The Best & Worst Games & Stories of E3 2011

Angry Joe and the Blistered Thumbs team share their Best, Worst, and Most surprising games of E3 2011! We share some stories as to why our first E3 trip was insane. Wait, did the bodyguard to Nintendo’s Reggie just tell Eli to “F*ck Off”? Angry Joe runs into Geoff Keighley. last but not least we almost trade punches over whether or not the WiiU was all its cracked up to be.

Part 1 – The Best & Worst Games of E3, Majestico’s Hilarious Jaws 3DS demo, The two Most Surprising & talked about Games of E3

Part 2 – The Bodyguard to Nintendo’s Reggie tells Eli to “F*ck off”, Retro City Rampage Exclusives, We fight about the WiiU, More on Catherine & Silent Hill: Downpour

Part 3 – Angry Joe’s Personal Best & Worst Games of E3, Angry Joe’s Post-VGA’s Encounter with Geoff Keighley, Fan Thank you’s

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