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  2. ya, definitely upgrade that CPU to i7-9700. having the extra threads will really go a long way. As for GPU, definitely upgrade that, the GTX 760 is very old and underpowered by today's standards. even a 1060 would work well here.
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  9. Hi. I finally sign up after years of watching AJS. I been playing games since MS-DOS 6.2 with the first flight simulator. What brought me to love the show was when I played ME3 and the ending had destroyed the series for me I had to find a place that I could get some closure and AJS had help fill that void. Over the last year my real life has ramped up considerably and my video game has shrunk to almost nothing but watching ASJ show has allowed my experience it vicariously through the show. I love the board game time and rants game/movies. Thanks for having me!
  10. Detail list. Thanks for sharing. fnaf
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  12. In the fourth, Mitchell was able to Nba 2k21 Mt pull forward slightly, moving up with more than two minutes left. Things were tied with about a minute to go however Rui discovered a way to score with LeBron. Afterwards, he utilized cover celebrity Anthony Davis to score inside and get the foul to go up by five. It got exciting as Danny Green hit one free throw. When all was said and done it had been Rui moving with a 74-71 win. Wow!NBA 2K21 has surprisingly got a demonstration on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, meaning eager fans and suspicious players can sample the upcoming instalment before its September 4th release date. If you've downloaded the sample and want to make an infinite amount of MyPlayer assembles, here you'll discover how to reset the NBA 2K21 demo on both the PS4 and Xbox One. If you are intending to pick up a PS5 or Xbox Series X when they launch, know that -- unlike Madden -- there is no free update for the normal version of NBA 2K21. This is obviously disappointing, therefore -- if you don't want to purchase the Mamba Forever copy -- you would be much better off waiting to buy the newest basketball instalment later in the year when it's available for next-gen instead of next month. Butregardless of if and how you want to purchase the game, below you'll discover how to reset the demonstration on PS4 and Xbox One. How to get BAPE at NBA 2K21 is dependent upon availability, as 2K will swap out featured brands in Swag's. How to get BAPE at NBA 2K21 is dependent upon accessibility, as 2K will swap out featured brands in Swag's. Making a MyPlayer at NBA 2K21 means choosing your own style to dominate the court. This begins with choosing your build. Then, you have to select the right Takeover, cartoons, jump shots, and more. Naturally, players like to also like to design out their MyPlayers with clothes to rock around 2K Beach. NBA 2K21 has a multitude of brands from the game, but, recently, players are requesting the chance to once again buy some BAPE gear. Even though it is dependent upon if 2K decides to feature A Bathing Ape clothes in Swag's again, obtaining the equipment is pretty straightforward. Obtaining clothing from certain brands, for example BAPE, is simple provided that they are featured at Swag's. When NBA 2K21 launched on Sept. 4, BAPE and Sprayground were the featured brands. All players needed to do was move to mt for sale 2k21 Swag's and these two brands would be the first two included.
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  19. Puzzles & Survival is a mashup of two of cellular gaming’s most lauded style’s – base constructing and match-three puzzler RPG’s.Match-3 Puzzle meets Strategy! Solve the mysteries and build an impenetrable sanctuary. The future of humanity is in your hands. Puzzles & Survival offers players with a huge selection of activities to take part in even at the early part of the game. To make it easier, all the activities you can participate in can be classified into 3 groups. The very first one connect to the growth and advancement of your base, that includes building and construction and upgrade of centers, training different heroes and units, and performing research study to enhance every element of your efficiency. Listed below are the highest 5 suggestions, tips, and cheats it’s essential know for Puzzles & Survival: 1. Follow the Objectives At the bottom left of the screen, you will see a notepad with a title, this is your current set of objectives. And for best progress, especially early in the game, we recommend you follow and complete the tasks on this list before doing other things, you don-t necessarily have to follow them in order, and some tasks you will find that you cannot complete right away and some pre-requisite objectives may need to be met first, but the game holds your hand in that respect, and you are guided to what you need to do before you are able to complete an objective with the 'Go' icon. 2. Carry on Constructing, Upgrading, and Researching These are the forms of duties that ought to all the time be within the strategy of working when you are inclined to Puzzles & Survival different duties. The sport tends to push you in the fitting route on the subject of making additional progress by inserting two goal tabs on the underside left nook of your base display. So ensure to comply with the recommendation seen on these two tabs so you’ll be able to all the time construct in the direction of one thing larger and analysis new advantages that can make your base much more formidable. Incomes participant EXP and a number of the higher rewards within the sport comes from merely finishing the targets tied to every subsequent chapter. 3. Keep Your Facilities Among the core factors of how well you can make progress in any base-building MMO method game depends on your capability to multitask. It can be a little frustrating in the beginning, specifically if you are a novice in the category, however in a little bit of time, biking throughout each center and processing line ends up being a regular that anybody can quickly handle. 4. Hyperlink Up with an Lively Alliance As Quickly as Doable! • When you’ve unlocked the flexibility to affix an alliance, ensure to align with one as quickly as you’ll be able to. You don’t wish to miss out on all the good advantages that include working alongside an energetic alliance. You may ask your fellow alliance mates for assist if you’re making an attempt to hurry up the completion time on constructing, researching, and coaching duties. 5. FRIENDS OR FOES – No one can survive alone, fight alongside your allies – Watch out for potential threats, be they zombies or humans Now is the best time to store the cheap Puzzles and Survival Accounts provided by z2u.com for your superstar players. Our delivery is guaranteed to be completed fast, no lie, no defraud, once your order has a mistake like order delayed, we assume full responsibility. All Puzzles & Survival Accounts we sell are absolutely secure, from the supply and delivery, there is no any robotic process, and you completely eliminate the risk of your account being blocked. Wish you a satisfactory trading period on z2u.com.
