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How is the game nowadays?

4 posts in this topic

I played for a few months during release, but then just couldn't afford the subscription for a while. Have they added in anything worthwhile to get players back into it? Or should I just look for something else at this point? 

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The silence is deafening...


Curious myself. But too busy with Dragon Age Inq and Warlords of Draenor to really look into it.

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I think the silence is mostly chalked up to the state of these forums unfortunately.


Agreed, Dragon Age is taking up too much time anyways!

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Well I'm enjoying the game still, but I've been playing sense launch and I've always enjoyed it. Not sure exactly what content you were up to when you left, the most recent addition have been daily crafting quests which give help you level them faster and a random daily dungeon quest. They also have a weekly for trials. Not exactly big things, more like stuff that you end up feeling should have been included in launch.


Sorry for not being able to reply sooner, but I only really check the forum once or twice a week because the guild hasn't really been active after the summer.


Oh, the one big thing they did wasn't a addition but removing something from the game: Forward camps. You can no longer buy them (although you can still use whatever you own) so Cyrodil is no longer full of so many suicides because it is annoying to ride all the way back to where you were.

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