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Destiny Gameplay/News/Podcasts

6 posts in this topic



UPDATE 2/21 - Been a helluva week+ working on a lot of new stuff including a website to go with my channel and the new video you see below. An In-depth guide to Enemies in Destiny! Be sure to visit the video on YouTube, click the Like button and leave a comment letting me know what you think about "Laser Face!" :D  Enjoy!


Also some other good news, my Destiny channel was partnered and my main channel just blew past 30K subs :)


UPDATE 2/10 - Alright so I've had my nose to the grindstone the past week and it's been fun and frustrating with the new vids and channel. Fun because I love making content like this. Frustrating because YouTubes copyright claim system is more fucked than I thought. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say I spent about 10 hours yesturday remixing my newest video so it would finally clear through YouTube without a false flag on it. 


Anyway, I hope you'll check out my new Destiny videos and support my work by clicking the LIKE button and leaving a comment. And of course, if I'm really making you happy in the pants, subscribe for more DestinyHQ! Thanks!






I decided this past week to start up a 2nd channel. This channel will be focused entirely on Destiny content. If you're looking for videos on YouTube for Destiny, this will be the place to go soon!


I've just uploaded my first video, a quick overview of all the major features and possibilities for Destiny. Coming soon after, I'll continue to going into more detail on each of these topics and much more!


If you're interested in more, subscribe! If you enjoy the video,  please click the Like button and leave a comment! Enjoy!



Videos listed are top=newest / bottom=oldest


Destiny Gameplay - In-depth Guide to Enemies

Shrike Vehicle, Pentathlon, and Laser Face? - Destiny Weekly News Podcast #2!


Destiny Guntage Gameplay! - Guns and Customization!

Destiny Weekly Podcast #1 - Anticipated and Innovative!


Destiny Class Focus and Abilities - Character Development 

Destiny Gameplay Overview  

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Sub'd and liked. Good stuff. Which console are you getting it for?

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Sub'd and liked. Good stuff. Which console are you getting it for?

PS4 :)

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Damn bro, I'm guessing this is an alternate channel? You already have a nice stack of subscribers and only one video!

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