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Just started War Thunder, need some help.

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Yeah so I just started playing War Thunder over the weekend and I have some questions. How exactly do I get new planes? Like do I research them or what. How and what do I spend the Silver Lions or whatever they're called. Finally how do I get rid of the original paint when painting a plane. Thanks! :) 

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you must reasearch new planes


you gain research towards the selected plane reserch by flying planes


you spend lions on buying planes after you have unlocked them thru research


when customizing a plane you can apply decals or if you have them unlocked some planes have alternate paint schemes


all decals and paint schemes can be unlocked for free by playing the game



all of the above aplies to tanks aswell

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Older system included country levels. Now they introduced RP or Research Points which are earned while playing the game. You can earn RPs and unlock a new plane after you have earned a specific amount of RP. You can earn faster by farming tanks and armored vehicles, you can easily get 1k RP per match. 

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