Making A Game That's Even More Chaotic AJ's SEVEN Developer Preview Stardew Valley console ports, multiplayer are in the works New Carmageddon for PS4/Xbox One Delayed, Here's Why Avadon 3: The Warborn announced Watch Dogs 2's Main Character Could Be This Guy Oh good, I was worried they might make a sequel where you don't look like a jackass. Stellaris - Developers Aiming for the Stars - Pt. 2 "Experiences and Modding" A thread about the game was created here. Superhot Xbox One Release Date Announced Overwatch star Winston unravels the game's backstory in new teaser AJ's Livelock Developer Preview AJ's Mirage Arcane Warfare Developer Preview No Man's Sky studio taps Star Trek writer, Watchmen creator to help craft game lore How Hello Games created the lore of No Man’s Sky MIGHTY NO. 9 – GOES GOLD! I expect the final product to confirm my thoughts that everyone should have supported the Shantae Kickstarter instead. NOSTATION, A GAME INSPIRED BY LATE-NIGHT TRAIN RIDES ACROSS CHINA A GRUNGY MACHINE-AGE VIDEOGAME PRIORITIZES STORYTELLING OVER DIFFICULTY DOOM SnapMap Preview A thread about this was created here. DOOM Single-player Preview A thread about this was created here. 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  10. A blind gamer named Terry Garret AKA MegaTgarrent on youtube has beaten the Nintendo classic though his sense of hearing alone. Using an emulator, a close mounted 3D stereo set up, a custom keyboard mapping that includes a quick save/load so he could figure out where he was and what to do by repeating very short sections (trial and error) and five years of patience that's well beyond anything I could hope to have, he finally did it. In this era of bad business practices, internet trolling, bad shit happening in the world in general and gamers not being that respectful to each other, I'm so glad to see a story like this when we can see all join together and say that's beautiful. What awesome dude and I wish I'd heard about this guy earlier. The first vid is from back in 2011 and gives an insight into exactly how he plays the game and the second is the when he gets to Gannon. Please watch these and give this guy a sub. He deserves it. Here's a more detailed article http://www.dorkly.com/post/76935/how-blind-gamer-beats-ocarina-of-time-after-5-years-of-trying
  11. Well with the recent showcase of the upcoming Zelda WiiU I gotta say, I'm really looking forward to this game when it's finally released, what do you guys think of it so far? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aklpJK0RcTM This is the demo to the game if you haven't seen it yet.
  12. So I'm sure a lot of people saw the trailer for the upcoming Zelda WiiU, not Hyrule Warriors (although I'm looking forward to that game) and I gotta say I'm really hyped, for the promise of complete exploration like in the early Zelda games and how gorgeous the fields of Hyrule looks, it's probably the best I have seen in a Zelda game to date, but what do you guys think of it and for those of you that don't own a WiiU, will this convince you to get one
  13. http://www.dualshockers.com/2014/09/09/hyrule-warriors-limited-edition-is-exclusive-to-nintendo-world/ IF THERE IS ANYONE WHO LIVES NEAR OR IS GOING TO GET ONE OF THESE PUPPIES LET ME KNOW!
  14. The Distribution of Costumes is as thus: Amazon gets Twilight Princess Gamestop gets Ocarina Best Buy gets Skyward Sword Club Nintendo Registration gets Ganondorf costume like that bad ass Demise inspired one. Or you could not preorder and bank on them being made available to all at some point. Either way, If you're pre-ordering for a specific costume set then that's the list.
  15. http://www.gamerheadlines.com/2014/07/legend-of-zelda-majoras-mask-leaked/ Could it be real this time? What do you guys think? Legit? Also, would you just like to see an enhanced, but straight port of the original or would you like to see something changed? Personally, I think I'd like it if the song of double time would give you the option between skipping 12 hrs and 24 hrs.