  20. I watch a lot of PC gaming tech channels, because I PC game a lot and idk, building PCs is fun! So like RandomgaminginHD, Greenhamgaming(whenever he uploads), Techyescity, and of course good ol' Linus tech tips. The recent Linus video in which Sarah from accounting tries to build a PC while Linus laughs and cringes at it. What this made me realize is that the only time you ever see women on these types of channels is when they're the CLUELESS NOOB! CANT DO A TECHNOLOGY! type, and I asked myself, are there even any PC gaming/tech channels run by women, or even with women on the team? I know LTT has Madison on Techlinked but she's social media management and we don't see enough of her any cool suggestions? EDIT: Thank y'all for the wonderful recommends and also the excellent discussion relating to this LTT video! You folks are great.
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  23. Funny thing: the theatre I watched this movie in messed up the audio. They made the music loud, while the dialogue & sound effects low, so there are times where there's a fight scene happening & all I can hear is the loud music. When characters are talking in the middle of their fight scenes, I can't hear most of it. This is definitely the theatre's fault since it also happens during the trailer showing in the beginning before the film. I had fun regardless though. This is 1 week after I watched the new Mortal Kombat film, and now that my excitement has calmed down, I gotta say, this film is a fun watch, even with its story inconsistencies. Now you'd think from the title alone that this film is gonna be like the original MK film back in the day where it's just a straight-up MK tournament, but it's not. This film is pretty much a backstory chapter for everyone in the cast to prepare themselves for the real Mortal Kombat tournament that's going to happen in the eventual sequels. If you know coming in that there won't be any tournament happening, then it will make the experience better. The plot of the film is pretty much "heroes training for eventual MK tournament. Oh and Hanzo/ Scorpion + Sub Zero 1/ Bi Han's rivalry is at full force". The film definitely takes its own spin in the MK lore which may come as confusing for those that are used to how the story goes in the MK games. For starters, the film decides to give explanations on how each of the characters have their special abilities, which pretty much boils down to "get an MK dragon tattoo through birthright, or by killing another person with the MK dragon tattoo so it gets passed on to you, and then unlock your special power if you have an MK tattoo by training hard/ do something that triggers your ability to activate". Which...... yeah that thing doesn't really make sense. I can buy it happening for Kung Lao and Liu Kang, but Jax + Sonya + Kano, the ones that from the games uses gadgets & their own martial arts skills? It doesn't really fit into this explanation, but eh I'll buy it. For now. It's also pretty weird to have a completely new character Cole Young as the main character POV for the audience as he stumbled upon the war between Outworld & Earthrealm one day when Sub Zero 1/Bi Han comes in like a really badass slasher villain for his family. I know a lot of reviewers out there don't like Cole, but I'm pretty much one that don't mind him for now. He's more like a mix between a couple of existing characters, Takeda, a bit of Scorpion & a bit of Johnny Cage specifically. Since this is the first chapter in a bunch of planned films, I expect him to just start unlocking more of his power that he'll eventually learn to master in the sequels, and even though his power in this film look pretty lame, I can see that it will probably evolve into an even better one when the sequel rolls in, so right now I'm just cautiously optimistic. Gonna say the positives first about this film: the trailer. It is so damn good that I rewatched this dozens of times before watching the film. A shame that the song used doesn't have the MK notes in the actual version, but it still kicks ass. The old-school characters in the films are great. Jax, Sonya, Kung Lao, Raiden, Shang Tsung & Liu Kang are quite accurate to their personality in the games. Hanzo/ Scorpion did not show up on screen much besides the intro & the end of the film, but he's awesome when he does. Kano, now THAT is one really good casting. The person who played him is Josh Lawson, and I actually have seen him in this one Australian improv show Thank God You're Here years ago where he just improv his way through stuff & he's so damn good with it. So I was quite excited to see how well he did as Kano, and he's pretty much one of the best parts of the damn film. Also fun fact: most of the dialogue he said in this film are improvised by him, which makes them so damn funny & great. His Thank God You're Here experience elevated Kano from typical Aussie asshole to best character in the film. Well done Josh, looking forward to seeing him back in the sequel. Sub-Zero 1/ Bi Han is also another great part of the film. Unlike the original Bi Han who's a dick with redeeming qualities to him, this Bi Han is straight-up business. He's