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Gaming Rant: How I feel about "Next Gen"

5 posts in this topic

Next Gen...Oh boy.

    I tend to have a VERY different mindset to most gamers nowadays. I'm actually able to follow my preference without the needing to feel superior or inferior, like most fanboys who would choose to fight on what they think is better or worse. I like gaming in general. I like the feeling of picking up a controller, a gamepad, or a mouse and watching as I make my way through an adventure, challenge other players, or in simple terms, just build stuff. 

Though it seems like the BIG FACTOR that plays in with this generation...is good ol'  FRAMES PER SECOND AND RESOLUTION~!

I can say this. Yes, 60FPS is fantastic. The games run extremely smooth and help with twitch decisions, like fighting games or shooting games, or all in between. 1080p is a fantastic resolution as well. The details from a game with 1080p are so crisp and gorgeous, it really adds some extra atmosphere to the game's visuals.

With all that said...I did NOT go into this generation of consoles expecting to see every single game run at 1080P and 60 FPS. These consoles are not that powerful to pull off these things without some drawbacks to the games themselves. Consoles are consoles, affordable boxes for the mass market to buy so that they can play games on them. These boxes have set specs, though it is up to the developers to utilize the specs they are given so that they can provide a good game experience. 

So how do I view this generation? More boxes were made to be variably more powerful than the boxes that existed last generation. More boxes with set specs that developers could use, made affordable for the mass market who decides to buy them. Gamers who buy them will have to work with what they get, and accept it instead of bitching like little babies. 

In my opinion, if you want to buy a console, you'd better have our expectations set below these PC standards. I can say that the PC does have a lot more to offer in terms of price, games, Etc. Not to mention the Resolution and frame-rate can be as high or low as you want it set. If you built it, you personally optimized it to suit your needs, and it is YOUR work of art. If you chose to buy another work of art, like a console, something that you had no hand in making, something that another artist made, copied, and sold to many, then you made the decision to buy something that was made to show the quality of the other artist, not yours.

These Next Gen consoles...are just that. The Next generation of affordable gaming boxes. Not anything new or revolutionary, nothing AWE-inspiring.

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I prefer next gen gaming consoles over pcs because with pcs you have to acquire part that cost over the 1000s and with consoles you dont have aquire a keyboard that cost like 50$ plus its a lot less work to plug in and start playing and you dont have to worry about graphics cards and misc thats why i prefer consoles then pcs also forgot to say consoles are starting to catch up on what the pc can offer on the graphics.

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What OP said is true, the next gen consoles already have lots of games that arent on 1080p (BF4 apparantly runs on 720p, as does CoD) Sure, the next gen consoles might be on the same level as most average PC's out there by now, but lets face it, PC will always outrun consoles when it comes to hardware. There are currently 4K Resolution graphics cards in development, thats 4 times 1080p! Or they already exist. Idk, im not a tech expert. Not to mention you have a lot more freedom on PC since you can install mods and tweak all settings to your own preferences and whatnot. Its generally more user friendly in my opinion. God i love being able to just click an icon and starting a game and switching to something else in a matter of seconds instead of all the fiddling with discs.


As for the price tags, i guess a console is the better choice if you dont game that much. I dont think you need the best of the best in that case. But if you want the best of the best, well, i payed around 900 euros for my current PC and i can run almost every game on high or ultra settings. Maybe not always on 60 frames, but its still better than playing a game that looks mediocre at 30 frames (my experience with BF3 on the xbox 360)


Yes, a high end PC costs something, but lets put it into perspective shall we? You probably shell out around 1000 euros/dollars for your PC, and maybe change a few components (most likely your GPU) every 5/6 years (idk) Thats quite much, but i prefer paying that for an amazing rig over buying a mediocre console for 500, and paying 60 every year for playing online! Dont think thats cheap! And on consoles you dont have STEAM SALES. (yes i had to capitalize that miraculous happening) In my experience you always pay full price for console games (unless you count those xbox "sales" of 10% off of obscure games) while on PC you get these amazing sales where you can buy titles like Far Cry 3 for 20 bucks and Skyrim with all DLC for 20 to name a few examples. And what about humble bundles? I got BF3 with crysis 3 and a few other games for 5 euros! I have like 11 games for my old xbox and assuming i payed 40-60 euros for each of them it would get me on a total of somewhere between 440-550 euros. By the time i owned 50 games on steam i didnt come close to that amount of money! Lets not even mention you can download games for free as well on PC but im not here to promote illegal acts so dont do that.


So in my opinion, the quality a PC gives you vastly outweighs the problems of a price tag. I felt an amazing amount of relief and happiness when i switched from my xbox 360 to PC gaming, and experienced awful memories when i turned my xbox on for the laughs a few weeks ago. For me, consoles, never again.

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