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how I feel after a long play session around 48hours

11 posts in this topic

I believe the phrase is "filthy casual"?


In any case, I've seen worse.

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Yeah, I think the longest I've gone playing a game in a continuous time span is 5 or 6 hours. Even when I went to a 24 hour gaming event I took an hour or 2 break in between sessions.

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I believe I have already told this story before but for anyone who hasn't


One Friday afternoon went over to a friends house, he had gotten a new laptop it was cool and not a piece of shit, anuther friend that came over decided to put Civilization 5 on it. I wanted to try I out and began a game, after a little while I noticed that it was getting dark and my friend was about to go to bed, it was Sunday night, I had played for almost 3 days and didn't ever noticed it, the only thing that made me stop was that my friend waned to go to bed otherwise I would of kept going...

...now I want to go play some more Civ 5

If I die I'm blaming you guys

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i went to a overnight lock in charity gaming event last month

starting from 6pm to 7am

when i got home i thought i was gonna die lol

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