Hawken Interview & Mek-Fu Controller

Saved one of the best for Last! Check out one of my most Anticipated Games wrapping up my coverage for E3 2012! Hawken plays beautifully and is an intense fast-paced free-to-play Mech game! Plus check out the most bad ass mech controller ever! Move over Steel Battalion, we just might have a new ultimate way to experience Mech Combat!


12.12.12 Mark your calendars! I got some hands on time with Hawken and had a ton of fun, it plays so well. Mech fans rejoice!

Mek-Fu Controller

Take note Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, THIS is how you do a Mech Controller! If you don’t think this is one of the coolest gadgets you’ve ever seen you don’t have a pulse! I really hope its something that’s affordable, close to what the original GOOD Steel Battalion game cost.