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Etrian Odyssey Series

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Anyone play these games before? Honestly I don't own any of them, but I've played the demos for etrian odyssey IV and etrian odyssey untold: the millennium girl (remake of the first game). I really love these games. They are first person dungeon crawling rpgs (similar to old games like might and magic). You make a party with different classes and characters and stuff, and you venture out into these forest areas or dungeons or whatever. You explore and as you make your way through these places exploring you map out the area on a grid on the bottom screen. There are random encounters with monsters and also these FOE things which you can see moving on the map which are powerful creatures, you can avoid them though, they move everytime you move or every turn while in combat. In etrian odyssey IV you get an airship which is pretty sweet and you explore a sort of greater over world I guess and can find new areas to go in on foot. You also can collect resources and food while in the airship and sell them or use them as buffs for your party. There are also puzzle type elements to dungeons sometimes, and weird random things you encounter with choices to make.

The story to IV revolves around you party being explorers looking for this giant magical tree. In untold, you are sent to these ruins of what looks like a very technologically advanced civilisation and find a girl with amnesia who was locked up in some kind of preserving tank asleep. Untold actually has set characters (also can choose to make your own instead) you meet to join your party, anime cut scenes, and some voice acting. IV as far as I can tell doesn't have voice acting, and you party members although you can name them and choose what they look like, they don't talk or have personalities.  These games also have really good music in my opinion. The art style and graphics are nice too, although when in town you are only in menus and stuff.

So anyone have experience with these games? I plan to play both eventually. The older games on ds are known for being brutally hard. The newer one have a casual mode for those that can't handle the challenge, and also have fast travels to dungeons and stuff. These games are made by atlus.

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I've played the first one. It was a good concept, I especially loved the feature of drawing your own map, but I couldn't really get into it. It was pretty hard and I'm not a fan of the art design. I probably didn't play long enough, but I couldn't find much of a story either. I can see why you like them, but they aren't for me. I think atlus has done better than this.

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