AJ E3 2012: End of Nations, Defiance & Young Justice!

Angry Joe meets up with Series Producers for the Animated Television Show Young Justice and checks out their upcoming game, Legacy! Meanwhile Trion Worlds impresses with its extremely strong line-up of upcoming innovative MMO’s including End of Nations the Free to Play MMORTS and the Television slash Game, Defiance! These deserve your attention.

End of Nations – The Angry Army!

I simply cannot wait for End of Nations! Going Free to Play has made this a no brainer, I live and breathe strategy games – so where as I was reluctant before, now I cant wait to contribute a few dollars (and more) a-la league of legends to making my own Angry Army Battalion unique! I’m considering doing a few preview videos and battlelogs to help start an official guild where we can play together and sport our colors, Black & Red of the Angry Army!

Defiance MMO

This simply has not been done before, and its exciting as hell. Defiance the television show looks to directly compete with Fallen Skies and hopefully its just as good if not better. The game feels nothing like your traditional boring MMO – its a shooter through and through, filled with action and tons of fun. I played on a controller and didnt even notice I was playing an “MMO” (other than the tons of other players helping me take down a boss).

Young Justice: Legacy

Games like these have been notorious for being quick cash-in’s on popular licenses. However, Legacy has the animated series producers backing the project, and filling in the story with the missing 5 years from season 1 to season 2. It’s extremely early so its not yet fair to judge the game on the alpha footage provided. I’m hopeful yet cautious of first timer Little Orbit’s foray into the genre, but everything sounds good, now its just time to deliver!