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Five Nights at Freddy's

6 posts in this topic

It's a pretty effective survival horror game. People complain about the jump scares, but I don't see them as the main reason why the game is scary. Instead, I see them as an aftereffect of a big mistake in either power management, surveillance of the animatronics, or both. The game constantly keeps you on your toes and does a great job of creating an unsettling atmosphere. To be honest, however, the jump scares become predictable once you realize you've made a mistake, so unless you're dead set on completing the game, there's not much replay value in it.

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It's a cool game but sadly I'm not big on those games where your stuck at one location. I've watched a bunch of live streams and even though I wasn't in control I jumped a few times...well more then a few lol...then again not a good idea to be listening to a livestream while playing outlast looking for those hidden reports...sigh teach me a lesson. 


A lot complain about how simple it is being just cameras and pushing buttons , other about paying like usually for a game they think is free and others just complaining that after the first run through it doesn't get scary but more head down let's do this again feeling. i think the developer however is adding new robots to the game or they can change outfits while your not looking giving you that sense of there being more then one but really it's just 1 changing the color or it's outfit to through you off. If it goes on play for free weekend I will give it a try but other then that yeah I will just watch :P.

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It pulled a few scarejumps from me.
It's interestingly tricky, and it's really frustrating when the animatronics jam the doors.
And it gets disturbing once the things start talking to the cameras.
But I think that its strongest point is the scarce lore and the way it's hidden around. The phone calls and the newspaper clippings are a great way to imply there's a lot of stuff around, without shoving it down the player's throat.

In short, I feel it's a nice little game ^_^

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i seen it and its pretty creepy the setting is perfect and its super scary.

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I certainly can see why this game could be scary/tense.

The jumpscares will get a bit annoying in the end though

Although going so far to saying that it's the best horror game if for me a overdoing it a little.

It is of course your opinion. 


IMO that would go to something like Amnesia the dark descent or Outlast

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