  16. I don't know if we're allowed multiple threads in the Nintendo section, but here I am with another rant! As of late, I've been noticing that Nintendo games have been really...weird. They've been trying to do something new and flashy while staying with the old, but still making it an amazing experience. Some of these games, like the new DKC: Tropical Freeze, and Kid Icarus: Uprising, are amazing, but others, like the topic of my previous rant/review/whatever, Fire Emblem: Awakening did not quite hit the mark it maybe should have. So here we are with the next game on my list to rip apart: Legend of Zelda- oh it's in the title already! This game has been praised so much, but the only reason I can find is that it's because of nostalgia. This 3DS Legend of Zelda takes a slightly altered version of the overworld of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and creates a beautiful world to explore and do classic Zelda-y things in! But it has a twist: you have to rent the dungeon items and can therefor do dungeons in any order! This single mechanic is something I hate! But I don't hold it against the game for that. It's a mechanic that would understandably split fans a bit. While you can do the dungeons in any order and go exploring much earlier, it also reduces the character progression of Link to ONLY passive upgrades and stones to power up the Master Sword! Besides some sidequests (some of which are necessary to continue), you can only get items from the rental shop! Though you can buy them later for a large price! Not that that isn't an issue! There are rupees EVERYWHERE. If you spend even a short time exploring, you can make a ton of money! While I'm OK with Zeldas having an emphasis on money, it shoulded be the reward you get for almost ever secret area you explore! The items themselves? Well none really push the envelope. The Tornado spinner, which lets you fly upwards and stun enemies around you, is a cool gadget we haven't really seen before. The rest? Hookshot, Bow, Hammer, Another Stick that Raises Sand, Stick that Throws Fire, Stick that Drops Ice, and Boomerang (why isn't this a dungeon/ side quest item at least?!). Series standards. The fact that you lose these upon defeat can get annoying on hero mode. But since I played normal to completion, I already knew a bunch of places to get large amounts of rupees very easily, so I didn't have any issues there. Heart Containers (not pieces, containters) return, but to get them, you have to play the minigames and beat certain scores! I wouldn't have an issue with this, if there weren't so many minigames that kind of overshadow the other ways you get heart pieces: via exploration. The exploration in this game is great! It's short lived as you can get pretty much all the side items right away which means you can at least find where they're hidden. The reusing of the LTTP map made the world feel really small, and I never felt like I was going that all far a distance to get anywhere except when climbing the mountain. That said, the minigames are fairly unique, save for the one where you pay rupees to go find rupees. The side quests, too, are a bit of a disappointment. The one for the swim power is ok, but it also lets you get the Pegasus boots. So once you have the painting power, you can get those instantly! The quests are also very very easy! All involving bringing an item you can easy find or finding something that's in a blatantly obvious place. The main side quest, the rescueing of the mamiamias is the best in the game. It's like the gold skultulas from Ocarina of Time, except they give you a map telling how many are in an area, which makes it much easier later in the game to get a ton of them just wandering around. And I have to admit, the powered up weapons are very fun to use, despite getting old quite quickly. Now I'll talk about my big issue with this game, and the reason for the topic's title: THE LENGTH. This game is short. If you've played a Zelda before, you can beat this game easily. The dungeons are short, the overworlds are fairly small, the bosses are so EASY. The bosses I have forgiven after looking back at previous Zelda games, but it sucks that some are recycled normal enemies and get recycled themselves as minibosses, some are even minibosses from previous games! The unique ones, however, are pretty cool. The dungeons, however, had so much potential. Each dungeon is amazingly crafted to fit it's theme and challenges you in ways a good Zelda should! But then it just abruptly ends and you get a boss fight. I'd have liked to see either more dungeons or longer dungeons. If you compare the average length of LBW (Link Between Worlds) to complete a dungeon, to the length of Spirit Tracks or Phantom Hourglass to complete a dungeon, the latter two take noticabley longer! I had an interesting conversation about this with someone awhile ago. They said that this was ok because, if you compared it to LTTP, the dungeons then were short and the bosses simple, making this an evolution of that formula. I say: Ok, that's fine, but as a Zelda game trying to fit in amongst the rest, we also have to compare it to past Zeldas in the areas where Zeldas stay the same, so if the dungeons, often the highlight of many Zeldas, are majorly lacking in length or well-scaled difficult (which these aren't), then it truly is a fault for the game. You can't fault LTTP for it's dungeons, because it was the 3rd Zelda and trying to establish that formula, but recent Zeldas have taken the dungeon and turned it into an amazing highlight. The ones in LBW just don't leave that much of an impression aside from the well-designed themes and puzzles. In respect to the dungeons, the game, overall, is short. I beat it 100% in less than a week. I still haven't beaten Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks, and whenever I go back to them, it takes me 2-3 weeks to get to where I last left off, which is close to the end of both. Now, length can be looked pasted if the experience is great. Here, the experience IS great, with a nice new villain, interesting plot twist, and nice characters who we never really get to interact with. But, with how short it is, when you get to the final dungeon, you feel like the next plot twist is on its way, but it isn't. You're at the end, you'll beat Ganon, end of story. So while I liked the way the game played and the characters it had, it didn't have enough depth or size to it to make me want to enjoy it further after beating it 100% on normal and hero modes. Even the painting power isn't that memorable. Yes, you use it to create a bunch of new puzzles, but it doesn't do much aside from allow you to walk around walls. Without any other real application, a lot of puzzles are basically: 1. See if you can use any of your items to do something. 2. turn into a painting and walk around the walls. 3.after find a the area you needed to use the painting to get to, use the required item for the dungeon to do something. The formula repeats and repeats. It keeps it fresh with the large variety of puzzles, but a lot of them use this formula more than once to solve them. If you liked LTTP, you may enjoy this game. But I don't think it's worth the hype or popularity it got. If a game cannot keep you engrossed long enough to make the experience feel fulfilling, no matter how great that experience may be, you won't find yourself very interested. If the game had had some more creative bosses, maybe just 1 or 2, and the dungeons had been longer, maybe a few more sidequests and items you can get in dungeons that you NEED for the second half of the game, like getting the hookshot in the dungeon requiring you to rent the hammer, or getting the boomerang from the dungeon needing the wind rod. I feel that could have worked. Overall, my friend put it best: "It's like a shiny gold bone, it's pretty and you love to look at it, but it doesn't have enough meat on it to make it a meal." I'd love to hear everyone elses thoughts on the game, whether they agree or disagree.
