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Archeage AJSA??

8 posts in this topic

Hey guys, I know a bunch of us are super psyched for Wildstar at the end of the month, I know I am. But I've been playing the shit out of Archeage lately. I know we have members of the army playing and have been wondering when the AJSA guild is going to be starting up in the game.

Any thoughts?

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Well i think the game should come out first, because im still waiting for my beta key and most likely enough alot of other people are waiting too. 

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Wondering if AJSA would ally with Ello's team

Vikings + An Angry Army :P
...maybe even Smooth's if he starts a guild :D

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well i plan on buying into the alpha soon, and then playing the beta to try out the game.

from everything i've seen of the game it looks mightily interesting, i wanna get the AJSA it's own keep, massive trade convoys going, just make us a powerhouse after the game goes live.


i also plan on being a pirate hunter if i can get meself a good crew together and a good galleon to captain ^^


though i do wonder, what faction would the AJSA (and ostensibly Joe himself) pick if it is supported? i personally would prefer the Firran/Harani faction, though from what i've seen of Joe playing the game on his twitch i would think he prefers the Nuian/Elves faction

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I also purchased the alpha, glad i did, it's a ton of fun even if the NPC"s speak Korean, Japanese, or whatever it is they are speaking.


Also gave me a reason to cancel my ESO, whew.


So is there enough of us to start an alpha guild, supported or not inside the alpha?

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Delrith is leading the charge on this one guys. If you didnt know this already, there is already a forum section. Make sure to bug him for guild invites or you can just bug him :D

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