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New Player Inquiries and Help

7 posts in this topic

So as of late I've been noticing a good number of new players flying in our Angry Army, probably on account of it recently becoming officially supported by the AJSA. If you're new to the wonderful game of War Thunder then you probably have a lot of questions about how the game is played and what you're supposed to do. 


Therefore I'm starting this topic to allow new players a place to directly ask their questions and hopefully receive help from any of the more experienced pilots that we have around. Of course you can also hop onto TS where there should be someone or a group of people in game who can help and fly with you.  :D


http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/8143-war-thunder/ <- This is a very good forum topic by SamuraiZero, there's a lot of reading but it contains tons information that new pilots should find useful. However some of what's covered is a bit outdated due to the recent patches, it's still a very helpful guide. I had hoped that topic would've been moved into the now official War Thunder thread, but that hasn't happened yet which is mainly why I'm posting this here.


Anyways, I hope this will help and it really makes me happy to see more people becoming interested in the game.  ^_^

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This topic is still supported! Don't be afraid to ask does questions!, we are people following this topic for your question to be answered,


Don't be afraid, this topic just needs a move to the correct sub forum :ph34r:

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Hey Guys, I will happily throw up the first question on a problem I have been finding myself in more times then I would like recently.

The classic head to head with another fighter; which i know everyone will say shouldn't happen unless you messed up your strategy somewhere!!!

But let say that one dumb thing leads to another and now the fighter you were following is heading straight for you with that crazy look in their eyes. If i have the distance or altitude i would always choose to turn, run and fight another day; rather then gamble on them being a useless shot. But let say that turning now is out of the question unless you just prefer getting shot in the back.....what should i use the next 5 valuable seconds of my life doing in the hopes of increasing my chances to fight another day.  

If you want specifics the plane I often use is a Spitfire Mark V. 

Previous tactics have included rolling my wings to throw off his aim, diving at the last second or trying to hit the pilot at 800m with wing mounted guns before he unleashes enough lead to blow several critical part of my plane off....these have all had mixed results.

So i defer to you.......


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Hey Felix just to let you know I'm a very cautious pilot and I don't like taking chances unless I know I will get a positive result out of it. So what I would do is avoid the head-on. To perform this with a minimum amount of risk will you will need to go into a slight dive building up enough speed to cross from one of his wings to the other before passing by him. The point of the maneuver is to make it hard for him to hit you, requiring him to us a lot of lead. Once you pass on the head-on you have a few options:

1. fly to friendlies

2. turn around and pursue

3. dive away

4. fly straight and build speed (this will force him to pursue you. Allowing you to force an overshoot (hopefully) and getting some shots on him)

Obviously fly to friendlies is your best option but if they are all dead or as dumb as a mule then option 4 is your best option if you are confident in your overshooting skills against (I'm guessing) a heavier faster opponent. If you have any questions about my plan be sure to ask and hopefully you can find a good way to deal with this situation. Good luck and see you in the skies o7.

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Thanks Trooper, That is some solid advice I will take to the skies next time and let you know how it works out.

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