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WarThunder on PS4... Who's playing!!

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I'll be honest I only downloaded the game because it was free to play but I'm loving it! Being a beta there are some issues like the menu clearly hasn't been optimised for a console and some of the controls are to sensitive but I'm having huge fun with this Combat Flight Simulator/MMO.  I haven't played the PC version so I can't compare but I am really enjoying the PS4 beta and hope we can get an AJSA PS4 Squadron put together at some point but I'm getting way ahead of myself.  So your thoughts?

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Oh this looks good! Sounds like it's not available in the US PSN store yet but hopefully will be soon.

Apparently you can create a UK pen account to get around that, but, it's against the tos so I'll just hold on.

Thanks for the heads up!

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I'm playing this but only as an inbetween Game to pass an hour away.

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I tried it. Its good fun and all, but seriously bad in game balance. I let it slide due to being still in beta. Tried to raise this issue on their forums... only to be swatted away by a Mod. Twice.

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