The Wild Hunt for Witcher 3! CD Projekt RED Visit

Having been given a unique opportunity to visit Poland and the offices of CD Projekt RED, Angry Joe is determined to find out more information on The Witcher franchise and upcoming games for the fans by ANY. MEANS. NECESSARY!

Also here’s some Behind the Scenes footage of me putting on that massive suit of armor that CD Projekt had lying around the office! Its amazing how men actually did battle in these things for any extended period of time, holy moly!

A huge thanks to everyone involved for this fun opportunity!

Also please note this is not really an “official announcement”, this is a just fun little video that the CD Projekt RED guys were cool enough to play along with, but seriously stay tuned to for more information on what exactly the two upcoming “AAA+” RPGs from them are, scheduled for 2014/15! 😉 (the plus refers to releasing on multiplatforms)