Stuff Reviews: Mnt Dew Game Fuel World of Warcraft Blue

I was at the Kwiqi mart gas station today and in the refrigerator I saw a new flavor of Mtn Dew.

Being the flavor whore I am I grabbed a bottle (the blue one), paid for it ($1.25) and ran the hell out of there eager to try it!

But not before I got something to eat.

After buying a Burrito at Chipotle, I was ready to try the drink out.

But not before I got back to my place.

So I drove home jumped on the couch and laid back. Was I ready to try out my new nector from hector at the Kwiqi mart?

NO. Not Yet.

I had to flip on the TV, queue up an episode of Important Things by Dimitri Martin and kicked up my feet.

NOW I was ready….

I carefully twisted open the top and gave it a good “man smell” with my manly nose, certainly it would be able to alert me of any foul play before diving in, because i’m a man – and thats what men do. After the Man Test gave it a passing grade I was Good to go.

I took a swiq – not some panzy teenie sip mind you – but a huge man gulp. Then waited.
Suddenly Holy SHIT! I was transported to the world of Azeroth!
Watch what happens next….

So who won the Epic Battle between the All-Powerful Linch King and the Ego-Maniac Angry Joe?

Actually neither one of us. During mid profanity laden fight with the King, I let fly that I had quote, “Never even played your stupid World of Warcraft Game!”

He stopped dead in his tracks, as did I. After a short pause he finally said, “Me Neither.” and then. We both Laughed.

I made a comment on how bad ass his armor and sword were and he said he could never quite figure out how to conjure force lighting like mine correctly……I don’t really remember the rest of the story – as we had stayed out all night in the tavern drinking the finest ale his death knights could muster.

Something about the King’s talent agent and how they were able to secure a nice cut of the profits from WOW, by allowing Blizzard to use some of his Kingdom. The only draw back being the constant hum of networked computers and the smell from some of the lesser liked players.

After much rejoicing, drunken singing and womanizing he introduced me to the newly released flavor of Mtn Dew in Azeroth, something called “Mountain Dew”, pictured here:

When I took a swig of this odd never before seen flavor – I was transported again back to this wretched universe with all of you boring lame losers. Oh well.

I’m sure if I ever decide to return i’m sure that all my old Azeroth buddies will quickly flocked to me, hoisting me up on their shoulders and cheer my return. JOE! JOE! JOE! JOE!

So What did I think of the actual World of Warcraft Game Fuel Drink?

It Tastes Good. Hard to describe but its a bit of berry blue and very sweet – but I expected that much because its heavily caffeinated. Overall I liked it very much. Not as good as the Finest Azeroth Ale I drank with the King, but Good.