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This Page will detail exactly how Angry Joe and Crew go about Previewing and Reviewing the Games and Movies they cover on the show……

[Nothings Perfect]
First off, this notion of a “perfect 10” is BS, there is no such thing as a perfect movie or game, it could always be better. Instead, if we assign one of these “maximum” ratings it means that the game is 100% without a doubt worth every cent of your money (and might actually be worth more), not because the game or movie has been crafted by the hands of god himself.

[Why Review Systems Suck, and Why we use them anyway]

    The Current System Looks Like This:

10 – Fantastic
9 – Great
8 – Very good
7 – So-so
6 – Bad
5 through 1 – Awful

    When it should look more like this:

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