a full-on badass villain in the modern-day, hunting down everyone that tries to stop him with ruthless efficiency just like a horror slasher film villain, only a martial artist with slick moves & ice powers. This is what I expected out of Joe Taslim, the man knows how to fight & it's badass. Joe's actually a big fan of MK, and he actually signed up for the sequels so expect to see more of him kicking even more asses, probably as Noob Saibot which man I can't wait to see! The fight scenes are also a highlight of the film. They're not shot like shit with shaky cams & actually show the actors doing their moves properly, and the characters did the moves they have in the games, which is so badass on screen, especially the fatalities. There are a couple of "well that fight was...... alright" moments, but no fight in this film is like "wow that is the worst fight I've ever seen" bad. The intro & the final fight are the highlights of the film for sure & I wanna watch them again when they're fully up on youtube later. When the sequels are made, I want these guys to work with the Raid's/ Night Comes for Us' choreography team & make a fucking awesome brutal fight from beginning to end. That will make the next films AMAZEBALLS. And now to the negatives: what the hell is up with the dialogues??? Aside from Shang Tsung & Kano which are good to really good, the dialogues in this film are just all over the damn place. Cole, unfortunately, has to be saddled with these generic "I'm a hero, let's unite & fight" cookie-cutter stock lines that just sound so generic where he could've been better if he questions the insanity around him more often. His best line was questioning "btw wasn't Kombat supposed to be spelled with C? That doesn't make sense" in the beginning, while for the rest of the film he either let Kano do his zingers or just say plain stuff. The way the plot progresses, other than the intro & the end, definitely could've been more straightforward. Instead what happened was the first half of the film is good if questionable, and then the second half stumbled as it slipped on a slippery slope, and then back to good again at the end. Anything Raiden said makes me so confused for example because he just said a couple of things that make you question stuff instead of just giving a straight explanation. There's one point in the second half where I was like "hang on a minute, why did they do that even though minutes ago it can't happen because of the existing rules??" Which makes sense since the screenplay writer of this film worked on Wonder Woman 1984 & his co screenplay writer worked on this film as his first. They should've been replaced with writers that worked on the MCU films so everything is more cohesive. I also don't like how Cole is just put into the middle of a cool fight scene even though it's better if he didn't interrupt the flow of the badass fights. He has a couple of fights that are definitely necessary to show his skills, but there are a couple where he just shows up out of the blue. It's like that moment in the recent Godzilla films where you see the monsters fight, and then you see the humans talking in the middle of the fight. JUST DON'T HAVE THOSE SCENES WHEN THEY'RE FIGHTING DAMN IT! The music they decided to pick was..... questionable. The ones in the trailer, intro and the final battle (see a pattern here?) are nice & kicks ass, but the ones in the middle are just there & don't really have that catchiness to them. Even the MK theme that they decided to do for the end credits lack the badassery cause they put DUBSTEP of all things in it. I like the effects they do for the background at least. I actually made a complete version of the mixed up MK11 story trailer on my channel & the commenters all agree that it should've been the song that's used for this film. XD Lastly, some of the characters are done dirty here, most especially the villains. I know this first film is just setup for the eventual sequels, but man, they wasted Reiko & make him just this guy that wants to cosplay as Shao Khan without any dialogue of his own, Goro's less of a threat than Sub Zero which makes no sense since he was always that one damn sub-boss that took many tries to beat, Nitara from Deadly Alliance but less good just shows up without talking too &........ whatever this guy is. No.... NOO... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! No matter how many times they say it, this is NOT Reptile. I refuse to believe that this is Syzoth. This has to be just one of the members of his Saurian Race, it HAS to be. Oh please sequel make Reptile actually like he was in the games! Overall, this film is mostly an enjoyable time. Definitely could've been better with refinements in the plot & the dialogues, but for a reboot starter, it's definitely fun to watch. Certainly better than MK Annihilation oh God why did that film suck so hard. I give this film "an enjoyable, if messy watch & make you want to see what happen next in the sequel". 7/10. I just hope that the sequel will actually be 10 times better & not be another Mortal Kombat Annihilation. OH GOD PLEASE NO
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