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  19. Nintendo! Our childhood heroes failed to reach their targeted sales last year with their Wii U. 2.8 million consoles so far. While Xbox One and Ps4 already has passed their total consoles sales i´ve recently been looking into this. Here´s what i believe is the reason. When the Nintendo Wii U was announced at the E3 pressconference i was confused. A new controller? is it a new handheld? looks a bit clumsy. But that was far from the truth. This confused disaster of an announcment is probably why the console got such a slow start. atleast here in Europe. Sure the 3ds also had a rough start but as soon as the games started to show, sales just exploded. Games Where are they? not on the Wii U for sure. A whole year into its lifecycle and we havent seen any of their Main titles.Where´s the Zelda? Wheres the Mario? Are they even planned as a release in 2014? Nintendos own games are nearly always great, and is the reason why gaming is what it is today. Wii U needs your main games Nintendo. Or your console will be shortlived indeed. According to alot of third party developers. Development for the Wii U is hard, Mainly cause of a lack of devkits and tools. And now Nintendo also has a controller developers need to code for. This is not good, Losing third party devs decreases the number of total games for the machine with alot. With studios whining so much these past years over the PS3 for being a complete disaster to port or just mainly make games for. Now the Machine has some third party games such as assassins creed. but if the console sales still dosent kick off, Ubisoft will leave and never look back. Why didnt they ask the studios what they wanted from their next console? Like Sony and Microsoft? Right now it really looks grim. I refuse to play their old NES and SNES games on a brand new HD machine. Online Features Sure the online features has improved from the old Wii. but still lacking in the social media aspect. No tweeting or writing Facebook statuses on the Nintendo. This is easily fixed with updates for sure. Performance Now the console itself is not exactly a power house. And thats putting it nicely. a little faster than the Xbox 360 and has alot more videoRAM and Ram. Compared to Sony´s and Microsoft´s new machine its a fart in space. I remembered the time when Nintendo had the most performance and were the place to go for the best looking games. But that was long ago. People probably just waited for Sony and Microsoft to make their move instead of buying an already outdated console. Thats what i would have done, if i didnt have all the Zelda games since Majoras Mask, And Mario games since Mario 64. Thats what i Play on The Wii U atm. A remake, and old Wii games. Wich does not look good on a High Definition TV btw. With all of the good looking games for Sony and Microsoft´s consoles, would you bother with this one? Is Nintendo`s own titles enough to carry it from the pits? Should Nintendo stop with hardware and only go software like sega? Iwata from nintendo is thinking about branching out to the mobile market btw, so you can bet your as you are going to play Zelda Ville or Mario Ville in the near future. I hope they make it.
