Antarctic Parka

Custom made for the man who likes to fire off deadly rocket propelled explosives at other bloodthirsty mercenaries while attempting to capture intel or points.

Yep, with the help of two other extremely talented people, there is now an in game item for Team Fortress 2 that I have designed: The Antarctic Parka!

Special Angry Army salute and thanks goes to Sparkwire who modeled/rigged the whole thing to make it look its best, and NeoDement for some much needed last minute help! Currently you can unbox this in-game only until the 6th of January, but after that it will hopefully be on sale on its own!

This is just the first step in having our Angry Army slowly influence the gaming world from within! You can also help out in your own way by supporting our community and joining our forums! Suggest competitive games for the community to join in on, or compete in officially supported Angry Army servers! And as always, be excellent to each other!

Want to see more art from me? Check out My Deviantart page!

Also, Happy New Year everybody, let’s hope for some better times for the generalissimo and everybody else!