AJ E3 2012: Star Trek, Aliens: CM, & Van Helsing!

Angry Joe takes a look at some games based on popular movie/book franchises. We get new details about the Multiplayer modes in Aliens: Colonial Marines (a full fledged sequel to Joe’s favorite Sci-fi franchise). Star Trek looks to provide players an authentic mid-sequel co-op experience before the newest Star Trek 2 film. And Finally, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing hopes to tell the story of the famous hunter’s son with a good amount of humor and sarcastic fun.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Multiplayer & Story

With A Franchise Approved Sequel Story to the legendary Aliens, a 4-player Co-op campaign, and a multitude of Multiplayer modes from both Marines & Aliens – this game is simply a must buy in my opinion. Hell, I might even buy that $100 Limited Collectors Edition version for in-game skins of Sergeant Apone, Corporal Hicks, Private Drake and my favorite Private Hudson!

Star Trek: The Game

Could it be? Another great movie licensed game? The game had tricorder actions, Enterprise Orbital Strikes, plenty of cinematics and very fun banter back and forth between the cast! I was seriously excited about this game after the demo. (other than the fact that they just had to do it in 3D – Pic below)

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

I had to check up on Indie Dev Neocore games who made my favs King Arthur and King Arthur II. They currently have two games, Van Helsing (Hack and Slasher) and Broken Sea (an RPG). Despite a misleading trailer the game itself look to provide a unique take on the Van Helsing legend from his son’s perspective.

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