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Registration Terms

In order to maintain the high standards of membership in the AJSA, all individuals MUST understand and agree to the following “Code of Conduct” before joining.

1. Respect Each Other - AJSA does not tolerate discrimination, racism or harassment, sexual or otherwise by or towards members. Members will respect each other regardless of their origin, rank, nationality, age, gender, race, or religious beliefs. Failure to comply will result in loss of rank or ban from the community. Please keep foul language to a reasonable minimum. We are passionate enthusiastic gamers just like Angry Joe, we don’t mind when friends rib each other in good fun, but please keep it within reason. If any other member asks you to stop, please stop.

2. Respect the Chain of Command - Be friendly to new recruits and respectful towards those of higher rank. Structure and order will keep us strong. Disruptive elements in the AJSA will be removed, we don't have time for your drama or power trips here. This applies to officers and members alike.

3. No Cheating/Glitching EVER - We run Cheat Free Servers. The use of any 3rd Party tool, hacks, or glitches to enable you to have an unfair advantage over others is strictly prohibited. If you are found cheating or using these you will be immediately ejected from the AJSA regardless of rank. We take this rule very seriously.

4. Represent [AJSA] - Member level ranks and higher are required to wear the [AJSA] tag in multiplayer games they play to help spread our influence and potential reach. No personal attacks or offensive “shit talking” to our opposition - this shows you have ZERO respect for other players. Competitiveness is encouraged but keep it clean and friendly. Help your team, not your Kill-Death Ratio. The Angry Army is victorious together and dignified in our loses.

5. Stay Active & Participate - Please do not join or ask for an invite to private sessions or raids if you are going to leave mid game for whatever reason, bored or losing. This ruins the game experience for everyone else, if you are found to be repeatedly quitting on purpose you may be removed from the community. Also be active in games we play or in the forums. You will be dropped from the roster if you go inactive for (60) Days or more. If you need an extended leave of absence inform an Officer. A little heads up is all we ask.

The “Angry Joe” Policy - Because of the special nature of a personality driven gaming community we have to implement a new rule so recruits are aware of the policy of conduct towards Angry Joe and have their expectations properly set. If you are looking to sign up to the community for the sole purpose to “talk to”, “play with”, or “get personal time” with Angry Joe, please DO NOT APPLY. Although Angry Joe will be participating in Weekly Community Events, Obtaining Beta Codes for us, Speaking with Developers on our behalf, set your expectations to never play with him personally. Its not impossible and it is likely to happen eventually, but please do not be offended if he has to politely decline your friend request, gamertag, game invite, etc. Event Slots are limited and often Officers and Supporters take precedent in these smaller player count circumstances. Excessive messages, mic spam or stalking of Angry Joe will not be tolerated. Please conduct yourself in a civil and respectful manner when interacting with any personalities be it Angry Joe, his other friends on his show or other personalities within Polaris/Maker Studios on Youtube who may drop by to play with us.

View the rest of our terms here: angryjoeshow.com/index.php?/page/codeofconduct.html

​“Frankly, I’d like to play with each and every one of you, as you are the only reason I’m able to do what I do! I am eternally grateful. Unfortunately that’s physically impossible with all of my other responsibilities. This community isnt about me, its about you guys and your combined power! We only have influence and say because of you guys not because of me. Just think of Angry Joe as silly Mascot for your favorite team! If your only reason for joining is playing with me personally, its likely not going to happen, I’d advise you to please watch and enjoy my Twitch streams or Youtube Videos instead. Thanks Guys, You Rock!” - Angry Joe