  20. It might be too early for me to start posting about this since I haven't finished the game yet, but after putting in hours and hours I think I can safely say that this is a great entry into the Zelda series (and a good first entry for me, being a Zelda virgin). [spoiler-Free] Both the 3D effect and the music are very impressive and the gameplay mechanics are both balanced and enjoyable. Very early in the game you can choose to rent every equipment item for a very low price and explore more advanced dungeons earlier, netting greater rewards. However, if you die the merchant will take back any rented items and you'll have to pay the rental fee again to get them back. It's great motivation to take caution and not rush through particularly tricky spots. For a much higher fee you can outright purchase the items so you don't have to worry about losing them, but you'll need to save up a ton of rupees to own even a few items. The new mechanic where you can transform yourself into a painting on a flat wall makes for some surprisingly deep gameplay; secret rooms can sometimes be found by squeezing through tiny slits in the walls and quicker to get over a pit or gap by flattening yourself against a wall and trotting over. The ability and all of the items depend on an energy bar that depletes quickly and regenerates slowly, so some care is needed; you may use your bow & arrow to take out enemies and have to quickly get to a moving platform by becoming a painting, but you'll fall to your death if you don't have enough energy to transition over. You have to constantly be aware of your situational limits, otherwise you'll suffer for it. The combat and other gameplay mechanics are very smooth and easy to get into, delegating all of the inventory control through the touch-screen, with some simple shortcuts to efficiently swap gear to use. I can't comment yet on the complete scope of the realm you play in or make any decisive conclusions on the characters since I haven't finished the game. There are a ton of points I could bring up, but they'd be major spoilers. Highly recommend checking this game out for the 3DS. I may not be done, but as I mentioned I've already sunk hours and hours into it and I still have some big quests to take care of that'll take just as long to complete. Anyone else currently playing this game? Anyone thinking of picking it up?
  21. Hi I recently got a 3DS to play the new Pokemon games but also to play The legend of Zelda. When I was a kid I didn't have a console so never got to play any other LoZ game than Twilight Princess (I played other games a little when I was over at a friends house) and I won't be getting a Wii U any time soon if ever so I was thinking of getting the titles for 3DS. The question is which one to get first. The remake of the classic or the brand new one. If you have played them or are planning on getting them please let me know what you think.
  22. Hi, there has been a thought that has crossed my mind, is Nintendo out of touch? I think yes, but there is still hope.I think Nintendo is taking a step in the right direction with third party games, looking just as good as PS3 and 360 (still struggling with ps4 and Xone) ,have u seen arkham origins on Wii u? It looks great! But not many people are buying Wii u, I think I know why.Here are a few reasons why I think Wii u is not selling and out of touch: 1.) Third Party Support Its not the fact that they have third party games at all, that's a great thing, problem is how they did it. When AC 3, COD, and Arkham City came to Wii U, many people already had a ps3 or 360, so didn't feel the need, unless they want to play "the kids games" like Mario,Zelda,or SSB. And they still feel that way. Even some companies will make their games inferior on Wii U, (Arkham Origins Multiplayer, but their not missing much), and some games are not even coming to Wii U, and is not good in the consumer's eye. Even with the new SSB and Mario Kart coming soon, they will sell more, but some people don't want to drop $300 on a couple of games. 2.) Their Name When the NES, Gameboy, and SNES where out, games mostly were what's now considered kids games. Yes they did have mortal Kombat on SNES, but it was censored. I don't know why but Nintendo's always trying to be more kid friendly, even though they learned from Mk and put blood in MK 2, most of the games they focus on are Mario, Zelda, etc. So because of that, hardcore gamers (alot of them) don't buy nintendo products because they think that all they have are those games. I side with ReviewTechUsa with the idea of Nintendo making a mature exclusive, make a game that you can only buy on Wii U, gets mostly scores of 9-10, and appeals to mostly hardcore gamers. They should also learn from PlayStation. While they have some games are marketed towards kids, (Little Big Planet, Ratchet and Clank), they also have mature games for hardcore gamers (God of War, Uncharted, Killzone). Nintendo, while having Zelda being there closest to being mature, over half of there exclusives are marketed towards children. So they should make that hardcore exclusive. 3.) DVD/Bluray/Digital Download OK, this makes no sense. This has been a problem for 12 years starting with GameCube, can be excused for small discs and cheaper than PS2 and Xbox, then Wii, but just for being cheaper, but Wii U just takes the cake, yes it is cheaper than ps4, and Xbox One, but nintendo is way over due. And if they can't do that, have the option to buy or rent movies on the eshop. If they do sell movies tell me because I don't have a wii U. They at least need DVD. 4.) Advertising One. That is how many ads I have seen for the Nintendo Wii U, TOTAL! (Yes, taking this from ReviewTechUsa again) They had one year, a whole year to tell the world about the console. Even though that it's unlikely that they will sell more than Xbox and PlayStation, wii u should atleast be along side a ps4 and/or Xbox 1 . One big reason Sony and Microsoft will sell more is that PS4 and Xbox One have been advertising their products for a while. Especially Xbox with Mtn. Dew and Doritos. Wii U had a get out of jail freecard in for the whole year, and barely did anything to sell their product. So those are why I think Nintendo is out of touch, and isn't selling well. If you thought of ,tell me, I would like to know.
  23. Just curious if anyone here likes Zelda
  24. This forum is to discuss which zelda game is the greatest of all time Write down your opinion I would love to hear about it